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10/21/14 Death by Ebola is caused by massive internal bleeding and loss of blood. The Ebola virus gobbles up all available vitamin C from the body and consequently weakens blood vessels so you start losing blood while blood-clotting platelets become unable to trigger clots. This deadly spiral can be easily broken by simply taking enormous doses of vitamin C ascorbic acid until the immune system can successfully eliminate the virus. According to Cathcart (1981), Ebola and the other acute viral hemorrhagic fevers may well require 500,000 mg of vitamin C daily – just to reach bowel tolerance! Vitamin C helps the immune system destroy viruses by activating the ‘Fenton reaction’ inside the virus to stop it from replicating. The optimal delivery system during an Ebola infection would be a constant IV drip. Good luck finding one of them if Ebola gets out of hand. Second best (IMO) would be orally dosing 20g of ascorbic acid every hour or so and/or administering it in enema form. If you have an active Ebola infection, you can handle that or more ascorbic acid. Keep in mind that vitamin C is not a “cure” for Ebola. Only the human immune system can destroy it once it invades the body.

10/06/14 Atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema) is an uncomfortable, chronic inflammatory disorder of the skin that also makes patients more vulnerable to bacterial infection. Symptoms of this problem occur most commonly in children and usually worsen during winter. The latest study found that this condition could be caused by the lack of sunshine on the skin which stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body. The study performed in Boston shows that simply taking daily vitamin D supplements – which are inexpensive, safe and widely available – proved to be quite helpful in fighting this form of eczema. Does your child have eczema? Do your own study and give them some more sunshine and supplement with vitamin D. Make sure to use the vitamin D3 form and also avoid the GMO soy oil brands.

09/09/14 Hyaluronic acid – HA – is a water holding molecule that works as a “space filler” and cushioning agent in the body. HA cushions the joints and nerves, hydrates the skin and hair, and also fills the eye. HA is found in virtually every part of the body and is best known for its beauty-improving skin hydration and stimulating production of collagen in the skin. In fact, HA helps to retain over a 1000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin. But HA is so much more than a simple beauty panacea as it also works hard as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Did you know that HA fights gum disease and helps the gums regenerate healthy connective tissue in the gums? HA is also critical for the removal of waste matter from cells where there is little blood circulation. Hyaluronic acid promotes faster wound healing, increased energy, improved muscular strength and enhanced mental alertness. HA production naturally declines with age and by the time we reach our mid-40’s, the synthesis of HA is roughly half that required by the body.

09/05/14 Using natural insect repellants makes a heck of a lot more sense than poisoning oneself with chemicals that are recommended for “occasional use only”. Did you know that Duke University found that rats given even small doses of petroleum-based DEET for 60 days lost part of their cognitive function and had a harder time accomplishing even the easiest tasks? Heavy exposure to DEET causes memory loss, headaches, weakness, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, tremors, and shortness of breath – sometimes months or even years after exposure. Lemon eucalyptus oil provides over 95% protection from mosquitoes for up to three hours. Cinnamon, cumin, lemongrass, citronella and thyme also repel mosquitoes because they are both irritating and toxic to the insects. Besides, if you are a mosquito magnet, there is a reason. You are probably vitamin B deficient.

09/04/14 Choline is vitamin B family nutrient that the body uses for nerve communication, cell membrane function and reducing inflammation throughout the body. Choline helps prevent heart disease, regulates cholesterol levels and supports liver health. Women who suffer from endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and fibrocystic breast syndrome need choline. Choline breaks down fat for energy and helps you feel fuller-faster-longer for weight loss. Choline deficiency is often found in schizophrenia, fatigue, fatty liver, memory problems, muscle damage and poor immune function. Choline is being studied for its benefits in treating chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, seizures, depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Natural sources of choline are eggs, cabbage, peanuts, cauliflower, liver, muscle meats, fish and oatmeal. Daily requirements for choline are 125mg for infants to 550mg for adults. Supplemental doses range from 1,000 to 2,000mg or more.

08/29/14 A tincture is a mix of alcohol and steeped herbs that have been soaking for several weeks. The resulting liquid is a more powerful version of the herb in raw form. Tinctures are great for helping anything from sleep deprivation to adrenal insufficiency to parasites and migraines depending on the tincture herb’s healing properties. Tinctures can be made from just about any herb like chamomile, sassafras, astragalus, black walnut hulls, yarrow, and even marijuana. You can take a few drops of tincture in tea, under the tongue, or in capsule form. Tinctures are often much stronger than supplements, are also easier to absorb and stay preserved much longer. Even though the bottle of tincture is more expensive than the herb forms, doses are smaller and more potent making a tincture bottle last a long time.

08/25/14 Good old oregano has antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Heck, oregano even has 42 times more antioxidant power than that one apple-a-day! The herb oregano is rich in vitamin E, fiber, manganese, iron, calcium, omega fatty acids and even tryptophan. You can use oregano to treat respiratory tract disorders, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, menstrual cramps, urinary tract infections and much more. You get the biggest bang for your bucks with the essential oil of oregano which can be taken internally in capsule form or diluted and used topically to help treat a number of skin conditions, such as acne, ringworm fungus and dandruff. Don’t let the oil come in contact with your eyes or other mucous membranes or you will get burned! It takes a few weeks to really notice the effects oregano has on allergies and leaky guts so stick with it awhile.

08/14/14 Acetyl-l-carnitine (NAC) supplements are an amino acid-like compound that the body uses primarily for energy production, fatty acid utilization and glucose metabolism. NAC also helps to break down mucous in the body. In fact, studies show that NAC can actually prevent recurrences in chronic bronchitis as well as providing relief from bronchial symptoms. It is also known that NAC is brain-protective and helps protect the myelin sheath (the protective fatty insulation that surrounds nerve axons, dendrites and pathways. Healthy myelin insures proper nerve conduction and improves brain performance. NAC is even used in ERs to treat patients with acetaminophen poisoning. NAC is naturally found in vegetables, grains, lamb and beef.

08/13/14 Folate is a water soluble B vitamin that is not easily stored in the body. Heating and cooking folate rich foods destroys natural folate and the more you cook your veggies the less folate you will get. Folate interacts with other B vitamins and is best known as being essential for the synthesis of genetic material and the metabolism of amino acids. Folate also helps maintain healthy blood as it is involved in the formation of red blood cells. Believe it or not, the supplement folic acid is not natural folate and can actually deplete your folate levels. Pregnant mothers with a shortage of folate (not folic acid) at are severe risk for birth defects in the developing fetus. The best sources of folate are fruits, dark-green leafy vegetables, and especially called peas. The best folate supplement will be an activated methylfolate and not the synthetic version of folic acid.

08/12/14 Every cell in the body uses the trace mineral iodine to function properly. Thyroid hormones are made up of iodine plus the amino acid tyrosine. Thyroid hormones help set the metabolic rate in the body and are also required for cellular activity – including proper cell division. Iodine, fluoride, chlorine and bromine are all halogens that share the same “key slot” pathway that iodine uses to enter the cell. The big problem is that fluoride, chlorine and bromine get hung up, block the pathway and prevent iodine from entering the cell. This causes cellular dysfunction and is one ways that you can have plenty of thyroid hormones in the blood but still have all the symptoms of a thyroid deficiency. We get the excess fluoride, chlorine mainly from our water treatment systems and dentifrices. Bromine is used to make baked goods and breads rise just right. The more you are exposed to fluoride, chlorine and bromine, the more plugs up your cellular pathways and the more hypothyroid you become. Taking extra supplemental iodine/iodide will cause osmotic pressure to push the fluoride, chlorine and bromine out of the cell key ways so iodine can once again do its job. Of course, take too much iodine/iodide to fast and the body has to deal with the extra fluoride, chlorine and bromine all at once. 16mg of iodide a day will maintain health but a lot more will be needed to recover lost health. Painting your body with a staining iodine like Povidine iodine is another great way to boost iodine levels. Iodine stains on the skin will last 24hrs when you have enough.

08/11/14 Why should we eat more fiber? Because it keeps your bowels healthy, relieves constipation, lowers cholesterol, and even helps control weight and blood sugar levels. Women under 50 should have a total of 25 grams of fiber each day but women over the age of 50 only need 21 grams a day. Men under 50 need 38 grams and men older than 50 should be getting 30 grams of fiber a day. One great fiber supplement is Slippery Elm Bark. Slippery elm bark is a bowel healing agent long used by Native Americans to sooth the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. The fiber content in slippery elm also helps regulate a healthy bacterial flora, lowers bowel transit time and absorbs toxins.

08/06/14 High levels of vitamin D doubled the rate of colon cancer survival according to a recent study *. This study looked at both sunshine exposure and dietary sources of vitamin D to find that three quarters of the patients with the highest vitamin D levels were still alive at the end of five years but less than two thirds of the vitamin D deficient patients made it out alive. And this study was with patients who did the standard care surgery and chemotherapy treatments. The association of low vitamin D levels and cancer rates is well-known, yet how many cancer treatment plans include supplementing vitamin D and getting brown in the sun? Not many… In fact, this study doesn’t even recommend vitamin d for cancer treatment. Instead it recommends more study. You don’t have time for more studies! The greatest cancer survival rates come from the highest levels of vitamin D and the best time to seek your health is while you still have it. So start today – before the health crisis. Make mine soy-free, cholecalciferol D3 please.

08/05/14 The provitamin A – beta carotene – comes from fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, turnip greens, winter squash, collard greens, cilantro, and fresh thyme. Vitamin A helps protect the epithelial cells of the body. The body easily converts beta carotene to retinol in normal metabolic processes but taking too much synthetic Vitamin A in the form of retinol acetate or retinol palmitate causes toxicity in the body. Toxicity from too much synthetic vitamin A brings blurred vision in early stages and acute toxicity can cause headache, photophobia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, drowsiness, irritability, seizures, and skin desquamation. Chronic toxicity can cause erythema, eczema, pruritus, dry and cracked skin, cheilitis, conjunctivitis, palmar and plantar peeling, alopecia, and pain and tenderness in the bones of the extremities. So, what have we learned here peeps? Avoid the synthetic forms and take Beta Carotene.

08/04/14 You may be surprised to find out that the biggest mineral deficiency in the US today is brought on by a lack of magnesium in the diet. A magnesium deficiency can start off with little aches and pains and that pesky rundown feeling but soon develops into leg cramps, foot pain, and muscle twitches. Then it escalates into high blood pressure, anxiety, asthma, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, blood sugar imbalances, heart dysrhythmia, chest pains, kidney stones, CANCER and many other symptoms. When taking magnesium, take magnesium citrate, gluconate, chelate or malate. For PTSD take magnesium threonate (notice all the suffixes of “ate”). Never take magnesium oxide internally as it neutralizes stomach acid, inhibits magnesium absorption and is a bowel irritant that can actually damage the intestines. 500mg a day works for an adult and 20mg per kg for a child.

08/01/14 Phosphatidylserine is a food nutrient found in cell membranes and is largely responsible for intracellular communication. It actually makes up about 10% of the lipid content in the cell membrane of neurons. Phosphatidylserine supplements are best known as “brain boosters”, “memory enhancers” and as “stress busters”. Phosphatidylserine lowers cortisol levels brought on by stress and heavy workouts. Phosphatidylserine combined with omega-3 fatty acids can also bring a significant reduction in hyperactive/impulsive behavior. The best phosphatidylserine comes from cows’ brains but unfortunately, a vast majority of phosphatidylserine supplements today are derived from a much inferior GMO soy – making them much less effective. Always take phosphatidylserine in combination with a quality omega-3 fatty acid.

07/31/14 And you thought echinacea was just a natural antibiotic! Echinacea angustifolia was tested on volunteers exhibiting generalized anxiety disorder. After just one day they all experienced a significant reduction on the anxiety measurement scale that exceeded the Big Pharma anti-anxiety drugs – without interfering with activities of daily living. High levels of echinacea work as an immune stimulant but a mere 20 mg at a time is all it takes for significant stress, tension and anxiety relief. And it can be safely dosed every 4 to 6 hours as needed. Pop some echinacea before walking into a stressful event, such as a public speaking, public presentation, or air travel.

07/30/14 New research links eye trouble with iodine deficiency. They eyes have some of the most sensitive nerves and muscles in the body. Therefore, troubles in the body often show up first in the eyes. Retinal diseases cause people to lose night and side vision first and then develop impaired central vision. Medical treatments are not at all effective against these problems because a lack of drugs and surgery does not cause these conditions – but a lack of iodine does. Harvard Medical School found that retinal swelling is inversely related to dietary iodine intake leading them to ponder the fact that iodine supplement could help treat eye diseases. Of course, their conclusion is the usual “additional study is required”, so don’t wait on them. Iodine deficiency is related to cancer, depression, general malaise and a plethora of health troubles. Japanese naturally get about 15mg of iodine in their diet a day. Americans get pretty much zip. 15mg a day will help stave off diseases but more will be needed if you are already sick.

07/29/14 Need some help getting to sleep? Does melatonin give you a “hangover” in the morning? What you probably really need is ornithine. The amino acid ornithine helps you sleep through the night and is actually necessary for a healthy immune system. What ornithine does is break down ammonia and residual alcohol in the body and brain. It literally cleans out the brain sleep centers while helping you use your available melatonin. Ornithine also prompts the release of natural growth hormones to accelerate the metabolism of excess body fat, aids in liver regeneration, stimulates insulin secretion and helps insulin work for muscle building. 2,500mg at bedtime is what I recommend for an adult. Make sure it is just plain ole ornithine and not mixed with arginine if you want sleep success. Arginine is great in the morning for waking the brain up.

07/28/14 As you are getting older are you getting more sleepless? Scientists at the Linus Pauling Institute studied how the micronutrient lipoic acid can reset and synchronize the body’s biological clock-circadian rhythm. Lipoic acid helped restore a more normal circadian rhythm in aging animals while helping with stress resistance, cardiac function, hormonal balance, muscle performance, glucose metabolism and the whole aging process in general. A whopping one-third of our genes are directly influenced by circadian rhythms. When circadian rhythms go whack, the body is more susceptible to cancer, heart disease, liver dysfunction, inflammation, hormonal imbalance and many other diseases. The body normally produces the active “R” form of lipoic acid. Alpha lipoic acid is a combo of the natural and the synthetic forms of lipoic acid. Studies show that R-lipoic acid benefits kick in at about 600mg a day – much more than you can usually get in a healthy diet.

07/25/14 Curcumin naturally supports gastrointestinal health and increases bile flow, while inhibiting the development of cholesterol gall stones. Curcumin is also a potent antioxidant that protects the liver from toxic substances and supports healthy liver function by reducing inflammation. As an anti-inflammatory, curcumin has even been shown to be as effective as cortisone and phenybutazone in treating rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Combining curcumin and boswellia was found to be superior to the arthritis drug Celebrex in a clinical study of osteoarthritis. The boswellia combo whomped arthritis pain for 64% of study patients while Celebrex lost badly with only 29% of the Big Pharma group reporting relief. Our champion curcumin works by fixing the cause of inflammation and tissue damage while the “sore loser” works by masking symptoms AND causing side effects.

07/23/14 The latest news out is that zinc is one of the most important essential trace elements in human nutrition. The adult has up to three grams of zinc distributed in organs, tissues, bones, fluids, and cells. About half of the world’s population is at risk for zinc deficiency. Did you know that zinc deficiency is found in both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease? Did you know that zinc is actually a natural antidepressant? Zinc deficiency occurs in liver cirrhosis and other liver diseases. Adequate zinc levels are required for the regulation of blood pressure. Even a mild zinc deficiency during pregnancy can increase maternal morbidity, prolong gestation, cause inefficient labor, bleeding, and increased risk to the fetus. Some classic symptoms of zinc deficiency are depression, lack of sense of smell, reduced immunity, delayed wound healing, slow hair growth, infertility and white flecks under the nail beds. NEVER take zinc oxide orally. Find a gluconate, glycinate, chelate or other “ate” form.

07/22/14 Cat’s Claw is very handy for treating ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and leaky bowel syndrome because it flushes out pathogens and irritants from the gastro-intestinal tract. But that’s not all this amazing herb does. Cat’s Claw also quells inflammation, supports the immune system, and even fights cancer. Scientific studies find that Cat’s Claw exerts powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that support cell division, DNA repair, joint health and helps heal wounds. Cat’s Claw is rich in more than 30 phytochemicals like: 17 different alkaloids, along with glycosides, tannins, flavonoids, sterol fractions, and other compounds. Lab results show that antioxidant power of Cat’s Claw exceeds that of many fruits, vegetables and other medicinal plant extracts. For cancer fighting, Cat’s Claw extract inhibits the production of tumor necrosis factor a, while also inhibiting the nuclear factor-kappa beta that is associated with cancer.

07/21/14 Did you know that just thirty days on a probiotic helps diminish the accumulation of fat in the liver? A new study published in PLOS ONE brings us one giant step forward in the fight against Non-Alcolohic Fatty Liver Disease, obesity and diabetes. This study used a three probiotic strain to diminish the accumulation of fat in the liver of obese rats. Now granted, we are not rats but our digestive systems work very similar. Fatty accumulation in the liver is the first stage in the NAFLD and affects millions of people throughout the world. What else can probiotics do for you? Probiotics reduce the number of proinflamatory molecules to lower serum levels of tumor-a necrosis factor and interleukin 6. Probiotics will never cure NAFLD, cancer, diabetes or obesity by themselves, but added to healthy diet and lifestyle changes, these microorganisms can certainly help fight a good fight.

07/16/14 Colon polyps are a symptom of digestive trouble and are caused by a lack of fiber in the diet along with eating foods high in transfats. If your diet does not consist of 80% or more raw fruits and veggies, you should eat more raw foods that are rich in fiber and take fiber supplements like psyllium husk and ground flaxseed. (Always drink plenty of water, especially when taking fiber supplements.) Taking a non-corn, non-GMO vitamin C also helps to reduce the formation of polyps. Mixed tocopherol vitamin E is full of antioxidants to help mitigate cell damage in the body associated with polyps. Vitamin A helps protect the epithelial cells of the body including the membranes lining the digestive tract. Avoiding PPIs like Prilosec and staying off of antacids like Tums, Rolaids and etc. will help to thwart the recurrence of polyps after surgery. Besides this, if you think you need an antacid, you more than likely need to take some HCL instead. This should stop heartburn and raise the stomach acid as low stomach acid breeds colon polyps.

07/15/14 Did you know that taking cinnamon can actually reverse the brain changes that occur with Parkinson’s Disease? The latest study published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology even says that cinnamon is one of the safest approaches to halt the progression of Parkinson’s. Cinnamon is metabolized into the natural drug-form of sodium benzoate. Big Pharma patents sodium benzoate as a drug treatment for hepatic metabolic defects. Cinnamon is naturally anti-ammonemic and is a natural antimicrobial – without the Big Pharma drug effects. The two forms of cinnamon in the US are the cheaper cassia cinnamon and the purer, more expensive Ceylon cinnamon. Both types work just as well but the cheaper cinnamon cassia contains coumarin, which is hepatotoxic. Feeding, ground cinnamon to mice stopped the loss of Parkin and DJ-1 proteins that protect neurons, normalize neurotransmitter levels, and improve motor functions. Works well in humans too!

07/14/14 Building your vision naturally: Lutein is a coloring pigment found mostly in yellow and orange plants and eggs that is related to vitamin A. Lutein is an antioxidant that reduces the free radical damage, especially in your eyes. Lutein is found in high concentration in the retinas of your eyes and is a critical component of normal vision. One study even found that people with high levels of lutein in their blood also had healthier blood vessels and your eyes have some of the most sensitive blood vessels in the body. If you are eating a diet with lots of colorful, healthy fruits and vegetables, you should getting ample amounts of lutein. But if you are behind in antioxidants and suffering in your vision, a good supplement of lutein can help catch you up while you improve your diet. If you have a crappy diet and don’t wish to change it, I highly suggest this supplement to help stave off eye disease – but who wouldn’t want to do the natural thing? That would be stone-cold crazy!

07/09/14 Vinpocetine is derived from the periwinkle plant Vinca minor. Vinpocetine is great to use for maintaining and improving brain health and cognitive function as well as for treating various cerebrovascular diseases. Vinpocetine improves brain blood flow and benefits brain cells by enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to them. Vinpocetine helps regulate blood pressure in critical areas by improving the actions of smooth muscle in blood vessels as they contract or expand the diameter of the vessels. Research also shows that vinpocetine can help prevent the neurotoxic effects that cause Alzheimer’s disease. But wait, there’s more! Vinpocetine also reduces the viscosity, or “stickiness,” of red blood cells and platelets to allow blood to flow more easily through narrowed vessels in a “watershed stroke” caused by hypoperfusion, while protecting cells from reperfusion injury during a stroke. But, the best time to take vinpocetine is before you need it. If you are at risk for stroke or are dealing with a dementia disorder then pick some up today.

07/08/14 Getting lots of nosebleeds or bruising? The K in vitamin K is German for koagulation or clotting as we understand it. Vitamin K1 is found naturally in plants and Vitamin K2, is made by bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin K3 is the one you want to avoid because it is the synthetic version that is toxic and generates free radicals. A new study has found that the K2 form can reduce prostate cancer risk by 35% and works very well against advanced prostate cancer. K2 protects us from heart disease, ensures healthy skin, forms strong bones, promotes brain function and supports growth and development in children. Vitamin K2 has so many functions that are not associated with vitamin K1 that K1 and K2 are almost two entirely different vitamins! For general usage, 150 micrograms per day of supplemental Vitamin K2 will do nicely.

07/07/14 More than 100 million Americans spend a total of over $28 billion on nutritional supplements every year while assuming that these products help them more than harm them. But many of the cheaper vitamins are made up of synthetic and isolated vitamins that lack the necessary trace minerals and co-factors to be absorbed by the body. Taking isolated vitamins will actually deplete the body’s vitamin and mineral reserves, leading to dangerous mineral deficiencies. This is because synthetic vitamins lack the transporters and co-factors associated with naturally-occurring, whole food vitamins. Like vitamin E for instance; Taking alpha tocopherol vitamin will short all the other forms of tocopherol. The solution is to take a mixed tocopherol vitamin E. When you take the food-based natural forms of vitamins, they already contain all the minerals and components your body needs to utilize them.

07/02/14 Are you ready for the summer sun? More importantly, is your skin ready? Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) helps to pigment your skin and prevents sun damage and even helps prevent skin cancer. I give my family 500mg every day and they never sunburn – that’s without using any toxic sunscreens! Start by taking 2,000mg a day of PABA for a few days before a trip to the beach, and then drop to 500mg a day after. This can make a huge difference to the amount of sun your body can safely tolerate. BTW, PABA also keeps your endocrine glands and intestines tuned up and working. PABA is also an antioxidant that fights free radicals while stimulating the growth of new blood cells. Research documents that PABA can even reverse baldness and darken gray hair. Most people are PABA deficient because of our SAD (Standard American Diets). BEWARE! What is in sunscreens is quite often the poisonous, synthetic goop that can actually cause cancer.

07/01/14 Potassium gives all of our muscle tissues their elasticity. Without enough potassium, the body cannot form new glycogen for the muscle-building/maintenance/strength/function processes in the body. Most of the body’s glycogen is made in the liver and a deficiency of potassium brings with it liver degeneration, muscle cramps and severe stiffness. Potassium is also critical for electrical conductivity within the central nervous system, making its influence on both electrical nerve impulses and muscle strength applies especially to heart health. Did you know that people with high potassium blood levels only run half the risk for heart attacks than those with normal levels of potassium? Potassium is essential for every living cell of the body to function properly. Most of our potassium comes in fresh fruits and vegetables and we need a minimum 4800mgs of potassium a day in order to stay healthy. The typical supplement dose for a healthy person is 99mg and should be taken with food. I do not recommend long-term mega-doses.

06/30/14 Want a healthy liver? Then you are going to need lots of vitamin C. One of the first places signs of vitamin C deficiency shows up is in the liver. Vitamin C helps flush fatty deposits out of the liver while helping in the detoxification and removal of waste by-products, heavy metals and other toxic substances. Vitamin C is also used in the liver to neutralize free radicals and protect cells from oxidative damage. Vitamin C can even kick cancer cells to the curb by tricking cancer cells into taking it into the cell where it effectively destroys them. Humans don’t make vitamin C. Human-size mammals that make their own vitamin C produce up to 14,000 mg per day when they are healthy and make even more when they are sick or under stress. You’ll want to avoid all corn-based vitamin C because of health-damaging GMO effects. Listen to your body and take vitamin C to just under bowel tolerance (gas, bloating, diarrhea) and then add a little more vitamin C each week. 5,000mg spread out through the day is a great dose to start at.

06/25/14 Indigestion? Try ginger root. Colicky baby? Ginger root tea can smooth out the bumps. Got cancer? You guessed it! Ginger to the rescue. Ginger root is a natural remedy for travel sickness, nausea, indigestion, flatulence, colic, irritable bowel syndrome, loss of appetite, chills, poor circulation, menstrual cramps, dyspepsia, heartburn, and many other problems. As a cancer champion, ginger has heavy-duty anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiproliferative effects upon tumors. Ginger extract has significant growth-inhibitory and apoptosis effects on a wide spectrum of cancer cells. The best part is that as a “chemo-protective” substance, ginger does not have any toxicity in normal body tissues. Not only can ginger cure cancer, but it is great for treating arthritis, fevers, headaches, toothaches, coughs, high cholesterol and high blood-pressure. Use ginger as your go-to anti-viral for a kick-butt cold and flu remedy.

06/24/14 Cayenne is one of nature’s little miracles. Cayenne has long been used in natural medicine to stimulate the circulatory system to deliver more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart, brain and other organs in the body. Cayenne can actually save your life during a heart attack when taken upon the onset of symptoms. Studies show that cayenne enters the blood stream within seconds and goes to work to restore normal heart function. Something else you may not know is that cayenne taken in conjunction with other herbs can multiply the effects of other herbs. For instance: taking cayenne pepper together with Ginkgo Biloba multiplies the effectiveness of Ginkgo by 75%. Look for cayenne supplements with over 90,000HU (heat units) for the better quality cayenne. If you wish to speed up your metabolism, it is best to swallow a liquid tincture of cayenne and have contact with your tongue. Too hot for your taste? Mix it with some warm milk.

06/23/14 If you take antibiotics for a UTI you will probably get better in about seven days. But, if you refuse the drug and do natural things, it might take up to a whole week to get better… Research shows that more people than ever with symptoms of urinary tract infections are now avoiding antibiotics while taking something natural (like cranberry or colloidal silver) to give their bodies a chance to heal naturally. Research shows that 70% of women with uncomplicated UTI who did not use antibiotics for UTI treatment usually cleared up within a week without intervention. Did you know that recurring bladder infections and UTIs are often caused by an underactive bowel? Constipation can contribute to the development of lower urinary tract symptoms like overactive bladder. Make the obvious choice here peeps – the natural one that won’t raise your antibiotic resistance.

06/18/14 The human genome codes about 23,000 genes but the normal genomes of bacteria, fungus and viruses of the human gut encode some 3.3 million genes. The fact is that what happens in our health is not just a result of our paltry number of genes but is also a sum of all the trillions of microorganisms that reside on and in our bodies. Friendly bacteria in our gut actually serve to both interpret and buffer the ever changing environment we live in. The importance of maintaining healthy gut bacteria has been well proven. When we have a bad balance of bacteria we are subject to IBS, chronic diseases, psychological disorders and even cancer. Unless your diet is supreme and pristine, supplementing with “good-guy” bacteria is a health requirement. Taking probiotics these days is prerequisite to fighting disease. Buy reputable brands and rotate through different brands and formulas regularly.

06/17/14 Honeycomb has its benefits too! Honey packed in the original honeycomb is the way honey used to come. Later times brought honey fakers who “extended” their honey by cutting it with corn syrup. For a while, diehard honey enthusiasts only bought their honey packed in honeycomb to insure that it was pure honey with no human interference. Even today, counterfeit honey is big business. An old-timey allergy remedy is to chew some honeycomb to alleviate sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. Usually, allergy symptoms will disappear within 30 minutes. Honeycomb is bees wax with no real nutritional value and yet it can calm upset tummies by chewing it for its mild anti-inflammatory properties. When I was a child we used to chew it instead of bubble gum. But don’t swallow too much of it as large amounts can slow digestion and lead to constipation.

06/16/14 Serrapeptase is a vastly superior proteolytic enzyme supplement that can break down non-living tissue and old toxic layers of junk in the body that clog up the digestive system, constrict the lining of the arteries and erode away at the central nervous system. In particular, serrapeptase fights atherosclerosis, dissolves blood clots, reduces varicose veins and chronic redness, helps heal traumatic injuries, sprains, torn ligaments, reduces pain, edema and swelling, fights breast pain, breast swelling and induration, helps ear, nose and throat infections, treats carpal tunnel syndrome and is therapeutic for treating nerve damage, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, back and neck pain, diabetes, ulcers, osteoporosis, prostate problems, post-operative scars and lesions and many more wonderful things. Haven’t you gone long enough without it?

06/11/14 Even mainstream medicine is now realizing that colloidal silver is a cancer fighter. This is partly because the shape of the colloidal silver particle is unique and its composition enables it to target tumor cells. Of course, mainstream medicine doesn’t want to treat cancer with colloidal silver, rather they want to use it as a carrier for patented drugs – because you can’t make a ton of money off of a cheap, natural remedy… In the same way, mainstream medicine is attempting to use colloidal silver to carry drugs to fight dangerous infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria. But again, it’s all about the patent and the money because colloidal silver already works against infections anywhere in the body. Don’t turn blue though. Buy a quality colloidal silver and don’t drink a whole quart of it a day like some people did to give colloidal silver a bad rap.

06/10/14 Vitamin B12 is a potent cancer fighter that plays a critical role in forming red blood cells and maintaining the nervous system. So, what’s in your vitamin B12? Cyanocobalamin is the not-so-good cyanide form of B12. Methylcobalamin is what your body uses for B12 and not cyanocobalamin. Before the body can even use cyanocobalamin, it must convert it in the liver to methylcobalamin, bringing a loss of B12 during at the same time it toxifies the liver with cyanide. To make the cheaper cyanide-bound version of B12, charcoal filtering gives up traces of cyanide to convert B12 into the “more stable” (but NOT better) cyano form. Always take the methylcobalamin form of B12 which is essential for optimum liver function and is also necessary for normal brain and nervous system operation. NEVER use the cyanocobalamin form that has cyanide in it…

06/09/14 Kava Kava has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal sedative properties. Old time preparations ground took the roots of the Kava shrub, added them to water and fermented them into a ceremonial drink kind of like our Western wine. Kava Kava works much the same for relaxing effects as alcohol and can also reduce anxiety, relieve insomnia, overcome stress and quiet pain. A 2004 study found Kava Kava to improve cognitive performance as well as elevate mood. Kava root has similar reactions to the drug class benzodiazepines by bringing potent tranquilizer effects. Kava Kava works by modulating the GABA receptors in the brain to make them more active to suppress overactive brain activity. Kava Kava also influences dopamine levels to bring both pleasure feelings and motivation. Beware though because Kava Kava can leave you feeling buzzed!

06/04/14 Studies done on the herb Osha show that it has anti-asthmatic action along with anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. Osha root contains volatile, an alkaloid, sterols, and saponins which together fight indigestion, inflammation, sinus congestion, asthma, allergies, flu, the common cold and dozens of other ailments. One really cool knick-name for Osha is Colorado cough root because it fights respiratory infections, coughs and sore throats. The root of Osha is used in teas and tinctures, capsules, extracts and incense. American Indian runners chewed on the roots to increase endurance while they also smoked it and ate the leaves and seeds for food. Some people also use Osha medicinal herb in saunas and steams. Don’t be surprised if you eat it or drink it and the root creates a tingling sensation on the tongue.

06/03/14 To watch the TV commercials, it seems that shingles is inevitable unless you buy into the shingles vaccine. Apparently neuropathies are incurable too. Neither of these conditions are life-threatening but both of these are problems of the nervous system that are treatable naturally. The nervous system is dependent on nutritional factors which are in very short supply in the Standard American Diet – S.A.D. Methylfolate (not folic acid), methylcobalamin B12 (not cyanocobalamin), thiamin, chromium, biotin, and alpha lipoic acid are a few of the most critical nutrients that your body requires to support the nervous system. Taking these supplements can significantly reduce the effects of neuropathy and the misery of shingles. Don’t expect this to be a 3-day cure because it takes years to succumb to this and conversely, it takes weeks to refill the depletions and months to rebuild the damaged nerves. BTW, chemical drugs will NEVER cure a nutritional deficiency.

06/02/14 Want a natural treatment for Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, and Pseudomonas infections? That one is easy: buy some essential oil of basil. How about treating insect bites? Right you are: basil to the rescue. If you don’t happen to have a bottle of basil oil handy when you get bitten or stung, chew up a leaf of basil and stick it to the bite. This will both help relieve pain and draw out venom. Did you know that basil works to treat ear infections naturally? The essential oil of basil is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. One or two drops of basil oil straight into the ear while lying down can relieve ear infections and related ear aches within minutes. High blood sugar? There is scientific evidence that basil in herb form can level out blood sugar when consumed regularly and drank as tea. Need to relax? Boil some leaves for 20 minutes, strain and dump them in a warm bath to help reduce stress and facilitate relaxation.

05/29/14 Is vitamin E causing lung inflammation? Well, yes and no. It all depends on where the vitamin E comes from. Vitamin E supplements made from canola, soybean and corn are tied to a rising incidence of lung inflammation and, possibly, asthma according to the latest university study. Vitamin E gamma-tocopherol in canola, soybean and corn is actually associated with decreased lung function in humans. Vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol, on the other hand, is found in olive and sunflower oils and does the opposite by bringing better lung function. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine says that there could be 4.5 million people in the U.S. with reduced lung function because of the rising amount of high gamma-tocopherol consumption. I relate this to cheap vitamins and even cheaper processed foods.

05/28/14 Halitosis – AKA, bad breath – is a symptom of deep troubles. “Sewer pipe” breath usually comes from death forming in the gut. The mouth is actually what I call the sweet end of a 20-something foot long digestive tract. When brushing your teeth 10 times a day doesn’t freshen the breath, the teeth aren’t the problem (though they may be victims). When the bad bacteria overgrows the intestines and invades the stomach, the result can be smelled by everyone. Part of this is due to a lack of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach, which diminishes as we age. HCL not only “sanitizes” our food, it also boils the garbage that tries to reflux from the intestines. The more you lack HCL, the more reflux you have on both ends of the stomach, resulting in breath and bad health. Before you reach for the Tums or the Prilosec, try the natural route and pop a Betaine HCL to see if your problem is a lack of acid instead of too much acid.

05/27/14 Vinegar has been produced and bartered for 5000 years. Hippocrates used vinegar medicinally and the famous Sung Tse (around 900 AD) used vinegar and sulfur as a handwash to prevent infections. Holistic medicine has always used vinegar to treat poison ivy, croup, stomachache, high fever, and edema (AKA “dropsy” in the 18th century). Vinegar has natural antibacterial properties, reduces blood pressure, kicks oxidant butt, reduces the effects of diabetes, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, and even increases vigor after exercise. Vinegar contains antioxidants that combat aging, cancer and brain degenerative disorders. Did you know that a daily dose of apple cider vinegar (ACV) reduces appetite for weight loss and alkalizes the body? Most people who drink ACV daily mix it in a bit of water but some tough nuts actually shoot theirs straight.

05/26/14 Stress is the number two cause of disease and death – closely behind the number one cause- inflammation. But the kicker is that stress also causes inflammation making this a compound equation. Stress even causes a breakdown of brain cells and the rest of your nervous system, along with interfering with many vital organ functions. Nobody can eliminate all the stress from their lives but we can strengthen our resistance to stress with coping mechanisms, healthy diet, regular exercise and targeted herbs. These factors will help us weather the storms of stress that are inevitable in life. Two of the most effective herbs that reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue, improve energy levels, enhance sexual performance and libido are rhodiola and ashwagandha. When combined, these two herbs are a veritable powerhouse of stress relief and health.

05/23/14 Half of all American women and a quarter of men between the ages of 50 and 75 have signs of low bone mass. Boron is a trace mineral that is critical for maintaining healthy bone and muscle as it helps prevent bone and mineral loss from both muscles and bones. Boron also boosts calcium absorption while helping to increase magnesium levels in the blood. Fructo Borate is a complex of boron coupled with plant carbohydrates that helps the body build bone and cartilage, absorb and use Vitamin D3, boost DHEA (a hormone that supports the adrenal glands and can boost energy levels) and has been shown to reduce joint pain in 79% of people suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis. Caveat: Boron helps the female body naturally produce estrogen and taking boron along with estrogens can cause too much estrogen in the body.

05/22/14 Disease is a process of inflammation in the body. Arthritis, colitis, cystitis, dermatitis, gastritis, nephritis and neuritis – even Alzheimer’s, asthma, cancer, diabetes and heart disease are common inflammatory conditions that make life miserable and kill. This is where serrapeptase enters the picture. Serrapeptase is an enzyme that breaks down inflammatory protein known as fibrin and dissolves dead tissue while leaving living tissue alone. Serrapeptase is also a powerful yet natural pain blocker that actually works better than aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen. There are over 50 studies showing how effective serrapeptase is in defeating inflammation and related pain. Serrapeptase crosses the blood brain barrier to K-O dementia caused by brain inflammation. About 40,000 units a day is a normal dose for most inflammatory conditions.

05/21/14 Who was it that thought deer velvet would make a good natural treatment for anything? And yet, deer velvet is used to improve athletic performance along with eyesight and hearing, reduce stress, treat arthritis, osteoporosis, skin conditions and “tired blood” (anemia). Reproductive disorders including premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and erectile dysfunction respond well to deer velvet supplements. Deer velvet contains the sex hormones estrone and estradiol that help treat menstrual and menopause problems, vaginal discharges, and uterine bleeding. Deer velvet herbal combinations are also used to increase blood circulation to the brain and to reduce signs of aging such as tissue, bone, muscle degeneration, and even declining mental skills. Deer velvet helps cells grow and function and is used as a tonic for children with “failure to thrive,” mental retardation, learning disabilities, slow growth, or bone problems including rickets.

05/20/14 New research shows that a person with breast cancer needs a vitamin D blood serum level of, at a minimum, 30 ng/ml of vitamin D – just to keep breast cancer from spreading if you already have it! Vitamin D levels should be an integral part of standard breast cancer care and any cancer doctor who doesn’t monitor vitamin D levels should be stripped of their ability to practice medicine. If you are in any kind of a cancer battle, you will need levels of vitamin D to be at least 80 ng/ml – if you expect to recover. The best form of vitamin D comes from our friend, the sun. 20 minutes a day of full-body sun will help maintain a healthy body. More is needed if you are ill. Beyond that, vitamin D3, cholecalciferol is what you need to supplement with. Even if you are seemingly healthy, spend the money, get your levels checked. If you are already sick, or have a cancer diagnosis, find a doctor or nutritionist that understands the vital importance of vitamin D and make them your best friend – for life.

05/19/14 Bladderwrack has major antioxidant properties and is full of elemental iodine and many other great nutrients that make this a super-sea weed. Bladderwrack is known to both fight and reduce the risk of estrogen-related cancers with its anti-estrogenic and progestagenic effects. Bladderwrack is also proven to fight colon cancer and has general anti-cancer effects. A study of bladderwrack for diabetes control found a reduction of blood insulin levels along with a modest increase in insulin sensitivity. Bladderwrack strengthens the immune system and enhances normal immune responses. Bladderwrack can treat thrombosis and has a similar molecular structure to that of heparin and inhibits proinflammatory cytokine production. You can even use bladderwrack to help fight vaccine reaction cytokine storms (although I personally don’t recommend toxic vaccines).

05/16/14 Fucoidan is found in the cell walls of Brown seaweed. Studies show that fucoidan has antitumor, antiangiogenic, antiviral, and immunomodulation effects. Fucoidan stimulates natural killer cells while being neuroprotective, radioprotective, and antiulcer. Some of ailments that herbalists use this wonder-weed for are: Allergies; Bacterial Infections; Hypertension; Diabetes; Weak immune system; Inflammation; Viral infections; Natural cancer treatment; Hypothyroidism; Radiation exposure and many other ills. In several cancer studies, fucoidan was shown to induce apoptosis in T-cell leukemia, suppress cellular proliferation and transformation, suppress angiogenesis in sarcoma, and suppress tumor necrosis factors in glioma cells. Fucoidan is one truly amazing antioxidant on top of all this. No adverse reactions have ever been reported from fucoidan as far as I’ve seen. One caveat: Never take fucoidan with anticoagulants such as warfarin and heparin. Wakame and Limu are the highest rated and most expensive fucoidan seaweeds.

05/15/15 Vitamin K is not just for blood clotting regulation. Vitamin K also works hard to prevent calcium deposits in arterial walls and helps the body put calcium in the bones. Research has proven that eating a healthy diet with adequate vitamin K can help prevent arterial hardening and atherosclerosis. Vitamin K works with fat-soluble nutrients to protect the brain from arterial calcification that leads to stroke and/or cognitive decline. Vitamin K still does even more while it maintains the white matter region of the brain, supports the myelin sheath, and increases the synapse speed. Animals with the lowest vitamin K levels display the highest degree of cognitive decline as they age, as compared with the highest vitamin K group. Fermented foods, egg yolks and certain cheeses provide high levels of vitamin K2. Supplementing with a full range of vitamin K isomers (1000 – 2000 mcg per day) will help avert both atherosclerosis and cognitive function decline.

05/14/14 Want to know what knocks Pink Eye out like nobody’s business? A drop of colloidal silver 3 times a day for a day or two, that’s what. Colloidal silver is da bomb for treating strep throat with a little bit of gargle and spit. Even antibiotic resistant bacteria fall to colloidal silver. Stomach virus? Drink a tablespoon of colloidal silver in a couple ounces of water. For treating respiratory virus, dump one-half a cup of colloidal silver into a tankful of water in your vaporizer and run it all night. Do you have foul gas from bad bacteria in your bowels? Yep! Colloidal silver wins again by putting 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver into 4 ounces of water and drinking it down. Sinus infection? It doesn’t matter if it is fungal, viral or bacterial. Put 1 tablespoon of colloidal silver and a pinch of sea salt in a warm-water Neti Pot and rinse those troubles away. Did you know that in the olden days, they put a small silver coin in the bottom of the milk jar to make milk last longer and stay fresher? If you take way-way too much of the cheap-stuff colloidal silver it could eventually turn you blue.

05/13/14 What’s in your toothpaste? I highly recommend avoiding any and all commercial brands of toothpaste (including Tom’s of Maine) as they are poisonous, toxic and contain harmful ingredients such as sodium fluoride (rat poison),propylene glycol (engine degreaser), sodium laurel sulfate (chemical foaming agent), saccharin (a known carcinogen), and toxic petroleum-based dyes (like Red Lake and Blue Lake). Nothing works better for maintaining your pearly whites than good old bentonite clay and/or charcoal. In fact, nothing removes acidic plaque from the teeth like charcoal does. If you like a little foam with your brushing, then use a one-half teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with your clay, charcoal or baking soda. I personally use Redmond Clay toothpaste and alternate in some charcoal every other day or so. Just remember to only brush the teeth you want to keep…

05/12/14 One of my favorite tea herbs is spearmint! Why? Because I love the smell and flavor it adds to my mornings, besides the fact that spearmint is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and other vital nutrients. Similar to peppermint, spearmint contains less menthol, but is very rich in limonene, dihydrocarvone and cineol. Ingesting spearmint via tea or herbal form helps alleviate symptoms of nausea, indigestion, gas, headache, cramps, and sore throat. Applying spearmint topically can help reduce swelling due to nerve or muscle pain and treat toothaches Spearmint exhibits excellent antioxidant activity as well as antifungal properties. Spearmint can also treat hirsutism (abnormal hair growth) according to the journal Phytotherapy Research, Drinking two cups of spearmint tea a day for five days reduces levels of androgen in women with hirsutism. Spearmint can be found in health food products such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, and cosmetics where it not only adds aroma and flavor but helps keep products fresher, longer.

05/09/14 The natural food supplement turmeric is a super spice great for dozens of health benefits because it is an all-natural, high-powered, anti-inflammatory agent. Turmeric also boosts liver enzymes that flush carcinogens out of the body. An over-burdened and poor functioning liver will sap the body’s energy to make it difficult to lose weight and eliminate chemical toxins, drugs, food additives and pesticides. Turmeric helps to activate genes that keep your brain clear of waste build-up that causes inflammation that weakens or destroys brain cells. Population studies have revealed a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s in the Indian population where turmeric is commonly used. Tumeric also helps protect healthy cells from the chemotherapy. The curcumin found in turmeric helps reduce joint pain and inflammation, lower blood sugar and eliminate food cravings.

05/08/14 Explaining the tableting process: To make a tablet the manufacturer first adds enough bulking materials to the supplement product to make the size tablet they want. Then they add in binders to hold the tablet together along with artificial or natural colors and flavors, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers and disintegrators. The final concoction is run through a tableting machine that pressurizes the product to compress it to size and shape. This intense pressure generates a lot of heat, which can affect the nutrients in the supplement. Too much pressure and the tablet won’t disintegrate in the digestive tract for absorption. Lubricants like magnesium stearate allow the tablets to travel through the machinery more easily. Sometimes manufacturers use a hard fat over the tablet that some people cannot break down, like stearic acid, which is meat-fat. These fats melt at about 190 degrees – but if you think it through, we aren’t melting it; we’re digesting it.

05/07/14 Food Based Whole Food Supplements are 100% whole food supplements that do not use any isolated or purified vitamins or minerals. These nutritional wonders are foods and botanicals grown in a controlled environment, using a peptide rich broth to help plants uptake nutrients into plant cells. When they are harvested, enzymes are used to breakdown cell wall and release nutrients. Then, Refractive Window Drying is used to dry them out without oxidizing the nutrients. This leaves about 3% moisture in them to help retain color, flavor and nutrient status. The huge benefit of these supplements is that they contain the full spectrum of food nutrients that nature intended to help your body fully utilize the nutrients. The cons are that they will have lower doses of nutrients and consequent fiber slows absorption rates. Beware that some whole food supplements use whole food but are soy-based.

05/06/14 When your vitamin says USP Formulary it means that the capsules must dissolve in 45 minutes at 37 degrees Celsius and they are made with some great microorganism standards to protect you. But it also means that you are often getting diluted forms of vitamins along with preservatives and fillers like BHT, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, corn starch, dextrose, lactose and even colorants. With Pure Isolated Synthetic Vitamins you often get higher doses that are easily absorbed but they do not contain the whole food aspects and cofactors the body sometimes requires to metabolize them. Isolates can also cause adverse reactions like stomach upset, diarrhea, flushing, constipation, etc. and can often throw that person into chemical imbalance. Bottom line, supplements are just that: supplements… Use them wisely while you correct the original deficiency. Eat healthy food for healthy bodies and you shouldn’t need a supplement.

05/05/14 People who have a high intake of dietary fiber also have a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease. In fact, even if you’ve already had a heart attack, a high fiber diet can bring a 25% lower chance of dying in the first nine years after a heart attack when compared with people who ate less fiber. High dietary fiber can improve blood lipid levels and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. A high fiber diet also brings a decreased risk of colorectal cancer. Food fiber is fuel for the friendly bacteria in the colon where over 80% of the immune system is built. Fiber keeps food from stagnating in the bowels and increase motility. A shocking 5% or less of Americans consume the minimum recommended fiber intake of 25g per day for women and 38g per day for men whereas most people eat an average of only 14g.

05/02/14 Cancer patients with higher levels of vitamin D have better survival rates and remain in remission longer than patients who are vitamin D-deficient. The body produces vitamin D in the skin with sun exposure – making the sun one of your best friends. Some vitamin D can be had from healthy foods, but again, the sun starts it. Vitamin D in sufficient quantities prevents existing tumor growth by blocking the tumor’s expanding blood supply while promoting cancer cell death, known as apoptosis. The strongest link between vitamin D and cancer survival is in breast cancer, lymphoma and colorectal cancer. But don’t stop there as there is plenty of evidence that the mighty D helps stifle lung cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia and melanoma. To fight cancer, vitamin D blood levels need to top 50 ng/ml or more IMHO. Has your doctor talked to you about your D levels? Consider getting a real doctor if they haven’t…

05/01/14 Astragalus is an adaptogenic herb that helps to regulate the adrenal glands. Adaptogenic means, if you are too high in the adrenals it brings you down and if you are too low it brings you up – amazing! Astragalus is also immunomodulating (again – adaptogenic), anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and hepatoprotective. Astragalus helps protect against oxidative damage in the body by increasing mitochondrial function. Astragalus helps heal an ailing liver as it increases repairs to even recover from chronic hepatitis. Want a longer, healthier life? Astragalus also lengthens telomeres for longevity. Want to conceive? Astragalus increases motility in sperm. Astragalus is an antiviral that can both treat and prevent recurrence of chronic colds, flu, Epstein Barr Virus, HIV, MERS, SARS and even shingles. For cancer treatment, astragalus increases immune responses while increasing T-cell counts, increasing cytotoxicity of NK cells and T-cells and switching on the anti-tumor activity of Interleukin-2.

04/30/14 Activated Charcoal has been used for thousands of years for treating food poisoning, stomach and intestinal viruses, removing toxicants, reducing drug withdrawals and even for polishing the ole pearly whites. Activated Charcoal is made by controlled charring of Willow Bark and is 100% alkaline with spinning electrons that make it highly electrical. This negative ionic charge attracts the positive ionic charges in toxins and poisons to bind with them and escort them out of the body. Activated charcoal helps to heal a plethora of stomach and intestinal diseases while countering flatulence and eradicating foul odors. On another note: There are no chemical teeth whitening products that compare to the whitening and brightening action of activated charcoal. Use some with your next brushing. Place your usual non-fluoride toothpaste on the brush, dip it into some activated charcoal and brush away for a good cleansing and a great shining.

04/29/14 Zinc is becoming more important by the day. Zinc is an essential trace element that is critical for metabolism. Now scientists have shown that zinc is critical for normal cell apoptosis – cell death. In the absence of zinc, cancer cells proliferate when they shouldn’t; causing cancer. Also, zinc deficiency is named in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Zinc is required for hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body and also helps build bones, heal muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A zinc deficiency will slow healing processes considerably and zinc deficiency means reduced glutathione levels that protect cells from oxidative damage. Did you know that a zinc deficiency is linked to depression and anxiety disorders? Always take the glycinate, gluconate or chelate form of zinc and reserve the zinc oxide for the outside of the body only.

04/28/14 A tablespoon or two of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in water a day contains a wonder-filled host of vitamins, minerals and good-old acetic acid. Acetic acid works to control appetite, increase insulin sensitivity against too much blood sugar, and helps build proteins that help decrease fat storage. One of the best benefits of ACV is that it makes the whole body alkaline when it is acidic from garbage diets and stress. The only form of ACV that offers these benefits is the fermented, unfiltered ACV with “mother”. What is “mother” you ask? Naturally fermented ACV has a sediment referred to as the “mother of vinegar” growing in the liquid. ACV provides potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus, iron, silicon and many other trace minerals. ACV vitamins are bioflavonoids, beta-carotene, vitamin C, E, B1, B2, and B6. ACV is teaming with tannins, malic acid, tartaric acid, propionic acid, acetic acid and metal-chelating pectin. Don’t even waste your money on white distilled vinegar – even for cooking.

04/25/14 Evening primrose is also known as the “The King’s cure-all,” because of the wide range of its healing attributes it carries that just goes on and on. Evening primrose oil (EPO) is used for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, Raynaud’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, ADD, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, asthma, cancer, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetic nerve damage, dyspraxia, heart disease, hyperactivity, leg pain, neurodermatitis, obesity and weight loss, whooping cough, and gastrointestinal disorders including ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and peptic ulcer disease. EPO is also an anti-inflammatory. In one arthritis study, patients on 540 mg of EPO daily had significant improvement in 12 months and reduced or stopped their NSAID pain relievers.

04/24/14 The essential oil of Rosemary can be used externally for treating rheumatic diseases and circulatory problems. Rosemary oils are used in massage oil formulations to relieve the pain of arthritis and sore aching muscles. Rosemary used in massage oil also helps alleviate water retention and tonify the circulatory system to increase circulation. Rosemary oil softens and tones the skin and also stimulates hair follicles and circulation in the scalp to help prevent premature baldness by encouraging healthy hair growth while it slows hair loss. Rosemary leaves taken internally or in tea help prevent uterine spasms and menstrual cramps. Rosemary leaf is also effective for treating dyspepsia. Full of antioxidant compounds, Rosemary extract (rosmarinic acid) is used to stabilize and extend the shelf life of all-natural cosmetics, creams, lotions, and other herbal compounds. Besides that, it smells good! ~ via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

04/23/14 We already know what scientists are just now discovering – ginseng both treats and prevents influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Ginseng has been known to fight viruses for thousands of years and is one of the most widely bought herbal supplement. Ginseng is best known to restore and enhance personal well-being and mental cognitive function but it also treats fatigue while boosting energy levels. Ginseng is scientifically proven to be effective with anticancer, anti-inflammatory and immune modifying abilities with its seven ginsenosides that target different levels of immunological activity for true immune-modulation that is the envy of every Big Pharma fakester out there. A 2002 study found that 60% of men who took ginseng noticed an improvement in erectile dysfunction. Small wonder it is such a popular supplement!

04/22/14 Oregano is from the mint family commonly found in the Mediterranean region and used to flavor soups, sauces, salads, and meat dishes. Oregano is used in skin cream, body lotion, shaving gel, and bath soaps. When you make tea out of it, oregano helps digestion by increasing digestive enzymes, calming the digestive system, improving appetite, alleviating nausea, eliminating flatulence, treating intestinal infections, stopping diarrhea and relieving constipation. As a topical treatment, oregano is antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral to fight staph infection, tetanous, mumps and measles. c works wonders on bug bites and stings. Ingesting oregano oil capsules with every meal enhances the cardiovascular and circulatory system, lowers blood pressure, prevents cholesterol build-up and is a great all-around anti-inflammatory. Won’t hurt to try some!

04/21/14 Comfrey has been used as a topical medicine for over 2,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the Middle Ages, comfrey baths were very common. Comfrey is actually one of nature’s greatest medicinal herbs according to herbal compendiums around the world. Comfrey leaf is one of the best additions to a poultice for healing wounds and broken bones. Folk medicine calls it “knitbone” for its ability to speed the healing of broken bones. High in Calcium and Vitamin C, comfrey simulates healing activity. With its naturally high concentration of allantoin, it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory on top of any bruise, scrape, sprain or other injury. Do not take comfrey internally and it is not recommended for use during pregnancy. I used it on my shattered collar bone a while back and it completely healed in about 4 weeks with no residual problems – and I was 50 at the time!

04/18/14 The supplement GABA is anti-excitatory in that it helps your brainwaves flow in calm rhythms. GABA enhances normal sleep cycles, improves blood pressure and can also be an effective pain killer for back pain and arthritis. GABA also stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete Human Growth Hormone (HGH) leading to weight loss and an increase in muscle tissue. GABA helps make endorphins for that sense of well-being after a good physical workout. GABA deficiencies cause: carbohydrate cravings, trembling, twitching, hyperventilation, flushing, tachycardia, palpitations, sweating, cold or clammy hands, paresthesia, chest pain or discomfort, restlessness, blurred vision, abnormal sense of smell, abnormal odors, lump in throat, butterflies in stomach, unusual allergies, anxiety, hypertension, cystitis, gastrointestinal disorders, tinnitus, and PMS. Interestingly, GABA reduces depression and anxiety and helps normalize cortisol levels best when taken with a probiotic.

04/17/14 The weed – er, I mean herb – dandelion is both a diuretic and liver-detoxifyier. Dandelion tea is very helpful to detoxify the liver while you sleep. Dandelion root extract can actually reduce alcohol-related liver damage. Dandelion root can be used to detoxify the body, relieve constipation, sooth upset tummies, shed water weight and for many other health benefits including cancer treatment. Dandelion root is also well-known in Korean herbal medicine to improve energy levels and general health. Research shows that dandelion root has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hepatoprotective properties and contains high levels of the amino acid kynurenic acid for digestive system support, specifically bile production to move toxins out of the body. Dandelion root supports the body’s natural immune system. Be careful though as dandelion can interact with the drug lithium, certain antibiotics, and other drugs that are broken down in the liver.

04/16/14 Would you eat dirt? I would – as long as it is Diatomaceous Earth (DE). DE has a strong negative charge that attracts positively charged pathogens and toxins in your body like various fungi, protozoa, viruses, E-Coli, endotoxins, pesticides, drug residues, and heavy metals. DE traps these bad guys to carry them out of the body. Just as exciting, DE also works to kill parasites by lacerating the joints of their exoskeletons with its sharp edges. DE is rich in organic silica that benefits many body functions while strengthening bones and joints, restoring osteoporosis, boosting the immune system, fighting Alzheimer’s, preventing premature aging and wrinkling, and restoring damaged artery walls. DE destroys bad fats, helps high cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure, and fights obesity. I take a tablespoon a day for three weeks – twice a year. But you can take it every day if you want. Mixing it with applesauce or yogurt helps it go down. Need a natural pesticide? DE kills scorpions, most ants, lice and any critter with an exoskeleton.

04/15/14 Potassium is essential for every cell in our body to function properly. A deficiency in the mineral potassium brings liver degeneration, muscle cramps and severe stiffness. Potassium is critical for electrical conductivity within our nervous system and also proper muscle formation and function. Potassium is the third most prevalent mineral in our bodies, even exceeding sodium. In fact, potassium uses sodium to balance our body hydration while maintaining a healthy alkaline pH balance. Potassium’s influence on both electrical nerve impulses and muscle strength apply especially to heart health. It’s estimated that people with high potassium blood levels have half the risk for heart attacks than those with normal levels of potassium. Interestingly, the liver contains twice-as-much potassium as sodium and the liver produces the bulk of glycogen in the body.

04/14/14 Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, which induces sleep and tranquility in the brain. Supplementing with tryptophan is a safe and cost-effective treatment for nervousness, insomnia, stress, depression and medically for Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome. The symptoms of a tryptophan shortage include nervousness, anxiety, sleep disorders, mood disorders, and excessive appetite. According to medical research, tryptophan is the amino acid most commonly deficient in our diet that is also the precursor to serotonin. Tryptophan dosage typically starts low and work up to the ideal dosage. Start with 500 mg and work up to 500 mg per 50-pounds of body weight. Always take tryptophan with a vitamin B-complex for optimal absorption. Two months of consistent use is required to gain the full benefit of tryptophan.

04/11/14 Lemon balm – AKA – Melissa officinalis – is well-known as an anxiety-reducing herb that calms the mind and relaxes tension in the body. The relaxing effects of Melissa officinalis helps overcome insomnia and increases drowsiness. Other benefits include wound healing, pain reduction, apatite improvement, and even to treat insect bites and stings. Lemon balm has been in use since before the Middle Ages. Essential oil of Lemon balm can be diffused for an air purifier or for aromatherapy, blended into topical ointments and creams or applied directly to the skin when cut with coconut oil. The dried leaf can be made into tea, added to a poultice for wound and bruise treatment or capsulized for oral consumption. Lemon balm is easy to grow and makes a wonderful cooking herb also.

04/10/14 Want to prevent cancer? Then take some vitamin A. Vitamin A can actually help turn pre-cancer cells back to normal cells, according to the International Journal of Oncology. But vitamin A does very little to treat full-blown cancer. The key is in prevention of course. Could cancer be a symptom of vitamin A deficiency? Normal cells undergo many changes before they become cancerous or aggressively metastatic, but scientists recently found that vitamin A only helps healthy and precancerous cells. Vitamin A actually helps precancerous cells to change their genetic signature back to normal by modulating the epigenome. Vitamin A is required for health skin and other epithelial cells (like the lining of the gut and the lungs). Even contracting measles has been associated with vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A helps with hair loss. Slow healing cuts and scrapes? Could be you are vitamin A deficient.

04/09/14 Green tea has been thoroughly studied in cancer research and found to help reduce cancer risk. Researchers are now reporting that green tea extract can also enhance cognitive functions, in particular the working memory. Green tea works by increasing the brain’s connectivity in the influence that one brain area has over another area. This positive connectivity leads to improvement in cognitive performance and significantly better working memory tasks. Both green tea and its extracts have long been used to prevent and treat hyperlipidemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis and cancer. Green tea can positively affect mood and enhance glucose tolerance. Theaflavin enriched green tea extract is known to lower bad cholesterol levels. Green tea extracts can be used topically to treat sunburn and even treat external genital and perianal warts.

04/08/14 Severe zinc deficiency is pretty rare in the US but up to 40% of people in the US have a marginal zinc deficiency – especially among the elderly. Why are so many people zinc deficient? For one thing, foods have much less zinc in them now compared to years past with our lousy modern farming methods. Another reason is the amount of processed foods we eat because zinc is water-soluble and cooking them in water leaches out the zinc. Excess calcium, copper and iron limit zinc along with high dietary phytates and oxalates from strict vegetarianism. Drinking alcohol flushes zinc out of the liver and heavy perspiration will also result in zinc loss. Bottom line, to avoid marginal zinc deficiency I recommend taking 30mg of zinc gluconate a day. That’s what I do.

04/07/14 Vitamin C is critical for healthy teeth & gums and is totally necessary for the proper functioning of your immune system. Muscle aches, joint pain? Vitamin C is also required for the production of healthy collagen and for strong ligaments. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant (free radical fighter) that can stop the growth of cancer cells. This essential vitamin enhances the absorption of iron, B-12, Folic Acid, B-6 and vitamin E. Healthy mammals that produce their own vitamin C – and weigh about 150 lbs (close to human weight) – produce up to 14,000 mg per day! This makes an RDA of 95mg of vitamin C insanely low. In this case, RDA means Ridiculously Deficient Amounts! Avoid sodium C and calcium C if you can and opt for ascorbic acid with rose hips. Take vitamin C to bowel tolerance and cut back a little if you experience loose stools, gassiness or bloating from it. Take only the corn free stuff to avoid GMO based vitamin C – which is over 90% of all vitamin C out there.

04/04/14 Lingusticum – AKA Osha root and Indian Bear Medicine is one of the most potent antivirals around. Originating in China, Lingusticum is considered to be the essential “Yin” in herbal medicines. Lingusticum is an awesome treatment for mumps, measles, chickenpox, flu, colds, herpes, hepatitis and any other virus-based disease. This herb also treats dysmenorrhea, gout, headaches, rheumatism and general body pain. Lingusticum lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation. Chewing the raw root soothes sore throat and gum irritation. Drinking tea of boiled roots loosens phlegm and relieves congestion while it treats the source of coughs, colds and flu. Powdered Osha root makes a great cough syrup mixed with honey. The essential oil of lingusticum is known to have anti-asthmatic effects.

04/03/14 Vitamin D is critical for immune system function. Studies show a link between low vitamin D levels and the risk of coming down with influenza. Vitamin D works within the immune system to reduce levels of inflammatory proteins as well as increase amounts of antimicrobial proteins to destroy invading pathogens. This is a one-two punch to fight infections. Vitamin D deficiency is also a huge player in cancer because vitamin D receptors are found on the surface of cells to direct a cell to either divide or die. In addition to helping to stave off flu and fight cancer, adequate vitamin D levels protect against heart disease, osteoporosis, seasonal affective disorder, premature aging and many other health problems. Why are we as a race of humans becoming so deficient in vitamin D these days? I blame glyphosate (Roundup) that is now ubiquitous in our environment. Glyphosate hinders the body’s ability to synthesize vitamin D.

04/02/14 Arginine decreases the formation of advanced glycation end products or AGE’s which can go on to cause cellular, DNA damage and eventually – cancer. Arginine also slows the growth of tumors by enhancing the immune system, increasing activity in the thymus gland, aiding in liver detoxification. Arginine helps the body gain lean muscle mass as it stimulates the pancreas to release insulin and helps the release of growth hormones. Arginine enhances endurance while improving physical fitness in heart failure patients. Arginine is considered to be a semi-essential amino acid because when the body doesn’t make enough of it, supplementation is needed. People with protein malnutrition, excessive ammonia production, burns, infections and sepsis are often in need of more arginine. Foggy brain? Arginine also “wakes up” the brain.

04/01/14 Clove oil cut with a carrier oil – like coconut oil – makes a great topical analgesic. You can also temporarily alleviate toothache pain by dabbing some clove oil on a cotton ball and placing it on the sore tooth. Clove oil can help alleviate infections in the tooth root and gums. For sore gums, rub some clove oil on them with your finger. Cloves are natural painkillers that attack germs and make a wonderful cure to help get rid of a sore throat. A regular cup of clove tea can be used to kill off bad intestinal bacteria and balance good bacteria. Clove tea relaxes the smooth lining of the GI tract to help alleviate vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal gas and stomachaches. This tea is also great for drinking to remedy or prevent, colds and flu and is an expectorant, making it easier to cough up phlegm. Clove oil mixed with coconut oil reduces inflammation when rubbed on sore muscles or massaged in for arthritis and rheumatism.

03/31/14 Melissa officinalis is a natural herb plant that has a treasure trove of healing properties. Melissa is great for treating viral infections like mumps, measles, flu, colds, herpes and even HPV. Melissa also treats insomnia, stomach problems, poor concentration, and venomous bites. In fact, there is virtually no ailment that won’t respond to or can’t be treated with Melissa officinalis oil. The terpenes in Melissa brings calming and carminative properties. Flavonoids, tannins and phenolic acids in Melissa contribute to its antiviral and anticancer properties. You can combine Melissa combined with valerian root for a safe and effective treatment for insomnia – even in restless children. In the digestive tract, Melissa works to increase appetite while it alleviates symptoms of colitis, heartburn, inflammation of the colon and even GERD. Excessive thyroid production in Grave’s Disease can be blocked with Melissa officinalis oil. Because Melissa is adaptogenic, it also raises thyroid production in the hypothyroid. Try some! You won’t be disappointed.

03/28/14 Your body uses methyl groups to make biochemical conversions in every single cell of your body. If you are short on methyls, the cells can’t work right. If you take cyanocobalamin B12 as a supplement it is actually cyanide + cobalt = cyanocobalamin. Your liver cannot use B12 in this form and it takes methyls to strip the cyanide off of the cobalt and takes more methyls to get rid of the cyanide. THEN it takes even more methyls to make the cobalt into the usable methylcobalamin – methyl + cobalt. If you are already short on methyls, the cyanocobalamin won’t work and may make you feel worse the more of it you take. This is why you should only take the methylcobalamin B12 and never take the cheapo cyanocobalamin. Same principle goes for folic acid – the chemical version folate. You should only ever take methylfolate for the same reasons and especially if you are preggo.

03/27/14 Vitamin K does so much more than regulate blood clotting in the body. The mighty K also maintains the white matter region of the brain and supports the brain-insulating myelin sheath that keeps neuro signals in the nerve pathways while increasing synapse speed. People with low vitamin K levels have the highest degree of cognitive decline as they age. Vitamin K modulates osteoblasts for healthy bones. But not many people know that vitamin K also possesses some mighty impressive anti-cancer properties. Vitamin K1 is found in green, leafy plants and vegetables and Vitamin K2 is produced mostly by intestinal bacteria and in fermented foods. Vitamin K3 is synthetic and comes with some deadly side-effects – especially for infants. The amount of daily vitamin K associated with an 80% decreased risk of bone fracture is 45mg/day. A supplement of 1000 – 2000 mcg per day will help avert atherosclerosis and cognitive decline.

03/26/14 The best form of cancer-fighting vitamin D comes from 20 minutes of full body sun a day. Being an oil-soluble vitamin, your body stores it up to 6 months. Did you know that vitamin D also knocks down debilitating menstrual cramps? A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that a single mega-dose of vitamin D3 was incredibly effective at relieving menstrual cramping and pain. This vitamin D3 therapy works by hampering prostaglandins which cause heavy menstrual cramps. The one-time dosage they used was 300,000 IUs. The IoM suggest 600-800 IUs a day for maintaining good health. But this won’t catch you up if you are sick or already behind in vitamin D. Always take the D3 cholecalciferol and never take the D2 ergocalciferol. Diet sources of vitamin D are fatty fish and fish liver oils, mushrooms, eggs and raw milk.

03/25/14 Cinnamon is a biblical herb and natural medicine that does it all! Researchers even discovered that extracts from cinnamon bark inhibit the amyloid plaques and fibrils found in Alzheimer`s Disease. Cinnamon has a long history of helping people regulate blood sugar while it speeds up the body’s metabolism. Cassia cinnamon has even proven to be eight times more potent than the diabetic drug, Acarbose – AND without the negative side effects. The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon also helps prevent strokes by assisting with blood platelet regulation. Other benefits of cinnamon are: antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasitic actions, improved colon health, boosted brain function, stopping cancer and more! The aroma of cinnamon is relaxing and helps stabilize moods. Full of calcium and fiber, cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices. Cheap and highly effective – my kind of natural medicine!

03/24/14 Want to avoid brain trouble? B12 deficiency can literally cause your brain to shrink. Mega-doses of B vitamins can slow and even stop brain shrinkage while reversing cognitive decline, dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. B12 is also an essential nutrient required in the synthesis of serotonin, melatonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and GABA, which are brain chemicals that help modulate mood, our emotional state and sleep. Make your B12 the methycobalamin form and skip the cyanide version of cyanocobalamin. Also, take a sublingual B12 for the best results because the absorption of B12 begins in the mouth. Antacids destroy the absorption of food-bound vitamin B12. Dairy-free vegans and vegetarians can easily become B12 deficient unless they take B12 dietary supplements or B12-fortified foods.

03/21/14 Want to calm a rumbly tumbly? Go to the health food store and buy some licorice root. Chinese medicine has successfully use licorice root for thousands of years as a natural laxative and as a digestive aid. Licorice root (not the adulterated candy) has strong anti-inflammatory properties and also works to treat stomach ulcers, soothe coughs and sore throats, control blood sugar, balance hormones, heal cold sores, and even treat eczema, asthma, flu, herpes, and hepatitis. The medical journal, Nutrition and Cancer, says that substances in licorice can protect against carcinogen-induced DNA and can inhibit tumor formations and kill cancer cells. Take care how much licorice you do take though because too much of a good thing can cause high blood pressure, low potassium, and edema.

03/20/14 It is very important to read your vitamin labels carefully. Cheap and highly superficial supplements found on the shelves of the local grocery and drug stores contain sneaky ingredients, colorants and synthetic vitamin imposters. Many vitamins, particularly chewables, contain sweeteners such as aspartame known to cause IBS and fibromyalgia. Other harmful additives include acesulfame potassium, sucralose, and sorbitol, which have been shown to cause cell and DNA mutations, thereby increasing your risk for cancer. And chances are your multi-vitamin is packaged in a gelatin capsule – typically composed of the cartilage, skin, connective tissue and bones of sick animals. Remember – good vitamins aren’t always cheap and cheap vitamins aren’t always good…

03/19/14 MSM – AKA methylsulfonylmethane – is an organic form of sulfur found in fresh veggies and supplements. The human body requires a minimum level of MSM for healthy function. MSM deficiency is linked to a plethora of degenerative diseases, pain, joint trouble, fatigue, psychological and physical stress, depression, cancer and many other conditions. MSM is basically sulfur and sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the body that helps liver function, boosts metabolism, makes joint cartilage and produces keratin for healthy skin & hair. Sulfur is also used in the body’s anti-oxidant systems to produce glutathione. Sulfur is not stored and any surplus is oxidized to sulfate and excreted in the urine or stored as glutathione. MSM in supplement form mimics the organic sulfur present in our bodies. I personally take 2,000 mg a day for my aging body.

03/18/14 Mistletoe is a parasite plant that grows and thrives while other plants are dormant. But mistletoe is great for cancer treatment and even doubles survival times for pancreatic cancer patients. Mistletoe also decreases the likelihood of painful or adverse events of chemo by 75% percent! Of course, nobody had studied mistletoe head to head against chemo but all studies to date are using chemo with mistletoe (it is against ethics apparently to deny a cancer victim “lifesaving chemo” in a study trial…) ahem Anyhow, mistletoe has thousands of years usage as a traditional medicine for treating epilepsy, hypertension, headaches, menopausal symptoms, infertility, arthritis and rheumatism. Cancer is basically a modern disease and the records for cancer treatment with mistletoe only go back about 100 years.

03/17/14 The best way to take in vital minerals is through mineral-rich water and nutrient-dense foods. Bone broths and unrefined sea salt contain all essential macrominerals as well. Ionized trace mineral supplements are a great source of balanced minerals. Some people add small amounts of fine clay or mud as a supplement to water or food for a great source of minerals. Did you know that clay also contains aluminum? But don’t freak out because the silicon in all clays prevents absorption of this toxic metal and actually helps the body eliminate other aluminum bound in tissues. No matter how you get your minerals, optimal health requires them in abundant quantities. Minerals depend on each other for absorption and taking isolated mineral supplements can actually short your body of other minerals.

03/14/14 Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) can reduce inflammatory reactions associated with multiple sclerosis. ALA detoxifies arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury in the body by rendering heavy metals inactive to safely expel them from the body. Toxicology studies show that ALA shields the liver against arsenic exposure and also protects it from mercury poisoning. ALA even offers broad-spectrum protection against health conditions ranging from painful neuropathy to migraines to cataracts to neurodegenerative conditions. The most potent form of lipoic acid is R-dihydrolipoic acid. Take it with a B-complex to boost the efficacy of ALA. Dosage of ALA runs from 300mg a day to the upwards limit of 1,800 mg a day in some cases. Start low and build up to higher dosages unless directed by a physician to treat a known condition.

03/13/14 Echinacea can be used to treat psoriasis and eczema when applied topically to breakouts. Topical Echinacea can dramatically speed healing in a slow-healing wound, and as a bonus, it offers pain relief while protecting the wound from infection. Echinacea can be used for a topical hemorrhoid remedy and this miracle herb also treats sunburns to help speed the recovery process. Taking Echinacea internally is an effective treatment for recurring infections – such as ear infections. Taking Echinacea for a few weeks at a time allows its immune-boosting compounds to accumulate in the body, making its immune-boosting effects therapeutic. Rule of thumb: Don’t take Echinacea for over eight consecutive weeks or you will begin to inhibit the immune system.

03/12/14 Theanine, is a calming extract of green tea that is known to lessen the grips of anxiety. Theanine helps naturally calm, focus the brain and center a runaway mind that is going in several different directions. The soothing quality of theanine can relax the mind at night for better sleep while relieving muscle tension. Theanine can protect the body and brain from excess glutamate – which can be toxic to nerve tissue when levels get too high from chemical food additives. Under professional care, patients can be weaned off of drugs like Xanax, Valium or Klonopin with the supplementation of theanine. But wait, there’s more! Theanine is also chock full of the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is a known champion fighter of cancer and heart disease. Typical dose of theanine is 100-200 mg once or twice a day.

03/11/14 Want to sleep better? The latest study by Oxford suggests that higher levels of omega-3 DHA from algae and fish oils/seafood are associated with better sleep. Using 600mg of DHA supplements for 16 weeks, the double-blind, placebo controlled study found that study subjects on DHA got 58 minutes more sleep and had 7 fewer waking incidents per night compared to the placebo group. The study concluded that higher blood levels of omega-3 DHA are significantly associated with better sleep, leading to less bedtime resistance, parasomnias and total sleep disturbances. They also found that higher ratios of omega 3 to omega 6 were also associated with fewer sleep problems. Lower ratios of omega 3 to 6 are also directly linked to lower levels of melatonin – the sleep hormone in the brain.

03/10/14 Vitamin C actually decreases blood pressure and also the risk of death from stroke. Vitamin C, ascorbic acid helps your body synthesize collagen in your body to support critical membranes and other support tissues. A deficiency of Vitamin C is actually responsible for organ instability due to dysfunctional collagen with the loss of critical organ support, leading to hemorrhages. Giving Vitamin C to stroke victims actually brought about a 50% shorter stay in the neurology care unit in one recent study. Vitamin C deficiency also plays a critical role in complication-related infections in patients and causes bigger problems with skin disorders, ulcerations, and healing delays of existing lesions. Bottom line: We need more Vitamin C. Much more! Healthy, human size mammals that make their own Vitamin C make about 12-14,000mg a day. Unhealthy ones make even more. How much do you get every day?

03/07/14 Apricot seeds from the fruit apricot have a concentration of “vitamin B17” amygdalin. Amygdalin is simply a plant substance and really isn’t a vitamin at all. Amygdalin is best known for its cancer-fighting abilities and is also known to alleviate arthritis pain and lower blood pressure. Back in the 50s, scientists made a chemically modified drug out of amygdalin called Laetrile. This version of amygdalin failed to perform as a cancer drug in 91% of users – but even this beats the lousy 2.1% survival rate offered by chemo. One concern from apricot seeds is the amount of cyanide in them. However, a 140-pound woman might experience cyanide poisoning from 65 apricot deeds a day and a 175-pound man would be at risk from 80 apricot seeds. FYI, high levels of vitamin C increase the concentration of cyanide released in the body with amygdalin.

03/06/14 Iodine is vitally essential for a healthy body. Iodine is especially crucial for fetal and infant development and a deficiency of iodine in the mother can disrupt growth and damage the brain and nervous system. All the iodine reserves in mom are put into breast milk to ensure the health of the infant. The WHO recommends that new mothers take iodine capsules to provide iodine to a child by way of breastfeeding or, if breastfeeding is not possible, then a lower concentration should be given directly to the infant. Keep in mind that a child’s body absorbs the trace element from breast milk better than in a supplement form. Mommy needs at least 15mg a day just to keep up with a nursing infant’s demands. If she is deficient, this amount won’t catch mommy up.

03/05/14 Red clover is an herbal source of calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, vitamin C and other vital nutrients. Red clover is also a very rich source of isoflavones that are very handy for combatting hot flashes, PMS, high cholesterol, breast disease, improving urine production, improving circulation of the blood, preventing osteoporosis, reducing risk of blood clots, arterial plaques and limiting the development of benign prostate hyperplasia. Red clover isoflavones can displace natural estrogens associated with breast pain and reduce the risk of estrogen-dependent cancers. Red clover blocks enzymes that contribute to prostate cancer while limiting the development of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) – the non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. The natural coumarins in red clover keeps the blood from becoming too thick and gummy, reducing the risk of blood clots and arterial plaques while keeping the arteries strong and flexible.

03/04/14 Apple cider vinegar rocks! The main active ingredient in ACV is acetic acid which effectively kills both bacterial and fungal pathogens and even leprosy. ACV even wipes out the highly drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. ACV is a wonderful, inexpensive and non-toxic disinfectant against many drug-resistant pathogens. The only thing that works almost as well is chlorine bleach, but you can’t drink that toxic and corrosive chemical. Vinegar has been used for thousands of years as a common disinfectant and even as medicine. Drinking a tablespoon or two of ACV daily will help alkalize the body and strengthen the immune system to fight off common colds, flu, some cancers and even helps grow friendly bacteria in the gut. Gone swimming at a public pool? Take a bath with 2 cups of ACV afterwards to neutralize the effects of chlorine and disinfect the skin.

03/03/14 Inositol for panic attacks? In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, inositol was almost twice as effective in reducing panic attacks as the drug industry’s sweetheart, fluvoxamine. Inositol has been scientifically proven to also help Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). As a cancer fighter, inositol reduces the growth and spread of cancer cells with its immune-stimulating and antioxidant effects. Inositol is good for treating metabolic syndrome, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, diabetes, depression, insomnia, OCD, panic disorder and even psoriasis. Inositol plays a vital role in several cellular processes and in the metabolism of essential minerals.

02/28/14 Yellow dock is an ancient medicinal plant used in natural and herbal medicine as a gentle laxative and a mild astringent tonic. Yellow dock “encourages” bowel movements while it stimulates gastric juices. Yellow dock is also used as a topical ointment for boils, itching sores, and scabby lesions. You can steam up the early green leaves and eat them for their lemony flavor and rich content of vitamins A and C. You can take the roots and bruise them to pack in a poultice for abrasions, sores, itching rashes and skin eruptions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, yellow dock is called Chin-Choa-Mai – made famous as a treatment for chronic constipation. Early English and Swedish settlers boiled fresh leaves in sweet cream for scrofulous ulcers, sore eyes, and glandular swellings. Native American tribes use it as both a medicine and a dye.

02/27/14 The latest study found a definite link between vitamin C depletion and increased risk for intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) – a form of stroke. Vitamin C plays a huge role in blood pressure regulation and hypertension is a heavy hitter in stroke occurrence. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can counter the oxidative stress that helps cause high blood pressure. So, not getting enough vitamin C increases your risks for atherosclerosis and heart disease, as well as hypertension. Without enough vitamin C in the body, you are also at an increased risk for infection by altered immune responses. Whatever you do, take a GMO-free, non-corn vitamin C. No sense in adding insult to injury with the deleterious effects of GMOs in the diet.

02/26/14 Want to hear about a natural antibiotic that will also boost immune function? Echinacea is an herbal supplement that is powerful against colds and upper respiratory infections. Another amazing benefit is that Echinacea helps support the immune system during cancer treatments. Echinacea not only stimulates the production of T-cells but it also increases the ability of white blood cells to fend off pathogenic invaders. Echinacea also helps keep germs from penetrating healthy cells. Apply Echinacea to an external wound and it speeds healing AND offers analgesic properties. Here are some illnesses Echinacea is effective against: Urinary tract infection, sore throats, enlarged lymph glands, upper respiratory infections, prostatitis, vaginal yeast, bronchitis, hay fever, sinusitis, ear infections, gingivitis, canker sores, eczema and more.

02/25/14 Peppermint oil is great for relief from nagging headaches. You can inhale a few whiffs straight from the vial or sprinkle a couple of drops on a handkerchief and breath through it, dab some on the wrist or put a drop on the end of your finger and gently rub it into the skin at the temple area. Peppermint oil is a wonderful stress-buster for all-around use. Put some in a Kleenex and poke into the central heat and air register so it diffuses it into the air while the fan is running. Rub a drop or two onto your bed head-board to help you stay relaxed and sleep better at night. Want to kill some bacteria in your washing machine and dishwasher? Peppermint oil is a great disinfectant for that. Indigestion? Try a drop or two of peppermint oil in some water and drink it down. Not only will this freshen your breath but it can help relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

02/24/14 Kudzu is known as “the vine that ate the south”. But kudzu is more than just a big green nuisance; it is an herb with amazing qualities. Probably the most remarkable thing about kudzu is that it curbs alcohol cravings! This of course, has been the topic of much scientific research – not to prove once again that kudzu cures the alcoholic – but to try to figure out “how” it does this so Big Pharma can patent a chemical version(with side effects) of this God-given natural product. I’ve actually had spouses sneak kudzu to their alcoholic partners to cure their cravings and curb their drinking habits in mere days. Kudzu also calms high blood pressure, reduces blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity. In fact, kudzu has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat fever, headache, muscle cramps, and even menopausal miseries, including hot flashes and mood swings for thousands of years.

02/21/14 The use of colloidal silver (CS) goes back some 3,000 years. Did you know that there are NO known side-effects to taking colloidal silver when following normal guidelines and suggested manufacturers use? At the early onset of a cold, itchy feeling in the throat, sneezing, etc., simply spray the back of the mouth and under the tongue and/or gargle with a teaspoon of colloidal silver 2 or 3 times a day to help overcome viral infections. CS taken orally mixed in water can treat IBS, diverticulitis, food poisoning, diarrhea and pathogens in the gut. CS can even prevent parasites from hatching in the intestines. CS is the best natural treatment for bladder and urinary tract infections. Use it topically cuts, scrapes, burns, dandruff, and skin conditions. Pink eye? – doesn’t stand a chance against a drop of CS straight into the eye. Keep some handy and study what it does. This stuff could save your life.

02/20/14 Fenugreek is loaded with antioxidants that slow aging and help prevent disease. Fenugreek is also great for both male and female sexual stimulation, treating bronchitis, fevers, sore throats, wounds, swollen glands, skin irritations, diabetes, ulcers, cancer, aiding the cognitive and thinking process and balancing blood sugar levels. Fenugreek has even been the focus of several scientific studies for the treatment of diabetes, cancer and cancer prevention. Fenugreek can improve the milk supply in a nursing mother and balance female hormone levels aids for treating PMS and menopause. Did you know that fenugreek has been proven to lower cholesterol? God gave us the herbs of the field for our healing – not the drugs of the medical system.

02/19/14 The antioxidant health benefits of grape seed tannins/polyphenols work as anti-inflammatory agents with anti-cancer properties. Heck, grape seed extract is even scientifically proven to significantly reduce inflammation and tissue damage in the small intestine caused by toxic chemotherapy. Believe it or not, grape seed extract was more effective and potent than chemotherapy in a recent study. But unlike chemotherapy, grape seed only selectively acts on cancer cells and leaves healthy cells intact. Grape seed has anti-inflammatory action for a range of bowel diseases outside of cancer. Grape seed extract also helps break down fat in the blood, is great for the skin, improves blood circulation and even lowers bad cholesterol levels. Why don’t doctors recommend this over harmful drugs? Hello…

02/18/14 Time and time again studies show the benefits of good ole fish oil. The latest study in Neurology shows that a healthy dose of omega-3-rich fish oil can help you keep a youthful and active brain all the way into old age. The researchers took a 1,000 women average of 78 years old and gave them fish oil and followed up with brain scans eight years later. The one who took the highest levels of fish oil had more brain volume and had lost fewer brain cells. Their brains were in fact two full years younger than ones without fish oil. Fish oil also fights inflammation in the body to help arthritis, cancer, digestive problems, skin problems, dementia and much more. Another study found that fish oil was more effective than drugs against ADHD – but without the health-wrecking side effects.

02/17/14 The zinc-link: Osteoarthritis is characterized by the destruction of cartilage tissue in joints. A recent study published in the journal Cell reveals that osteoarthritis tissue damage is caused by a pathway involved in regulating and responding to zinc levels inside of cartilage cells. Tissue destruction is caused by proteins called matrix-degrading enzymes. Low zinc levels cause these enzymes to malfunction. The focus of this study is not to there to suggest that taking supplemental zinc would help relieve osteoarthritis (which it does…), but rather, the researchers are trying to figure out how to develop a patentable zinc-based drug so they can make lots and lots of money. Try taking 90mg of supplemental zinc gluconate day, clean up your diet and forget about taking toxic chemical concoctions.

02/14/14 Ever heard of silibinin? Silibinin is an extract of milk thistle that can decrease tumor sizes and the number of tumors in patients with lung cancer. Research shows that milk thistle extract inhibits of nitric oxide production that correlates with lung cancer development and progression. Milk thistle silibinin also kills skin cells mutated by UVA radiation while protecting them against damage by UVB radiation. In this way, milk thistle protects against photo-aging and UV-induced skin cancer. Silibinin is so non-toxic that you can douse healthy skins cells in pure silibinin and it will not harm them. Beats the chemical crap they throw at cancer that causes side effects from death to wishing you were dead.

02/13/14 Your body uses carnitine to help turn fat into energy. Your body makes carnitine in the liver and kidneys and then stores it in the skeletal muscles, heart, brain, and sperm. Carnitine also acts as a powerful antioxidant to fight cancer-causing, health-wrecking free radicals. Some of the conditions carnitine can help treat are fatigue, improving athletic performance, heart conditions including angina, heart attack, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic neuropathy, weight loss, Alzheimer’s disease, memory impairment, kidney disease, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, peyronie’s disease and even hyperthyroidism. Some people either cannot make enough carnitine or cannot transport it to the tissues that need it. Might not work for everyone but worth a try!

02/12/14 Did you know that taking high amounts of synthetic folic acid may increase the risk of developing breast cancer? But taking the natural folate version can lower breast cancer risks. A recent study in PLOS ONE shows that folate in its synthetic form, folic acid, can significantly promote the growth of existing pre-cancerous or cancerous cells in mammary glands. This becomes critically important when you consider the high levels of folic acid we consume in folic acid fortified foods along with the widespread use of vitamin supplements after an initial cancer diagnosis. Believe it or not, breast cancer patients and survivors have the highest prevalence of folic acid intake. Avoid the chemical folic acid and supplement rather with a good brand of folate or methylfolate.

02/11/14 Did I ever mention that alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is one of my favorite supplements? ALA helps combat diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even neurological disorders. This amazing antioxidant can also help curb osteoporosis, reduce damage caused by stroke, and prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease. What else does ALA do? I’m so glad you asked! It reduces oxidative stress, improves metabolic syndrome, reduces blood pressure, reduces insulin resistance, improves the lipid profile, increases weight loss, improves neuropathies, stops cataract, improves glaucoma, protects retinal cells, reduces educes brain damage from strokes, prevents bone loss, reduces migraines, and improves skin texture. And that’s not all! Somewhere around 100-200mg a day is great for most people.

02/10/14 Good old oregano extracts can help against osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis and even help protect against cancer. A recent study in the journal PLoS ONE found that oregano exhibits anticancer activity by encouraging cell cycle arrest and apoptosis (cancer cell self-destruction). The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database shows oregano to be useful against colds, muscle pain, dandruff, bronchitis, toothaches, bloating, headaches, heart conditions, allergies, intestinal parasites, earaches, fatigue, menstrual cramps and even helps repel mosquitos. It turns out that the cure really is right over there – in your cupboard!

02/07/14 Vitamin D and preeclampsia: Vitamin D deficient women are at a higher risk of developing severe preeclampsia during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy gestation. Preeclampsia is potentially life-threatening disorder that happens with an increase in blood pressure along with elevated protein in the urine. Vitamin D is critical for bone health, immune function, cancer prevention, strong muscles, heart disease prevention, cold and flu prevention and so much more. If you are already healthy you need about 600-800IU a day. If you are deficient and are sick, it will take a lot more than that to catch up. Vitamin D is fat-soluble so you can dose a whole week’s-worth once a week if you like. Always avoid GMO soybean oil in vitamin D products.

02/06/14 Back in 1753, James Lind showed how to prevent and cure scurvy with citrus fruits containing vitamin C. Did anyone listen to the man? Took a while as unfortunately, another 100,000 British Navy sailors succumbed from scurvy until all the old “experts” had died off and were replaced by forward-thinkers. Healthy mammals who are human-size manufacture their own vitamin C to make about 14,000mg a day. Sick mammals make even more than that! Humans do not make their own vitamin C and depend upon diet and supplements to fill in the gap. Even with a pristine, high in vitamin C fruits and vegetables, diet it would be hard to reach anywhere near 14,000mg a day. The RDA for vitamin C is 90mg… RDA stands for “Ridiculously Deficient Amounts.

02/05/14 Probiotics once again prove they can relieve IBS symptoms. Out in Medscape is a recent 4 week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial comparing a placebo to multispecies probiotics. The probiotics won with effective global relief of IBS symptoms as well as relief from general abdominal pain/discomfort and bloating. The fact is that the probiotic levels of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli species is lower in IBS patients compared with healthy people. The probiotic S. thermophillus has shown the reduction of tumor necrosis factor-alpha in the intestines in another study. Two or more probiotic species will work together to have a synergistic effect on dysbiosis. Always rotate through different brands when you run through a bottle. Keep the bad-guys guessing!

02/04/13 Want the best defense against viruses? Grow a strong, robust immune system with olive leaf that will prevent them from doing harm in the first place. Olive leaf complex is a powerful weapon for your immune system against invading microbes. The polyphenols in olive leaves (oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, caffeic acid, verbascoside, and others) have been found to fight and resist viruses. Olive leaf interferes with critical amino acid production essential for viruses while inactivating them by preventing virus shedding and budding. Olive leaf extract can actually penetrate infected cells and stop viral replication inside them. Furthermore, olive leaf stimulates an immune process called phagocytosis that ingests harmful microorganisms and foreign matter.

02/13/14 Trace minerals are essential for many biochemical processes. Essential means that, without them, healthy processes cannot happen and disease creeps in. Sometimes one biochemical process requires a single atom of a trace mineral incorporated into a complex protein to give a compound its specific characteristic. Iron is a trace mineral that is required for the hemoglobin molecule, for one example. If the body needs calcium, the parathyroid gland sends a signal to the intestinal wall to form a calcium-binding protein. That calcium-binding protein then picks up a free calcium ion to transport it through the intestinal mucosa and finally release it into the blood. Sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and dozens of other trace minerals are available in a ready-to-use ionized form, or a electrolyte solution.

01/31/14 When ingested, clay compounds, like bentonite clay, provide minerals and can be used as detoxifying agents in the body. When you mix clay with water, you form a temporary colloidal system. This disperses a variety of mineral ions into the water, making them available for absorption as minerals are usually absorbed in ionic form. Clay particles also carry a negative electric charge that magnetically attracts pathogenic organisms and their toxins to escort them out of the body. Drinking clay helps facilitate mineral assimilation while helping prevent intestinal complaints, food poisoning and slow and stop diarrhea. Clay also binds with plant antinutrients like bitter tannins to prevent their absorption.

01/30/14 Phosphorus is an essential mineral used by the body for growth and repair of cells and tissues. All body cells contain phosphorus and together with calcium, phosphorus provides structure and strength to bones and muscles. Phosphorus is also required for energy production and pH regulation. Phosphorus is a vital component of both DNA and RNA, which carry genetic information used to make proteins. Without sufficient phosphorus, the manufacturing of body protein is impaired, eventually affecting the overall health. Muscle wasting and fatigue can be caused by a phosphorous deficiency or the body’s inability to assimilate phosphorous in gut dysfunction.

01/29/14 Want some extra flu protection? Skip the worthless vaccines and tune up with some elderberry extract! Bioflavonoids and other constituents in the juice and extract destroy the ability of cold and flu viruses to infect a cell. Elderberry juice was the treatment of choice during the great flu epidemic in Panama in 1995. People with the flu who took elderberry juice reported less severe symptoms and felt better much faster than those who did not. Elderberry is well known for its antioxidant ability and its effects that lower cholesterol, improve vision, boost the immune system, improve heart health as well as for natural treatment for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and even tonsilitis. Elderberries are mildly laxative, diuretic, and diaphoretic.

01/28/14 Guggul is a funny-named herbal supplement with some serious weight loss and healing potential. Guggul also has strong disinfecting properties besides being a fat burning agent. Guggul also lowers serum cholesterol and triglycerides and increases white blood cell counts and reduces the risk of coronary disease. Guggul increases the production of thyroid hormone and strengthens the digestive system and helps avoid indigestion and constipation. But wait, there’s more! This miracle herb is an effective anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herb recommended by many Indian herbal doctors to help with arthritic pains and in reversing the degenerative changes that occur in joints and bones. The list goes on for guggul’s benefits. Worth a big try that guggul.

01/27/14 Potassium is important for electrical conductivity within our nervous system and proper muscle function and for the formation of new muscle. Mostly stored in our cells, potassium is the third most prevalent mineral in our bodies – exceeding sodium. Potassium helps us to maintain a healthy alkaline pH balance and helps dissolve excess calcium, preventing kidney stone formations and calcified tissues. Extreme potassium deficiency causes death and it takes a whole lot to overdo it as excess potassium is easily eliminated by the kidneys. The Mayo clinic website suggests 1600 to 2000 mg per day of potassium for optimal health.

01/24/14 So, what is the difference between folic acid and folate? One big difference is that folic acid can cause increased risk for cancer and folate can actually lower your cancer risk. Folic acid is the synthetic version of naturally occurring folate. The more of the synthetic folic acid you take, the higher the risk for developing cancer – and especially breast cancer. If you are taking the synthetic folic acid, your body has to convert it to usable folate by using enzymes. The more folic acid you take, the more enzymes you need to convert it. Some people lack the proper enzymes to convert the chemical version to usable folate and are folate deficient despite the fact that they take lots of folic acid. Take activated folate – especially if you are pregnant or could become pregnant.

01/23/14 It’s seems that every scientist out there is pointing their microscope at probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that have been used therapeutically for many years. The main thing that probiotics do is to support GI health at a time in history with exploding numbers of people suffering from IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s disease and other digestive disorders. One recent study stated that “Treatment with probiotics significantly decreased the mean global IBS scores compared with the baseline scores.” Another similar study showed similar results as, “The composite irritable bowel syndrome score had at 5 months decreased 14 points from baseline.” Always rotate through different brands of probiotics as you run out so you can keep the bad guys guessing.

01/22/14 Melatonin for prostate cancer treatment/prevention: melatonin is a hormone used by the body for the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin is produced exclusively at night – in the dark – and is an important part of the body’s inherent 24-hour clock. Melatonin plays a role in regulating a range of other body hormones that influence the growth of certain cancers, like breast and prostate cancer. Sleep loss, disrupted sleep and other things can slow or even block the amount of melatonin secretion making a potential risk factor for cancer. Higher levels of melatonin in male test subjects also show a 75% decreased risk for developing advanced prostate cancer according to the latest Harvard study.

01/21/14 Fulvic acid occurs naturally in organic plants and soils to balance and energize cellular life and biological properties in everything it comes into contact with. Fulvic acid restores cells to normal chemical balance and electrical potential where death and disintegration would normally occur. Fulvic acid makes nutrients absorbable to dramatically impact diseases and health problems that afflict us today. The fact is, without it – nothing would live. Fulvic acid is known to: Increase energy, scavenge free radicals, chelate heavy metals and body toxins, transport nutrients into the cells, extend nutrients life and activity, increase metabolism of proteins, contribute to DNA and RNA synthesis and is a very powerful natural electrolyte.

01/20/14 Vitamin C is a very potent cancer killer. Cancer cells lack the required enzyme, catalase that breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Furthermore, vitamin C requires catalase to assimilate inside of cells. Cancer cells thrive on sugar and the wily vitamin C tricks cancer cells into thinking that it is sugar. Once the cancer cells sucks up the vitamin C, it results in the destruction of the tumor from the inside out by the resulting H2O2 from the vitamin C. Of course, our own FDA halted a recent vitamin C cancer study and then attempted to ban production of IV ascorbic acid for cancer treatment. Can’t have anything that is not a drug successfully treating cancer, right?

01/17/13 Turmeric is another common kitchen spice that has wonderful medicinal value. A part of the ginger family, turmeric has been a staple of cooking for thousands of years. Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines both use turmeric to clear infections and reduce inflammation on both the inside and outside of the body. Taking raw turmeric can block an enzyme found in tumor development to stop the spread of head and neck cancer. As an antioxidant, turmeric fights disease-causing free radicals and reduces or prevents the damage they can cause. Turmeric is touted to be one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatories available and can completely inhibit the onset of rheumatoid arthritis or bring a significant reduction in existing symptoms. Worth a college try!

01/16/14 Oregano is both a culinary and a medicinal herb with thousands of years of documentation. Oregano comes from the Greek words oros (mountain) and ganos (joy). Oregano is very tasty in food but also has a substantial number of health benefits associated with potent antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. Oregano can be used to treat respiratory and urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal disorders, menstrual cramps, and skin conditions, such as acne and dandruff. The powerful antioxidants in oregano help protect your cells against free radicals and improve your ability to fight infections and cancer. In one study, oregano oil was effective against 41 strains of the food pathogen Listeria monocytogenes and can even kill the hospital superbug MRSA.

01/15/14 Rosemary is another cooking herb that went to alternative medicine school. Rosemary is a stimulant for the central nervous system to pick up mental fatigue and elevate mood. Rosemary has a long history as an herb that improves concentration and memory. Ancient Greek students braided Rosemary into their hair to help them with their learning. Rosemary also works to improve circulation, making it a beneficial herb for low blood pressure and sluggishness. Rosemary oil can be used to alleviate the pain of sprains, arthritis, sciatica and neuralgia. Rosemary essential oils block histamine in the body which is the chemical bad-guy in both asthma and allergies. Don’t forget to use Rosemary for treating skin and hair! A few drops of essential oil can be applied directly to the skin and hair to restore dry, flyaway hair and make it shine.

01/14/14 Good ole basil. You can cook with it and you can use it for a traditional herbal remedy for all kinds of ailments. Basil can be used to calm the stomach and alleviate the feelings of fullness (especially after a large Italian meal). For treating coughs and colds, the Amish chew fresh basil leaves to sooth the ills. A facial steam using dried basil leaf can help alleviate headaches. Use one tablespoon of dried basil leaf to 2 cups of boiling water. Carefully cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam for 5 minutes or until the headache subsides. Basil also has antibiotic properties and can even treat antibiotic resistant infections. Use a chewed piece of basil leaf on bee stings and the essential oil of basil works great for ear infections. Need to relax? Pour the boiled juice of basil leaves into your bath.

01/13/14 Chronic pain affects more than 50 million Americans and the medical options for pain relief offers poor results and severe side effects compare to natural pain remedies like corydalis. Corydalis is a plant that grows in Siberia, Northern China and Japan. As an analgesic, corydalis can help alleviate neuropathy pain, menstrual cramps, chest pain, abdominal pain and other chronic pain conditions. Corydalis is non-addictive and can greatly diminish both inflammatory pain (associated with tissue damage and the infiltration of immune cells), and injury-induced neuropathic pain (caused by damage to the nervous system). The best part of all is that corydalis does not generate the tolerance seen with continued use of conventional pain relievers, such as morphine.

01/10/13 Essiac tea is a classic herb blend for natural cancer treatment developed by Canadian nurse Rene M. Caisse. The classic version of the tea contains just four organic herbs: burdock root, rhubarb root, slippery elm bark, and sheep sorrel. A newer version adds blessed thistle, kelp, red clover, and watercress. Here is the classic recipe: 1.5lbs cut Burdock Root, 1lb powdered Sheep Sorrel leaf, 4oz powdered Slippery Elm Bark,1oz powdered Turkey Rhubarb Root. Boil ingredients together in plenty of water for 20 minutes, strain and store in an airtight container. Drink cold on an empty stomach. Essiac tea contains laxatives that can cause diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort along with frequent urination. Avoid Essiac tea if you have kidney stones.

01/09/14 A recent fish oil study compared high-dose to low-dose fish oil in early rheumatoid arthritis. They also compared fish oil to methotrexate and leflunomide therapy. Of course, a significantly smaller proportion of patients on high-dose fish oil ended up on leflunomide compared with the low-dose fish oil. Some patients were actually able to achieve remission on fish oil but not with the drug therapy or fish oil with drug therapy. Being put out by Big Pharma, this study somehow concluded that using fish oil as an adjunctive treatment rather than as a primary treatment in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis may be very appropriate and also have cardiovascular benefits. Anything but admit that fish oil whipped their meds…

01/08/14 Caprylic acid is a medium-chain triglyceride found in human breast milk, cow milk, palm and coconut oil. Caprylic acid is sold as a dietary supplement that can help treat the overgrowth of yeast in the body that causes vaginal yeast infections, candida, thrush, and ringworm. Caprylic acid can also help manage high blood pressure, treat Crohn’s disease, reduce cholesterol levels and fight off bacterial infections. Caprylic acid suppresses the release of interleukin 8 which is a protein that plays a key role in intestinal inflammation. Once you start caprylic acid, you should watch out for a Herxheimer die-off reaction that could make you feel ill for a few days as the fungus dies of and releases all of its toxins at once. Don’t stop if you feel a bit bad for a few days.

01/07/14 Zinc deficiency plays a big role in causing depression. Studies find that depressed people have lower concentrations of zinc in their blood – the greater the deficiency, the greater the depression too. The good news is that zinc supplementation effectively reverses the problem. Zinc plays multiple roles in regulating the hippocampal and cortical glutamatergic circuits that help with both mood and cognitive function. Not only this, but zinc has antioxidant properties and helps maintain endocrine balances and good immune function. Zinc deficiency is also a factor in vascular and cardiovascular disease which are comorbid to major depressive disorder. Never take zinc oxide internally. I recommend zinc gluconate or glycinate.

01/06/14 Treat pain naturally with papaya extract. Papayas contain a digestive enzyme called papain. Not only does papaya extract help against chronic pain, it also helps protect against heart disease and atherosclerosis while lowering cholesterol. Papaya extract can reduce rheumatoid arthritis and strengthen the lungs in smokers. Papaya extract even helps protect eyes from developing macular degeneration. Loaded with antioxidants, papaya extract fights cancer while building up the immune system. Using papaya extract in conjunction with chlorophyll and mint to can eliminate bad breath and flatulence. Amazing fruit that papaya!

01/03/13 Valerian is probably the most widely recognized herbal sedative used for insomnia, nervous anxiety and to help the body relax while in chronic pain. Valerian is very potent and has a similar effect to the drug Valium but is not habit-forming or addictive. Valerian can induce sleep and improve sleep quality without the morning drugged-hangover-feeling. Valerian also does not interact with alcohol. Valerian can calm coughs – even severe ones – and also has a tonic effect on the heart when combined with hawthorn. Valerian works by relaxing smooth muscles to make it a great remedy for cramps. Take too much and you might get a tummy upset at worst. Valerian excites both cats and mice and in the legend of the Pied Piper, he led the rodents out of the city with valerian.

01/02/14 Vitamin E has now been proven to help in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, which affects up to 5.1 million Americans today. Taking vitamin E with Alzheimer’s or dementia can slow the progression of all kinds of functional decline by 19% per year. Vitamin E is a totally inexpensive antioxidant that helps with many age-related declines. People taking a natural, balanced vitamin E have less cancer, less cardiovascular disease, less arthritis and less age-related macular degeneration, among other impressive benefits. We need to take a vitamin E supplement that is soy-free and also high in all the alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols. Just plain alpha tocopherol won’t cut it peeps.

12/31/13 A Vitamin-D deficiency brings more fatal Cardiovascular Events (CVE) than nonfatal events. Short your body of the sunshine vitamin and you will have a 27% increased total CVE risk. In a recent study of close to 10,000 adults, a whopping 59% had inadequate vitamin-D levels along with a 62% increased risk for fatal CVE. These same subjects also had a 33% higher risk of strokes. The solution is so simple that it is criminal to study the effects of vitamin D deficiency. Get your body in the sun for 20 minutes a day and take a good brand (soy-free) of cholecalciferol D3. Taking a minimum of 50,000IU a week would help. More if you are battling cancer.

12/30/13 Ashwagandha is an herb that has remarkable stress-relieving properties that can out-perform the most powerful drugs out there used to treat depression and anxiety. Taking ashwagandha for five days brings anxiety-relieving effects similar to lorazepam (Ativan), and imipramine (Tofranil). Ashwagandha is also a promising alternative to drug treatment for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. Ashwagandha uses antioxidant properties to destroy free radicals in many diseases including cancer. Concerned about premature aging? Abolish increased oxidative stress with the potent antioxidant properties of ashwagandha extract.

12/27/13 Frankincense is a timeless supplement containing boswellic acids which are great for relieving joint pain and reducing inflammation in all types of arthritis. Frankincense, AKA Boswellia, is an Ayurvedic gum resin that has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The boswellic acids in frankincense work differently than over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers by actually deactivating hormonal triggers for inflammation and pain. Boswellia extracts can be taken long term without any appreciable side effects to be effective for chronic pain control in people who also suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, or gastritis. Frankincense also has a profound calming and grounding effect on the emotions.

12/23/13 Mistletoe is not just for Christmas kissing. It is a gift to cancer treatment. A recent clinical trial with mistletoe and cancer achieved such impressive results that the study was terminated early so that all the cancer patients could receive the life-saving mistletoe extract. Mistletoe is highly successful in treating multiple cancers. Study after study show wonderful survival benefits as well as overall improvement in the quality-of-life. In the US, all this science is being pretty much ignored and is even banned for use as cancer treatment by the FDA (Federal Denial Agency).

12/20/13 Folate is not just for women trying to conceive. Men trying to conceive a child who eat high-fat, fast food diets cannot metabolize folate in the same way as other men. Men who are deficient in folate (not folic acid), pass the shortage on to the embryo with serious consequences. So, the woman could do everything right, take her prenatals, take her methylfolate, but the man shorts the fertilization process of necessary folate and you end up with developmental disorders, birth defects, spina bifida, severe skeletal abnormalities and even miscarriages. There is about a 30% per cent increase in birth defects in offsprings sired by fathers whose levels of folates are insufficient. BTW, folate is not folic acid and folic acid is one poor chemical substitute for folate.

12/19/13 Want to know a great cold remedy? A simple cup of hot catnip tea is excellent for treating both colds and flu. Not only does catnip help produce perspiration without increasing the heat of the body, catnip leaves contain a healthy dose of vitamins C and E, which are excellent antioxidants. The phytochemicals in catnip called nepetalactone isomers, are mild sedatives similar to valerian making catnip a gentle but potent sleep-inducer that calms you without affecting you the next day. Catnip soothes the nervous system and can safely get a restless child soon to sleep. Combine catnip together with chamomile for the best effect. Catnip can also be used to quell digestive disturbances, reduce the pain of menstrual cramps and even cure headaches. ~ Via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

12/18/13 Andrographis is an herb often used in Ayurvedic Medicine. The fresh and the dried andrographis leaves, as well as the juice of the whole plant is used effectively to treat liver disorders, bowel complaints, colic pain, general debility, and convalescence after fevers. Adrographis even has significant antimicrobial activity that can lessen the severity and frequency of colds. Andrographis is great for strengthening the immune system to reduce the over-use of antibiotics. Andrographis is analgesic, antibacterial, anthelmintic (fights parasites), antispasmodic, is an astringent, febrifuge, immunostimulant, laxative, stomachic and a great tonic. Everyone should have this herb in their medicine cabinet and know how to use it.

12/17/13 Curcumin is used effectively in both cancer prevention and treatment. Curcumin is loaded with phytochemicals that have disease protection and prevention properties, polyphenols that actively block toxic chemicals from the inside of cells while suppressing tumor formation and antioxidatives that are anti-carcinogenics, free-radical scavengers, anti-mutagens, and bio-protectors to stop pre-cancerous and cancerous growth. Curcumin can curb high breast cancer risk and has been found to reverse tumor growth by an awesome 98%. Curcumin also reduces chemically-induced cancer such as mouth and tongue cancers caused by smoking by a whopping 90%. Don’t go into a cancer battle without curcumin!

12/16/13 Boron spells bone health: Are your blood levels of calcium too high? A boron deficiency causes increased amounts of calcium and magnesium to be lost from the body. A boron deficiency may be the most important factor in causing osteoporosis and tooth decay and a boron supplement can reduce the daily loss of calcium by up to 50%. Higher boron content in the bones makes them harder while helping normalize sex hormones which stimulate new bone growth. Some 95% of arthritis pain will subside in short order if a boron deficiency is present according to one study. To treat arthritis and other boron deficiency symptoms, I recommend 10mg a day or more of boron.

12/13/13 The Chinese name for ginger means “to defend”. Even in modern-day China, ginger is used in around half of all Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healers believe than moderate amounts of ginger tea will strengthen the lungs and the kidneys while defending the body from the common cold. Fresh pulverized ginger applied to baldness on the head a couple of times a day is an old Chinese folk treatment for baldness. Fresh ginger rubbed on a discolored patch of skin is the Chinese folk remedy for vitiligo. Got a burn? Squeeze some fresh ginger root on it for the treatment of burns. Beware though as ginger is a blood thinner and never eat ginger if you are taking prescription blood thinners.

12/12/13 Folate for the fetus: Recent research focused on folate included daddy in the picture. Folate is best known to prevent miscarriages and birth defects. Mommies require adequate amounts of folate in their diet to conceive and carry a healthy offspring but no one has looked at what folate does in the daddy until now. The father’s diet can influence the health and development of the offspring in many ways and the latest study shows that daddy needs to pay as much attention to lifestyle and diet before conception as the mommy does. Keep in mind that many people cannot convert the chemical folic acid into folate, so take an activated form called methylfolate and eat lots of green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, fruit and meats.

12/11/13 Did you know that flaxseed is rich in natural phytoestrogen? Interventions using flaxseed instead of standard Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) had the same results as HRT – including incidences of hot flashes frequency and severity. Flaxseed supplementing also increased the urinary markers associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. The efficacy of flaxseed’s health properties is dose-dependent, meaning, the more you eat, the better your health. The best part is that baking with flaxseed does not reduce the raw materials in it. Flaxseed helps heal a damaged gut by helping the gut bacteria thrive while increasing bowel movements. Flaxseed helps the body regulate blood sugar and is loaded with essential fatty acids.

12/10/13 Marshmallow is a soothing, healing herb with high mucilage content. The spongy goodness of the gummy fibers sooth the whole intestinal tract from the mouth and throat all the way to the “other end” and even soothes the urinary tract. Marshmallow is a demulcent which lubricates and quiets inflamed mucus membranes on the inside while it is also an emollient that can ease skin inflammation on the outside. Marshmallow is also a mild expectorant that helps to clear congestion to make it a very helpful for the treatment of coughs. Tannins in marshmallow are great to heal UTIs and stomach ulcers. As a diuretic it will help move extra water out of the body. Diabetic? Marshmallow helps control blood sugar. Drink it in tea or buy it in capsules.

12/09/13 Did you know that taking a simple daily multivitamin supplement can help stave off cataracts? An article in Ophthalmology showed just this in a study of middle-aged and older men. Not only that, it was a junk-supplement (IMO) that did the work! Just think what a quality one could do! The cheapo multi even reduced the incidence of cardiovascular disease. In reviewing this study, Matthew J. Welch, MD, told Medscape Medical News. “You’re probably doing yourself some good – you’re definitely not doing yourself any harm – by taking a multivitamin… I take Legacy Brand Foundation Plus.

12/06/13 One out of seven women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Many studies have found a strong association between thyroid abnormalities caused by lack of iodine and breast cancer. A mere 30 years ago, iodine consumption was much higher and only one in twenty women developed breast cancer. In Japan, the breast cancer rates are well below the US rates. This is because they consume lots of seafood, kelp, and other iodine-rich foods as a regular part of the diet. The average intake in Japan is about 12 mg (12,000 mcg) a day. Now look at Americans who get about 50 times less iodine than Japenese in their diets. If you are not getting at least 12mg of iodine/iodide a day, you are falling behind. If you are deficient in iodine (90% or more of Americans are), it will take more than 12mg a day for a few months to catch up.

12/05/13 Babies need melatonin too! Melatonin stimulates milk production and a mom with a low milk supply will also be passing on milk to the baby that is low in melatonin. Melatonin levels in mother’s milk rises in the evening and night hours but the daytime levels of melatonin in breast milk are virtually undetectable. Breastfed babies where the mom has plenty of melatonin calm down in the evening when mom’s melatonin production kicks in. If you let you baby “cry it out” during the night could be depriving them of melatonin in breastmilk that helps them sleep. Parents expressing breastmilk will be giving their babies inconsistent amounts of melatonin, depending on when the breastmilk was pumped. Formula fed babies would obviously get less melatonin all around and sleep less and fuss more.

12/04/13 Ginger root can treat many things ranging from simple nausea to advanced arthritis. Ginger root not only enhances food nutrient uptake but also improves vitamins and supplements potency to speed up the delivery of nutrition into the bloodstream. Ginger root thins the blood to help reduce angina episodes while also lowering cholesterol. Ginger root increase blood flow to warm up cold body temperatures and relieve abdominal cramps during menstruation. Ginger root is mentioned in the oldest medical writings from both India and China is one of the most prescribed herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Got a cold? Try some ginger root to eliminate toxins and raise body heat. You can take ginger root capsules and you can also make ginger root tea for a delicious daily tonic.

12/03/13 More uses for colloidal silver: Make a toothbrush soak to prevent microbial contamination. Spray around sinks, bathtubs and other bathroom surfaces to stop mold. Gargle with it to eradicate sore throats. Atomize it up your nose to wipe out sinus infections. Absolutely stops Pink Eye or styes in a single afternoon. You can safely use colloidal silver internally to help stop cold and flu viruses, alleviate intestinal infections, annihilate urinary tract infections, vaporize upper respiratory infections, wipe out infection-based prostate problems and so much more. You can even add a few drops to your pet’s water bowl to treat internal infections and prevent illness.

12/02/13 Did you know that colloidal silver kills the deadly antibiotic-resistant MRSA? MRSA hands out more than 94,000 life-threatening infections and well over 18,650 deaths per year in the U.S. That’s a 20% mortality rate! Safe, natural colloidal silver is one of the world’s most powerful natural antibiotic. Clinical and university studies both find that colloidal silver can destroy the MRSA pathogen. Silver particles with an average size of 25nm show high antimicrobial and bactericidal activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. You can spray colloidal silver directly onto sores, cuts, burns and scratches, gargle away a sore throat and even drink the stuff to treat intestinal infections. Spray your meat and fresh foods with it before refrigerating, soak fruits and veggies in it and use it to clean cutting boards and kitchen counter tops.

11/27/13 Your body uses folate for red blood cell production, protection against cancer, pulmonary diseases, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. Folate also helps the body to metabolize proteins and produce DNA correctly. But here’s the kicker: Folic acid will deplete your folate levels! Research has found that daily folic acid supplementing can actually deplete folate in your body and cause a folate deficiency. Folate is what you need, NOT folic acid. Big Pharma along with the whole vitamin industry pushes folic acid which imitates folate poorly and can still leave you folate deficient. I highly recommend taking a methylfolate like Dr.’s Best – Best Folate. Especially if you are of child-bearing age and could get pregnant.

11/26/13 Sulfur has amazing health benefits. For treating arthritis, one Cochrane Review found that sulfur used in the treatment of osteoarthritis resulted in significantly greater improvements in pain and quality of life when compared to a placebo. In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, many studies reported “positive findings. Sulfur helps protect against other health conditions, including: Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, glaucoma, headaches, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation, obesity, osteoarthritis, periodontal disease, premenstrual syndrome, tendonitis and much more! Try 2,000mg to 3,000mg a day of MSM supplement and/or rub DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) diluted with coconut oil on troubled areas.

11/25/13 Boron is an essential element found in healthy bones and joints. Bone analysis show that arthritic joints and nearby bones usually contain about half the boron content of healthy ones. In unhealthy joints, the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints and carries nutrients to the cartilage is boron deficient. Of course, some strategic boron supplementation can make bones much harder and joints far healthier than even average bones. Additionally, boron supplementation helps bone fractures heal in half the normal time – even with a broken pelvis bone. Boron is also highly effective against Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). Boron is antifungal, so if you go on a high-dose of it expect a Herxheimer reaction along with temporarily worsening pain – which is a good sign that you are onto the right track.

11/22/13 Blessed thistle is an excellent digestive aid herb that can be used as an apertif to prevent gas and bloating when consuming a meal heavy in fats. Blessed thistle herb also works as a depurative to help purify the liver and kidneys to rid the body of toxins while actually helping support the liver while it is under repairs from sickness and disease. Research shows that blessed thistle has anti-tumor and anticancer effects. Blessed thistle is an age-old tonic for women to treat menstrual difficulties and other conditions where hormones need to be balanced. For nursing mothers, blessed thistle is best known to stimulate milk production. The active constituent, cinicin, fights inflammation and bacteria and reduces fluid retention in the body.

11/21/13 Special antioxidants in spearmint and rosemary extracts improve learning and memory in a recent study at Saint Louis University. Compounds found in these two herbs actually reduced mild cognitive impairment deficits, which can be a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease. And, the higher the dose the better! Spearmint and rosemary are good for you in general and help reduce oxidative stress in age-related decline in the learning and memory areas of the brain. Spearmint can help alleviate symptoms of nausea, indigestion, gas, headache, toothache, cramps, sore throat and applied topically, help reduce swelling due to nerve or muscle pain. Rosemary boosts the immune system, improves circulation, aids digestion, enhances memory and concentration – blood levels of a rosemary oil component correlate with improved cognitive performance and provides neurological protection.

11/20/13 There is racial anemia difference that is directly associated with vitamin D levels. Black children have 12% higher rates of anemia compared with white children and black children also have considerably lower overall vitamin D levels in general. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating anemia with vitamin D. Left untreated, chronic anemia and vitamin D deficiency cause organ damage, skeletal deformities, frequent fractures, and lead to premature osteoporosis. The latest evidence shows that low vitamin D levels can cause certain cancers, heart disease and suppressed immunity. Large-scale studies have found severe vitamin D deficiency in about a tenth of US children.

11/19/13 White willow bark is the oldest known herb for treating pain and inflammation. The bark of the white willow tree contains natural salicin which the body changes to salicylic acid. (Aspirin is “acetylsalicylic acid” that is concocted unnaturally from salicylic acid.) White willow bark is the original, natural aspirin that you can use for reducing fevers, pain, and inflammation. White willow bark also works to relieve painful menstruation, arthritis, and neuralgia. The best part is that white willow bark lasts longer than the drug aspirin and is much easier on the tummy because it contains natural tannins that protect the stomach. You can even make tea from white willow bark to drink or use in skin and beauty treatments or cool and apply directly on sores, burns, or cuts. Swish and gargle the tea for sore throats and inflamed gums. Do not take willow bark if you are allergic to aspirin or on an anticoagulant drug.

11/18/13 Melatonin is so much more than a sleep hormone that also reduces inflammation, relieves pain, balances glutathione production, slows aging, tunes up the immune system and much more. There is a lot of impressive recent research showing melatonin’s usefulness in treating cancer. Melatonin inhibits the proliferation of many different cancer cell types while triggering cancer cell apoptosis (cell auto-destruction). Melatonin also helps block the building of new blood supply vessels that tumors require for rapid growth. Melatonin has particularly strong protection against reproductive cancers by counteracting estrogen’s tendency to stimulate cell growth while also calming other reproductive hormones. This makes melatonin exceptionally effective against ovarian, endometrial, breast, prostate and testicular cancers.

11/15/13 Taking melatonin stimulates the appearance of ‘beige fat’ in the body. Beige fat is a type of fat cell that helps control weight by using calories instead of storing them. This makes melatonin a metabolic game-changer that benefits high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and metabolic syndrome. Melatonin is a hormone in the body that generally increases levels in the dark at night. (Sleeping in total darkness – LEDs gone too – is a must for proper melatonin levels.) 1 or 2mg before bed is enough to help most people. Because it is also a cancer-fighter, I put some of our cancer patients on more for short-term.

11/14/13 Thyme contains the compounds of phenol, thymol and carvacrol – which have antispasmodic, antitussive (preventing and treating a cough), and expectorant (thinning the mucus to allow for coughing out) actions. Thyme is perfect for treating dry spasmodic coughs, and due to its stellar safety record, is a favorite for treating coughs in children. Thyme has no known adverse drug interactions and is extremely well tolerated as a natural adjunct with no side effects of conventional or over-the-counter medications. Choose thyme extract to fight your next cold, sore throat, bronchitis or upper respiratory congestion. A few drops of extract or essential oil of thyme is all it takes two or three times a day. Capsule forms work very well also.

11/13/13 Point for selenium! Want 66% less prostate cancer risk? How about a 50% fewer colorectal cancer risk, and 40% fewer lung cancer risk? Selenium is scientifically proven to block many free radical reactions in the body that damage cellular DNA, eventually leading to degenerative diseases and cancer. Selenium research over the past 20 years has shown selenium to kill cancer cells through apoptosis, (programmed cell death) – and also by inhibiting angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels in tumors). Selenium can also help prevent damaged DNA from reproducing and proliferating. In effect, selenium works to prevent tumors from developing in the first place. 400mcg a day is the upper limits for taking selenium if you are not under the direct care of a natural cancer specialist.

11/12/13 Vitamin K modulates the activities of osteoblasts for bone health. But not many people know that vitamin K also possesses some mighty impressive anti-cancer properties. Vitamin K1 is found in plant foods like green, leafy vegetables and some other foods but absorption is only between 5-20%. Vitamin K2 is produced mostly by intestinal bacteria and some fermented foods and is the best form for bone health. Vitamin K3 is synthetic and comes with sometimes deadly side-effects – especially for infants. The amount of daily vitamin K associated with a decreased risk of hip fracture in the Framingham Heart Study was 250 mcg/day. A Japan study with 45 mg daily of K2 brought an astounding 80% reduction in both hip and other fractures. I’m thinking eat more greens and take vitamin K2 for optimizing bone health. More on K and cancer later.

11/11/13 Bayberry can be used as a tea for tonic and stimulant properties. It is also great for the treatment of diarrhea, fever and dysentery. The old homeopaths used to prescribe hot tea of powdered bayberry tree bark at the first hint of a cold, cough, or flu. Powdered root bark has been widely used for laryngitis, colds, flu, sinusitis and asthma. Bayberry packed into a wound will increase healing circulation and keep bacterial infections at bay because bayberry root bark contains an antibiotic chemical myricitrin. Myricitrin’s antibiotic action supports bayberry’s traditional use against diarrhea and dysentery while myricitrin also helps reduce fever. Early American settlers used this powdered bark as a toothpaste / toothpowder and for curing gingivitis.

11/08/13 Citrulline is found in watermelon and enhances exercise by helping to detox ammonia generated during exercise to improve recovery. Citrulline also increases renal reabsorption of bicarbonate to reduce the effects of exercise-induced acidosis. Citrulline studies have found that citrulline can enhance aerobic exercise performance and ameliorated muscle soreness and exhaustion. Citrulline is a precursor for arginine in nitric oxide formation involved in neurotransmission, learning, memory, and neuroprotection. Citrulline is an extreme antioxidant that allows watermelon to survive drought-related oxidative stress.

11/07/13 Artichoke extract for what ails you: Artichokes are packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants working together to protect against many health risks including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even liver dysfunction. Artichoke leaf extract reduced cholesterol levels by 18.5% in one study. In other studies, artichoke leaf extract has been very helpful for people suffering from IBS and upset stomachs with a 26.4% reduction in IBS and a 41% reduction in tummy upset. Artichoke extract is highly beneficial for the liver by helping remove dangerous toxins and digest liver fats. The arsenal of antioxidants found in artichokes is proven to help with prostate cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia by inducing cancer cell apoptosis while reducing the proliferation of cancer cells. Good stuff!

11/06/13 The Super-Herb astragalus just keeps coming up! The biggest thing that astragalus does for the human body is to regulate the adrenal glands. Next thing it does is to kick start an ailing immune system. Astragalus is both adaptogenic and immunomodulating with secondary actions that are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, cardiotonic, diuretic and hepatoprotective. Astragalus actually protects against oxidative damage by increasing mitochondrial function without increasing mitochondrial oxygen consumption. Astragalus is a mild choleretic in the liver that increases repairs and recovery from chronic hepatitis. Want to live longer, healthier? Astragalus also lengthens telomeres for longevity. Want to conceive? Astragalus increases motility in sperm.

11/05/13 The Chinese herb “Chai Hu” has been around for thousands of years and it’s used medicinally for liver and viral infections as well as for balancing different organs and energy centers of the body. It is a tonic that strengthens the digestive tract, improves liver functions and helps bring blood to the skins surface. Chai Hu is taken orally for the following issues: Anorexia, Angina, as an antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic, Asthma, Bronchitis, Reducing Cholesterol, Colds and Flu, Coughs, Constipation, Dysmenorrhea, Epilepsy, Fatigue, Fever, Headaches, Inflammation, Indigestion, Insomnia, Muscle cramps and PMS. The Harvard Medical School’s lists Chai Hu for treating angina, cancer, dementia, depression and diabetes. Has your doctor ever mentioned Chai Hu? Mine has.

11/04/13 Pycnogenol can alleviate symptoms associated with perimenopause in women. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study with 200 perimenopausal women, using a daily dosage of 200mg, found good results across all major menopausal symptoms after 18 months. Women who got the extract reported a 35.1% improvement in vasomotor symptoms, a 27.8% improvement in insomnia problems and a 48.7% improvement in feeling tired. Menopausal women are at elevated risk for cardiovascular disease, and pycnogenol actually alleviated several of these symptoms. Pycnogenol also directly and indirectly shuts down five mechanisms of aging that include: Oxidant stress, membrane damage, DNA damage, inflammation and glycation.

11/01/13 Wormwood extract has thousands of years of history in Chinese medicine. One of the most common uses is in the treatment for malaria. Even now it is used against drug resistant falciparum malaria. In the case of cancer, wormwood extract destroys abnormal cells and leaves normal cells unaffected (chemo kills both good and bad cells). Other common uses for wormwood is for – well, worming! This herb has long been used as a remedy for pinworms, roundworms, and other parasites. The German word for wormwood is “wermuth,” from which we named our modern-day vermouth.

10/31/13 Rosmarinic acid is a polyphenol found basil, mint, rosemary, sage and other plants of that genus. A few drops daily of this extract can suppress allergic reaction activity and relieve allergy symptoms by silencing the immune responder cells and also killing off activated immune responder cells. Rosmarinic acid only kills off excess allergy-activated immune cells and leaves the bulk of responder cells intact to fight off foreign invaders. Rosmarinic acid puts out the fire where the stupid Big Pharma drugs merely “turn off the fire alarm without putting out the fire…” The Big Pharma antihistamine drugs do nothing to lower the excess immune cells like rosmarinic acid does, and drugs actually cause other dangers in the body – such as free radical damage to normal tissues and damage to circulating proteins like HDL.

10/30/13 One of the best ways to fight inflammation is with proteolytic enzymes. These awesome enzymes are found in foods that eat, like pineapples, and are used by the body to break proteins down into amino acids. The body then uses these amino acids for growth, healing and repair. Common food proteolytic enzymes are papain, bromelain and serrapeptase to name a few. You can take enzymes in two different ways, with meals to enhance digestion or between meals on an empty stomach to reduce inflammation. Almost every illness known to man can be tracked back to chronic inflammation that blocks circulation and interferes with the healing process.

10/29/13 Astragalus is not just for the adrenal glands. Astragalus is a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb that has actions in nearly all of the body systems. Use astragalus to treat and prevent recurrence of chronic colds, Epstein Barr Virus, HIV and candida. Stimulate bone marrow blood cells and enhance immune strength with astragalus. Studies even found that polysaccharides in astragalus increase phagocytosis (the devouring of microorganism invaders by the immune system). Protect the kidneys and lungs from damage from autoimmune and autoantibody complexes with astragalus. Sweating too much? Astragalus regulates sweating while decreasing fatigue and increasing stress tolerance. I take mine daily!

10/28/13 Many of you have heard me recommend chlorella time and again. Not only is chlorella a great metal detoxifier, but it also helps fight anemia. The perfect answer for low iron levels is lots of chlorella. Anemia simply means “lack of blood” and is a result of low red blood cell counts and/or low hemoglobin in the body. A lack of these two things in the blood means that the organs are literally starving for oxygen. When the body is anemic it gets very tired easily and brings out a bad case of the irritables. A pregnancy study using chlorella VS no supplements, found better red blood cell levels, better heart and kidney function, less edema, and lower proteinuria. Top that with the fact that chlorella is loaded with naturally occurring folate and chlorella becomes a go-to panacea for health.

10/25/13 Mistletoe is an amazing plant that thrives in the winter while other plants lie dormant. One thing you may not know is that mistletoe has wonderful anticancer properties. People with locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer actually doubled their survival time with mistletoe extract in a recent clinical trial – with very few side effects. Actually, none of the reported adverse events in the mistletoe group were caused by the mistletoe itself. (Pancreatic cancer is now the fourth leading cause of cancer-death in the US and the mortality rate of pancreatic cancer is a tragic 80% in the first year after diagnosis.) Mistletoe also brings very impressive study results for treating cancer of the breast, uterus, cervix, ovaries, stomach, lung and colon, as well as melanoma.

10/24/13 Did you know that anemia and vitamin D deficiency are related? Johns Hopkins reports that low levels of the “sunshine” vitamin D are found to increase the risk of anemia. Of course, the researchers offer no reason yet as to cause and effect, but did find evidence of a complex interplay between low vitamin D levels and hemoglobin levels. Vitamin D has an effect on red blood cell production in the bone marrow, as well as its ability to regulate immune inflammation which is a known catalyst of anemia. The sharpest spike in anemia risk occurs in mild vitamin D deficiency – levels below 30ng/ml – that brought nearly twice the anemia risk of anemia than in of those with normal vitamin D levels. Do the sun or make sure you are taking a quality soy-free, GMO-free cholecalciferol D3.

10/23/13 Life is a bowl full of anti-gout cherries. Gout affects more than 8 million people in the US each year. But the question is: does cherry extract or eating cherries prevent an attack of gout? In this case-control study, 550 patients in a review had 1250 attacks of gout. The study investigators looked at dietary items, including cherries and other unrelated foods to find that eating cherries before an attack of gout reduced the likelihood of experiencing an acute attack of gout by one third. The fact is that cherry extract blocks the tubular reabsorption of urate and increases urate excretion in the urine while blocking xanthine oxidase to reduce the production of uric acid. Cherries also contain anthocyanins, which are anti-inflammatory. This makes eating cherries for gout control the right thing to do.

10/22/13 Progesterone cream wonders. Researchers have found women’s progesterone levels, if low, can be associated with the thinning of the uterine lining during pregnancy and cause miscarriage. Low progesterone also causes corpus luteum insufficiency, and luteal phase defects which are main causes of infertility and miscarriages. Using a Progesterone cream could play a crucial role in conceiving and sustaining pregnancy. Other benefits of using progesterone cream are that progesterone opposes estrogen to keep it in balance and keep calcium locked into the bone, helps mitigate menopausal symptoms, can alleviate depression and is great for the skin. Look for “progesterone USP” on the label of the progesterone cream containers for the best kind.

10/21/13 Calcium intake is critical for health. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that happens in part with inadequate calcium intake. But the amount of calcium you take is important as too much calcium in supplement form increases indigestion, constipation, kidney stones and can also increase risk of heart attacks. A high calcium diet offers the best form of calcium and most diets provide about 600mg of calcium a day. The average person needs no more than 1,000mg a day – and more is not better according to studies unless you are a post-menopausal woman over the age of 50 or a man over 70. Then you need about 1,200mg per day. This leaves a daily supplement of calcium to be about 400mg for most people. According to the BMJ, calcium over-supplementing is actually increasing the burden of cardiovascular disease in the population.”

10/18/13 Chronic, unresolvable thyroid problems? Memory problems? Dementia? Lithium orotate is the go-to supplement that offers amazing bio-utilization to penetrate the nuclei of cells to promote thyroid activity. Lithium orotate helps with: Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, general brain protection, building grey matter, anti-aging, neuroprotection from toxins, Lyme disease, PTSD, stress, ADHD, aggression, rage, anger, and memory problems. Lithium orotate enhances proper DNA replication, increases gray matter, distributes iodine in the cells, elevates mood and increases spatial memory along with a host of other benefits. Recent research suggests that lithium orotate will even protect against Alzheimer’s disease and can slow the progression of existing cases. I suggest 120mg a day for fighting any of the above problems.

10/17/13 The spice turmeric can help detoxify and protect the liver from the effects of toxic pharmaceutical drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, pesticides, heavy metals, and countless other chemicals. It is the liver’s job to expel the majority of these toxins from the bloodstream to help maintain your health. If your liver is over-burdened with harmful substances, turmeric can give your liver a needed boost. Turmeric stimulates bile production and kick-starts the gallbladder. In the liver, bile absorbs and helps eliminate toxins while refreshing liver cells that break down harmful compounds. Turmeric is used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for the treatment of liver disorders.

10/16/13 Brain fog? Bad memory? Depression? Can’t get going in the morning? Try tyrosine. Tyrosine is a foundational building block for several vital brain chemicals, including epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. These neurotransmitters help nerve cells communicate and influence mood. Tyrosine is also involved in the production of the stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine and when the body is under stress, the body often can’t make enough tyrosine. Tyrosine is the amino acid used by the body to make the “T” in your thyroid hormones “T”1, “T”2, “T”3 and etc. Without plenty of tyrosine your brain function tanks and your thyroid becomes deficient. Darned hard to overdose on this one as any surplus tyrosine is simply burned for fuel or reconstructed into other amino acids.

10/15/13 Child multivitamin research published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that supplementing children’s diets with multivitamins improved their brain function, cognition and mood in a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled. Another study with men found that study volunteers in the multivitamin group did better on stress, mental health, and cognition tests. Let’s not forget the ladies! Yet another study found that women who got the multivitamin supplement had improved moods and they felt less tired while doing better on cognitive tests than the women who got placebos. IMO, spend the extra money on a good brand like Thorne or Legacy Brand.

10/14/13 For women only! Chasteberry is an awesome herb that is used for straightening out irregular periods and regulating hormone imbalances in women. Chasteberry works great as an adaptogen for the treatment of menstrual disorders (if you are too high in a sex hormone it brings you down, if you are too low it brings you up). It works for PMS, menopausal symptoms, breast tenderness, hot flashes, mood swings, infertility and to reduce milk production in nursing mothers. With anti-androgen activity, chasteberry can help clear up female acne and reduce excessive hair growth. 300mg a day of Chasteberry extract capsule is usually plenty for the average female.

10/11/13 Did you know that fish oil can prevent allergies? The latest university study found that the optimal window for fish oil to prevent allergies is while the fetus is developing in the womb. Of course, this is also a critical brain development time and mothers need to be eating a diet rich in fish or supplementing with fish oil – or both. Optimal essential fatty acid levels in infants were associated with lower rates of eczema at 6 months of age. Another benefit for the infant at 6 months: Lower incidence of wheezing. Eat only wild-caught fish or buy a quality fish oil supplement to avoid extra levels of toxic heavy metals. Cheap supplements aren’t always good and good supplements aren’t cheap. Hint – Doctor’s bills are much higher.

10/10/13 Licorice is a root extract that has been used since ancient times for both medicine and candy. True licorice is intensely sweet with an earthy flavor. For 3,000 years or more, licorice has been considered a demulcent that sooths irritated membranes, an expectorant that loosens mucus secretions, a general anti-inflammatory agent and also a liver protectant. Licorice is known to have ulcer healing properties in the gut. Stomach ulcers are often caused by the loss of the protective mucosal barrier and gut-healing licorice extract helps by increasing prostaglandin levels, restoring the stomach lining and inhibiting the ulcer causing bacteria Helicobacter Pylori. Licorice lozenges and tinctures can soothe sore throat membranes and to ease a nagging cough. Licorice can also open breathing airways in Asthma and lessen wheezing.

10/09/13 Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is vinegar made with an apple twist. ACV is made by fermenting apple cider. Health foodies know that ACV is a powerful detoxifying, purifying and internal cleansing agent. Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates use ACV for a remedy for many ailments. ACV is rich in life-giving minerals along with trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sulfur, and copper. ACV is a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic that can treat fungal, bacterial, and yeast infections. But don’t be surprised if you take ACV and get worse for the first week as pathogens die off and your body deals with them – a sign that ACV is working. ACV is a great digestive aid that helps break down food to reduce symptoms of reflux or heartburn. Drinking a mild solution of ACV and water before meals can improve the body’s absorption of minerals and other nutrients locked in foods.

10/08/13 A recent Phase II clinical trial found turmeric is a prostate cancer treatment with results that are equal to or greater than all the Big Pharma FDA approved drugs – except that turmeric has NONE of the killer side effects. More research shows turmeric to be helpful in the treatment of many other kinds of cancer, including colon cancer, duodenal cancer, leukemia, mouth cancer, stomach cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Turmeric reversed growth in human breast cancer cells caused by estrogen by an amazing 98% and cancer growth caused by DDT by 75%. Turmeric is true “super food” with proven healing properties that date back some 5,000 years. Turmeric is highly effective for treating peptic, gastric and duodenal ulcers along with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

10/07/13 Many high quality studies bring evidence that show increased potassium intake reduces blood pressure in people with high blood pressure – without any adverse effects on blood lipid concentrations, catecholamine concentrations, or renal function. Boost your potassium intake and bring an average 24% lower risk of stroke according to study results. Potassium helps dissolve excess calcium in the body and can prevent kidney stone formations and calcified tissues. It is really hard to overdose on potassium but extreme potassium deficiency causes death…

10/04/13 Peppermint oil in a soaking bath can relieve both stress and pain. Apply a few drops to your aching body plant yourself in a hot bath. Peppermint oil will refresh you and energize you and the cooling properties of peppermint oil remove the pain. Peppermint oil is also antiseptic and when massaged on the scalp can remove dandruff and even kill lice. Applied on the skin for acne, peppermint oil keeps pimples at bay and helps make the skin blemish-free and healthy. Try a couple of drops of peppermint oil on your toothbrush to treat bad breath and toothaches.

10/03/13 Angelica is a well-known herb in traditional Chinese medicine AKA Dong Quai. In China, men seek ginseng for their health and the women seek angelica for theirs. Angelica can be used as a blood circulation tonic, treating low libido, alleviating cramps and PMS by regulating individual menstrual cycles and rhythms while even lessening symptoms of menopause. For both men and women, the herb will assist digestion and relieve upset stomachs and other intestinal problems. Angelica does this by inhibiting fermentation in the gut to ameliorate bloating and gas while helping produce more digestive juices.

10/02/13 Taking niacin brings about similar metabolic conditions as exercise does and actually tricks the body into believing that it is exercising even though you are not exercising. Niacin has the same effect of endurance sports with antioxidant action. Niacin caused living organisms to even live 10% longer in the lab and in humans can lower high cholesterol and extend human life. In the body, sirtuin proteins convert niacin into nicotinamide for gene regulation. Foods that contain natural niacin are meat, liver, fish, peanuts, mushrooms and grain brans. Niacinamide from the health food store is NOT the same as niacin. Go for the “full-flush” niacin.

10/01/13 Astragalus is a Chinese medicinal herb with over 4,000 years of history. Astragalus is an adaptogenic herb – which means if a body system is low, it brings it up and if it’s too high it brings it down. Astragalus helps the body resist the effects of stress while restoring normal physiological function. Astragalus is primarily used to aid adrenal function but also works very well for digestion, metabolism, combatig fatigue and increasing stamina. Astragalus is very effective for treating AIDS and has scientific evidence showing its anti-tumor effect. Secondary actions are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, cardiotonic, diuretic and hepatoprotective qualities.

09/30/13 Melatonin: Not just for sleep… Did you know that melatonin helps control weight gain? This is because melatonin stimulates the appearance of ‘beige fat’ that burns calories instead of storing them. White fat stores calories and causes weight gain. Beige fat is known as a good and a thinning fat that helps regulate body weight control. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the human body and melatonin levels increase at the onset of night. Getting lots of sun in the day and sleeping in total darkness can help control weight gain and prevent cardiovascular diseases associated with obesity and dyslipidemia.

09/27/13 The breakdown of connecting tissues causes the skin to sag, drop, and wrinkle. Horsetail is an herb that promotes collagen formation and strengthens the skin. Collagen is the tissue support structure made mostly from silicon. Other benefits of Horsetail are: astringent properties to help shrink pores and tonify skin, helps improve skin texture by moisturizing, restores skin elasticity, soothes cuts and wounds, and can improve skin conditions like eczema. Scientific studies show that Horsetail can improve skin texture and resilience, while reducing the depth of wrinkles.

09/26/13 Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is one of the most studied pharmaceutical agents of our time. Over 40,000 articles on its chemistry have appeared in scientific journals along with thousands of laboratory studies. DMSO works for a variety of ailments, including pain relief, inflammation reduction, scleroderma, interstitial cystitis, and arthritis treatment and even elevated intercranial pressure. DMSO has the ability to pass through membranes very quickly and will transport other things with it for deep tissue penetration. DMSO is most widely as a topical analgesic that works by blocking peripheral nerve C fibers and relief is reported to be almost immediate, lasting up to 6 hours.

09/25/13 Taking daily antioxidants like vitamin C and selenium could prevent one in twelve cases of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is responsible for over 250,000 deaths a year worldwide. In a study with 23658 participants, aged 40–74 years, researchers followed the foods intakes along with brands and portion sizes to calculate vitamins C and E, along with selenium intake in those later diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At 10 years into the study it was calculated that those eating a combination of the highest vitamins C and E and selenium had a significantly decreased risk of pancreatic cancer. The highest risk reduction came with vitamin C. Avoid the soy-based vitamin E and the corn-based vitamin C to make it non-GMO!

09/24/13 When glutathione levels drop, so does a person’s ability to fight disease. Glutathione is critical for immune function and oxidation prevention. Oxidative stress is a process that damages our bodies and contributes to over 200 diseases, aging and weakened immune function. Our bodies rely on a network of antioxidant enzymes to synthesize glutathione from the amino acids glycine, glutamate, and cysteine. A shortage of glutathione can be caused by either a shortage in enzymes or a shortage in amino acids. Taking supplemental glutathione doesn’t cure the shortages of the components in the body but can definitely help reduce oxidative stress in the body.

09/23/13 The latest study results show that taking vitamin B supplements can reduce the risk of stroke. The study even used a very low-dose B vitamin compared to a placebo group over a minimum of six months. Vitamin B lowered the risk of stroke an overall 7% and higher doses did not appear to affect the severity of strokes or risk of death from stroke. Folic acid is the man-made version of folate (vitamin B9) that actually lowered the efficiency of the B vitamin results. Cyanocobalamin B12 has been shown to increase strokes. Find a brand with methylcobalamin B12 and take an active folate supplement vs the folic acid one. Legacy brand Stress B+ and Doctor’s Best-Best Folate come to my mind.

09/20/13 Passionflower leaves are used in Native American medicine for a sleep aid and to heal bruises and cuts. It was actually approved as an OTC sleep aid in allopathic medicine until 1978. This handy plant-herb was named passionflower by Spanish explorers because they believed the flowers represented the Passion of Christ. Herbalists recommend passion flower for its soothing properties as a general nerve tonic to treat nervous stress, for relief of anxiety, neuralgias -including post herpes nerve pain and shingles- and of course, sleep. The divine design combination of alkaloids and flavonoids in passionflower are stronger sedatives and relaxants without nasty side-effects than drugs or isolated chemical extracts. Passionflower potency can be increased when used along with other mildly sedative herbs like lemon balm and valerian.

09/19/13 As we age, the mechanisms our body uses to transport zinc are disrupted by age-related epigenetic changes. This problem can cause an increase in DNA methylation and histone modifications which are related to cancer development. To put it simply, zinc transporters are significantly dysregulated in older people. The people who have signs of zinc deficiency will also have enhanced inflammatory responses, even though their diet has adequate amounts of zinc. In one study, older animals were given some 10 times their dietary requirement for zinc and the biomarkers for inflammation were restored to those of young animals. Never take zinc oxide internally. Only take the glycinate, gluconate, chelate or citrate form internally.

09/18/13 A low maternal iodine level is linked to greater autism risk in the child. The latest research shows a huge correlation between a mother’s thyroid function and her child’s risk for autism with a low level of thyroid hormone early in pregnancy bringing a 4-fold risk for autism. Of course, main stream medical continues to promote an iodine phobia –thereby insuring sick patients for generations to come. One doctor recently tested 5,000 patients to find that over 90% were iodine deficient. Back in the early 1900s, people often took up to 900mg a day without incident. Iodine is found in every single one of our body’s hundred trillion cells and without iodine, life is impossible.

09/17/13 Castor oil has the medicinal benefits of being antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Castor oil can treat skin conditions, alleviate pain boost, boost the immune system function, shrink cysts and tumors, treat alcoholism, alleviate arthritis, remove moles, warts and skin cancers and even grow hair. Castor oil is best known to relieve constipation because it is a bowel irritant and should be avoided in cases of irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, colitis or transverse colon prolapse. Castor oil comes from the castor bean plant which is an ornamental plant with mottled seeds full of deadly poisonous ricin. The good news is that ricin does not infiltrate the castor oil during the extraction process.

09/16/13 Have you ever heard of gymnema sylvestre? Well, you have now! Gymnema sylvestre is highly regarded as a plant with potent anti-diabetic properties. Gymnema sylvestre is also very effective at controlling obesity in the form of Gymnema tea. Studies attribute the success of gymnemic acids in this herb to the delay the glucose absorption in the blood while consuming it. Gymnemic acid is similar to that of glucose molecules in atomic structure, allowing these molecules to fill the receptor locations on the taste buds to curb sugar cravings. Gymnemic acid molecules also fill the receptors in the external absorptive layers of the intestine to prevent sugar molecules from absorbing, resulting in lower blood sugar levels. ~ Via Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug, NDC

09/13/13 Tocotrienols are great for longevity and healthy cell division. Vitamin E has a complex family of four compounds of tocotrienols that protect the ends of chromosomes – AKA telomeres – to prevent genomic instability. A telomere is a DNA sequence that completes the end of a chromosome and telomere length determines how many times a cell can divide before that cell dies. The vitamin E protection of the telomeres results in cellular longevity and reproducibility. Tocotrienols actually enable cells to extend the length of their telomeres to slow aging and repair oxidative and free radical damage. Taking an isolated alpha vitamin E by itself, like alpha tocopherol Vitamin E, will actually short your body of the whole vitamin E spectrum. Take a quality mixed tocopherol vitamin E to get your tocotrienols.

09/12/13 Did you know that honey is a perfect food that never expires? You can eat it and it can be used for a variety of home and health-related applications. Honey is antiseptic and can be used for cleaning wounds and helping them heal quicker. Honey on an open wound dilutes the glucose in the honey and gradually releases natural hydrogen peroxide. Honey is a liquid allergy pill that can reduce any allergies to plant pollen. As a skin moisturizer when mixed with eggs and some tapioca flour, honey is an effective skin moisturizer for people with sensitive skin. Honey is also tough on acne by making pimples eventually wither and fade. My favorite honey thing is the energy boost that comes with honey’s glucose content that fuels the brain and reduces fatigue.

09/11/13 The main constituent in peppermint oil is menthol, which has a minty aroma and wonderful cooling sensation when touched or tasted. Peppermint oil has a load of vitamins A and C, omega-3 fatty acids, and the minerals potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, and copper. The most common use for peppermint oil is to cure indigestion. It is carminative in nature, so peppermint oil helps dispel gas as it eases stomach and bowel spasms. Peppermint oil is the number one natural cure for an upset stomach. Peppermint oil also benefits the respiratory system by helping clear the respiratory tract while acting as an expectorant to provide relief during a bout of cold and coughing. It is also great for treating sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis. Rub peppermint oil on the chest and feet and/or put it in a vaporizer and you will find that your nasal congestion disappears. You can also dab some on your wrists to get rid of a lousy headache. Good stuff, that Peppermint oil…

09/10/13 Potassium citrate: Recent randomized controlled trials and cohort studies report the positive effects of potassium intake on blood pressure, renal function, blood lipids, all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and coronary heart disease. An inverse association was found between potassium deficiency and stroke, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and other risks. Increased potassium intake had no adverse effect on renal function, blood lipids, or catecholamine concentrations in adults.

09/09/13 Caprylic acid is an essential fatty acid required for normal functioning of our body. It is produced in the body and is also found in breast milk, cow and goat milk and in coconut oil and palm oil. The supplement form of caprylic acid fights fungal infections like recurring or chronic yeast infections – particularly, candida albicans. Overgrowth of this fungus affects the intestines and causes indigestion, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, etc. In the mouth it leads to oral thrush and skin yeast infections include ringworm, vaginal yeast infection and jock itch. Caprylic acid dissolves the cell walls of pathogenic microbes to destroy them. Strep throat? You need caprylic acid – NOT antibiotics.

09/06/13 Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural substance rich in organic silica – an essential mineral with health benefits in many body functions. The latest studies show that silica strengthens bones and joints, wards off and restores osteoporosis, boosts the immune system, fights Alzheimer’s, prevents premature aging and wrinkling of the skin, and strengthens the arterial walls for a healthy heart. I’ll bet you didn’t know that DE destroys bad fats in the body! It can even help with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. DE is best known as an internal cleansing agent that removes intestinal bacteria, parasites, e-coli, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins.

09/05/13 Did you know that 80% of kidney stone formers are vitamin D deficient or insufficient? Deficiency in vitamin D is highly prevalent in Americans and especially among kidney stone formers. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that also acts as a hormone. There are two major forms of supplemental vitamin D: the drug/chemical form, vitamin D2 calciferol (with side effects), and the more usable form of D3 cholecalciferol. Ultimately, the best form of vitamin D is what your body makes using sunshine on the skin. Vitamin D is critical for proper functions of organ systems, absorption and metabolism of phosphorous and calcium and is required for healthy immune system function. Vitamin D reaches its final active form to modulate genetic expression and biological actions.

09/04/13 Finitro – the latest rage in arthritis supplements. Finitro actually has a lot of really great things in it that do help arthritis – BUT… Just like anything really good, the manufacturers muck this one up too with a host of horrible “adjuvants” like polyethylene glycol, the drug chemical that makes you poop and softens the stool. Silicium dioxide is the next additive that is an “anti-caking” substance. Magnesium stearate is next – the potentially harmful flow agent that suppresses the immune system. This is followed by “glycerides” but doesn’t mention what kind and from where. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is the next chemical additive along with its 1st cousin hydroxypropyl cellulose. Now mix in some talc, some toxic miglyol and some IBS-causing titanium dioxide and then ask yourself if you really want to take this concoction.

09/03/13 Deer velvet supplements are used as natural medicine for a wide range of health problems. Deer velvet covers the pre-calcified cartilage of deer antlers. Supplements are made from the horns removed at about 60 days of growth. People use deer velvet as medicine for boosting strength and endurance, improving the immune system, countering effects of stress, promoting recovery from illness, warding off infections, treating high cholesterol, high blood pressure, migraines, muscle aches and pains, asthma, indigestion, osteoporosis, headache, liver and kidney disorders, cold hands and feet, chronic skin ulcers, and overactive bladder. Its most popular use in America is as an aphrodisiac. Deer velvet can also be used in natural female hormone replacement therapy.

09/02/13 Jonesing for a drinky-poo? Kudzu is an herb that has been scientifically proven to cut alcohol cravings. Believe it or not, Kudzu has been used traditionally for thousands of years to treat alcohol abuse. A Harvard study found that standard pure kudzu extract reduced cravings by 50% in just one week but another study found that raw kudzu in an herbal form actually worked much better than the Harvard study. Supplement makers are always purifying, refining and treating herbs with chemicals that cause kudzu to lose the natural balance of rich isoflavones. So stick to the crude herb that has hundreds of constituents that work in harmony to increase the effect of Kudzu.

08/30/13 New research shows that there is a definite link between the quantity of intestinal bacterial species and the rates of obesity-related medical complications. Scientists now know that people with fewer bacterial species in their intestines are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome symptoms and diabetes. Antibiotics and poor diets cause intestinal flora with a decreased bacterial richness which functions entirely different than one in a healthy person with a great diversity of bacterial variety. Simple solutions: Eat fermented foods and take quality probiotic supplements.

08/29/13 Hibiscus leaves are an antioxidant-rich addition to hot tea, natural medicines, shampoos, conditioners, skin softeners and other products. The hibiscus plant is used to treat hair loss, dandruff, cold, cough, flu, fever, reducing hot flashes, treating tuberculosis, relieving everyday stress, lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, all the while boosting the body’s energy levels. Hibiscus tea reduces labor pains and menstrual cramps and is used in the Philippines for pregnancy prevention. One of the major health benefits of hibiscus is, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. But be careful about raiding your garden hibiscus because there are over 250 varieties of hibiscus and some are poisonous!

08/28/13 If your body is short on methyl groups, you will have DNA challenges, trouble removing metals from the body and will not be able to process your nutrients. A methyl group is one carbon and three hydrogen atoms which work in the DNA chain at certain spots to turn genetic expressions on and off. In the liver, methyl groups aid in detoxing heavy metals for safe removal from the body. Without enough methyl groups, your body cannot convert your B-vitamins into usable forms. Faulty methylation is linked to autism, ADHD, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, reproductive cancers, kidney infarct, heavy metal toxicity and impaired DNA repair. Simple solution: Take Trimethylglycine and see if it helps!

08/27/13 Take your probiotics and feel worse? Well, not everyone because probiotics like L-acidophilus are considered “safe in any amount.” But for some people, especially those with autism, ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut syndrome and compromised immune systems, most probiotics produce D-lactic acid with unintended consequences. D-lactate buildup causes inadequate amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which can affect cognitive function, create feelings of fatigue, impair coordination and central nervous system function, cause confusion, depression, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, anemia, headaches and in extreme cases encephalopathy. Simple solution: fermented foods. Back-up plan: buy D-lactate free probiotics.

08/26/13 In a recent 16-week double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of daily multivitamin intake, researchers found significant effects in favor of the multivitamin over placebo. Study participants experienced increased energy levels, enhanced mood and better sleep with no significant negative effects. There is also growing evidence suggesting that a good multivitamin supplement can have cognitive and/or mood benefits in both children and adults. Go ahead though and be picky about your multi. Avoid any multi that doesn’t carry a Non-GMO label. Good multis aren’t cheap and cheap multis aren’t good. Unfortunately, you will have to study up on what’s good and what’s bad for you.

08/23/13 Olive plant leaves are old news to folk medicine in the treatment of diabetes. But until recently there has been little study of this natural herbal treatment. Recently, study participants took olive leaf supplements and found a 15% overall improvement in insulin sensitivity compared to a placebo. Even better, there was a 28% improvement in pancreatic β-cell responsiveness and increased fasting interleukin-6. This all happened in 12 weeks for overweight middle-aged men at risk of developing metabolic syndrome. After a six-week interlude, the researchers reversed the olive leaf with the placebo group and the study results also swapped to confirm the primary findings.

08/22/13 Tired? Stressed? Taking your vitamins and minerals but don’t seem to get anything out of them? You want to try fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a natural electrolyte that restores, balances and energizes biological properties in the organism. This electrolyte has repeatedly shown in tests to be able to restore life in astonishing ways. Studies found that fulvic acid helped rescue cells from progressive weakness that is a result of unchecked hemorrhage, overwhelming emotional stress, uncontrolled infections, unbalanced diet, prolonged loss of sleep, and surgical shock. The study conclusion said: “we have given life where death and disintegration would normally occur within plant and animal cells (with fulvic acid)”.

08/21/13 Some 40% of elderly Americans are deficient in zinc. The risk of zinc deficiency increases with age hindering the body’s ability to repair genetic damage which contributes to the risk of cancer. Excess inflammation that results from suboptimal zinc levels is associated with most degenerative diseases, including cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. Zinc naturally supports immune function, taste bud function, wound healing, antioxidant defenses, eye health, prevention of cancer and inflammatory states. Two caveats: Zinc intake above 40mg per day can interfere with absorption of other nutrients and NEVER take zinc oxide internally. Only take a gluconate, glycinate or chelate form by mouth.

08/20/13 Low brain levels of magnesium have been scientifically associated with various cognitive disorders including depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Magnesium enhances neuro-plasticity in the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory and can be key to improving therapeutic outcomes in PTSD. With therapy alone, the symptoms of PTSD can be very persistent, and even though symptoms improve with various forms of cognitive therapy, once therapy is discontinued, the symptoms slowly return. But by supplementing with magnesium threonate, researchers found that this form magnesium enhanced neuro-plasticity which actually altered the fear response in the brain to become more normalized.

08/19/13 5-HTP can help with nicotine withdrawals. Abrupt smoking cessation disrupts monoaminergic systems to cause nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine reduces the rate of tryptophan uptake in the brain’s hippocampus to help cause withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, tobacco craving, difficulty concentrating, depressed mood, increased appetite, insomnia, fatigue, decreased arousal, and most especially irritability. In a recent study, serotonin 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) relieved nicotine withdrawal signs by helping to restore the serotonergic systems in the brain by converting 5-HTP into 5-HT (5-hydroxytryptamine), which is basically hippocampal serotonin.

08/16/13 Green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is great for the brain and staving off aging troubles that involve the brain, like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for the consolidation of information, from short and long term memory as well as object recognition and spatial memory. The hippocampus is also one of the first parts of the brain damaged during the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. Studies show that taking EGCG, the extract of green tea, improves memory and decreases the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. A recent study demonstrated that this powerful extract boosted the production of neural progenitor cells to improve various aspects of memory and spatial recognition in laboratory mice.

08/15/13 Bromelain belongs to a group of protein digesting enzymes from the fruit and stem of pineapple. Bromelain has a wide range of therapeutic benefits and is well absorbed by body with no major side effects – even after prolonged use. Bromelain can be used to prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergic airway disease, asthma, arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic inflammatory, malignant, and autoimmune diseases, blood clotting disorders, intestinal pathogens (like cholera and E- coli), diarrhea, leukemia, wound debridement, wound recovery, surgery recovery, sports injuries and much more! The body can usually absorb about 12 grams a day of bromelain without any trouble.

08/14/13 The Mayo Clinic reports that L-carnitine taken to prevent heart trouble brought a 27% reduction in all-cause mortality along with a significant 65% reduction in ventricular arrhythmias and a significant 40% reduction in the development of angina. A systematic review of 13 placebo controlled trials found this inexpensive and safe alternative therapy to be highly effective and side-effect free. They can’t say this about any drug study! L-carnitine is also safely used for muscle disorders associated with AIDS medications, male infertility, Rett syndrome, anorexia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, overactive thyroid, ADHD, leg ulcers, Lyme disease, and to enhance athletic performance and endurance. Take what you want as the body will use what it needs and then convert L-carnitine to other amino acids or burn it for fuel.

08/13/13 Ivy leaf extract can calm troublesome and painful coughing without artificially blocking the action. It does this by liquefying thick mucus and relaxing the respiratory tract. Ivy extract is even well tolerated for respiratory tract disorders, including asthma – in all age groups. Ivy leaf extract is a clinically proven cough medicine that is an excellent choice for anyone with bronchitis and/or asthma. For centuries, herbalists have prescribed ivy for a wide number of complaints, including bronchitis, whooping cough, arthritis, rheumatism, and dysentery. Easy to grow – too easy actually… Whatever you do, don’t get the regular ivy that can be used medicinally mixed up with poison ivy.

08/12/13 Horsetail is an herb with a long history for curing a variety of ailments. This herb helps with everything from ulcers, wounds, ruptures, to inflammations in the skin. Horsetail is also a diuretic and is used to increase blood circulation, and treat polyps, infections, arthritis, respiratory disorders, and even cancer. Horsetail contains more silica and silica acids in a highly absorbable form than any other herb. Silica comes from silicon, which is the second most abundant element trace mineral in the earth’s crust. In the body, silicon strengthens blood vessels, organs, skin, hair, bones and all connective tissues. Silicon should never be confused with man-made and toxic silicone.

08/09/13 Vitamin A is required for healthy skin, intestine and lung cells. People with the lowest levels of vitamin A have the highest risk for the deadly skin cancer melanoma. Melanoma is the deadly form of skin cancer where carcinoma is easily removed in an outpatient procedure. A huge study of close to 70,000 people over 50 found that taking the retinol form of vitamin A brought a 60% lower risk of melanoma than those who don’t get vitamin A from supplements. Up the RDA to 1,200mcg a day and these people now have a 74% lower risk of the disease. Why do we need to supplement our vitamin A? Because we no longer get enough from our diets…

08/08/13 Selenium is best known as a great adjunct for dandruff treatment, but our knowledge of this critical mineral has dramatically increased over the past 2 decades. It is now known that without selenium, your body is helpless to make glutathione peroxidase which defends our bodies against peroxides – a free radical that attacks fats. Glutathione peroxidase reduces the risk of developing cancer and heart diseases while stimulating the immune system’s response to infections. Each molecule of glutathione peroxidase contains four atoms of selenium. Mercury blocks the enzyme uptake of selenium to assist cancer’s takeover of cells. We get a steady daily supply of mercury from metal dental fillings that off-gas in the mouth to be inhaled and swallowed. Probably the craziest source of selenium-blocking mercury comes from the 50mcg of mercury laced into each year’s double-dose of flu shots.

08/07/13 Your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid (HA), to hydrate the skin while providing stability and structure to skin cells. HA can actually absorb 1000 times its weight in water. HA uses water to naturally plump up the skin to increase volume and elasticity. As we grow older, our skin becomes depleted of the once-abundant HA and our skin becomes dry, rough, cracks easily and settles into permanent lines. The temptation is to treat our skin with chemical fillers and collagen – which does a temporary job but overburdens the kidneys and liver. A better solution is to supplement the lost HA with a topical cream containing hyaluronic acid. HA cream can penetrate deep into the skin cells, helping the cells to retain water and structure.

08/06/13 Panax is the Greek word for panacea, or “all healing”. Panax Ginseng is a sweet-smelling herb AKA Jin-chen, which means “like a man” because these roots resemble the shape of the human body. Ginseng has been recorded throughout history for at least the last 7,000 years. A growing number of scientific studies show ginseng’s fantastic health-enhancing and anti-aging abilities. Believe it or not, ginseng is thought to be strictly an Asian herb but American ginseng is now considered the most potent on the market. Ginseng is great for: Memory loss and cognition problems, brain boosting, diabetes (helps lower blood sugar naturally), anxiety and depression, stress, reduction, anti-aging, immune system builder, menopause, chronic infection and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Ginseng is even used to fight cancer and cardiac disease.

08/05/13 Fo-ti, is a remarkable medicinal herb from the root of the climbing vine Polygonum multiflorum that is used as a folk remedy in China and other Asian countries. Fo-ti will preserve the black color of the hair and will bring a glowing complexion and a cheerful disposition. It is also known to help rejuvenate the teeth, banish old age and give the power to “run like a deer”. This amazing herb, backed with centuries of history, has tonic effects on the kidneys and liver, revitalizing the blood and is also great for male libido and fertility for both sexes. Fo-ti supports both the thyroid and the adrenals as an adaptogen – if you are low it brings you up and if you are too high it bring you back down. Fo-ti is synonymous with “vitality”, “vigor” and “longevity” Low on energy? Give this herb a try. It’s one of my favorite herbs.

08/02/13 Back in the old days (before the introduction of synthetic drugs), iodine was one of the most beneficial and universal medicines used around the world. Iodine is effective for everything from healing wounds and disease, to destroying bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, to treating and preventing prevent cancer. So, did something change? Did iodine quit working? Iodine has been “forgotten” and pushed aside in favor of pharmaceutical drugs. The consequences of this are skyrocketing cancer rates, epidemics of thyroid dysfunction, and huge difficulties with detoxification pathways. Time to bring back into vogue what works as a highly effective treatment with virtually no side effects… We are never sick because we are deficient in drugs. We get sick mostly because we are deficient in vitamins, minerals, healthy diets and healthy lifestyles.

08/01/13 How about EDTA to flush the havoc wreaking calcium deposits out of your veins, arteries, and capillaries? That’s not all it does because EDTA will also remove excess iron, balance bad cholesterol, boost blood flow, protect the brain and memory, strengthen bones, perk up energy levels, improve vision, enhance hearing and renew your sense of smell. Best known to chelate lead out the body, EDTA is made up of amino acids similar to vinegar that binds to many different heavy metals to help flush them out of the body through urine, sweat, and stool. Scientists have known this for decades, but because it works so well you will not hear the main stream bragging about it… But more EDTA is not better. EDTA is a serious supplement that you must follow the labeled directions – to the “T”.

07/31/13 Castor oil packs are the most common application of castor oil. Castor oil packs cleanse and detoxify the liver, kidneys and intestines, aid digestion and sooth abdominal discomfort. Castor oil penetrates deep into the tissues and lymphatic system to purge the body of harmful toxins. Castor oil enhances lymphatic drainage and can even shrink tumors and cysts when placed directly over the tumor. Castor oil also increases immune cells to stave off infection and when packed on aching joints or muscles, castor oil packs reduce pain. Did you know that castor oil packs can alleviate heavy menstrual cramps? Put some on a cotton cloth, apply to area desired, cover with plastic and put a heating pad over the pack for best results.

07/30/13 Wanna work up a good mad? Read the latest “study” out that has researchers saying “We’ve shown once again that use of nutritional supplements may be harmful.” They said this about fish oil – also saying that “These fish oil supplements in which some men getting mega, mega doses… in our opinion that is probably a little bit dangerous.” In other words, they claim that taking omega-3 supplements can boost risk of prostate cancer. Now for the liar-liar part: This study didn’t involve a single omega-3 supplement capsule but was about vitamin E and selenium and didn’t include ANY information about the use of fish oil supplements. What they did find was that men who ate more fish (fish often contaminated with mercury, PCBs, dioxins and more) had a higher risk of prostate cancer. Get real peeps! Good quality fish oil reduces inflammation and can prevent cancer.

07/29/13 MSM in supplement form mimics the organic sulfur present in our bodies. When your body is injured, MSM promotes healthy circulation to the injured area so nutrients can rush in for repairs. MSM has an antiseptic and cleansing effect on the digestive tract while stimulating bile secretions, purifying the blood, improving hair condition, helping liver function, boosting metabolism, and producing glutathione. MSM is basically sulfur. Sulfur deficiency is linked to a host of degenerative diseases, such as: pain, joint trouble, fatigue, increased psychological and physical stress, depression, as well as other conditions including autism. MSM – Meet the miracle today!

07/26/13 Mucuna extract contains naturally occurring L-dopa that converts in the body to dopamine. You know dopamine as the neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, body movement and emotional responses. Mucuna is an Ayervetic Indian herb – AKA sea beans, buffalo beans, Dopabean, Pruriens, Cowitch, Kapikachu, Atmagupta and the “Velvet Bean”. Mucuna is great for treating Parkinson’s, mood disorders, ADHD, cocaine withdrawals and smoking cessation. Other health benefits of Mucuna that have actually been found in scientific studies are: Regenerates organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs), dramatically strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, reduces body fat and cellulite, improves skin appearance, boosts mood and sense of well-being and even increases bone density.

07/25/13 Ginger root for asthma treatment. Asthma is caused by a tightening of the bronchial tubes that carry air into and out of the lungs. Bronchodilating medications work to relax the airway smooth muscle (ASM) tissues but come with a litany of side effects – including death. Ginger root has been found in medical studies to naturally relax the ASM tissues. But this is the same effect that ginger has on the smooth muscle of the gut to help digestion and relieve digestive disorders. Ginger root is also a great “prebiotic”, or food for friendly bacteria in the gut. This helps make ginger root the immune-booster that it is. Ginger root contains the essential oil gingerol that improves peristalsis, has anti-inflammatory properties, is a natural painkiller, is nerve soothing and also anti-bacterial.

07/24/13 Clove oil is an aromatic plant oil that is super for the health of your mouth and gums. Clove is widely cultivated around the world and current research about clove oil and clove extracts focuses on eugenol. One of the remarkable health benefits of eugenol is that it is a strong antibacterial agent. Clove extract inhibits the growth of oral pathogens associated with tooth decay and periodontal disease. Clove oil is a champion fighter against Candida albicans. When Candida overgrows the mouth, it causes lesions to form inside of the cheeks, tongue and tonsils, thrush, bleeding gums, a dry sensation in the mouth and throat, and a loss of taste.

07/23/13 More news for curcumin! The primary polyphenol in turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin has recently been found to repair and even regenerate the liver tissues in diabetic rats, resulting in a significant reversal of liver damage. Following this study through, the condition was able to repair into healthy and normal characteristics. In the journal Diabetes Care is the report that over nine months, a daily dose of curcumin actually remarkably prevented new diabetes cases among people with pre-diabetes – abnormally high blood sugar that can progress into Type II diabetes. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties that behave as an antioxidant and can also be used to treat many medical conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, high cholesterol and osteoarthritis.

07/22/13 Peppermint was first discovered in 1696 and is a natural hybrid of two other mint species. Peppermint is excellent for digestion and especially helps Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Using peppermint oil is a natural way to freshen breath and support healthy mouth, gums and teeth. Peppermint, like many botanical oils, is a strong antibacterial and inhibits some of the most troublesome bacteria, including E. coli. For added benefit, peppermint is an antioxidant that protects cells from free-radical damage. Need to relax? Pull up a steamy cup of peppermint tea!

07/19/13 Did you know that cayenne has a lot of medicinal value? For allergies, cayenne contains quercetin that is a natural antihistamine. The opposite of what you’d expect, cayenne has anti-inflammatory properties for the prevention of throat and nasal irritations. A bonus anti-inflammatory benefit is better organ function and arthritis prevention. Cayenne naturally heats up the body when you are cold by increasing capillary circulation. As a blood purifier, cayenne has been used for centuries. Cayenne is also a natural fat burner and pain killer, treats ulcers, herpes, shingles, bunions, psoriasis, pleuritis, pericarditis and rheumatism, increases metabolism, boosts the immune system, aids digestion and is great tonic for the heart, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, spleen and stomach. You can buy cayenne in capsule form to skip the pepper-hot from eating it with food. I like the cayenne tincture for the biggest bang for my buck.

07/18/13 Yerba Mate tea contains caffeoylquinic acid (CQA) which has been scientifically proven to treat colon cancer cells in vitro. The more CQA, the more cancer cells began to die from a process known as apoptosis. But the benefits of Yerba Mate does more than just kill cancer cells, it also reduces the inflammation that lies at the root of all cancer with its 90% more antioxidants than green tea. Those antioxidants fight other diseases associated with inflammation by: reducing oxidative stress on the heart and liver, protecting DNA from damage, improving blood flow, lowering risk of heart disease and reducing fat accumulation. A recent study out of the University of Illinois concluded that one of the best possible ways to prevent colon cancer could be by drinking one cup of yerba mate tea a day.

07/17/13 Tea made from the dandelion’s root and leaves has centuries of background in traditional Chinese medicine. Even Dr. Oz has climbed on, recommending dandelion tea as part of a 48-hour cleanse to detoxify the liver while you sleep. There are lots of studies that show that dandelion is both a diuretic and liver-detoxifyier. Dandelion root extract can even reduce alcohol-related liver damage. The latest of studies found that dandelion root has cancer-killing properties as well. Dandelion root can be used to detoxify the body, relieve constipation, sooth an upset stomach, shed water weight and for many other health benefits. Feeling bloated? Dandelion root could be the perfect remedy for you. Be careful though as dandelion can interact with lithium, certain antibiotics, and drugs that are broken down by your liver.

07/16/13 Potassium is critical for the heart, kidneys, and other organs to work normally. If you eat a very healthy diet AND are in good health, you should get enough potassium naturally. However, many Americans do not eat healthy and are deficient in potassium. Low potassium levels bring high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer, digestive disorders, and infertility. Un-natural things that cause potassium levels to bomb are: medications, physically demanding jobs, health conditions that affect digestive absorption (like Crohn’s disease), eating disorders, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. The RDA for a healthy people on a healthy diet is 4,700mg for 14 y/o and up (food sources or supplements combined), 3,000-4,000mg for children and 400mg a day for infants. Always take your potassium supplements with a full glass of water.

07/15/13 Bad health could be from low melatonin and low melatonin could bring bad health. Melatonin is even a cancer fighter! Low levels of melatonin are found in many different cancer cases and therapeutic doses of melatonin are often a part of a natural cancer battle plan. Did you know that the results of a recent study found that patients suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease were deficient in circulating levels of melatonin? Researchers consistently find that supplementing with melatonin dramatically lowered the degree of oxidative stress on neural mitochondria and is protective against free radical damage. Getting a “melatonin hangover”? Try taking some ornithine at bedtime along with your melatonin.

07/12/13 Where is all the good press for the essential amino acid valine? Valine is needed for body coordination, muscle metabolism, tissue repair and for maintaining a proper nitrogen balance in the body. Valine is not only an energy source for muscle tissue but is also helpful in treating liver and gallbladder disease. But the benefits go on as valine promotes mental vigor, calm emotions and is necessary for smooth nervous system function, immune system regulation and also cognitive function. Some of the benefits of L-Valine include improvement in insomnia and nervousness along with improvement for disorders of the muscles. As a bonus for those building muscle while losing weight, valine is an effective appetite suppressant. Buy it at the health food shoppe or eat it in leafy vegetables, kidney beans, poultry and milk.

07/11/13 Iodine is added to table salt to prevent goiter (enlarged thyroid). This is not in amounts big enough to recover from disease or to support the thyroid’s ability to synthesize critical hormones, beef up metabolism, or prevent cancer. The minerals chlorine, fluoride, and bromide actually lower iodine levels in the body and block iodine receptors and are increasingly consumed in foods and absorbed through environmental exposure. Chlorine has replaced iodine in purifying water and fluoride is present in most water systems and toothpaste. Bromines fluff up bread nicely and have replaced iodine in commercial baked goods since the 1980s. People in the US get about a scant 240 mcg of iodine a day where in Japan the intake is more like 12,000mcg a day – some 50 times more iodine. People in Japan live longer and have less cancer.

07/10/13 Angelica root, seed, and fruit are used to make natural medicine for heartburn, flatulence, anorexia, arthritis, circulation problems, runny noses, nervousness, plague, and insomnia. Angelica will increase urine production, improve sex drive, treat nerve pain, lessen joint pain, help skin disorders, stimulate the production and secretion of phlegm, and kill germs. Angelica can be used to start menstrual periods but in high amounts can even cause abortion. In 1665, angelica was used to successfully treat the bubonic plague that was decimating Europe. North America Indian tribes used American angelica in the same way as the European used theirs in treating respiratory ailments and tuberculosis.

07/09/13 Grape seed extract actually reduces Norovirus infections. Norovirus causes more than half of all foodborne illnesses in the US. With low doses of grape seed extract, Norovirus-1 coat proteins clumped, and showed “obvious deformation and inflation,” according to the latest study. At higher doses, there was only protein debris left behind – target destroyed! Meanwhile, grape seed extract also contains antioxidants to protect the body’s cells from damage and can help prevent many diseases. There is scientific evidence that grape seed extract is beneficial for a number of cardiovascular conditions while helping poor circulation and combatting high cholesterol. Grape seed extract fights inflammation, reduces swelling and helps with diabetes related eye disease.

07/08/13 Want to deal with your acid reflux naturally? The body actually makes bicarbonate from Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). A lack of bicarbonate makes the tummy generate more HCL. Taking an HCL supplement like Betaine HCL with the morning and noon meals will help provide the stomach with the acids necessary to break down nutrients for assimilation and produce a healthy amount of carbonate. Taking 1/2tsp of aluminum free baking soda in the late afternoon will stimulate the production of more healthy hydrochloric acid and supplement blood borne bicarbonate levels. OTC antacids are histamine H2-blockers that treat symptoms of acid reflux only but cause a gross imbalance in the ph balance of the body. These drugs block the production of HCL in the stomach, interfere with digestion, short the body of critical minerals and short the bicarbonate supply in the body. When the HCL content of the stomach is deficient, grave results will inevitably appear in the metabolism.

07/05/13 Lithium (Not the drug silly!), is a nutrient that can effectively treat Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and mood conditions – including bipolar disorder. Another disorder called frontotemporal dementia (marked by an inability to pick up on sarcasm, lies, personality changes, loss of inhibitions and antisocial behavior is often diagnosed as depression and is caused in part by a lack of elemental lithium. The lowest dose of big Pharma lithium carbonate is 600mg a day and is usually around 1800mg a day – which has toxic effects on the body when coupled with the adjuvants. Lithium orotate from the Health Food Shoppe is the salt version that has a different ion combo and stays longer in the body.

07/03/13 I just cannot over-emphasize the importance of zinc glycinate or gluconate. Both new and old studies in animals and humans show that zinc deficiency can cause DNA damage linked to cancer risk. Now researchers have found that the mechanisms to transport zinc are disrupted by age-related epigenetic changes related to cancer development. More specifically, zinc transporters become significantly dysregulated in older subjects bringing signs of zinc deficiency and an enhanced inflammatory response – even though their diet supposedly contained adequate zinc. When the test subjects were given some 10 times the RDA for zinc, the biomarkers of inflammation were restored to those of younger subjects. Another new study suggests that zinc deficiency also causes systemic inflammation and immune system dysfunction.

07/02/13 Recent testing found that up to 47% of children were vitamin D-insufficient. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased rates of gastrointestinal infections with diarrhea and vomiting and also ear infections with earache/discharge and fever in school-age children. Of course, Vitamin D deficiency already has an established deleterious effect on bone metabolism and calcium homeostasis along with alterations in immune function. A separate study found that low plasma vitamin D concentrations are related to increased incidence of respiratory infections and RSV disease in children under 5 years old. Randomized supplement studies with vitamin D among schoolchildren reduced influenza A infection and acute respiratory infection with yet another study trial among children under 3 finding a decreased risk of pneumonia with vitamin D supplementation.

07/01/13 Got gut damage? Colon cancer? Take glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid that plays a critical role in strengthening and rebuilding the lining of the gut. Even just for maintenance for damage done by everyday exposure to chemical food additives and water-born drugs and chemicals, glutamine is your hero. ALL your body functions begin with digestion and gut health. Some 80% of all neurochemicals and over 80% of immune function are built in the gut. Healthy neurology and immune function both start in the gut and a healthy gut is a requirement for overall health and well-being. Did you know that glutamine is also helpful for treating diarrhea, as it decreases loss of electrolytes and water from the small intestines? Glutamine to heal the gut is unparalleled by any other supplement you can buy.

06/28/13 The Recommended Daily Allowance is a minimum requirement a healthy person needs to prevent disease – not the amount for optimal health or disease recovery. RDA should mean: Ridiculously Deficient Amounts. For example: To prevent scurvy from a lack of vitamin C, the RDA is 90mg of vitamin C per day. But a sick person will need upwards of 14grams a day to fight disease and deficiency. The RDA for vitamin D is 400 IU daily, but this won’t help you recover from vitamin D deficiency. To prevent further vitamin D deficiency damage may require some 10,000 IU daily. Always remember that RDA doesn’t promote optimal, vibrant health – it merely prevents disease in a healthy person.

06/25/13 Chlorella is widely known as a “superfood” supplement with extraordinary nutrient density. Chlorella, is full of chlorophyll and contains all of the healthy vitamins B, C, E, beta-carotene, amino acids, magnesium, iron, trace minerals, along with over 50% more protein than meat. But that’s not all as chlorella binds to toxins to carry them out of the body, cleanses the blood, optimizes oxygen in the blood and alkalizes the body to correct acidosis. One of the main natural medicinal uses for chlorella is to detoxify the body by chelating heavy metals to bring significantly less tissue damage from toxic heavy metals. Chlorella has proven effective for: Balancing hormones, Treating ulcers, Improving digestion, Relieving constipation, Increasing white blood cells, Reducing body odors, Normalizing blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, Reducing asthma, Treating fatigue. Boosting immunity, Protecting the entire nervous system, Eliminating pollutants, Boosting tissue growth, healing and repair and Detoxifying radiation

06/24/13 Vitamins work! Pancreatic cancer kills over 250,000 people a year and has the worst survival rate of any cancer. The latest study shows that higher intakes of vitamin C, E, and the mineral selenium can slash the risk for pancreatic cancer by up to 67%. Out of 23,658 people 40 years old and up, 49 people in 10 years developed pancreatic cancer, and by year 17, the count increased to 86 with pancreatic cancer. All of the 23,658 patients completed diaries proving that participants eating higher intakes of these three micronutrients were 67% less likely to develop pancreatic cancer than those eating lower amounts. Selenium intake alone halved the risk for pancreatic cancer. These critical nutrients stimulate the immune system by inactivating free radicals and reducing oxidative stress.

06/21/13 Serious gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn’s, IBS and Colitis respond wonderfully to glutamine supplements. Glutamine fuels fast multiplying cells in the gastrointestinal system. Drugs only mask the symptoms and cause serious side effects while studies show that patients can often get better on glutamine. When the body is under stress, undergone trauma or contracted illness or disease the body simply cannot produce sufficient amounts glutamine making it essential to supplement with glutamine. Some 6% of people carry H. pylori and antibiotics used to treat H. pylori causes side effects AND turns it into a drug-resistance bacteria. Studies now show that glutamine supplementation safely and effectively repairs the damage caused by H. pylori. Did you know that glutamine is the single most prescribed ulcer medication in Asia?

06/20/13 Rhodiola rosea, AKA golden root was recently found to lengthen the life-span of the common fruit fly by 24%. Study leaders Mahtab Jafari and Sam Schriner discovered that Rhodiola works in ways completely unrelated to dietary intakes to affect different molecular pathways. Unlike resveratrol, which appears to only act in overfed or unhealthy individuals, Rhodiola increases the lifespan, even in individuals who are already long-lived and healthy. Not only did Rhodiola improve lifespans in both sexes of flies, it also delayed the loss of age-related physical performance and even extended the lives of old flies. Rhodiola naturally reduces the production of reactive oxygen molecules in human cells against oxidative stress. Rhodiola is already known to reduce stress, decrease fatigue, anxiety and depression, boost mood, memory and stamina, and prevent altitude sickness. Current research is exploring Rhodiola’s potential to kill cancer cells, improve Alzheimer’s disease and help stem cells grow.

06/19/13 St. John’s Wort has a lot of scientific studies that back it up as a reliable mood enhancer. St. John’s Wort rose to popularity in the 1990s and has been highly visible in health food stores everywhere since. Did you know that only the extracts from the aerial parts of the plant are effective? Unscrupulous manufacturers grind up the whole plant – roots and all and then sell it as the expensive “St. John’s Wort.” If you tried this remarkable herb and had no appreciable effect from it, you probably got rooked with the counterfeit herb. Give it another try, but this time – go with a reliable source. Cheap things are not always good and good things are not always cheap.

06/18/13 Kava Kava to the rescue: Some two-thirds of all doctor’s visits are related to stress-induced ailments, like high blood pressure, arthritis and even cancer. Of course, the dangerous allopathic treatments are with drugs like Valium and Xanax. Seven studies show that Kava Kava is just as effective as prescription drugs – only safer – for stress, anxiety and insomnia relief. Scientific evidence finds Kava Kava will reduce the amount of time it takes to drift off to sleep while promoting sounder, deeper sleep. Kava Kava helps anxiety, headaches, dizziness, restlessness, insomnia, bladder issues, PMS, infections, stings, inflammation, convulsions and heart palpitations.

06/17/13 Cinnamon is a biblical herb that just keeps on doing more and more good. Cinnamon has a history of helping people regulate their blood sugar. Cinnamon speeds up metabolism and is also antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic. But one of the latest study finding brings the news that extracts from cinnamon bark inhibit the toxic amyloid polypeptide oligomers and fibrils that have been found in Alzheimer`s brain plaque formations. Researchers also found that cinnamon extract can break up the classic Alzheimer-related amyloid protein clusters in test tube experiments. Cheap and highly effective – my kind of natural medicine!

06/14/13 Glutathione is the primary antioxidant in the body and is synthesized from the amino acids cysteine, glutamine and glycine. Glutathione production decreases as we age, and deficiencies are associated with disease processes such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. The liver is the largest glutathione reservoir in the body where it is part of the detoxification pathways. Glutathione is carried by the bile to the intestines and then to other tissues. The intestinal lining, kidney tubules and lungs have substantial glutathione detoxification activity. Mercury has a high affinity for glutathione to provide major intracellular defenses against mercury toxicity. Don’t get caught short on this stuff!

06/13/13 Another word for thiamin is vitamin B1. Thiamine is water soluble and very unstable with a loosely bound structure that decomposes easily and is destroyed in temperatures over 100°C. Thiamine plays an important role in both carbohydrate and pyruvic acid metabolism. Fuel for the central nervous system is derived solely from carbohydrates and a deficiency of thiamine causes a shortage of energy in the nervous tissues and brain – even causing lesions. In cereal grains, thiamine is present mainly in the germ and in the outer coats which are often lost during milling or destroyed during cooking. Thiamine is not stored in large quantities in the body and the total amount in the body is about 25mg. Deficiency of thiamine leads to beriberi paralysis of the limbs and a deficiency in alcoholics leads to Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. 1mg a day of thiamine is sufficient for most people but a nursing mother needs a bit more.

06/12/13 DHEA is the “mother of all hormones” that fuels hormone pathways. DHEA balances estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. But as we age, DHEA levels decline and elevated stress levels also cause DHEA levels to plummet – forcing the adrenal glands to work overtime. Adrenal exhaustion comes with chronic stress, poor nutrition, yo-yo diets and emotional turmoil. When the adrenals are busy pumping out stress-reaction cortisol and adrenaline, they just cannot produce enough DHEA. Low DHEA causes: fatigue, weight gain, moodiness, depression, aching joints, muscle loss, bone loss and low libido. There are no food sources for DHEA as it is exclusively made in the adrenal glands. To supplement, most people only need between 5-10mg in the early morning and perhaps another 5-10mg before lunch.

06/11/13 Did you know that synthetic vitamins lack the necessary trace minerals that your body requires to utilize them? Therefore, your body must use its own vitamin and mineral reserves to utilize them which can lead to dangerous vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Examples are fake vitamins A, B-12, D, folic acid, esterified E and many others. Vitamin isolates and Big Pharma vitamin drug versions can harm you and even cause cancer! Find the natural complete vitamin versions as much as possible. When you take the food-based natural forms they already contain all the minerals, enzymes and other components your body needs to utilize them.

06/10/13 A new study in the June issue of Gastroenterology shows that probiotics in the diet actually modulate brain activity. Using functional MRI, researchers found that women who regularly consumed probiotic-containing yogurt altered activity of brain regions controlling the central processing of emotion and sensation. This study is the first of its kind to show an interaction between probiotics and the human brain. That’s an easy leap for me to make as I know that some 80% of neurochemicals are manufactured in the gut. Bottom line, the gut bacteria influences brain and behavior. Now scientists are proposing to modulate brain function in a disease state to help the body recover. Boy, are they behind the times. Nutritionists have been doing this for many decades.

06/07/13 Chromium is a metallic trace mineral that supports blood sugar balance and helps insulin carry glucose to cells where it is used for energy. Chromium works against the primary cause of weight gain which is fluctuating blood sugar levels. Our bodies require an adequate intake of chromium for normal metabolism and appropriate fats, proteins, and carbohydrates storage. Chromium helps control food cravings, especially high sugar foods by stabilizing blood sugar levels to keep cravings at bay. Did you know that chromium can treat high cholesterol by raising the HDL (good) cholesterol levels? Calcium supplements block the absorption of chromium so be sure to take them separately.

06/06/13 How magnesium works in the heart: Magnesium and calcium work together for heart health. Calcium first enters the heart cells (and other body cells) to perform its vital functions, like produce electrical conductivity. Calcium stays until it is pushed out by magnesium. If there is a magnesium deficiency then calcium will stay in the cell and allow accumulations of calcium, causing calcification, dysfunction, and cell death. A magnesium deficiency related excess calcium also causes muscle cramps, tics and twitches, angina pectoris, hypertension, and arrhythmias. To prevent all this trouble, take 400-600mg of magnesium citrate or malate supplements (NEVER take magnesium oxide for this). Cut back if you experience diarrhea. Never take calcium supplements without magnesium supplements.

06/05/13 A majority of Americans are in dire need of minerals. When the body is deficient in minerals it begins to weaken. Minerals make up about 4% of total body weight and are essential for metabolism. Minerals act as catalysts for biochemical reactions in your body. They are involved in responses of the nervous system and muscles, absorption and secretions of the body’s fluids, maintaining water balance in the body and supplying our bones and teeth with the stuff to give them hardness. Minerals are supposed to be supplied by a healthy diet because we cannot make them in our body. Celtic Sea Salt is a great supplement to your diet that works with your body instead of against it like the crappy white salt we eat. Great mineral supplements are available too at your local Health Food Shoppe.

06/04/13 Pregnant? Wanna be pregnant? Think zinc. A pregnant mother gives a great deal of zinc to the placenta. Did you know that humans are the only species that do not eat the placenta right after birth? Zinc supplements are also advisable for the nursing mom so that the mother’s milk will not be zinc deficient. This is particularly critical for infant boys, who require five times more zinc than infant girls for normal testicular development. Zinc deficient males produce weaker and far less sperm than normal. Zinc deficient mothers usually give birth to all-girl families. Zinc supplements improve fertility outcomes immensely. Never take zinc oxide in an oral supplement. Only take zinc glycinate, gluconte, chelate or other form of “ate” zinc.

06/03/13 Threonine is an essential amino acid – meaning, we cannot synthesize threonine in our bodies but must find it in our diets. Threonine helps maintain proper protein balance in the body and is very important for the formation of collagen and elastin. Threonine is also essential for healthy tooth enamel. This amazing amino acid aids the liver to remove fatty substances associated with fatty liver disease when combined with aspartic acid and methionine. Threonine speeds up fat metabolism and overall metabolism. Foods high in threonine include lentils, cottage cheese, poultry, fish, meat, black turtle bean and sesame seeds. You can also buy supplemental forms of threonine at your local health food shoppe.

05/31/13 The mighty B6: Moses M. Suzman was a neurologist that for over 40 years all but eliminated heart attacks and other cardiac events among thousands of healthy patients by using a mere 100mg of vitamin B6 daily. This was done without changing the diet, ceasing smoking or improving lifestyle factors. Vitamin B6 did this without even one complaint of side effects. Vitamin B6 can even reverse atherosclerosis in heart patients. Vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine and is referred to as the “mood vitamin” by nutritionists. Vitamin B6 helps brain functions, helps the body to produce energy, and helps weight loss by raising the metabolism. Vitamin B6 deficiency can result in irritability, nervousness, insomnia, general weakness and skin problems.

05/30/13 How about some melatonin for migraines? A recent study mentioned in Medscape presents results from a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial assessing melatonin for migraine prevention. Men and women with and without aura and suffering 2-8 migraines per month were randomly assigned to 3 mg of melatonin, 25 mg of the drug amitriptyline, or a placebo taken around 10:00 PM daily for 3 months. The proportion of positive outcomes was greatest in the melatonin group with a 54% reduction VS just 39% for amitriptyline group. Of course, melatonin was associated with fewer adverse effects compared with the side-effect ridden and even deadly amitriptyline. As an added bonus, taking melatonin was associated with weight loss whereas patients gained weight in the amitriptyline group.

05/29/13 Your gut is loaded with “good” bacteria that help the body digest food, maintain metabolism, build the immune system, regulate inflammatory responses and so much more. The GI tract literally contains trillions of bacteria – more in number than the rest of your body cells put together! Chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), HIV/AIDS, cancer, cardiovascular disease, viral hepatitis, and diabetes, happen when the immune system inappropriately attacks the beneficial bacteria, bringing chronic inflammation and contributing to disease progression. Taking supplemental “good-guy” probiotic bacteria helps the body extract nutrients from food, reduce inflammation, build and regulate the immune system and fight disease. Alternate through different brands of probiotics to keep the “bad-guy” bacteria guessing.

05/28/13 Milk thistle contains a nutrient called silibinin which not only kills skin cells mutated by UVA radiation but protects them against damage by UVB radiation. Milk thistle can actually protect against photo-aging and UV-induced skin cancer. When a cell is affected by UV radiation it can go on to cause cancer leaving one of two options: repair it or kill it. Silibinin does both. So non-toxic is this silibinin that you can even take healthy skins cells and douse them in pure silibinin and it will not harm them. This latest study was done by a pharmaceutical professor, so you can bet your bottom dollar they are only studying it to make a chemical counterfeit – complete with the usual litany of side-effect.

05/17/13 The benefits from cayenne: Native Americans have used cayenne for at least 9,000 years. Capsicum, the active ingredient in Cayenne Pepper, is considered one of the purest and most effective natural stimulants in herbal medicine. Capsicum safely boosts circulation and heart action while lowering blood pressure levels, increasing overall capillary circulation and even cleansing the blood. Cultures consuming diets rich in cayenne have fewer instances of cardiovascular health problems. Cayenne is also a natural pain remedy. This fiery pepper literally makes pain ‘burn out’. Taking a capsule form of cayenne is ‘fighting fire with fire’ as cayenne helps to burn up a chemical in your body called ‘substance P’ that carries pain messages to your brain.

05/16/13 I cannot over-emphasize the importance of folate – especially before and during pregnancy. Women who took folic acid supplements – not even as effective as folate -in early pregnancy pretty much halved the autism risk in the child. Here’s the kicker, beginning to take folic acid supplements after-the-fact and later in pregnancy does not reduce autism risk according to a study published in JAMA. Women taking folic acid supplements four weeks before conception to eight weeks into pregnancy have the best results. Folate is a B vitamin that is essential for the construction and repair of DNA. Folic acid is the man-made version of what God originally intended. Buy your folate in the active methylfolate form for the biggest folate bang.

05/15/13 Chronic inflammation? Think zinc! New research found that zinc helps control infections by modulating immune system responses to prevent out-of-control inflammation. Zinc homes in on the inflammation pathway to help shut it off. If the is a deficiency in zinc at the time of infection, the results are excessive inflammation. Without enough zinc, your vulnerability to infection increase and your defensive immune system is amplified in a bad way. Zinc deficiency afflicts some 2 billion people worldwide, including an estimated 40% of elderly people in the US. Only take a zinc glycinate, chelate or some other “ate” form. Zinc oxide taken internally can poison the body.

05/14/13 Dandelion is more than just a weed! Dandelion root has a long history of medicinal uses, being used from ancient times for its health properties and liver support. Dandelion root is well-known in Korean herbal medicine, being used to improve energy levels and general health. In Mexico, dandelion root is used to make herbal remedies. Research shows that dandelion root has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hepatoprotective properties. The Institute of Agricultural Medicine in Poland found high levels of the amino acid kynurenic acid that works well for digestive system support, specifically bile production. In stimulating bile production and bile transport to move toxins out of the body, dandelion root naturally supports the body’s natural immune system.

05/13/13 Very few people eat a solid enough healthy diet to not need probiotics. Probiotics are the “good-guy” bacteria that inhabit our intestines, line our organs and blood vessel and most importantly, build a strong immune system. “Good-guy” probiotics thrive in raw dairy products, fermented foods and yogurts. Good bacteria keep all the “bad-guy” bacteria in check along with the “bad-guy” fungi, parasites and even viruses. Symptoms of a lack of “good-guy” bacteria can be: Constipation, foul-smelling stools, messy BM cleanups, sewer pipe breath, tummy aches, gas/flatulence, weak immune system, bad teeth, indigestion, allergies, frequent fevers, skin disorders, foggy-brain, depression, sleep disorders and more. Start back to health by supplementing with probiotics. Rotate through different brands of probiotics to keep the “bad-guys” guessing.

05/10/13 Buckthorn has been used in folk medicine for centuries. Buckthorn is a laxative or purgative, cholagogus and choleretic. As a laxative, Buckthorn is useful to treat skin diseases associated with constipation, such as acne, allergic eczema, psoriasis and general skin infections. Buckthorn works to remedy liver insufficiency and increase bile production when used in conjunction with dandelion. Buckthorn also treats: Giardia, rheumatism, headaches from constipation, allergies, hepatitis and intestinal worms. You can find Buckthorn in tea, powder, capsule and oil forms. Start out slow with Buckthorn as it is very powerful!

05/09/13 Taking fish oil supplements can lower triglycerides and increase “good” cholesterol, while naturally thinning the blood and helping reduce the risk of heart attack. Fish oil also speeds the neuro synapses up and keeps them in the pathway. One study found that people with low blood levels of omega-3s were more likely to report symptoms of depression, express a more negative outlook, act more impulsively and be less agreeable than those with high blood levels of the essential fatty acid. Dosage for those seeking to lower triglycerides is 4 grams a day. I recommend 5 grams a day of fish oil for everyone – especially for youngsters that are developing new neuro pathways daily.

05/08/13 A mere 500mg of Vitamin C a day can lower hypertension by about 5 points according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Lead study author, Dr. Peter R. Miller commented “Our research suggests a modest blood pressure lowering effect with vitamin C supplementation.” Another recent study shows that vitamin C helps fight off the common cold by literally halving the occurrence of colds in the study participants. 1 gram of vitamin C per day also reduces the average duration of colds in adults by 8% and in children by 18%. But 98% or more of our vitamin C comes from China and is made with GMO corn. Find a non-corn, non-GMO source for your daily supplement.

05/07/13 If you are iron anemic, your body either has parasites or subclinical trouble like cancer or chronic inflammation. If you have a decent diet and are iron deficient the iron is not the problem and taking more iron is not the solution. Absorption of iron takes place in the upper small intestine and most of the iron enters the bloodstream directly there. Evidence indicates that absorption is mostly regulated by physiological demand. Persons who are iron deficient tend to absorb iron more efficiently and in greater quantities. Excess iron causes your body to shed iron, accumulate iron in the colon and other organs and also causes tumor growth. Anemia has a cause that needs to be dealt with before you can absorb iron normally.

05/06/13 Pernicious anemia can be fatal. In 1926 it was discovered that patients improved by eating raw liver. In 1948 scientists isolated a liver substance called vitamin B12, which, when given by injection was an effective treatment for pernicious anemia. Vitamin B12 is a red crystalline substance containing the metal cobalt for the production of healthy red blood cells. The cobalt becomes active in the body when it is attached to a methyl group. Humans cannot make their own vitamin B12 and it is found almost exclusively in foods of animal origin. Some fermented vegetable products can provide small quantities of B12. I only recommend the active methylcobalamin form and not the cyano(cyanide)cobalamin form.

05/03/13 Stinging nettle nourishes the kidneys and adrenal glands and is also an ideal herb for all types of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even gout. Nettles have anti-inflammatory substances that combine with a rich concentration of boron, calcium and silicon to ease pain and help build strong bones. Drinking stinging nettle tea brings the most benefits for osteoporosis and arthritis. In one scientific study of patients with acute arthritis, stewed stinging nettle leaves enhanced the anti-inflammatory effects of common arthritis pain medications. One reason may be that nettles also contain large amounts of magnesium to moderate pain response. Stinging nettles have long been used throughout pregnancy and are a remedy to stop hemorrhaging during childbirth.

05/02/13 Iodine deficiency patch test: Buy some Tincture of Iodine. It should be orange-colored and not the clear solution. At night, before bed, paint a 3 inch by 3 inch patch of iodine onto the underside of the forearm. In the morning, if there is no color left at all, you are definitely iodine deficient. If there is still a bright yellow-orange patch left the next evening, you are at optimal levels. Any color from grayish to pale yellow indicates sub-optimal levels of iodine in your body. Japanese consume about 12mg of iodine a day. In my opinion, this will keep you at a healthy level if you are not already deficient. You will need more for the short-term to catch up if you are deficient. 50mg a day can do that in 30-60 days. Stop taking iodine if you have heart palpitations show up in the night or if you acquire garlic breath without eating garlic.

05/01/13 Holy Basil is an adaptogenic herb that can help relieve the day-to-day stress of living. Adaptogenic means: If you are too low – it brings you up. If you are too high it brings you down. Green leaf teas like Holy Basil produce antioxidant chemicals when making oxygen in their leaves and sipping Holy Basil tea helps reduce oxidation caused by free radicals and reduces inflammation. Holy Basil is similar in effect to green tea with its anti-tumor and anti-ulcerative properties. Clinical studies show that Holy Basil is also neuroprotective against degenerative brain diseases. In India, Holy Basil is used for common colds, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, poisoning, and malaria.

04/30/13 Niacin and pellagra: Pellagra literally means “sour skin” pelle agra (pelle = skin; agra = sour). The history of niacin is closely linked with the disease pellagra and is generally associated with the Western maize diet. Pellagra was first attributed to a poor diet by Gaspar Casal some 200 years ago. In 1926 J. Goldberger demonstrated that yeast extract contained a pellagra-preventing non-protein substance. Because pellagra was found mainly in the staple diet of maize, it was first assumed that maize was poor in niacin. Turns out, the niacin in maize is not bio-available because it is in a bound form. Lime juice however makes niacin bioavailable in corn and maize. Although similar, niacin is not to be confused with niacinamide as the two have different actions in the body.

04/29/13 About ginko biloba: Acetylcholine helps your brain process and recall information quickly. Deficiencies in acetylcholine cause: fat cravings, dry mouth, dry cough, memory dysfunction, difficulty concentrating, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Multiple Sclerosis. Ginkgo biloba stimulates the brain to absorb acetylcholine along with critical B vitamins B1, B6 and B12. Ginkgo improves blood flow to the brain while acting as an antioxidant. Studies have shown that ginko can help with memory problems, prevent the progression of dementia symptoms, ease leg pain caused by clogged arteries, improve circulation problems and can even relieve PMS symptoms, like breast tenderness and mood changes.

04/26/13 Get ready for the summer sun and start taking your PABA now! Avoid the toxic sunscreens altogether by growing some healthy skin. That’s what I do! I give my whole family 1,000mg a day and we do not sunburn in spite of hours in the pool. PABA is a naturally occurring amino acid that is essential because we do not produce it in our bodies but depend on our diet to get it. It is a complete medical lie that says that UV exposure causes skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused when UV exposure is combined with chronic nutritional deficiencies that create skin vulnerabilities. Start beefing up your sun tolerance with PABA capsules. Oh, and use your brain – PABA is not an automatic burn-proofing. Build your tolerance to the sun and come out of the sun before you burn.

04/25/13 You’ve heard me tell that folic acid is the fake version of folate. Methylfolate is the bioactive form of folate in the body that is required for DNA production. People who cannot convert the folic acid into methylfolate often have depression, symptoms of schizophrenia, muscular degeneration, myopathies, pernicious anemia, pseudo B12 deficiency, cardiovascular disease, blood clots and DNA errors. Methylfolate helps prevent DNA errors and damage during cell division. These actions are critical during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Methylfolate helps the body make neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. If folate levels are low in an individual, antidepressants will not work to alleviate depression. Always take methylcobalamin B12 with your methylfolate for best results.

04/24/13 Milkweed secretes latex containing cardiac glycosides that are medicinally valuable in the treatment of heart disease. This same latex is a home remedy for warts and the milky white sap of the common milkweed has long been in used for treating warts. Apply the sap several times a day until the wart becomes black and falls off. Using milkweed for treating lung related disorders often brings phenomenal results as milkweed is an exceptional herbal treatment for coughs, colds, bronchitis, pleurisy, asthma and even tuberculosis. Milkweed helps bring down fever by inducing sweat. This herb also helps improve blood flow and when combined with regular workouts can cure circulatory problems.

04/23/13 Always take vitamin A supplements with oil. Carotenes are provitamin precursors of vitamin A. Carotene is poorly utilized when the diet has a low fat content, and diets deficient in vitamin A are often also deficient in fat, and vice-versa. Intestinal diseases such as dysentery, celiac disease and sprue limit the absorption of vitamin A and the conversion of carotene. Malabsorption syndromes and infections with common intestinal parasites such as roundworm also reduce the ability of the body to convert carotene into vitamin A. People with obstruction of the bile duct are likely to become deficient in vitamin A. The liver is where vitamin A is stored. This is why fish liver oils have a high content of vitamin A.

04/22/13 Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is one of my favorite supplements! It is a multi-talented antioxidant that protects the fat environments of the body from oxygen shock while it also protects the water environments. ALA exists in every cell and converts glucose to energy, working in cells to keep them from experiencing oxygen shock. ALA helps the body to shed cell-damaging toxins and especially protects our kidneys from oxidative damage. But there’s more! ALA studies show that it helps regulate blood sugar, protects nerve and brain tissue and can even treat glaucoma.

04/19/13 Did you know that the absorption of vitamin B12 actually begins in the mouth? Unbound crystalline B12 starts to be absorbed through the mucous membrane. Food-bound vitamin B12 is digested in the stomach – which requires an acid pH that is totally destroyed by taking antacids. Plants, animals and humans cannot construct vitamin B12. Only bacteria contain the enzymes required for B12 synthesis. Vegans and vegetarians that are dairyfree will lack B12 unless they take B12-containing dietary supplements or B12-fortified foods. Only take the methycolbalamin form of B12 as the cyanocobalamin form is made with cyanide – not good…

04/18/13 An L-carnitine study was conducted by researchers treating children with ASD. One group was given a daily dose of L-carnitine while the other group was given a placebo. After three months, the children taking L-carnitine had “significant improvements” in the severity of ASD. Extreme fatigue? A recent study demonstrated that, when supplemented with two grams of acetyl l-carnitine per day, those suffering with fatigue experienced dramatic improvements in both physical and mental fatigue. Acetyl-L-carnitine is a form of L-carnitine found in food sources like lamb, poultry and fish. Dairy products are some of the richest sources of L-carnitine but fruits, vegetables, and grains contain much less L-carnitine than meat or dairy. Meat eaters get up to 200 mg/day of L-carnitine and strict vegetarian diets get as little as 1 mg/day.

04/17/13 Acai berries are an important food source for indigenous Brazilians. There, acai juice is served up in gourds and mixed with tapioca, sugar and honey. Freeze dried acai powders, bottled juices and other supplements are now very popular health food items worldwide. Acai berry is best known for its energizing and antioxidant benefits as well as part of weight loss diets. Acai juice makes a nutritious health tonic that improves stamina, promotes rapid weight loss, improves digestion, fights cardiovascular disease, and also helps slow the aging process. There is science to support these uses and back the claims that the acai berry is extremely high in antioxidants, anthocyanins, protein fiber, vitamin E and bio-available iron. Unpasteurized acai juice is what you want. Good luck finding it though…

04/16/13 Folic acid is NOT the same thing as folate. Folic Acid is synthetic and is called pteroylmonoglutamic acid – NOT found in nature! If your body cannot efficiently process the counterfeit folic acid into a useable form, you could take all the pre-natal (folic acid fortified) foods, vitamins or multivitamins in the world with little or no benefits. You pay your money for it but get squat in return. The reason for this is in our body’s methylation process. Children with autism, ADHD and aggressive behaviors almost always have a shortage of methyl groups in their bodies and consequently – folate. Just adding folic acid from fortified processed enriched foods is not the cure here. Getting folate from dark leafy greens, citrus, legumes, etc. and supplementing with the bioactive form of folate and methyls will help.

04/15/13 Andrographis is an Ayurvedic herb for both general health care and longevity. Fresh and dried andrographis leaves and even the fresh juice of the andrographis plant have been widely used in traditional remedies for liver disorders, bowel complaints children, colic pain, cases of general debility, and convalescence after fevers. It is well known as a stomachic, anthelmintic, antiperistaltic, and antispasmodic. Significant antimicrobial activity with this herb can lessen the severity and frequency of colds while strengthening the immune system.

04/12/13 Got any stinging nettle in your medicine cabinet? Well, you should. Stinging nettle is an analgesic, antiCancer, astringent, depurative, diuretic, a wonderful nutraceutical tonic and a nourisher of kidneys and adrenals. Medicinally, stinging nettle is great for Allergies, Alopecia, Amenorrhea, Arthritis/RA, Asthma, Bed Wetting/incontinence, Female Hormones, Fibromyalgia, Kidney, Libido, Longevity, Menorrhagia, Osteoporosis, PMS and the Prostate. Stinging nettle contains natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatories that help to ease hay fever, nose and sinus type allergy symptoms. Stinging nettle is a reliable diuretic that helps excretion of uric acid, discourages nighttime bathroom urges and reduces benign prostate enlargement. A cup or more a day rapidly relieves and prevents water retention.

04/11/13 The essential oil of rosemary helps you to remember events and also to remember to complete tasks in the future. This is the finding presented at the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society. This is not exactly new news though as the aroma of rosemary has also been known to improve alertness, moods, long-term memory and even mental arithmetic performance. This study focused specifically on prospective memory – the ability to remember events that will occur in the future and to remember to complete tasks at particular times, like when we need to remember to post a birthday card, be somewhere or to take vitamin at a particular time. Rosemary oil can be diffused in an aroma stream fan diffuser to put this wondrous smell in the whole room.

04/10/13 I just love the word Oolong! But I also love the tea. Oolong tea is made with partial fermentation which produces a diverse arrangement of green and black leaves. This tea is wonderfully tasty, full bodied and carries a mild and smooth aftertaste. Oolong tea is most famous as a diet aid, fat-burning, energy-boosting, carb-cutting, sugar-busting health tea. I drink it because I like the taste – never mind that Oolong tea is rich in antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and heart disease and contribute to overall well-being. These health benefits just add an extra layer of tasty goodness to the simple enjoyment of drinking Oolong tea.

04/09/13 Phosphorus is acid forming but actually helps to maintain the alkalinity of the blood stream from phosphates. Phosphorus is necessary for every cell in the body. Some 90% of the phosphorus in the body is found in the skeletal structure and it takes 3 years to cycle all the phosphorus in the body. Phosphorus is important for higher intellectual functioning. Combined with calcium, phosphorus helps to build strong bones and teeth and is also good for skin, hair and nails. Daily requirements are 20 grains for adults and 15 grains for children. Lecithins are phosphorous compounds that are distributed in the tissues and liquids of the body. A huge amount of lecithin is in the white matter of the nervous system and the gray matter of the brain.

04/08/13 The impact of vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy: There is a proven link between vitamin D insufficiency and gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, low birth weight in newborns, risk of infection, c-sections, fetal growth restriction and a host of other adverse outcomes. The first solution is to get some sunshine on that body! (Exposing the pregnant tummy also helps fetal eye development). Beyond that, take 50,000 IU of cholecalciferol a week. Being an oil-soluble vitamin, you can actually take the entire dose of 50,000 IU once a week or split it up into daily doses. If you test vitamin D deficient then you will want to take 50,000 IU a day for a few weeks on top of getting some full-body sun daily.

04/05/13 Ever heard of epigallocatechin¬-3-¬gallate? It’s at your local health food shoppe and is a powerful antioxidant that helps crush dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. This all-natural wonder product is also known as “EGCG”, and it actually stops the plaques from forming in the brain that cause dementia and Alzheimer’s. If you ask for this EGCG, you might want to look for it in its common form – green tea extract. A new study found that isolated EGCG fought Alzheimer’s by disintegrating the plaques that form and also prevented new plaques from forming. All green, white, black and oolong teas have some level of EGCG. But the highest levels are in the green and white teas.

04/04/13 Butterbur is effective for reducing migraine headaches and taking 75 mg of butterbur root daily for over 16 weeks can reduce the number and severity of migraine headaches by about 50%. A clinical trial conducted by Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that butterbur is well tolerated and is an effective, natural therapy for migraines. Using butterbur root, the University of Essen in Germany did a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to find a reduction in migraines by 52%. Beware of the cheaper butterburs as they contain a liver toxin called pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs). Only buy PA – free form of butterbur.

04/03/13 Taking fish oil actually boosts the immune system according to the latest study. Fish oil contains DHA and EPA which are fatty acids that help reduce inflammation. Before now, scientists were not convinced that fish oil had immune enhancing effects. A new report in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, shows that DHA-rich fish oil enhances white blood cell activity. This flies in the face of Big Pharma’s recent declarations that fish oil is immunosuppressive. Of course, Big Pharma now sells a chemical, patented form of fish oil – that comes with the usual litany of side-effect, including death. All because Big Pharma cannot seem to get the patent rights on God’s natural cure – fish oil. This discovery will open the doors for the use of fish oil in people with compromised immune systems.

04/02/13 Niacin is the B3 form of nicotinic acid found in vitamin supplements and fortified foods. But people avoid niacin because it causes a red flushing of the skin that can be uncomfortable for a few minutes after taking it. But don’t be scared because this “niacin flush” boosts circulation and blood flow by opening up capillaries al through your body – including the brain. Medical studies show that niacin promotes heart health, lowers the bad LDL cholesterol by up to 23%, raises good HDL cholesterol by 33%, decreases lipoproteins by 33% and triglycerides by up to 50%. Niacin is also a hormone-regulating nutrient that activates stress-related hormones in the adrenal glands. Caveat: Niacin interacts negatively with some Big Pharma drugs like statins drugs.

04/01/13 Zinc is used in hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body. Zinc also helps build bones, heal muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In study models of muscle injuries, zinc concentration at the injured site peaks after a few days. A deficiency in zinc will slow the healing process considerably. Zinc deficiency means reduced glutathione levels that protect cells from oxidative damage – especially during times of intense exercise. Did you know that a zinc deficiency is linked to depression and anxiety disorders? Always use the glycinate, gluconate or chelate form on the inside of your body and reserve the zinc oxide for the outside only. Also remember that if someone is deficient in one mineral, they are likely deficient in many.

03/29/13 Smart people use peppermint to stay alert! You can drink peppermint tea, inhale peppermint oils with a diffuser, take peppermint capsules or even put it on the skin to boost your mental alertness. But researchers have actually found the scent of peppermint to be the most beneficial as it stimulates the hippocampus of the brain for mental alertness, clarity and memory. Peppermint oil is also rich in antioxidants and contains manganese, iron, copper, calcium, vitamins A and C, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. Peppermint oil is antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-septic and antispasmodic. Peppermint sooths a sour stomach, treats skin conditions, battles colds, flu and viruses and more.

03/28/13 Selenium is a trace mineral that the body uses to produce over 25 different selenoproteins. Selenium is critical for thyroid regulation, brain health, immune function along with cancer and general disease prevention. Your body requires selenium to produce the “master antioxidant” glutathione to scavenge free radicals that damage the body’s cells. Mercury in the body shorts critical enzymes of the cofactor selenium and causes cell mitosis problems and eventually – cancer. Additional selenium is needed for the body to remove mercury. High-dose selenium can also help you naturally detox heavy metals and other pollutants from your body. I recommend 200mcg for a normal adult dosage.

03/27/13 Got dark circles under your eyes? Try butcher’s broom! Have restless leg syndrome? Try butcher’s broom! Butchers broom is one of my favorite herbs that works both as a diuretic and as a blood vessel toner. Butcher’s broom is actually approved by the German Commission E for chronic venous insufficiency, which is a condition causing pain, swelling, and fatigue in the calves. Butcher’s broom also treats varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. Butcher’s broom treats poor circulation, irregular heart rhythm, and other related heart problems. Take the supplement capsules or brew it up in tea.

03/26/13 Glutathione is a critical tripeptide that your body uses for detoxifying to help prevent chronic, acute, and age-related diseases, as well as slowing the aging process itself. In the lungs, glutathione is secreted by epithelial cells into the fluid surrounding areas of gas exchange. In the liver significant amounts are released into the plasma and bile. Glutathione scavenges cellular oxidants, like superoxide anion, the hydroxyl radical, nitric oxide and carbon radicals. Glutathione also detoxifies hydroperoxides, peroxynitrite, and lipid peroxides. The depletion of glutathione in the body directly correlates to chronic disease, increased risk for cardiometabolic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

03/25/13 Magnesium helps the body metabolize B vitamins. It also helps provide cells with energy, helps muscles recover, assists the thyroid and helps keep us balance emotionally. But our food doesn’t have the mineral density that it used to have. A magnesium deficiency often brings numbness, tingling, cramps and even abnormal heart rhythms. What most people don’t know is that magnesium also relieves pain by blocking the NMDA receptor. If you are physically active, your body will burn through magnesium stores quicker than if you are sedentary. Always take the supplemental magnesium products in a form with “ate” on the end of it, like glycinate or chelate and never take the “ide” form, like oxide internally. Excess magnesium will cause loose stools and can actually be used as an occasional laxative.

03/22/13 Kava Kava can be used as a mild sedative for nervous tension and stress. The active constituents in the roots, kava lactones, have relaxing and intoxicating properties. It is used medicinally for anxiety, aphrodisiac, UTIs, cramps/abdominal/menstrual, dental care, headache, migraine, sleep and insomnia, smoking cessation and stress. In the Polynesia and the Pacific Ocean Islands, natives calm down by chewing a few leaves, but the most potent medicine is in the roots. Kava is used for medicinal, religious, political, cultural and social purposes throughout the Pacific. The word kava is used to refer both to the plant and the beverage produced from its roots. Kava is often used as a relaxing evening drink with friends. Drink responsibly as this is an intoxicant!

03/21/13 Aloe Vera gel should be an indispensable part of your personal medicinary. The juices of the aloe plant make aloe one of the most respected medicinal plants found in gels, creams and lotions. Aloe Vera gel assists wound healing and has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral compounds that help prevent wound infections. Aloe Vera in general is immune-stimulating, anti-inflammatory compounds and stimulates collagen synthesis and skin regeneration after burs. Aloe contains vitamins C and E, plus the mineral zinc. Aloe Vera gel also helps heal acne, improves wrinkles, and hydrates damaged skin. A dab of Aloe Vera gel eases skin irritations, flea and insect bites. Drinking this miracle elixir improves digestion, cleanses the digestive tract, stimulates insulin production and prevents high triglycerides. Never make your Aloe Vera juice from outer leaves which can contain dangerous chemicals.

03/20/13 Use DMSO to transport nutrients through the skin and into muscle! DMSO is the astonishing ‘key’ that unlocks the doors to healing. Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a colorless organosulfur compound that is a polar aprotic solvent dissolving both polar and nonpolar compounds and is miscible in a wide range of organic solvents as well as water. It penetrates the skin very readily, giving it the unusual property of being secreted onto the surface of the tongue after contact with the skin and causing a garlic-like taste in the mouth. DMSO may multiply healing chemical reactions by up to an incredible billion-fold. Use it sparingly as a few drops go a long ways!

03/19/13 A “Myers’ cocktail”, developed by John Myers, M.D., is an intravenous combination of vitamins and minerals that treat general fatigue, fibromyalgia, upper respiratory infections, chronic sinus infections, seasonal allergies, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, adrenal fatigue and drug withdrawals. A nutrient IV bypasses the digestive system and delivers critical nutrients directly to where they are needed in the body. Keep in mind that any supplements, including nutrient IVs are just that – a supplement. They should be used as a stop-gap measure while we fix the original deficiency in our diets and detox our environments.

03/18/13 Did you know that castor beans are really seeds from a tropical-looking, leafy plant? Castor oil is a popular ingredient used in cosmetics, printing ink, plastics, car and jet engine lubricants, antifungal treatments and modern drugs. Oncologists even use castor oil to transport chemotherapy drugs to tumors, and obstetricians use it to induce labor. Castor oil is a laxative to relieve constipation and stimulate healthy digestion, a pain reliever for aches and arthritis, an anti-inflammatory agent, remedy for abdominal discomfort, cure for ringworm, athlete’s foot and eczema, sunspots, warts, moles, is used for open wound ointment and even a conditioner for hair and skin. Castor oil penetrates deep into the lymphatic system while purging the intestines of toxins, encourages lymphatic drainage and increases immune cells. And, yes it can be used safely internally.

03/15/13 Gotu Kola is one of my very favorite herbs. It is a rejuvenative nervine that works very well for nervous disorders, epilepsy and senility. Gotu Kola helps build supporting tissues to prevent wrinkles, sagging and even premature aging. It is an amazing brain tonic that actually improves and aids intelligence and memory. This all-in-one herb supports adrenal function, cleanses the blood and treats skin disorders from the inside-out. How about this for a miracle herb? It combats stress and depression, increases libido, improve reflexes, helps chronic venous insufficiency, minor burns, scars, scleroderma, skin ulcers, varicose veins, wound healing, rheumatism, blood diseases, congestive heart failure, urinary tract infections, venereal diseases, hepatitis and high blood pressure.

03/14/13 Jasmine is a night blooming fairy vine that brings the magic of love, mystery, enchantment and dreams to the evening. The Hindus welcome honored guest with a string of these flowers for neck garlands. The legendary jasmine can delight the senses and is one of the main oils used in perfumes and ointments. When used in aromatherapy, jasmine oil will uplift the spirits in help overcome apathy and depression. Jasmine can even help bring confidence where there is lack of confidence. One little known fact is that jasmine is very helpful for the transition through menopause. It is a powerful aphrodisiac and jasmine’s scent can have a profound effect on frigidity and impotence. It can even relax the mother during childbirth and help relieve the pain of labor.

03/13/13 Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, contributes to the health of teeth & gums and is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system. It is required for production of collagen and is an antioxidant (free radical fighter). Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron, B-12, Folic Acid, B-6 and work hand in hand with vitamin E. Vitamin C can help curb the growth of cancer cells along with other cancer scavengers like magnesium, selenium, bicarbonate, and zinc. Did you know that a mere 100 mg a day of vitamin C given to an infant prevents SIDS? Not one baby in over 20 years, given “Klenner’s/Kalokerinos Ascorbate Therapy” in the recommended quantities is known to have died. Buy only GMO-free vitamin C as over 90% of all vitamin C is made from GMO corn.

03/12/13 “Vitamin F” is vitamin “fat” and simply means two essential fatty acids: omega-3 and omega-6 together. These omega fats function to repair and generate new tissue in the body while helping with metabolism, healing, and hair and skin growth. Vitamin F also aids digestion by helping the intestines produce bacteria for digestion. Believe it or not, the FDA even recommends that we get up to 2% of this in our total daily caloric intake. People who bruise easily, have scratches that are slow to heal, dull hair, dry eyes and eczema or dry skin are usually short of these essential fatty acids. EFAs are called “essential” because they really are essential for health and your body cannot manufacture them.

03/11/13 Not only can ginger root help cure cancer, but it is a natural remedy for travel sickness, nausea, indigestion, flatulence, colic, irritable bowel syndrome, loss of appetite, chills, poor circulation, menstrual cramps, dyspepsia, heartburn, indigestion and many other gastrointestinal problems. Ginger root is also a powerful anti-inflammatory for joint problems and is indicated for arthritis, fevers, headaches, toothaches, coughs, bronchitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, high cholesterol and blood-pressure and can also prevent internal blood clots. Ginger is even anti-viral and makes a warming cold and flu remedy.

03/08/13 PABA for the summer sun: Now is the time to get the body ready for the sunny days that bring sunburn. Para-AminoBenzioic Acid (PABA) is what your body uses to pigment for defense against sunburn. PABA is an amino acid that, because of our SAD diets, many people and children are lacking. That is why we get sunburned so easily and rely on the sunscreen goops. Start by loading up with 2,000mg a day of PABA at least one week before spring break or other outdoor fun. You can cut back to 500mg a day after that. Use your noggin and come out of the sun before you toast your skin. Did you know that PABA is a natural skin cancer deterrent? So, why the “PABA-free” lotions? Because science counterfeited the real deal for sun screens and the chemical form of PABA they use in these goops is toxic and cancer-causing. Food sources of PABA include liver, brewer’s yeast, unfiltered beer, kidney, molasses, mushrooms, and whole-unprocessed grains.

03/07/13 Herbal uses for green tea: Green tea prevents the aggregation of metal-associated amyloids, associated with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate, AKA – EGCG that also breaks down existing accumulated metals like copper, iron and zinc. EGCG is also a well-known and powerful antioxidant. Green tea is also great for Parkinson’s, weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, esophageal cancer, high cholesterol, tooth decay, high blood pressure, depression, is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and is useful for natural skincare.

03/06/13 Glutamine for the gut! An abundance of the amino acid glutamine is found in muscles to help build , repair and maintain muscle tissue – including the intestines! Glutamine is also a brain fuel that increases brain function and mental activity while helping to alleviate depression, schizophrenia and senility. This little miracle also helps maintain proper acid/alkaline balance in the body. Glutamine promotes a healthy digestive tract and shortens the healing time of ulcers. Glutamine helps prevent muscle wasting in cancer and AIDS. Other surprising benefits of glutamine are in treating impotence, decreasing sugar cravings and also decreasing desire for alcohol.

03/05/13 Women need more iron than men but if you are anemic there is always a cause (like infection and/or inflammation). During any infection, the body levels of iron are automatically depressed in a condition called anemia which is a defensive response in the body to infection. Anemia is a symptom only and treating anemia with iron supplements is poor medicine. Another clue for subclinical infections and inflammation is high cholesterol. But again they treat this symptom poorly by administering drugs… If you need iron, then your body absorbs more from diets and supplements. If your body is trying to get rid of iron then it stops absorbing iron. But instead of getting rid of it all, some of it becomes deposited in different places in the body. Hemorrhoids are generally a sure sign of iron overload in the gut.

03/01/13 Enzymes for the exerciser: Enzymes are for more than digesting foods and serve many other functions in the body; from cell proliferation to apoptosis (programmed cellular death for cancer fighting) and many other things. Did you know that enzymes made in the pancreas help restore injured muscles and joints? Protease is an anti-inflammatory enzyme that helps prevent damage to muscles in the first place by breaking down fibrin (a blood clotting protein). This allows muscles to recover from strain quickly. You can take protease supplementation away from meals to help relieve pain, lessen muscle damage, and speed recovery of strained or injured muscles.

03/04/13 Stimulate your digestion, breathing problems, fight the flu v03/01/13 Enzymes for the exerciser: Enzymes are for more than digesting foods and serve many other functions in the body; from cell proliferation to apoptosis (programmed cellular death for cancer fighting) and many other things. Did you know that enzymes made in the pancreas help restore injured muscles and joints? Protease is an anti-inflammatory enzyme that helps prevent damage to muscles in the first place by breaking down fibrin (a blood clotting protein). This allows muscles to recover from strain quickly. You can take protease supplementation away from meals to help relieve pain, lessen muscle damage, and speed recovery of strained or injured muscles.

02/28/13 Peruvian Bark, AKA Quinine/Jesuit’s Powder/Cinchona, used to be the remedy for all forms of malaria. It I made from the powdered bark of the South American Andes tree. It became famous for the treatment of malaria, fever and pain in the 1700s. Of course, it is now chemically synthesized but the FDA (Foot Dragging and Alibis) banned all off label uses of the drug form because of possible side effects. Interestingly enough, natural quinine is making a comeback in the treatment of malaria because malaria strains have evolved and developed a resistance to the synthesized quinine drugs. Quinine treats amebic and bacterial infections, carditis, cramps, colds, cough, dandruff, diarrhea, digestive sluggishness, dysentery, dyspepsia, fever, flu, glandular disorders, hangovers, hemorrhoids, lumbago, malaria, neuralgia, pain, pinworms, pneumonia, sciatica, septic infections, sore throat, stomatitis, tumors, typhoid, varicose veins, and is a natural insecticide/repellent.

02/27/13 Vitamin “P”: In 1936, Professor Jacques Masquelier discovered what he called vitamin P. What he meant to say was “phenol”. One of the best phenols can be found in grape seed extract and is called procyanidin. Grape seed extract actually contains a spectrum of health-promoting ingredients, like protein, lipids, carbohydrates and polyphenols (a flavonoid). Flavonoids are plant chemicals that are known as potent antioxidants that protect the body against oxidative and free radical damage. Did you know that studies show grape seed extract to be 20 times more powerful than vitamin E, and 50 times greater than vitamin C? Because of polyphenol content, purple grape juice has more antioxidant effects than orange juice!

02/26/13 The amino acid tyrosine is the “T” in thyroid T1, T2, T3 and T4. Tyrosine is very important for overall metabolism , regulating mood, stimulating metabolism and the nervous system, suppressing the appetite, helping reduce body fat and aids in producing melanin (the pigment responsible for hair and skin color). Tyrosine helps make adrenaline, nor epinephrine, and dopamine, and is critical for proper function of the adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands. Tyrosine can treat chronic fatigue, narcolepsy, anxiety, depression, low sex drive, allergies and headaches. Get it in free-range meats or buy the supplement form.

02/25/13 Chlorella is loaded with nutrients and contains more nucleic acids for RNA/DNA than any other food. Chlorella will boost any diet lacking in green vegetables and is great for children and nursing mothers. Chlorella supports natural detoxification, digestive health, immune function, inflammation reduction, antioxidant function, estrogen balance, cholesterol metabolism, and circulation. Chlorella also contains more chlorophyll than most plants and boasts an impressive array of vitamins A, B, D, E, K1, beta carotene along with lutein, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. Chlorella is probably the top nutrient for absorbing toxic metals like uranium, cadmium, mercury and others. What are you waiting for? Add two tablets with every meal.

02/22/13 Magnesium and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Low brain levels of magnesium have been associated with various types of cognitive disorders including depression and dementia. Using magnesium can even improve PTSD. Magnesium enhances neuro-plasticity in the limbic prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Magnesium threonate is the absolute best form to help the brain when the fear response has been altered as in PTSD. As always, NEVER take magnesium oxide in a vitamin form. It can turn into a noxious poison in the stomach. Always make sure that your magnesium form ends in “ate” and NEVER “ide”.

02/21/13 Phenylalanine is an “essential” amino acid – which means that your body cannot make it out of other amino acids but depends on dietary intake to provide what you need. Phenylalanine is found in protein-rich foods like beef, poultry, pork, fish, milk, yogurt, eggs and cheese. So, what’s it good for? I’m glad you asked! Phenylalanine is used by the brain to produce norepinephrine to transmit signals between nerve cells in the brain. It promotes alertness and vitality, elevates mood, decreases pain, aids memory and learning and lessens menstrual cramps and migraines. Phenylalanine is also used to treat obesity, schizophrenia, depression, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and a skin disease called vitiligo.

02/20/13 Re-studying what we already know: Yet another new study shows that vitamin C helps fight off the common cold. In this study, vitamin C literally halved the occurrence of colds in the study participants. Vitamin C is especially critical for people under heavy physical stress as the adrenal glands require vitamin C to function. Just 1 gram of vitamin C per day also reduces the average duration of colds that adults get by 8% and in colds that children get by 18%. There is one huge problem though; over 93% of all vitamin C comes from GMO corn. Read your labels and only buy GMO-free vitamin C. Oh, and 1 gram is just enough to keep a healthy person healthy – maybe. If you are already sick or compromised in your health you will need a lot more than 1 gram a day.

02/19/13 Boswellia, AKA Frankencense, can be used to relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation in all types of arthritis . Boswellia is a gum resin extract with both anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties. Boswellic acids work by deactivating the hormonal triggers for inflammation and pain in the same pathways as glucosamine. Boswellia may not work quote as fast as OTC drugs, but boswellia can be taken long term without side effects. Frankincense oil is distilled from the gum resin that oozes from cuts made in the bark of desert shrubs in the Holy Land and India. Frankincense is used in massage blends for pain and its profound calming and grounding effect on the emotions. Boswellia can also be used to treat IBS and other digestive disorders.

02/18/13 Pine bark extract relieves menopausal symptoms in a medical study! Low-doses of Pycnogenol alleviated several of the symptoms in perimenopausal women in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. This is not the first study to prove this either. 60mg a day was used in the latest study and more may be better for some women. A daily dosage of 200 mg found good results across all major menopausal symptoms after a treatment period of half a year. Improvements included a 35.1% improvement in vasomotor symptoms, a 27.8% improvement of insomnia/sleeping problems and a whopping 48.7% improvement over feeling tired or worthless.

02/15/13 Folic Acid and Autism rates: Women who took folic acid supplements four weeks before conception and continued until eight weeks into pregnancy had a 40 per cent lower rate of consequent childhood autism. But, by the time you find out you are pregnant is too late to take them for this benefit. The researchers in this study found no benefit from eating folate rich foods instead of taking the supplement. This is shown in new findings from the ABC Study and Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study published in JAMA. If you are child-bearing age and sexually active, it will behoove you to fill up on folic acid!

02/14/13 Uva ursi has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and hundreds of years in American Indians to fight urinary tract infections (UTIs). Uva ursi is usually found in a tincture or capsule and is frequently combined with buchu, cleavers, dandelion leaf, parsley, or juniper berries for battling recurring UTIs. Beware though that sugar cancels out the effects of this potent herb! Cranberry juice sweetened with sugar is the worst culprit for canceling the benefits of uva ursi, but unsweetened cranberry juice, extracts, and whole cranberries do not. Believe it or not, vitamin C also cancels out Uva ursi’s effects. Uva ursi is more effective when the urine is alkaline. You can accomplish this with ½ tsp of baking soda taken twice a day and also load up on plant foods.

02/13/13 Aspartic Acid is a non-essential amino acid that increases stamina for treatment of chronic fatigue. It is great for treating depression, rejuvenates cellular activity, increases cell formation and metabolism (to give you a younger looking appearance), protects the liver by aiding the expulsion of ammonia, combines with other amino acids to absorb toxins from the bloodstream, facilitates the movement of minerals across the intestinal lining and into the blood and cells, and also aids the function of RNA and DNA, which are carriers of genetic information. Might be worth a try?

02/12/13 Pau d’arco means “low tree” in Portuguese. AKA Taheebo tea, Pau d’arco is a key ingredient in the tribal medicine in the Amazon rainforest as Pau d’arco can successfully treat colds, flu and sore throats. Scientific evidence shows that this herb contains compounds that protect against tropical diseases like malaria, schistosomiasis, and tropical fevers. Did you know that this inner bark from a “low tree” fights fungal infections and cancer? Add Pau d’arco to ointments and treat psoriasis, drink it in tea form to relieve ulcers. As with all tree-bark herbs, boil this one for a minimum of 12 minutes to break down the oils in the bark for the best potency.

02/11/13 Humans are the only species which cooks and eats food. This requires our bodies to manufacture enzymes for the digestion of foods that normally pack their own enzymes. But as our bodies age, digestive enzyme production tends to decline, which allows partially digested food to find its way into the bloodstream. Without sufficient enzymes for digestion, auto-immune disease can be triggered by these food particles passing through the intestinal membrane and into the blood stream. If you are not on a raw diet you may want to take a digestive enzyme with every meal.

02/08/13 If you have a zinc deficiency then you will likely have white flecks under some of your fingernails. Zinc is responsible for firing enzymes in digestion, metabolism, bone health and zinc is also responsible for over 200 different enzyme reactions in the body. Zinc deficiency is almost always found in liver disease and may even be a big part of the cause. Getting nose bleeds? Slow healing? Low energy? Flaking fingernails? Look for the telltale white fingernail flecks in the nail beds and treat the zinc deficiency. Zinc is the second most abundant trace minerals occurring in the cells of the body but your body only absorbs about 40% of the zinc it digests. Adult supplement dosage is 40 mg – 50 mg a day. NEVER take zinc oxide internally. Use zinc gluconate, glycenate, chelate or another kind ending in “ate” internally.

02/07/13 Valerian tea is great for the Whooping Cough (AKA Pertussis). It calms the spasms of coughing down quickly to allow the body to heal. Valerian as an herbal supplement is the most widely recognized herbal sedative out there and can be used for insomnia, nervous anxiety and relaxation in the presence of pain. Valerian has an effect similar to drugs like Valium – without the toxic side effects. Valerian is not even habit-forming or addictive. Research shows that extracts of valerian help you fall asleep faster and improves sleep quality. Valerian relaxes smooth muscles which makes it an idea remedy for menstrual cramps. Valerian doesn’t cause morning hangovers or interact with alcohol, but I don’t recommend mixing them or you’ll be a sleepy drunk.

02/06/13 Choline is actually a nutrient of the vitamin B family that is crucial for the nervous system, nerve communication, cell membrane function and reducing inflammation throughout the body. Choline helps prevent heart disease by stopping the accumulation of homocysteine in the blood that damages blood vessel walls and causes blood clots. Choline regulates cholesterol levels and supports liver health and can benefit women who suffer from endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and fibrocystic breast syndrome. Choline also helps break down fat for energy and even helps make you feel fuller-faster-longer for weight loss according to the Louisiana State University Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Natural sources of choline are eggs, cabbage, peanuts, cauliflower, liver and oatmeal.

02/05/13 What is Apple Cider Vinegar with “mother”? Naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has a sediment referred to as the “mother of vinegar” growing in the liquid. ACV has many vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and other wonderful things that are great for you. ACV provides important minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus, iron, silicon and other trace minerals. The vitamins in ACV are bioflavonoids, beta-carotene, vitamin C, E, B1, B2, and B6. Tannins, malic acid, tartaric acid, propionic acid, acetic acid and pectin are also there. Only buy organic unfiltered, and unpasteurized ACV for medicinal qualities. Do NOT waste your money on white distilled vinegar, as it has none of the benefits listed above.

02/04/13 Gotu Kola is one of my favorite herbs! It strengthens collagen for wrinkle prevention and it helps fight off those unsightly stretch marks after pregnancy. Clinical experiments show that Gotu Kola rejuvenates skin and body tissue by stimulating collagen synthesis. Gotu kola is also an excellent vasodilator and blood vessel strengthener. But the benefits go on and on, as Gotu Kola is also a diuretic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Gotu Kola multiplies the effects of both vitamins C and E in areas where there is damage. Gotu kola is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to rejuvenate the mind and body to improve mental focus and memory.

02/01/13 Colloidal silver for fever blisters and more. Colloidal silver is a natural antiseptic that works on just about any kind of infection, but most people don’t know that colloidal silver is also antiviral! Fever blisters are caused by a virus and can last 8 days or more. In most cases cold sores appear around the mouth but in rare cases they occur inside the mouth. Stress is the biggest factor for eruptions of fever blisters. While there is no “cure” for a virus there are great things to do to help the body defeat fever blisters. Topical colloidal silver, lots of Lysine, GMO-free vitamin C, Zinc gluconate and lemon balm are great interventions. With the onset of tingling before an eruption, apply a cool-wet tea bag to the area. Earl Gray Tea works well for this.

01/31/13 Bloodroot in its raw state is a dangerous poison and yet it is found as the main ingredient in many mouthwashes, toothpastes and cough preparations because it is an antiseptic that prevents plaque from forming on the teeth. The red juice from the root can be used externally in salves for warts, moles, blemishes and skin tag removal and also to treat skin cancers. In the late 1800’s doctors commonly used bloodroot, flour, water, and zinc chloride mixed together for treating cancers and tumors because bloodroot can dissolve abnormal skin growths. Do not ingest bloodroot!

01/30/13 Maitake mushroom is an adaptogen that is used in both Chinese and Japanese medicine. Maitake mushroom extracts increase activity of immune cells, help to protect and support liver function, can lower blood pressure, have a long term beneficial effect on blood-glucose levels, and are useful for weight loss. This flavor delight contains a number of complex immune stimulating polysaccharides (including beta-glucan starch), amino acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins B2, D and niacin. Maitake mushrooms are used to fight the formation and growth of tumors, which makes maitake a powerful weapon in cancer prevention and treatment strategies.

01/29/13 When you have a lack of income, you supplement it with other income. When you lack nutrients in your diet it’s time to supplement there. Vitamins are sold in supplement form but they are not food and shouldn’t be taken in the place of food. Vitamins are manufactured to supplement or complete our nutrient deficient foods. Due to the huge amount of processed foods our society consumes today, along with the depleted soil fruit and vegetables are grown in, at the very least, a good multi-vitamin/mineral should be taken daily. Today, drugs are used for every condition – even vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We are not deficient in drugs. We are deficient in vitamins and minerals, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

01/28/13 The Andrographis plant is known in India as Maha-tita, or literally “king of bitters”. Andrographolides have been used for treating respiratory infections in China for hundreds of years. This herb and it’s derivatives have significant activity against bacterial infections and are very effective for fighting the flu virus. In a recent scientific study, derivatives of Andrographis were used on mice infected with avian influenza AH9N2, H5N1, and the influenza H1N1 viruses. This herbal remedy (they are calling it a drug) greatly reduced the death rate, prolonged life, inhibited lung consolidation, and reduced viral titers in the lung of the victims when administered twice daily for 7 days.

01/25/12 Fish oil by itself slows the rise in blood glucose after a meal but combining fish oil and exercise results in both a slower rise in blood glucose and a significant reduction in the “bad cholesterol” levels. A study done on obese and insulin resistant patients and shows not only the benefit of fish oil but the compounded positive effects of fish oil with regular exercise in both the obese and that patients at risk for metabolic syndrome (which encompasses both lipid and non-lipid related disorders). This study, featured in Nutrition and Metabolism also shows that dietary fish oil and exercise are also cardio protective. Go figure that!

01/24/13 The most common calcium supplement out there is calcium carbonate – made from ground limestone or oyster shell. Did you know that the calcium carbonate in Tums actually neutralizes the stomach acid needed for calcium absorption? The best forms of calcium are pure calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, and calcium citrate. Calcium taken with iron is a No-No as it reduces the effect of both minerals. Never take calcium supplements that have magnesium included as magnesium is a stable mineral in the body and should be taken away from calcium. Calcium supplements should be calcium by itself and taken without other minerals and in small amounts throughout the day – no more than 600mg total. A deficiency of vitamin D3 also hinders the uptake of calcium.

01/23/13 Elderberries are used to make elderberry wine and cordials which are delish. The leaves of the elder tree can be used in folk-remedy ointments for bruises, sprains, chilblains and many other skin irritations. The flowers can be made into infusions for treating bronchitis and colds. Cooled elder flower tea makes a soothing natural medicine for eye irritations. Elderberries are traditional healing medicines that have been used for ages to relieve constipation, colic, diarrhea, colds and even rheumatism. The dried berries combine nicely with other teas and when combined with cinnamon and ginger makes for a great cold remedy. Watch out though as the leaves and barks will make you toss your cookies if you try to take them internally.

01/22/13 Did you know that ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) can help lower blood pressure? Take 200mg with each meal daily to help cleanse the kidneys and liver while neutralizing the oxidizing effects of free radical damage – especially in diabetes. ALA amplifies the effects of other antioxidants in the body, like CoQ10 and glutathione which are all three critical for fighting cancer along with the ravaging effects of aging. ALA also teams with your B-vitamins for energy production by converting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, into stored energy for future use. ALA is better than medications for relieving metabolic syndrome—a spectrum of risk factors preceding type II diabetes. A recent study on metabolic syndrome showed that ALA reduces blood pressure and insulin resistance, improves the lipid profile, and reduces body weight. You can’t lose with ALA!

01/21/13 Choline is an essential nutrient similar to the B vitamin that is found in foods such as liver, muscle meats, fish, nuts and eggs. When given as a dietary supplement in the last two trimesters of pregnancy and in early infancy, choline is showing a lower rate of physiological schizophrenic risk factors in infants 33 days old. The study breaks new ground both in its potentially therapeutic findings and in its strategy to target markers of schizophrenia long before the illness itself actually appears. Choline is also being studied for potential benefits in liver disease, including chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis, depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and certain types of seizures.

01/18/13 Medical science is going full-circle back to plants for medicine – except they are now calling herbs, drugs. This is, of course, so they can make them prescription and keep the good-old-boy Big Pharma network funded. A group of university researchers believe they have identified (re-identified??) potential medicines derived from plants that – get this – “may have fewer adverse side-effects for diabetes sufferers.” What plants are these you ask? One is Cassia auriculata, more commonly known as Tanner’s Senna (proven eight times more potent than the anti-diabetic drug, acarbose) and the other is Cinnamomum Cassia or common cinnamon. If you are diabetic, don’t wait for medical science to re-patent the wheel so they can charge for it. Skip the middle-man and find them at your local health food store today.

01/17/13 Agrimony is a veritable panacea herb that stops bleeding, diarrhea, gout, can be gargled for throat inflammation and taken internally for inflammation of gall bladder and more. Agrimony is rich in flavonoids and contains about 5% of tannin, which is useful in making medicines to treat slow healing ulcers and wounds. Agrimony reduces organ inflammation, revitalizes injured organs and is diuretic to increase urination frequency to clear toxins. This amazing herb can even condition the blood in people suffering from anemia. Three grams a day of the dried herb can be taken internally for any of the above conditions or the herb can be found in essential oils or can be steeped for a semi-aromatic tea. I spice my agrimony tea with dried mint.

01/16/13 Vitamin basics: Vitamins are micronutrients that are needed in small quantities. Recommended amounts are usually given in milligrams (mg), which are equivalent to one thousandth of a gram, or micrograms (mcg), equivalent to one millionth of a gram. Vitamins are essential for optimal health and with the exception of vitamins D and K, our bodies cannot make them but require them to be in the food we eat. Vitamins are classified into two groups – water-soluble vitamins B and C and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Water-soluble vitamins degrade quickly in high temperatures, light and even in processing. It’s important that we eat foods rich in these vitamins every day. Fat-soluble vitamins are more stable in heating and processing and are stored in the body for up to 6 months – when we are at optimal levels.

01/15/13 Thyme is actually a member of the mint family and has been used throughout history as a medicinal herb. Thyme is absolutely the best herb for cough and cold remedy. Thyme addresses cold symptoms by acting as an expectorant (to clear the lungs of congestion) and as an antitussive (calming coughing spasms). Thyme tea settles the stomach, helps sleep, soothes the throat, relieve aches and pains, and also encourages the body to sweat and eliminate toxins to bring a fever down. Thyme oils can be used in room diffusers and thyme can even be used to treat cuts and wounds and actually treats and prevents infections when used in a poultice.

01/14/13 Damiana is my favorite go-to aromatic tea herb. It comes from a small shrub that has a strong spice-like odor from the essential oils in the plant. The leaves are dried and made into a tea and/or incense used by natives of Central and South America. Damiana is known for its relaxing effects, boosting mental focus, increasing stamina and also as an aphrodisiac for both sexes. Damiana can be combined with saw palmetto to address male prostate health. Damiana was used in the “original” margarita. Stupidly, any part or form of the damiana plant is illegal in Louisiana since 2005 along with the herb skullcap…

01/11/13 Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that works very well with the endocrine system – if you are too low, it brings you up and if you are too high it brings you down. Rhodiola root can be prepared as a tea, and given in treatment of colds, anemia and to enhance fertility and sexual function. Research shows that rhodiola supports memory and focus while relieving depression in patients with mild to moderate depression. Always use the smallest recommend dose of rhodiola for treating depression, or erectile dysfunction because larger doses are sedative. In Siberia, a bouquet of rhodiola is given to couples prior to marriage to enhance fertility and ensure the birth of healthy children.

01/10/13 Lemongrass is a well-known medicinal herb in the east, as well as being widely used in Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Caribbean cooking. In Ayurvedic medicine a preparation of lemon grass with pepper has been used for relief of menstrual troubles and nausea. Lemon grass is a mild diuretic and a digestive stimulant that promotes digestion of fats. Lemongrass has a lemony flavor and can be dried and powdered, or used fresh. The stalk itself is too hard to be eaten, except for the soft inner part. However, it can be finely sliced and added to recipes. It may also be bruised and added whole for the aromatic oils from the juice sacs in the stalk.

01/09/13 Boneset is a Native American remedy for colds and fever. Boneset was named because it is used to treat dengue – breakbone fever – which is a viral infection that causes such intense muscle pain that victims feel their bones will break. Aspirin later wrongfully usurped boneset as the choice for pain remedies. Boneset remains by far and large the best remedy for flu and fevers with its cathartic, diuretic and anti-scorbutic properties. Boneset is good for purifying the blood by itself, or in combination with other herbs. Boneset works great on wounds and bruises when mixed with coconut oil. For broken bones and torn ligaments mix boneset with coconut oil, arnica and DMSO to rub onto the injured area.

01/08/13 Sage is an excellent digestive herb that can be used for seasoning meats and fowl to make digestion easier. The American colonists used sage as a valuable remedy for colds and fevers in the harsh New England winters. Sage is an excellent antibacterial with astringent properties, making it popular for gargles for sore throats, gingivitis and even sore gums. Sage is go-to herb for women and can be helpful for relieving hot flashes and slowing heavy menstrual bleeding. A strong sage tea can be used to ground and relax with. Steep a steaming hot cup of sage tea with a twist of lemon and sit back and sip it slowly while inhaling the aroma. Troubles, colds and sniffles just melt away in the fragrant steam.

01/07/13 Fenugreek is a medicinal plant that can lower blood sugar, treat bronchial problems, tuberculosis, gout, general body pain, swollen glands, skin problems and even low libido. These bitter plant seeds are called methi in India and are used as a condiment while the leaves are used in teas. Fenugreek is loaded with potent antioxidants that have beneficial effects on the liver, pancreas and other organ, making it useful in the treatment of diabetes, high cholesterol, and digestive disorders. The ancient healers of Egypt, Greece and Rome used fenugreek seeds as a panacea (good for everything). If you are allergic to chick peas you will want to avoid fenugreek.

01/04/13 Gluthathione is called the “master antioxidant” that regulates the actions of lesser antioxidants such as vitamin A and vitamin E in the body. Gluthathione intake has been associated with protection against certain forms of cancer and is a major player in a cancer battle plan as glutathione protects DNA and other essential body proteins to reduce oxidative damage in the cells. Gluthathione regenerates immune cells to help you fight off diseases too. Taking 1,000 mg a day of the supplement form is a good-size adult dosage. Asparagus is the highest tested food containing glutathione.

01/03/13 MSM is also known as dimethyl sulfone. This sulfur compound is actually a nutrient found in the human diet and the natural diets of all vertebrates. It is odorless and in its purified chemical form, it is a water-soluble, white crystalline solid. It belongs in the same chemical family as oxygen, and in oxygen depleted environments, sulfur often replaces oxygen as the source of chemical energy for life. It’s also a dietary supplement that is great for the joints and does not require a prescription. A daily dose of 1,000 mg is common, but for some conditions like osteoarthritis, doses as high as 2,000 to 6,000 mg may be used.

01/02/13 Riboflavin is vitamin B-2. Riboflavin is the yellow crystalline substance that turns your urine yellow when you take B vitamins. Riboflavin acts as a coenzyme involved with tissue oxidation. A deficiency of riboflavin is characterized by painful cracking of the lips and corners of the mouth. Approximately 1.5 mg of riboflavin per day is a healthy amount for the average adult. The richest food sources of riboflavin are milk products and green vegetables, meat, fish and eggs contain smaller quantities. Processing of grains pretty much wipes out most if not all riboflavin content.

12/31/12 Too much calcium is bad. An analysis of 11 studies published in the July 2010 BMJ found that women taking doses of calcium averaging 1,000 mg a day without vitamin D, had an increased risk for heart attacks. Another study, the Harvard Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, involving 48,000 men with no history of cancer found that high calcium intake from supplements was associated with an increased risk for highly invasive prostate cancer. You can always get sufficient amounts of calcium eating lots of raw veggies. If you supplement calcium, keep it under about 600mg a day.

12/28/12 Protease and pancreatic enzyme supplementation was tested against a placebo in downhill running. Running downhill puts much more stress on the knees, ankles, and muscle groups than running a flat track because you are bracing against the pull of gravity to keep your balance. The study showed that those supplementing with enzymes had a much better recovery time and less muscle soreness than those who did not. The study also showed that protease may help heal muscle damage while supporting easier muscle contractions, thus alleviating the stiffness that often follows exercise.

12/27/12 Vitamin C intake is critical for fetal brain development. Prenatal Vitamin C deficiency causes impairment of hippocampal memory function and ultimately leads to a whopping 30% less neuron development. And worse yet, the latest study shows that it cannot be reversed by supplementing the baby after-the-fact. Humans do not make their own Vitamin C. Did you know that any human size mammal that does produce its own vitamin C make 12,000 to 14,000mg a day? If they get sick they make even more. Make sure the Vitamin C you take is labeled GMO-free and take it spread out through the day to prevent diarrhea.

12/06/12 Oil of bergamot: Essential oils of bergamot reduced heart rates and high blood pressure in a new study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. The beneficial effects of bergamot essential oil followed with just a short-term exposure to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. But the benefits reverse again after exposure to essential oils for more than an hour. Essential oils are volatile organic compounds derived from plants, seeds and fruits. Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years for stress relief and other medicinal and healing properties. Exposure to the essential oil vapors from fragrant candles has been found to reduce test-taking anxiety among nursing school students.

12/05/12 Lithium has been used in allopathic medicine to treat mental imbalances. However, there is a litany of adverse side effects to taking this as the body poorly absorbs lithium carbonate. But lithium orotate is a supplement that offers superior bio-utilization that allows this trace mineral to penetrate the mitochondria, glia and lysosomes in the cells. Lithium orotate helps with: Brain protection, building grey matter, anti-aging, neuroprotection from environmental toxins, Lyme disease, Low white blood cell counts, juvenile convulsive disease, alcoholism and liver disorders, pain associated with migraine and cluster headaches, hyperthyroidism and other thyroid diseases, PTSD, stress, ADHD, aggression, rage, anger and improved memory. Lithium orotate has been shown to serve as an effective mood balancer in 70-80 percent of bipolar patients.

12/04/12 Mistletoe: Not just for Christmas. Mistletoe is used in alternative medicine to treat medical conditions such as arthritis, epilepsy, hypertension, menopause and even various cancers. Mistletoe is an approved alternative medical treatment in Europe for of colon cancer, which is the second greatest cause of cancer death in the US. Mistletoe is not approved in the US because of Big Pharma interest in selling only patentable drugs. The mistletoe species known as Fraxini is highly effective against colon cancer cells and gentler on healthy cells than chemotherapy and mistletoe is more potent than chemo on colon cancer. Fraxini mistletoe grows on ash trees and is the most effective of all mistletoe extracts tested.

12/03/12 Iodine was once the medical treatment of choice and considered to be the most beneficial and universal medicines to heal wounds and disease, destroy bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, and to prevent cancer. To treat the condition of goiter (enlarged thyroid gland), physicians used to apply iodine. Iodine was eventually added to salt to help with the universal goiter problems. Today however, most people have reduced their salt intake and consequently their critical iodine intake. The RDA for iodine is 150mcg – just to prevent goiter. Japanese consume some 12mg of iodine daily and consequently live 4 years longer than Americans and have 3 times less breast cancer rates along with one of the lowest infant mortality rates globally.

11/30/12 Cranberry to prevent UTIs: The Cochrane Review reported that cranberry users had a nearly 38% lower risk for UTIs compared with nonusers. But women with recurrent infections had a whopping 47% lower risk of developing a UTI with this berry. Cranberry juice was more effective than cranberry capsules or tablets. Drinking cranberry juice can block urinary infections by binding to bacteria so they can’t adhere to cell walls. Cranberry also prevents plaque formation on teeth, can kill H. pylori bacteria, increases good cholesterol, reduces bad cholesterol and can help prevent breast cancer and other tumors from growing or starting in the first place. For best results, take cranberry at least twice a day.

11/29/12 The miraculous vitamin D is now associated with an approximately 50 percent reduction in the incidence of tooth decay. The review, published in Nutrition Reviews, showed that while vitamin D’s role in bone health is not been disputed, vitamin D’s role in preventing caries has not previously been established. This study found that children who are vitamin D deficient have poor and delayed teeth eruption and are prone to dental caries. Current stats show that vitamin D levels in many populations are decreasing while dental caries levels in young children are increasing. I say, kick them outdoors to play in the sun!

11/28/12 Krill oil supplies much more omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids than those in fish oil. This means that krill oil has much bigger benefits on depression, OCD and other brain disorders. Krill oil also contains the powerful antioxidant – astaxanthin and fish oil does not. Fish oil easily goes rancid and krill oil does not. Krill oil contains proportionately more EPA (eicosapentaeneoic acid) than fish oil that is more bioavailable and has a stronger effect on depression and other mood disorders. Krill oil is a little more expensive that fish oil, but unquestionably worth it.

11/27/12 Chinese Foxglove is blood tonic that enhances circulation – most especially to the head and brain. It is a blood energizer that is used to treat blood-related deficiencies, like anemia, dizziness, pallid face and light-headedness. Chinese Foxglove can regulate menstrual cycles and control hemorrhage of all kinds. Women especially find this herb helpful to strengthen the body after the effects of childbirth. The flowers of Chinese Foxglove (the Rehmannia plant), have been used in the Orient for centuries to treat the inner ear disorders. A 2006 study found the antioxidant effects it has on the delicate cells of the inner ear as Chinese Foxglove protects the cells in the ear from the premature aging.

11/26/12 Borage for what ails you: The borage plant contains potassium, calcium and several mineral acids. Borage leaf gently strengthens adrenal function. Borage seed oil has the highest plant-source concentration of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and can be used to correct EFA deficiencies in chronic inflammatory conditions, psoriasis, eczema and even rheumatoid arthritis. Borage oil has a depurative nature
that makes it a great skin conditioner to re-hydrate and revitalize sun damaged and aged skin. Borage oil may be taken as a supplement or mixed into food or diluted to use in topical applications. Borage oil should never be heated to retain health benefits. Young leaves can be used fresh in salads, cooked like spinach, or infused as a tea. The flowers can be candied, or added to teas.

11/23/12 The essential oil of patchouli is my favorite scent to put on. But it is more than just a perfume/aftershave as patchouli is also used for other applications. Patchouli is known to heal dry and itching skin, control appetite, relieve depression and even keep moths out of clothing. You can easily grow your own patchouli or Pogostemon in a shady spot in the garden and it can survive cold frost. The Deadheads and hippies though, thought that its pungent odor would mask the smell of cannabis (I think not).

11/21/12 Clinical studies suggest that CoQ10 can lower blood pressure in 4 – 12 weeks. After reviewing 12 clinical studies, researchers concluded that CoQ10 can potentially lower systolic blood pressure by up to 17 mm Hg and diastolic 10 mm Hg – without significant side effects! The benefits of co-enzyme Q10 is so incredible that it is currently even being used by medical doctors to soothe, repair, and rejuvenate years of skin damage. As we age, our bodies produce less and less CoQ10 putting our skin cells and other cells at higher risk for damage from free radicals and the environment. CoQ10 is like a super enzyme!

11/20/12 Walnuts are a great source of serotonin for maintaining a healthy emotional balance. A lack of serotonin in the brain can cause of depression. Walnuts are also a super source of omega-3 fatty acids that reduces inflammation and may help lower risk such as heart disease, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. Herbalists and naturopaths like the bark, leaves and nut husks of black walnut as the black walnut hulls contain juglone, which is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal. Black walnut can even be used to treat ringworm and yeast infections of the skin and are unquestionably the best safest de-worming agents in the plant world. But the tincture of black walnut can be toxic and is not for long term use.

11/19/12 Grape seed extract kills common stomach virus. The Norovirus causes over half of all food-born illnesses in the US, and is the second greatest source of reported food borne illness outbreaks in the European Union, according to the report. Norovirus is transmitted mostly from fecal-oral avenues, infected food handlers, contaminated water, and food preparation surfaces, This and other reports say that a mere 10 virus particles are sufficient to transmit the disease. A recent study found that grape seed extract could reduce the Norovirus potency. In one recent study, researchers observed, at low doses, the Norovirus-1 coat proteins clumped, and showed “obvious deformation and inflation.” It works even better at higher doses, where the researchers found no coat proteins, only protein debris. “This provides evidence that [grape seed extract] could effectively damage the [Norovirus] capsid protein, reducing viral binding ability and ineffectivity accordingly”

11/16/12 Yellow dock is a medicinal plant used since ancient times. It is even used in traditional medicine as a gentle laxative or mild astringent tonic. Yellow dock strengthens bowel movements and improves digestion by stimulating gastric juices. Used as an ointment or a poultice, yellow dock works on eruptive skin conditions including the accompanying itchies, sores, and scabby skin lesions. Used for cooking, the young green leaves can be steamed and served as a green that has a pleasant lemony flavor. Dock leaves are a super source of Vitamins A and C and also contain more carotene than carrots. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the chopped roots steeped in boiling water for a tea which is a reliable treatment for chronic constipation.

11/15/12 Camphor oil is unique with its dual hot and cold action. In Chinese medicine, this has a balancing effect on the yin and yang. Camphor oil first numbs and cools peripheral nerve endings, then it warms the area and stimulates circulation in stiff muscles and limbs. The analgesic effect of camphor makes it useful for pain relieving massage blends, sore muscles, lower back and arthritic pain. Camphor can clear acne, cool fevers, help clear lung congestion, sooth coughs and colds while helping difficult breathing. Always remember to dilute this one before rubbing it on the skin.

11/14/12 Yarrow is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tea and as a poultice for wound healing. The tea form made from the whole plant is great for stomach ulcers, amenorrhea, heavy menstruation and abscesses. Yarrow was once known as “nosebleed” and used as astringent swab to encourage clotting as it rinses and washes. Poultices made with yarrow can stanch bleeding and disinfect cuts and scrapes. Yarrow also treats winter colds and fevers making you sweat, cooling fevers as it helps the body expel toxins. Yarrow is a very complex herb, and that contains many medicinal compounds along with tannins and volatile oil azulene. Yarrow compounds are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and help relax blood vessels.

11/13/12 Concentrated fish oil (esterized) is bad business! Fatty acid ethyl esters are lipids that are made by reacting free fatty acids with ethanol in a chemical process called trans-esterification. Here the glycerol backbone is removed and substituted with ethanol to “concentrate” the long chain fatty acids at lower temperatures. The resulting EPA and DHA concentrate is subsequently marketed as “Fish Oil concentrate” but in reality the EPA and DHA ethyl ester concentrate is no longer a fat or oil and is incorrectly marketed as fish oil. Ethyl esters almost never occur in nature and most certainly affect the way EFAs are digested and absorbed in the body.

11/12/12 Brewer’s yeast is actually a nutritional supplement with a generous dose of protein, B-complex vitamins and chromium, selenium and other wonderful minerals and nutrients. Brewer’s yeast can lower glucose and cholesterol while helping metabolize carbohydrates and lipids. It also stimulates immune function with a potent anti-viral effect and contributes the regeneration of cells. But the side effects of brewer’s yeast can include gas and bloating and can really mess with Big Pharma medications and OTC painkillers. You will also want to avoid brewer’s yeast if you are allergic to yeast or prone to yeast infections.

11/09/12 Have you tried bergamot oil? Bergamot oil is cold-pressed from the peel of bergamot and the aroma is sweet and citrusy with a floral quality. The fresh, uplifting scent of bergamot essential oil can stabilize the emotions, calm the nervous system, relieve tension, fight insomnia, and is beneficial for anxiety and depression. Bergamot oil also an anti-infectious agent that is effective against a wide number of microorganisms and even intestinal worms. Bergamot fights against fever, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, skin problems, aids digestion and can relieve symptoms of colic and gas just by massaging into the abdomen. More is not better though, so use it in moderation to avoid slight irritation of the skin.

11/08/12 Barley grass is a super food! Young barley grass has high concentrations of chlorophyll. Barley grass helps improve good cholesterol, blood pressure levels, immune response and is great for cancer prevention. Barley grass is a nutrient dense food with a wonderful concentration of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. A single tablespoon of barley grass contains a full day’s supply of beta-carotene, betaine, biotin, boron, copper, iron, lutein, magnesium, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine. Top that off with significant amounts of alpha-linoleic acid, oryzanol, potassium, selenium, zinc, and tocopherols. But be careful if you are nursing a baby as barley grass can stop lactation.

11/07/12 Okay, who wants some flax seed? In animal models of ovarian cancer, researchers found that chickens supplemented with flax seed demonstrated a significant reduction in tumor size and severity and enjoyed overall improvements in health and mortality than those that were not supplemented with flax. Women who consume a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the type found in flax seed also have a significantly reduced risk of developing endometriosis. Flax seed is great for men, women and children!

11/06/12 Ashwagandha is a non-specific tonic and adaptogen. Adaptogen means, if you are down, it brings you up and if you are high, it brings you down. Ashwagandha is also a mild sedative that promotes restful, deep sleep. Chemically active ingredients in ashwagandha appears to have a steroid like effect that increases activity of steroidal hormones like testosterone and progesterone. But ashwagandha also relaxes blood vessels and stimulates circulation and has an anti-inflammatory and tonic effect for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Ashwagandha is also used for low back pain and sciatica.

11/05/12 One of my favorite herbs is arnica – the classic sunflower with yellow daisy-like flowers. Arnica is what I recommend for external use in injury from trauma, e.g., hematoma, dislocations, contusions, edema due to fracture, muscle and joint pain. Herbal preparations of arnica bring the best results when tested in lab studies. Used immediately after an injury, arnica helps speed the healing process by moving fluids through the injured area to bring cleansing fluids and platelets into the affected area wile blocking pro-inflammatory cytokines. Use arnica in short durations because it brings allergic skin reactions when overused.

11/02/12 Allspice is made from the dried fruit of the Pimenta tree that thrives from southern Mexico through Central America and the Caribbean. The Jamaican allspice is preferred because of higher oil content, appearance, aroma and flavor. Allspice is a great digestive aid which makes it very popular through the holidays with our tendencies to over-indulge in food and sweets. Adding allspice to herbal teas, as well as foods to aids digestion. Essential oil of allspice contains a good deal of eugenol – a natural antibacterial and antioxidant. The spice form is also used in incense for a sweet aroma that can uplift spirits and improve appetites.

11/01/12 Vitamin D does it again! High levels of vitamin D are now associated with protection against bladder cancer, according to the Journal of National Cancer Institute (JNCI). Those with the highest levels of 25(OH)D3 had the lowest risk of suffering bladder cancer. Low levels were directly associated with a higher risk of bladder cancer. This is because vitamin D regulates the expression of a protein – FGFR3 – that is involved in the development of bladder cancer and metastasis. 20 minutes a day with full-body sun should help your body make and maintain the best form of D3. Cholecalciferol D3 is the 2nd best form. Avoid the synthetic D vitamins.

10/31/12 Agrimony is a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb that is a great herb for stopping bleeding and slowing profuse menstruation. Agrimony is highly effective against diarrhea while being of low toxicity. Agrimony can stop irritation of the urinary tract, lessen the urge to urinate and is useful in the treatment of bladder leakage. Better known as a wound herb used on medieval battlefields to staunch bleeding, agrimony is most used in modern herbal practice as a mild astringent and a tonic to tone mucus membranes while alleviating coughs and sore throats. Agrimony is a valuable tonic for the digestive system for healing peptic ulcers while supporting the function of the liver and gallbladder.

10/30/12 Supplemental iodine: Bromine, fluorine and chlorine found in bread, water and dentifrices are halides just like iodine. Because of their similarities, other halides can occupy the iodine pathways in the cells leaving thyroid hormones floating in the blood with no place to go. Blood tests cannot tell what is going on in the cell and think that levels are either normal or high when they are in fact, low in the cell and the nucleus of the cell. Supplemental iodine will begin knocking the others out of the way and allow the cells to work better.

10/29/12 Butcher’s broom for varicose veins and spider veins recently made some headlines in a study published in the German medical journal, Arzneimittel-Forschung. This study found that patients had significant improvements with no side effects using the treatment made from butcher’s broom extract. Of course, the unfortunate placebo group had no improvements at all. Butcher’s broom packs ruscogenin which acts as a steroid building block to allow the body to make natural steroids to stimulate vein resiliency and brings the veins back to a normal shape. Wanna double the whallop? Take butcher’s broom daily with 300 mg of CoQ10.

10/26/12 Glucosamine is one of the building blocks of cartilage. I recommend 1,500 to 3,000 mg/day or higher for some people. Glucosamine is a precursor for glycosaminoglycans, which are a major component of joint cartilage. Clinical evidence from randomized controlled trials supports using glucosamine sulfate for treatment of osteoarthritis. It is proposed that the sulfate moiety provides clinical benefit in the synovial fluid of the joints and strengthens cartilage by aiding glycosaminoglycan synthesis. Remarkably, it’s a drug in other countries but a dietary supplement here in the U.S.

10/25/12 From the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Vitamin C supplements lower high blood pressure! Studies in 29 trials over 8 week durations now prove that increased vitamin C intake is associated with lower BP readings – with a median dose of just 500mg. Lead study author, Dr. Peter R. Miller commented “Our research suggests a modest blood pressure lowering effect with vitamin C supplementation.” In these studies, patients with hypertension had a drop of about 5 in diastolic and systolic pressure. This one thing could significantly lower cardiovascular and stroke risk for the millions of adults diagnosed with mild hypertension. I wonder what would happen if you took my recommended dose of 5,000mg of GMO-free vitamin C?

10/24/12 Vitamin D is the key to calcium absorption. When there is a deficiency in the mighty D, there is always a shortfall on bone density. The first and best form of vitamin D is absorbed from our intestines and our skin via ultraviolet rays in sunlight. The second form (25 hydroxy-vitamin D5), is manufactured in our liver from the first form and our bodies have more of this 2nd form than any other. The
third form is the most important and is made in our kidneys from the 2nd form and is called calcitriol (1.25 dihydroxy-Vitamin D). This third one is the one that helps in the absorption of calcium. Calcium supplements are only helpful if there is enough stage 3 vitamin D in the body to ensure that the calcium can be absorbed…

10/23/12 Anyone here ever heard of Periwinkle? This power-flower energizes your brain with vinpocetine by boosting blood circulation in your brain and helps the brain’s tiny blood vessels deliver oxygen more efficiently. Vinpocetine helps your brain use oxygen better to keep brain cells charged up with oxygen to keep your brain cells from dying. Vinpocetine preserves the body’s adenosine triphosphate (ATP – the fuel every cell of your body needs to function) and is a very powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress in your brain while it also supports smooth communication between neurons.

10/22/12 When compared to other food sources, Moringa leaves are more potent in nutritional value. Its Vitamin C content is seven times more than that of oranges, has thirteen times more vitamin A than spinach, and is on a league of its own when it comes to amino acids – 2,500 times more than green tea and 242 times more than apple. It is also a good source of good cholesterol – high density lipoprotein, which, in high levels, is known to protect against cardiovascular diseases. Breastfeeding mothers can also greatly benefit from fresh Moringa leaves as they are known to increase the volume of milk. Moringa leaves are completely safe for consumption – they have no known negative side-effects, nor toxic elements.

10/19/12 Here’s your study peeps! Multivitamins help prevent nutrient deficiencies because of our generally poor diets in the US. One-third of all adults take a multivitamin, which are the most common dietary supplement taken regularly. A new study report in JAMA found that taking a multivitamin significantly reduced the risk of total cancer by 8% among men with a baseline history of cancer. J. Michael Gaziano, M.D. of Harvard Medical School, Boston, and colleagues analyzed data in a large-scale, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial testing the long-term effects of a common multivitamin in the prevention of chronic disease from 1997 through 2011.

10/18/12 Carnosine is a naturally occurring amino acid and antioxidant that helps boost energy and strengthen the body’s muscles. Carnosine is found in the muscles, brain and other nervous system tissues. As people age, the level of carnosine in their bodies decreases and people not getting enough dietary protein run a higher risk of carnosine deficiency. Common sources for carnosine include milk, eggs and cheese. The best sources of carnosine is beef, poultry and pork. People who want to increase their carnosine consumption should focus on eating more food from these categories or buy supplemental carnosine at the health food store.

10/17/12 Curcumin is a major ingredient of curry and the polyphenol that gives curry its characteristic color. This natural compound is found abundantly in turmeric, a plant which has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Its anti-inflammatory properties have been utilized by Chinese medicine both then and today. In cancer cases, curcumin helps prevent cancer as well as helping to suppress metastases in existing tumors. The latest studies show that curcumin significantly reduces the formation of lung metastases in advanced breast cancer in animal models. The same blocking properties are found in taking curcumin for prostate cancer. A daily intake of up to 8g of curcumin is regarded as safe.

10/16/12 Chlorophyll is a wonder drug with true antibacterial properties that you don’t need a prescription for. The American Journal of Surgery quoted Benjamin Gruskin, M.D. recommending that chlorophyll be used “to clear up foul-smelling odors, neutralize strep infections, heal wounds, hasten skin grafting, cure chronic sinusitis, overcome chronic inner ear inflammation and infections, reduce varicose veins and heal leg ulcers, eliminate impetigo and other scabby eruptions, heal rectal sores, successfully treat inflammation of the uterine cervix, get rid of parasitic vaginal infections, reduce typhoid fever and cure advanced pyorrhea in many cases.” This was at the turn of the 1900s. I’d say medical science has regressed progressively ever since.

10/15/12 Willow Bark is the original substance used to make aspirin. To save your stomach, salicin is converted to salicinic acid form after it’s absorbed, unlike the stomach-eating synthetic salicylic acid found in aspirin. Ancient Egyptians used white willow for inflammation. Hippocrates, wrote about white willow’s ability to ease aches and pains and reduce fevers, white willow bark has been used as a treatment for pain and fever in China since 500 B.C. and Native Americans used white willow for headaches, fever, sore muscles, rheumatism and chills. Today, White willow bark is used as an anti-inflammatory, fever reducer, analgesic, anti-rheumatic, and astringent. White willow bark is known to relieve headaches and to ease pain associated with inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

10/12/12 Lysine is an essential amino acid that is a flu fighter. Lysine aids in the production of antibodies that annihilate flu germs and also has the ability to stomp cold sores and herpes outbreaks – that’s virus protection peeps! Lysine also ensures adequate calcium absorption to prevent bone loss as it also maintains a proper nitrogen balance in adults. Lysine lifts your face by helping form healthy collagen (which makes up cartilage and connective tissue) and also lowers high serum triglyceride levels.

10/11/12 Dig this vitamin C info: In the October 8 PLoS ONE, researchers found that supplemental vitamin C intake is associated with higher bone mass in humans and vitamin C deficiency is related to brittle bones and bone loss. Vitamin C is critical for stimulating bone formation by inducing osteoblasts to turn into mature bone. The researchers found vitamin C to be particularly critical for women with ovariectomies. But be very careful to avoid ALL corn sources of vitamin C to avoid cancer-causing GMOs. I use Allergy C which is sago palm sourced and made by Twin Labs.

10/10/12 B12 is a cancer fighter! B12 is an essential nutrient that plays a critical role in the formation of red blood cells, the maintenance of the nervous system and cancer fighting. So why are Big Pharma backed scientists studying it? To develop more patentable drugs, that’s why. Don’t wait on some chemical isolation to be developed as a cancer drug as drugs ALWAYS have side-effects. Rely rather on the
real thing: methylcobalamin. Don’t fall for the cheap and toxic cyanocobalamin. B12 deficiencies are associated with anemia, GI problems, sensory issues, psychosis, fatigue, memory impairment, irritability, depression, personality changes and cancer. I recommend at least 1,000mcg of methylcobalamin daily for a healthy person.

10/09/12 It is calcium fluoride that you need. NOT sodium fluoride. The cell salt calcium fluoride is basically a salt of the connective tissue, skin, teeth and bone. Other forms of fluoride like sodium fluoride are chemical byproducts and highly poisonous. ONLY USE CALCIUM FLUORIDE! Calcium Fluoride is safe for all ages and can sooth teething pain and toothaches. Calcium Fluoride strengthens blood vessels, improves elasticity of skin, heals chapped skin, is helpful for fistulas; hemorrhoids; varicose veins, strengthens weak muscle tone, beats colds with green mucous, and nixes repeated sprains. Calcium Fluoride deficiency makes for emotional symptoms including uncertainty and difficulty making choices.

10/08/12 Selenium is a trace mineral, which means that you only need a little bit for normal function. The benefits of selenium range from antioxidant production, immune system regulation to production of thyroid hormones and activation of enzymes. One of the most important things that selenium does is to link up with proteins to create selenoproteins. There are more than 25 critical selenoproteins identified by researchers to date. But selenium can be toxic if you take too much. A minimum daily requirement is at least 55 mcg of selenium per day. I don’t recommend taking over 400 mcg per day.

10/05/12 Vitamin A – AKA retinol, retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate and retinoic acid, is a tried and true anti-aging ingredient, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As the skin ages, collagen production decreases, leading to thinner, less taut skin. Vitamin A has been shown to increase the production of procollagen, the precursor to collagen production, and glycosaminoglycan, which helps to retain significant amounts of water and maintain allergy barriers. Thus, vitamin A aids in the maintenance of skin structure and moisture to reduce the signs of aging and keep you healthy.

10/04/12 Research has proven that rutin can increase the strength of capillaries and regulate their permeability. Rutin has an ability to increase circulation to the lower limbs by increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Rutin is great for varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are often merely a symptom of iron toxicity. Rutin binds to excess iron to chelate deposits. You can buy supplemental rutin at the health food store to help with varicose veins and to eliminate hemorrhoids. Buckwheat is an excellent source for rutin that is really nice sprinkled into cereal on salads!

10/03/12 More on Zinc! A new study out by Linus Pauling has shown how zinc deficiency develops with age, leading to a decline of the immune system and increased inflammation, causing cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease and diabetes. About 40 percent of elderly Americans have diets deficient in zinc making it especially important for elderly people to get adequate dietary intake of zinc with their declining ability to absorb it. When study animals were given about 10 times their dietary requirement for zinc, the biomarkers of inflammation were actually restored to those of young animals.

10/02/12 Studies and reports come out to make natural supplements look bad and make toxic drugs look good. Big Pharma is out to counterfeit and patent everything natural that is good for you. Without that patent, Big Pharma cannot control the money, and it’s really all about the money. It ticks me off at the amount of money Big Pharma spends to imitate a vitamin or change it chemically so they can patent it. Then they immediately set out to discredit the vitamin source. Oldest trick in the book peeps! I’ll stand by the original, unadulterated, food-source versions.

10/01/12 Zinc was established as an essential trace element in 1961.Zinc is one of the most abundant elements within cells and facilitates a broad range of physiological processes. Zinc is an integral component of proteins in cell structures and necessary for the stabilization of cell membranes. It operates as many as 3000 transcription factors in the human genome and over 300 enzyme reactions. Zinc is involved in the expression of an extensive variety of genes from protein to protein interactions, nucleic acid metabolism, cell replication, apoptosis, to signal transduction. It is even required for neurotransmitter functions. NEVER take zinc oxide internally. Only use zinc ending in “ate” like zinc glycinate.

09/28/12 Flaxseed contains omega-3 ALA but lacks the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have shown cardiovascular benefits in past studies. Fish oil raises DHA levels in the test subjects where flaxseed does not. EPA and DHA are found in fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel, fish oil supplements, and some fortified foods. Fish oil (or better yet- Krill) is a wonderful source for DHA where flaxseed is great for ALA. Also, all flaxseed oil has omega-9 but not all fish oil has it so look for the fish oil with omega-9 in it. Sometimes I recommend both for growing healthy children.

09/27/12 Resveratrol: Found naturally in grapes and on the health food supplement shelf. For years, many Asian cultures have used resveratrol to treat heart and liver problems. Resveratrol has been said to be capable of eliminating certain illnesses even as they start to develop within your body. Years of research shows that it may also prolong life and delay age-related health problems. It has also been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties, promote healthy circulation through blood vessels, and have cholesterol-lowering properties as well.

09/26/12 Methionine is an essential amino acid that is a powerful anti-oxidant and a good source of sulfur. This wonder supplement prevents disorders of the hair, skin, and nails; assists the breakdown of fats (helping to prevent a buildup of fat in the liver and arteries, that obstruct blood flow to the brain, heart, and kidneys); detoxifies harmful agents such as lead and other heavy metals; diminishes muscle weakness; protects against the effects of radiation; reduces histamine levels that can cause the brain to relay wrong messages; helps individuals suffering from schizophrenia: is beneficial for women who take oral contraceptives by promoting the excretion of estrogen.

09/25/12 Oregano: the cure is in the cupboard! Oregano is one of nature’s best anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents that is high in natural phenol and carvacol. Oregano taken internally helps fight intestinal over-growths of parasites and fungi. Externally it is a champion fighter of toenail fungus, ringworm, warts, moles, eczema, psoriasis, and poison ivy. Oregano (Origanum compactum) has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. Oregano used as a powerful bacterial inhibitor is a great food preservative.

09/24/12 Almost everyone knows vitamin A supports good vision. It’s also great for immune health and barrier function (keeping out the allergens, bad bacs and viruses). Vitamin A helps support all the epithelial cells in your body – that’s your skin, your lungs and your gut lining. Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant. But did you know it also plays an important role in regulating genes? Getting plenty of vitamin A should be near the top of your list. Natural beta-carotene is the best form.

09/21/12 Probitics are pro-life: Antibiotics are literally “anti-life” but probiotics are “pro-life”. Antibiotics can’t distinguish between the “good” and the “bad” bacteria so they end up destroying everything in their path creating a severe internal imbalance. Probiotics means pro-life and for very good reason. These friendly bacteria are hard workers that instantly go to work inside your body clearing out decade’s worth of built up toxic waste and to kill the harmful parasites and bacteria that are tearing you down from the inside out.

09/20/12 Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is a water soluble vitamin that is instrumental in more than 100 enzyme reactions in the body. Vitamin B6 deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies due to the fact that we overcook our foods. A USDA study reported that 80 percent of Americans consume less than the RDA for vitamin B6. According to a recent Japanese study low levels of vitamin B6 are associated with an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

09/19/12 Spirulina is a blue-green vegetable algae that is a rich source of protein, amino acids, phytonutrients, iron, antioxidants and B-vitamins. Spirulina builds the blood and can significantly improve the symptoms of anemia. The European Space Agency chose spirulina as one of the basic foods to be used on long space flights. Spirulina has the highest protein levels for veggies coming in at over 60% – all digestible vegetable protein. It has the highest natural concentration of beta carotene, vitamin B-12, iron and trace minerals and the rare essential fatty acid GLA.

09/18/12 Studies prove that fish oil can top mainstream drugs across the board: It’s an excellent anti-inflammatory, a top-notch blood thinner, and will do more for your mental health than all of Big Pharma’s psych meds put together. Fish oil also helps to prevent dangerous abnormal heart rhythms that can cause sudden cardiac death, and strokes in people with known cardiovascular disease. Fish oil can also slow the hardening of arteries and lower blood pressure – two more important factors of heart health. Find a good brand like Nordic Naturals or Carlson’s salmon oil and NEVER take the Big Pharma prescription form.

09/17/12 Selenium is boss for cancer prevention! Over 10 years ago, a group of researchers found that selenium reduced lung cancer risk by a whopping 46%, colon cancer risk by 58% and prostate cancer by 62%!! It took 7 years for these findings to be published in the Journal of The AMA. Of course, Big Pharma fought in court to have the FDA (Federal Denial Agency) censor selenium dietary supplement claims relating to the reduction of cancer risk even though the First Amendment gives the right to dietary supplement manufacturers to provide “qualified health claims”.

09/14/12 If you are taking vitamin C, just remember that RDA means Ridiculously Deficient Amounts… An RDA of 95 mg vitamin C for an adult is insanely low. Mammals that produce their own vitamin C and weigh about 150 lbs (close to human weight) produce up to 14,000 mg per day. Also, some 95% or more of our vitamin C comes from China and is made with GMO corn. Find a non-corn, non-GMO source for your daily supplement – like Twin Labs Allergy C. Start with 1,500 mg per meal and build up from there using bowel tolerance for your benchmark.

09/13/12 Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant that can move into any part of a cell to protect it from free radical damage and dangerous inflammation. Our bodies produce very little ALA but have a tremendous craving for it to keep cells and blood vessels healthy. Researchers put rats on a high-fat diet and gave ALA to some rats, but not to others. Even though all the rats received exactly the same amount of high-fat food, the ones on ALA hardly gained any weight at all compared to the other group. Scientists then gave ALA to a group of overweight people and in 2 weeks – without making any other changes – they lost an average of more than 6 pounds each! With our declining food nutrition it has become increasingly more difficult to get enough ALA from the foods we eat – so supplementation is a key.

09/12/12 Magnesium and calcium are both sleep boosters, and when taken together, they become even more effective. Plus, by taking magnesium, you cancel out any potential heart problems that might arise from taking calcium alone. Take 200 milligrams of magnesium and 600 milligrams of a plant source calcium each night for sleepytime relief of insomnia.

09/11/12 Grape Seed Extract (GSE) has major cardiovascular benefits. Many different studies show that GSE has multiple ways to protect against heart disease while even helping people recover from heart disease. Then there is also atherosclerosis protection where GSE helps oxidation of bad cholesterol implicated in the development of atherosclerotic plaques, thus slowing hardening of the arteries. GSE has anti-allergic/anti-inflammatory activity. GSE improves skin smoothness and elasticity and connective tissues as it also reduces capillary fragility and helps improve resistance to bruising and strokes.

09/10/12 Why we shouldn’t eat rocks! Two major studies show traditional limestone calcium supplements are increasing heart attack risk. Just about every calcium supplement out there is made from marble or limestone. If you look at your current calcium supplement, the facts box will call it “calcium carbonate” or “calcium citrate” which simply means it is ground up rocks! Foods that naturally contain calcium also supply cofactors and other micronutrients that direct the calcium into bone rather than the arteries, kidneys and eyes. Food sources are a safer choice than rock calcium because of a natural balance of nutrients.

09/07/12 Alpha tocopherol is the main form of vitamin E used in supplements. The synthetic form, however, is listed as “dl-alpha tocopherol” and should be completely avoided for several reasons, one of which is it contains half or less the biological value as the natural vitamin E. Another reason to avoid the synthetic form is that vitamin E is a complex vitamin and all parts are vital for proper use by the body. Most of the so called “Natural vitamin E” is made when the gamma, delta and beta forms of tocopherol are chemically changed to alpha-tocopherol. Vitamin E in the isolated, esterified, alpha form causes the other vitamin E forms to be shorted in your body by using up the other forms of vitamin E in an attempt to balance the entire vitamin complex.

09/06/12 Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, and nutritional substances that fight against free radicals in your body. Different antioxidants do different jobs. Vitamin C works to prevent and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals by capturing and neutralizing them. Vitamin E breaks the chain reaction od oxidation and helps repair damaged cells. Your body requires a variety of antioxidants to stay healthy. Different antioxidants target different body tissues, different cell parts, and different types of free radicals.

09/05/12 Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down proteins in digestion. Bromelain reduces inflammation in the body and is the key anti-inflammatory compound in pineapples. This may sound like an unlikely source of healing powers, but bromelain has been shown to reduce pain and swelling while improving joint mobility and promoting tissue repair. You can buy bromelain at the health food store or you can juice the whole pineapple -core and all (minus the rind) for a natural source of this juicy enzyme.

09/04/12 Some 98% of our vitamin C in the US comes from China – made from GMO corn no less. ALWAYS look for non-GMO sources for vitamin C at your health food store. A great natural source of vitamin C is to cut fresh pine or spruce needles and put them into some spring water in a glass in your fridgy. Let them soak a few hours, strain and drink the water. In the words of the late Euell Gibbons: “Lot of good things out there in nature…” I think I’ll go eat a pinecone.

08/31/12 Co-enzyme Q10 is a nutrient that is present in many of the foods we eat. CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant and helps stimulate energy production in our cells to help protect our cells from damage and cancel the harmful effects of free radicals. CoQ10 helps fuel regeneration of damaged heart tissues and researchers believe that the beneficial effect of CoQ10 in the prevention and treatment of heart disease is due to its ability to improve energy production in cells, inhibit blood clot formation, and act as an antioxidant. One clinical study found that people who received daily CoQ10 supplements within 3 days of a heart attack were significantly less likely to experience subsequent heart attacks and chest pain.

08/30/12 Saw Palmetto works for the prostate and more: Saw Palmetto is a natural steroid source herb with tissue building and gland stimulating properties that tonify and strengthen the male reproductive system. It is a primary herb for treating male impotence, low libido and prostate health. The body uses Saw Palmetto in the hormone pathway as the body needs it – unlike pharmaceutical testosterone which unbalances the system.

08/29/12 Ornithine is a non-essential amino acid that helps to prompt the normal release of growth hormones to accelerate the metabolism of excess body fat. This weight loss effect is enhanced when combined with arginine and carnitine. Ornithine helps you sleep through the night and is necessary for a healthy immune system; detoxifies ammonia and aids in liver regeneration; stimulates insulin secretion and helps insulin work as an anabolic (muscle building) hormone. 2,500 mg of just plain ornithine at bedtime is what I recommend for an adult for sleep enhancement and helping out a burdened liver.

08/28/12 Glutathione is critical to maintaining cellular energy (ATP) production by protecting the cell’s mitochondria from the oxidative damage while reducing the damaging effects of mercury, lead and other heavy metals that destroy mitochondria. Glutathione depletion has been documented in a variety of degenerative conditions, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis, and the aging process in general. The highest concentration of glutathione is found in the liver, making cleansing the liver critically important for the detoxing and elimination of free radicals. Buy some and try it for your health!

08/27/12 Red Clover, AKA trifolium pratense, is a great blood purifier and cleanser that is awesome for treating liver disease and weakened immune systems. With its phytoestrogenic constituents – isoflavones – red clover works for boosting postmenopausal phytoestrogens to give symptomatic relief. Red clover is used for hot flashes, PMS, lowering cholesterol, breast enhancement and breast health, improving urine production, improving circulation of the blood, preventing osteoporosis, reducing the possibility of blood clots and arterial plaques and limiting the development of benign prostate hyperplasia. Red clover is full of natural calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C.

8/24/12 Another great reason to take a good multivitamin! Vitamins B6 and B12 are essential nutrients required in the synthesis of many neurotransmitters including serotonin, melatonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and GABA, which are brain chemicals that help modulate mood, our emotional state and sleep. Make sure you take methylcobalamin B-12 and NEVER take cyanocobalamin. Legacy brand makes a great one.

08/23/12 Arginine was shown to decrease and reduce the formation of advanced glycation end products or AGE’s which can go on to cause cellular and DNA damage. Arginine is also considered ”The Natural Viagra” because it increases blood flow to the penis. Arginine retards the growth of tumors and cancer by enhancing the immune system, increases the size and activity of the thymus gland, aids in liver detoxification by neutralizing ammonia, reduces the effects of chronic alcohol toxicity, increases sperm count, aids in weight loss, facilitates an increase in muscle mass and a reduction of body fat, stimulates the pancreas to release insulin, assists the release of growth hormones and is a major component of collagen which is good for arthritis and connective tissue disorders.

08/21/12 Vitamin B3 (niacin), was shown to possess anti-fungal properties after researchers discovered that its use reduces the virulence of the infectious yeast, candida albicans. It does so by interrupting an enzyme the yeast depends upon for its survival and growth. Have candida?Start with a small amount and build up (known as titration). I personally started with 40 mg a day and now take 300 mg a day without flushing. If you have pallegra you may need 1,000 mg a day X 3. Interestingly, lime juice makes niacin nutritionally available in corn products.

08/20/12 Chromium is well known to help increase insulin sensitivity to improve insulin resistance in those with diabetes. Insulin resistance has also been associated as a possible risk factor in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Now it is proven that this trace mineral can also help boost memory and improve cognitive performance. The recommended ‘safe and adequate intake’ for chromium has been set between 50 to 200 mcg per day by the Recommended Dietary Allowance Committee of the National Research Council in the US, but research suggests that about 90 per cent of the population in the U.S. and Britain consume less than 50 micrograms daily.

08/17/12 As if the benefits of fish oil on the brain, heart health and arthritis were not enough, fish oil is anti-aging as well. Omega-3 fatty acids slow the rate at which the end of chromosomes shorten, thus increasing the lifespan of cells. The ends, or telomeres, are made from copied strands of DNA that prevent the chromosomes from becoming and remaining damaged. Cell division shortens the telomere until it can get no shorter. At that point DNA becomes damaged and the cell no longer divides. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil slows the deterioration of the telomeres, resulting in longer life of cells.

08/16/12 Taurine is considered to be a semi-essential amino acid that strengthens the heart muscle, boosts vision, and helps prevent macular degeneration. Taurine is the key component of bile for the digestion of fats. It is vital for the proper utilization of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Plasma levels of taurine were found to be significantly lower in patients with high blood pressure. Taurine is useful against atherosclerosis, edema, heart disorders, hypertension, hypoglycemia, anxiety, epilepsy, hyperactivity, poor brain function, seizures and even helps prevent cardiac arrhythmias.

08/15/12 Butcher’s broom is a traditional remedy for hemorrhoids, varicose veins, circulatory conditions, relief of leg pain caused by poor circulation – including swelling, itching, cramping, heaviness, tension and numbness. Butcher’s broom reduces urine retention, helps relieve constipation, kidney stones, gastrointestinal disorders, orthostatic hypotension and even symptoms of syphilis. A 2002 study of
chronic venous insufficiency found that butcher’s broom extract administered for 12 weeks significantly reduced symptoms. Dosage for treating circulatory problems is 150 milligrams three times a day. I recommend butcher’s broom accompanied with CoQ10 to multiply the benefits of both supplements to improve micro-circulation.

08/14/12 If your body is deficient in magnesium, you may have a craving for sweets. Magnesium is another mineral absent in today’s processed foods. Processing destroys magnesium content. Supplemental magnesium is known to accelerate bowel function in the short term. Not a good idea for long term. Large amounts are the problem. Magnesium is a bowel irritant in mega doses and floods the bowels with fluid to expel it. Milk of Magnesia comes to mind… Normal amounts of magnesium found in foods are not a concern here.

08/13/12 Hawthorne berries can be used to promote circulatory system health, treat angina, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia and generally strengthen the heart. Hawthorne Berries have the ability to dilate the blood vessels in the heart. Studies have shown Hawthorne berries are effective in lowering high blood pressure levels and to lower bad LDL cholesterol. Hawthorn is widely regarded in Europe as a safe and effective treatment for the early stages of heart disease and is great for a number of ailments including angina, myocarditis, arteriosclerosis, nervous conditions like insomnia, and diarrhea.

08/10/12 Theanine in green tea helps reduce the effects of stress. According to study published in Biological Psychology in 2007, researchers found theanine-treated participants were less likely to have increased heart rates when performing a stressful task. Green-tea-derived theanine in supplement form can also prevent the flu according to another study in 2011. A study in Nutritional Neuroscience, 2010 suggests that theanine and caffeine can significantly improve cognitive performance. Anxious to try some today?

08/09/12 Magnesium promotes good bone structure and nerve and muscle function. Sixty percent of your body’s magnesium is in your bones. How well your bones absorb and use calcium is determined by magnesium. When your body runs short and blood levels of magnesium drop, your body pulls it from your bones! Signs of magnesium deficiency include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and weakness. As magnesium deficiency worsens, numbness, tingling, muscle contractions and cramps, seizures, sudden changes in behaviors caused by excessive electrical activity in the brain, personality changes, abnormal heart rhythms, and coronary spasms can occur. RDA is 320 mg for men and 420 mg for women.

08/08/12 According to a recent study, vitamin D may help reduce the incidence and severity of both viral respiratory tract infections and the flu. The study suggested having a blood serum level of vitamin D higher than 38ng/ml in order to achieve the most benefit. Talk about a cheap fix! Vitamin D boosts your mobility, lowers the risk for diabetes, heart disease, bone breaks, cancer, colds, flu and more. You can get your own quality supplement easily enough, but the best and cheapest way to take in the D is to soak up the sun. Simply find some shade before you burn.

08/07/12 The Chinese herb astragalus has been the subject of much study in recent years. Studies at the University of Houston have shown that astragalus may help improve immune function in cancer patients by increasing T-cell counts. Research by the National Cancer Institute continues to explore further possible medical benefits of astragalus, including the treatment of AIDS. Another study using patients with angina revealed that cardiac output increased after two weeks of treatment. But naming the benefits of astragalus can bring a warning letter from both the FDA and FTC as Dr. Andrew Weil found out when he listed the benefits of taking astragalus to prevent the Swine flu.

08/06/12 Cranberry juice: A berry smart sip indeed! Cranberry juice is cram-full of vitamin C, and has commonly been used to fight urinary infections, prevent gum disease and even raises good cholesterol counts. Certain nutrients in cranberry juice stop bacteria from sticking to the inner walls of the bladder and inside of the gums. Research has discovered that cranberry juice successfully destroyed 3 different strains of viruses. The grocery store variety cranberry juice used in one study found that dilutions as low as 20 percent were effective. Not a sipper? Buy some cranberry capsules.

08/03/12 Tyrosine will boost your metabolism so your body naturally burns more fat. Tyrosine is one of the two main ingredients of thyroid hormones, being the “T” in thyroid T-1, T-2, T-3 and T-4. Tyrosine is essential for mental cognitive function and low blood levels of tyrosine are associated with an underactive thyroid gland. Extreme thyroid deficiency causes severe mental retardation in children known as cretinism. We get plenty of natural tyrosine from eating healthy, grass-fed cows. Lesser sources of tyrosine include almonds, avocados, bananas, dairy products, lima beans, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds. You can also buy tyrosine at the health food stores.

08/02/12 Boron is an important trace mineral that has largely been ignored for health maintenance and freedom from disease. This is unfortunate, as it is extremely important and as a health supplement that can have profoundly beneficial effects with arthritis, osteoporosis, aging, menopausal symptoms, sex hormones, allergies, parasites, candida albicans and lupus erythematosis. Make sure it is in your daily multi or buy and take it separately. Nuts are naturally loaded with boron!

08/01/12 One-third of adults on the street likely have vitamin C levels so near zero as to be consistent with clinical scurvy and another third, with subclinical scurvy [Schorah, C.J. (1981), Vitamin C status in population groups]. Guinea pigs fed a Western diet containing the “RDA” of 60 mg/day of ascorbate vitamin C, adjusted for body weight, rapidly developed arterial damage that leads to heart attacks. The main sources of vitamin C in most diets are fruits, vegetables and various leaves. Dark green leaves such as amaranth and spinach contain far more than pale leaves such as cabbage and lettuce. If you are supplementing with vitamin C, take a non-corn source to avoid GMO produced vitamin C.

07/31/12 How many of you know about the impressive research on milk thistle (silybum marianum) and the liver? This herb (more specifically a concentrated extract from it known as silymarin) has been shown in many lab experiments and clinical trials to protect the liver from toxic attack. This has led to its clinical uses for liver damage or disease, including abnormal liver function tests, toxic mushroom poisoning, fatty liver and even hepatitis. Another role for milk thistle is the enhancement of milk production in healthy breast-feeding mothers, verified by a clinical trial.

07/30/12 Maternal iodine deficiency during pregnancy is considered the number one preventable cause of mental retardation in the world. Insufficient iodine leaves the mother unable to produce enough thyroid hormone during pregnancy, which can cause irreversible fetal brain damage. There are two types of iodine necessary for optimal nutrition and thyroid function: Iodine and iodide. The iodine supplements you normally find are made from kelp – lacking in iodide – and are about 100 times too weak to be effective. I prefer Terry Natural brand Thyroid Care.

07/27/12 High-chlorophyll foods like wheatgrass and barley grass strengthen cells, transport oxygen, help to detoxify the blood and liver as well as help to neutralize polluting elements and stimulate RNA production. There must be adequate supplies of chlorophyll and some copper in the diet for the proper assimilation of iron (Iron is necessary for making respiratory enzymes, peroxidase, catalase, etc.) We usually get more than enough iron in our diets, but do we get enough chlorophyll? You can buy liquid chlorophyll at the health food store. I like mine with mint.

07/26/12 Clove for better health! Clove has an amazing history as a food and a medicine. Current research finds a wide-spectrum antifungal ability of clove essential oil. Clove is rich in the compound eugenol which has the strongest effect against pathogenic yeast strains like Candida albicans in clinical studies. Researchers found 100% inhibition for some strains of Candida albicans using clove oil. This incredibly strong and all-natural compound works against vaginal and oral candidiasis, making it a perfect component in any natural yeast-control regimen.

07/25/12 Beta Carotene is the best source for vitamin A rather than the cheap-toxic synthetic form. Vitamin A that comes from animal sources is well absorbed and used more efficiently by the body then other sources of the vitamin. Food sources of this fat soluble vitamin include: Chicken liver, Cod liver oil, Fish oil, Liver, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Butter and Cheese. Plant sources of vitamin A include many fruits and vegetables that have rich, deep, intense color. The more intense the color of the vegetable or fruit, the more beta-carotene it contains. Plant sources are: Sweet potatoes, Carrots, Pumpkin, Cantaloupe, Mangoes, Apricots, Oranges, Spinach, Kale, Beet greens, Broccoli and any dark green leafy vegetables.

07/24/12 There is about 2 grams of zinc in the adult human body. This is about half the total iron and about 15 times the total copper. In the brain, zinc and iron are the most concentrated metals. High levels of zinc are found in the hippocampus, synaptic vesicles, boutons, mossy fibers and the choroid layer of the retina. Zinc deficiency has been implicated in impaired DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis during brain development. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder dynamically related to zinc levels. Zinc has been prescribed with great success to treat some types of schizophrenia. Make it zinc gluconate and NEVER take zinc oxide orally.

07/23/12 Tooth powder: Want healthier teeth? Use tooth powder. Did you know that glycerin in toothpaste actually prevents re-enamalization in healthy teeth? Not to mention the deadly sodium fluoride that turns a half a tube of toothpaste into a toxic child killer. I use a tooth powder cut with baking soda and brush with that and a small swish of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide can help reverse gum disease. Run, don’t walk to your nearest health food store and get some today!

07/20/12 Tryptophan has been used by doctors to treat deficiency symptoms such as found in Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome (SDS). These symptoms of SDS include nervousness, anxiety, sleep disorders, mood disorders, and excessive appetite. According to medical research, tryptophan is the amino acid most commonly deficient in our diet. Tryptophan dosage typically starts low and work up to the ideal dosage. Two months are required to gain full benefit. Start with 500 mg and work up to 500 mg per 50-pounds of body weight.

07/19/12 CoEnzyme Q10 is intimately involved in the production of energy at the cellular level. Keep in mind that you are only as healthy as your cells and you can only have the energy you need if you can produce CoQ10 in the cell’s mitochondria (those little “power factories” you learned about in biology). CoQ10 is fat soluble so take it with your fish oil for even better absorption. If you really want a boost in micro-circulation for cold feet and hands, take it with butcher’s broom.

07/18/12 Olive leaf in tea form is a wonderful diuretic that helps with kidney problems. It is also a mild anti-inflammatory to help with arthritic conditions such as gout. In both Hungary and North America, olive leaf is fast becoming a standard treatment for patients with “Yeast Syndrome” or Candida. Olive leaf extract is also anti-parasitic and roots out parasites from the intestinal tract. Olive leaf extract has even been used to treat malaria patients, flushing out that parasite, which causes recurrences of malaria whenever it multiplies in the blood.

07/17/12 Garlic oil is amazing! Research has found that certain enzymes in garlic can help increase the release of serotonin to help you feel relaxed. A recent study demonstrated that diabetes related cardiac dysfunctions were relieved through the administration of garlic oil. In fact, the more garlic oil, the greater the success. Garlic oil has a cardio-protective role as well. Did you know that garlic oil taken as an oral supplement can repel mosquitos? A drop or two in the ear can fight ear infections, Garlic oil can be taken in a capsule form that is a little less obtrusive than eating plain ole garlic.

07/16/12 Tea tree oil is a wonderful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent. It also makes an ideal topical ointment for almost every skin condition with constituents in the oil that are potent enough to kill bacteria, fungus, skin mites and even minimize flare-ups of skin allergies. Studies have found that tea tree oil can destroy antibiotic resistant bacteria. In WW I, Australian physicians used tea tree oil to disinfect wounds and fight infections to find it far more effective than the ever popular carbolic acid. In World War II, tea tree oil made every soldier’s first aid kit. Unfortunately, tea tree oil was upstaged by antibiotics but has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Tea tree oil is a bona fide “medicine chest in a bottle.”

07/13/12 Choline is normally classified as a member of the vitamin B family. When it was given as a supplement to pregnant and/or lactating female mice, choline demonstrated an ability to impart lasting cognitive and emotional benefits to mice engineered to display symptoms of Down Syndrome. The improvements found in cognition and in certain measurements of mental abilities imply that supplemental choline may also be protective against neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

07/12/12 Vitamin E has many true benefits for our body and we need to take a vitamin E supplement that is well balanced and high in all constituents–alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols. Read your labels carefully to AVOID any vitamin E made by a process called esterification, Most of esterified vitamin E is not labeled as “esterified”, but rather as “acetate” or “succinate”. Make double-sure that you ARE taking the mixed tocopherols though as the fractionalized dl-alpha form can be toxic taken alone. The alpha without the gamma causes dangerous shortfalls in the gamma form in your body. If all that is in your vitamin E is the alpha form – you are better off tossing it out.

07/11/12 Acetyl-l-carnitine: This beats drugs! But then again, even the placebos beat drugs. In a recent study, children with ADHD were treated with acetyl l-carnitine to demonstrate improvements in symptoms including a reduction of hyperactivity and improvement in social behavior. Acetyl-l-carnitine is well known for its remarkable ability to cross the blood-brain barrier – something not many nutrients can do. Once it’s there, it boosts brain function, and helps lift your mood. It is also used for weight loss to help burn unwanted body fat.

07/10/12 Methyl-sufonyl-methane (MSM) is found in all living things and especially our cells and tissues. In fact, sulfur makes up ¼ of your total body weight. Half of the total amount of sulfur in your body is in your muscles, skin and bones. New cells our bodies need an exorbitant supply of MSM. MSM is found in raw milk, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and grains, but unfortunately, our diets do not deliver an adequate amount of this nutrient. Processing, drying, cooking and preserving strips our foods of MSM, making supplementation more important than ever. Supplemental MSM is a safe and natural way to reap the therapeutic benefits of sulfur. Another big benefit of an MSM supplement is that it mimics the organic sulfur present in our bodies, unlike the inorganic sulfites found in food.

07/09/12 Ginkgo is an ancient tree with simple leaves, shaped like an open fan with veins radiating from the stem. The fruits are inedible and odiferous (they stinketh). Some ginkgo trees are known to be 1,500 years old and grow to a height of 120 feet. Ginkgo biloba is an extract that is an antioxidant that improves blood flow to the brain and can help with dopamine delivery. In one ADHD study, ginkgo biloba demonstrated symptomatic improvements in inattentiveness and hyperactivity. I recommend 80 mg two times per day.

07/06/12 Niacinamide has been shown to induce a feeling of calmness. Niacinamide helps to give the body the nutrients it needs to make its own natural sleep medicine by supporting your body’s ability to regulate excitatory and calming mechanisms. Niacinamide (AKA vitamin B-3) is a potent sleep inducer that directly affects the benzodiazepine receptors in your brain – the same receptors that are targeted by well-known anti-anxiety medicines.

07/05/12 Selenium is an essential trace mineral and powerful antioxidant that protects your body from the damaging effects of free radicals and is associated with lower incidences of many types of cancer including prostate and thyroid cancer. Study subjects who had sufficient levels of selenium demonstrated lower risks for developing bladder cancer, especially among women. Selenium deficiencies can be related to mercury amalgam fillings and have been linked with everything from cancer to digestive trouble, skin problems, high blood pressure and a plethora of other ailments.

07/03/12 The omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA found in fatty fish (tuna, sardines, trout and salmon) can shield your skin cells from free-radical damage caused by UV rays. Omega-3s help prevent skin cancer by reducing inflammatory compounds that promote tumor growth, says Homer S. Black, Ph.D., at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. These same oils help keep your skin youthful and EPA has been shown to preserve collagen. Eat at least two servings of fatty fish each week and take a high quality fish oil. Not only are these omega-3s good for your skin, they’re good for your heart too.

07/02/12 Tryptophan is the amino acid from which 5-HTP along with serotonin and melatonin are made. Tryptophan is also involved in making a vast array of proteins, enzymes, and other essential biochemicals Tryptophan cannot be made from or replaced by any other amino acid, herb, vitamin, mineral, or man-made chemical. Tryptophan is tryptophan. 5-HTP is one step in the production of serotonin. First tryptophan converts to 5-HTP, and then 5-HTP converts to serotonin. 5-HTP converts more quickly to serotonin than tryptophan, but 5-HTP has fewer functions than tryptophan and 5-HTP cannot replace tryptophan.

06/29/12 Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin also blocks the effects of estrogen in hormonally-influenced cancers, such as breast, endometrial, ovarian and uterine cancers. Natural sources of melatonin in order of most effective to the least in melatonin content are: huang-qin, St. John’s Wort, fever few, white mustard seed, black mustard seed, wolf berry seed, fenugreek seed, sunflower seed, fennel seed, alfalfa seed, green cardamom seed, Montmorency cherries, and flax seed. Take your melatonin in divided doses at 6 pm and 9 pm for the best effect.

06/28/12 Devil’s Claw has been a popular anti-inflammatory and arthritis treatment since first discovered in South Africa by European colonists in the 18th century. Devil’s claw taken orally is great for appetite suppressing, supportive therapy of degenerative disorders of the locomotor system, gastric and duodenal ulcers, dyspepsia, peptic ulcers, heartburn, arthritis, tendonitis, indigestion, blood diseases, headache, allergies, lumbago, neuralgia, and fever. Externally, devil’s claw is good for sores, ulcer, boils, skin lesions, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, bursitis, tendonitis muscle aches and soft tissue pain.

06/27/12 DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is called the “mother of all hormones” because it fuels the hormone pathways. Women especially rely on DHEA to balance key hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. As we age, DHEA levels begin to decline. Stress also plays a big factor in plummeting DHEA levels, causing the adrenal glands to work overtime. While the adrenals are pumping out large quantities of cortisol and adrenaline, they can’t produce enough DHEA. Low levels of DHEA can cause: fatigue, weight gain, depression, aching joints and the dreaded low libido. Most people only need about 5-10 mg in the early morning and another 5-10 mg before lunch. There are no food sources for DHEA as it manufactured in the adrenal glands.

06/26/12 Vitamin B-12(methylcobalamin) is essential for optimum liver function along with brain and nervous system operation. This is one vitamin in which many people are deficient, especially in older adults and vegetarians. Signs of B-12 deficiency can be tingling, numbness or pain in hands or feet, dizziness, balance problems, depression, impaired memory, confusion and decreased cognition. This can be a contributing factor of dementia. Low levels can raise the risk for heart disease and osteoporosis. Vitamin B12 is found in foods that come from animals, including fish and shellfish, meat (especially liver), poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products. Termites are full of B12 produced by their gut bacteria! Only take the methycobalamin form.

06/25/12 Arginine: Supplementation with the amino acid L-arginine can enhance endurance with exercise and even improve the physical fitness of heart failure patients. L-arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide which plays a key role in the heart and circulatory system. A malfunction of the “L-arginine-nitric oxide” pathway leading to reduced blood flow. Study volunteers who took L-arginine experienced a significant decrease in their average heart rate and recovery period during exercise with no significant changes in blood pressure and respiratory parameters. ~ International Journal of Sports Medicine.

06/22/12 If your diet consists primarily of cooked foods then you will need to take an enzyme supplement. There are a number of good enzyme supplements available at the health food store that will relieve common digestive problems like gas and bloating, heartburn, constipation and belching. Increasing your enzyme intake with supplements can improve absorption of the precious nutrients from the foods you eat. Eating more fresh raw foods is the best answer to keep your enzyme stores at a healthy level, but a little extra insurance of taking a high-quality enzyme supplement is a generally smart move.

06/21/12 Ground Flaxseed: Flax is a super source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)—a healthy fat that improves the workings of the cerebral cortex, the area of the brain that processes sensory information, including that of pleasure. Flaxseed in your diet also lowers blood cholesterol low-density lipoprotein, or “bad,” cholesterol levels. Flaxseed can reduce blood pressure and inflammation, which is also protective to heart health. To meet your quota, sprinkle 1 tablespoon flaxseed on salads or oatmeal once a day, or mix it into a smoothie or shake.

06/20/12 Eucalyptus for fungus control: The essential oil eucalyptus contains cineole, alpha pinene, limonene and globulol. These compounds have strong anti-inflammatory abilities. Reducing inflammation is putting out the brush-fires and allows the body to spend its energies fighting Candida overgrowth rather than fighting the brush-fires caused by the fungus. Inflammation caused by Candida happens in the mouth, throat, stomach and intestines and also causes symptoms of IBS and vaginal irritation. Eucalyptus oil has been found to have direct antifungal effects against 11 of the most common human fungal invaders.

06/19/12 Thyme time! Thymus vulgaris is a common herbal seasoning for foods you cook at home. Thymus serpyllum, is known as “creeping thyme” or “wild thyme” and is a slightly different species that has thousands of years of medical use for bronchial health with its strong antiseptic properties. Both species of thyme contain powerful compounds including carvacrol (which shows strong yeast-inhibiting and antifungal ability), and thymol (which is an antibacterial), used to treat infections.

06/18/12 The miracle of MSM: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) inhibits breast cancer growth. MSM is an organic sulfur-containing natural compound with absolutely no toxicity. In a recent study, MSM substantially decreased the viability of human breast cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner. The higher the dose, the higher the benefits. This included suppressing the dreaded triple-negative receptor expression in receptor-positive cell lines. The study showed reduced expression of breast cancer in just 30 days! MSM can effectively regulate multiple targets including STAT3/VEGF and STAT5b/IGF-1R – the major molecules involved in all breast cancer tumor development, progression, and metastasis.

06/15/12 The role of niacin in the body is to help make various sex and stress-related hormones. Niacin helps improve circulation and also works in the central nervous system. A high intake of niacin can reduce risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s. For quick cholesterol drop, try 100 mg a day and add another 100mg every 3 days until you are up to 800 mg a day. Drop back in dosage as your overall cholesterol numbers fall. Cholesterol below 200 is getting too low and over 300 is too high for most people. The best food sources of niacin are those that are protein-rich such as beef liver, salmon, chicken, peanuts.

06/14/12 Read your labels! Krill oil is better than fish oil because the Omega-3’s are in the form of phospholipids – the chemical structure that is the same one found in the walls of every cell in your body. That’s why the Omega-3’s in krill oil are absorbed so much better than fish oil. Problem: not all of what is sold as krill oil actually contains phospholipids – making it just an overpriced fish oil. If a krill oil supplement contains less than 400 MG phospholipids in a 1,000 MG serving, it isn’t a good krill oil.

06/13/12 Ginger is an amazing healing herb that contains nearly a dozen antiviral compounds. Ginger is pain relieving, antiseptic and antioxidant that is valuable for preventing and treating flu, colds, sore throats and inflammation of mucus membranes. Ginger reduces pain and fever and has a mild sedative effect that will encourage rest. Ginger has been used for centuries to treat pain, inflammation, and nausea. Thirty years of data show it to be on par with NSAIDS minus the pesky side effects.

06/12/12 Turmeric to cook with or take as a supplement! Turmeric helps to activate genes that keep your brain clear of waste build-up that causes inflammation that weakens or destroys brain cells. Population studies have revealed a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s in the Indian population where turmeric is much used. Tumeric also helps protect healthy cells from the chemotherapy. Turmeric is found in “yellow mustard”. Mustard without turmeric is light brown or grey.

06/11/12 Boron is a trace mineral, critically needed for healthy bone and muscle. It helps prevent bone and mineral loss from your muscles and bones. Boron boosts calcium absorption and helps to increase magnesium levels in the blood. Fructo Borate is a complex of boron coupled with plant carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables. It has been shown to reduce joint pain in 79% of clinical volunteers suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis. A full half of all American women and a quarter of men between the ages of 50 and 75 show signs of low bone mass.

06/08/12 The supplement GABA is anti-excitatory that helps your brainwaves flow in calm rhythms. GABA deficiencies cause: carbohydrate cravings, trembling, twitching, hyperventilation, flushing, tachycardia, palpitations, sweating, cold or clammy hands, paresthesia, chest pain or discomfort, restlessness, blurred vision, abnormal sense of smell, abnormal odors, lump in throat, butterflies in stomach, unusual allergies, anxiety, hypertension, cystitis, gastrointestinal disorders, tinnitus, and PMS. GABA-rich foods include: banana, broccoli, brown rice, citrus fruit, halibut, lentils, molasses, nuts, oatmeal, organ meats, rice bran, spinach, whole grains. Or you can buy it at your local health food shoppe. GABA works wonders for ADHD.

06/07/12 Lysine plays an important role in bone health and bone quality and actually helps calcium absorption and also helps the formation of collagen. A deficiency of dietary lysine can cause kidney stones (because of a lack of calcium absorption). Lysine deficiency also causes fatigue, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, agitation, bloodshot eyes, slow growth, anemia, and reproductive disorders. Vegetarians who follow a macrobiotic diet and athletes involved in frequent vigorous exercise are at a greater risk of lysine deficiencies. Animal proteins are the best source for lysine but legumes like beans, peas, and lentils have some lysine in them.

06/06/12 Fish oil can help! Scientists have discovered a common neurotransmitter links between acne and depression. Depression and acne work hand-in-hand to create a vicious cycle where depression causes acne, and acne causes depression. Omega 3 supplements can treat both acne and depression as chronic inflammation is another common feature in both acne and depression. Research shows that depressed people have lower levels of omega 3 fatty acids and other anti-inflammatory nutrients, like vitamin C, than non-depressed people.

06/05/12 Zinc for the common cold: A research team recently organized 13 therapeutic trials where 966 cold sufferers used zinc in the form of lozenges, tablets and syrup for at least five consecutive days to test its effect on the common cold. The findings, which Singh and colleagues reported in the Cochrane Systematic Review, shows that zinc appears to both prevent and shorten the duration of a cold. Specifically, the study found that the duration of the common cold was reduced if subjects were given zinc within 24 hours of initial cold symptoms.

06/04/12 Feverfew for migraines: 72 percent of true migraine sufferers found that feverfew was helpful for the prevention of headaches. 33 percent no longer had attacks and 76 percent had fewer migraines each month compared to before taking feverfew. Feverfew is the herb of choice for migraines. Its active ingredient, parthenolide, relaxes blood vessels in the brain by making the smooth muscle less reactive. Feverfew has so many other proven benefits. It combats inflammation, muscle tension, menstrual problems, pain, and joint swelling and stiffness.

06/01/12 Studies suggest that Holy Basil works like many painkillers. It is great for women suffering from difficult periods and one study showed Holy Basil to be an effective treatment for diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels. The same study also showed that it works to significantly reduce total cholesterol levels. Holy Basil also shows some promise for protection from radiation poisoning and even cataracts. Some of the main chemical constituents of Tulsi are: Oleanolic acid, Ursolic acid, Rosmarinic acid, Eugenol, Carvacrol, Linalool, and ß-caryophyllene. Good stuff!

05/31/12 Migraines and magnesium: Magnesium deficiency may be present in half of migraine patients. Magnesium is essential in many intracellular processes and appears to play an important role in migraines. Blood level tests do not reflect true body magnesium levels since 67 % is in the bone and 31 % is located in intracellular spaces. Magnesium deficiency promotes depression, blood clots and affects serotonin receptor function among things. Oral supplements magnesium citrate (never magnesium oxide) are extremely safe, effective and very inexpensive. RDA is 4 – 8 years old: 130 mg, 9 – 13 years old: 240 mg, Adult females: 310 – 320 mg, Adult males: 400 – 420 mg.

05/30/12 Activated charcoal: It can absorb lead, strychnine, DDT, chlorine, mercury and many other poisons along with many drugs including; cocaine, radioactive iodine, penicillin, aspirin and phenobarbital. It can absorb thousands of times its own weight in toxins. Absorption ability is one of the major benefits of charcoal. This substance is routinely used in hospitals and by physicians for drug overdose and detoxification. Try some on your next headache and let me know how well it works!

05/29/12 Vitamin K is the “coagulation vitamin” because of its relationship to prothrombin and blood coagulation. We obtain some vitamin K from food, and some is made by bacteria in the intestines. IV fed patients receiving broad-spectrum antibiotics that kill gut bacteria often bleed because of vitamin K deficiency. In many hospitals vitamin K is given routinely to newborn infants because newborns have no gut organisms and do not get vitamin K from bacterial synthesis. Wouldn’t you know though that the synthetic form, vitamin K3 is prescription and, of course, the toxic and problematic version given to newborns by injection.

05/28/12 Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has both antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Studies show encouraging results with CLA in hindering the growth of tumors in mammary, skin, and colon tissues. Over 30 CLA studies have shown its body weight management properties, which include reducing body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. Of all foods, kangaroo meat may have the highest concentration of CLA. Meat from grass-fed mutton and grass-fed beef are good natural sources of CLA, and contain much more of it than the sickly grain-fed animals. Or buy some CLA at your local health food shoppe. There are even plant sources of CLA for vegans.

05/25/12 Vitamin B 12: Some of the disorders that may be preventable or treatable with this natural vitamin(called methylcobalamin), include chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral neuropathies, Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy and neurological aging. But read your labels! The usual crappy version of B-12 is cyanocobalamin. The stuff you really want is methylcobalamin; just a bit more expensive, (still cheap enough!) but there is no comparison. The cyanocobalamin has a form of cyanide in it and the methyl group removed. If you have a neurological disorder then I personally recommend starting with 20 mcg a day of methylcobalamin split up through the day.

05/24/12 Take your probiotics! Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome, cures children with behavioral problems with diet and balancing the bacteria in the intestinal flora. Early childhood diseases and behavioral problems can be caused by a weak intestinal flora in the mother before delivery. Doctor McBride learned this by curing her autistic son with diet and probiotics. Of course, many people don’t get the probiotics they need from diet alone. Store bought sugary, flavored yogurt only delivers a very small probiotic amount and that’s why I recommend taking probiotics in supplemental form.

05/23/12 An L-carnitine study was conducted by researchers treating children with ASD. One group was given a daily dose of L-carnitine while the other group was given a placebo. After three months, the children taking L-carnitine had “significant improvements” in the severity of ASD. Extreme fatigue? A recent study demonstrated that, when supplemented with two grams of acetyl l-carnitine per day, those suffering with fatigue experienced dramatic improvements in both physical and mental fatigue.

05/22/12 A word on magnesium: It takes calcium for muscles to contract and it takes magnesium to make them relax. There is nothing like magnesium to alleviate cellular stress and to keep things working in harmony. This is especially true when chemical insults threaten, as when foreign chemicals make it into the body or are injected directly into the blood. Magnesium should also be taken before, during and after surgery for the same reasons. It stiffens up our defenses against stress of any type including emotional and mental stress. Magnesium works best with vitamin D supplements and vice versa.

05/17/12 Cordyceps are extremely rare mushrooms that have been used extensively in Chinese folk medicine for 1,000s of years. Cordyceps contain a host of vitamins including Vitamin E, Vitamin B-complex and Vitamin K along with all essential amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates and nucleosides (which are needed to produce DNA). Its greatest benefits include protecting the liver and helping prevent cancer tumors. Recent clinical trials have shown them to lower blood pressure levels, increase overall energy, boost cognitive function and the most recent studies have shown to cordyceps help increase male sexual function.

05/16/12 A spice for your vitamin shelf: Curcumin, the gold colored pigment found in the ancient spice turmeric, is known primarily for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties that are as effective as cortisone and phenybutazone in treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Now recent research has shown that curcurmin has anti-depressive qualities by interacting with serotoninergic cell receptors. Curcumin also protects the liver from toxic substances and reduces inflammation, increases bile flow and inhibits the development of cholesterol gall stones. Good stuff that curcurmin.

05/15/12 Twisting the truth on fish oil: In a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine the conclusion was that omega-3 supplements “do not prevent cardiovascular disease”. But I have a big problem with this this report in that these studies were on high risk patients with known heart problems and on every med from statins to ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, aspirin and no telling what else. Then, these studies were short-term with as little as 400 mg of fish oil. Many studies already prove that primary prevention in average risk patients and show the wonderful benefits for taking omega-3 fish oil. Try up to 5,000 mg a day of a good quality Carlson’s or Nordic Naturals. If there is fat showing up in your stool, cut back a little.

05/14/12 Magnesium is an alkaline mineral and 70% of our magnesium is stored in the bones. This is an important component of muscles and also helps build the cells of the body and especially in the lungs, nervous system, and producing albumin in the blood. Magnesium makes bones and teeth harder and stronger. Lack of magnesium brings constipation, poor blood circulation, and hyper acidity. Food Sources of magnesium are whole grains like: brown rice, tapioca and oatmeal and is also found in raisins, spinach, dates, lima beans, almonds, cashews, peanuts, and most fruits and vegetables.

05/11/12 Vitamin E has many benefits for our body and we need to take a vitamin E supplement that is well balanced and high in all the alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols. Read your labels carefully to avoid any vitamin E made by a process called esterification, Most of esterified vitamin E is labeled as “acetate” or “succinate”. Make double-sure that you are taking the mixed tocopherols as the fractionalized dl-alpha form can be toxic taken alone. The cheap alpha form without the gamma uses up the other forms of vitamin E in an attempt to balance the entire vitamin complex. The more alpha vitamin E you take, the more vitamin E you become deficient in.

05/10/12 There are two types of iodine necessary for optimal health nutrition and thyroid function: Iodine and iodide. The iodine supplements you normally find are made from kelp – a seaweed – lacking in iodide. Women have more thyroid disease because they require more iodine than men. The breasts and ovaries require iodine to function properly, and when there isn’t enough, women get cysts along with lumpy and tender breasts. Of course, they are wrongly told that this is normal. Did you know that iodine deficiency is so common that a majority of women in the United States are deficient?

05/09/12 Fish Oil can fend off psychosis! Because of fish oil’s high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, fish and fish oil can help fend off numerous disorders of the brain. A study in 2010 correlated fish consumption with a lower risk for psychotic symptoms. Other studies suggest that fish oil can help prevent psychosis. New research shows that the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid are beneficial in depression and postpartum depression and even suicide. Cold-water fish, such as salmon, herring, and mackerel, have the highest omega-3 levels.

05/08/12 Literally, hundreds of studies support the use of probiotics to overcome dysbiosis – a bad balance of bacteria in the gut. Supplements and foods that are high in probiotic bacteria and prebiotic materials can help rebuild your supply of good bacteria to restore proper digestion. Probiotics are clinically proven to speed up digestive peristalsis in just 20 hours after taking them. Probiotics turn your food into vitamins, manufacture hormones, help to absorb minerals, help metabolize fats, generate a majority of your immune system, destroy free radicals, balance pH, keep fungus in check and keep bad bacteria down. Taking some daily makes good sense.

05/07/12 Astragalus is a traditional Chinese herb that has been around for thousands of years and is useful to strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels and provide antibacterial protection. Astragalus is an adaptogenic herb, which means, if you are low it brings you up and if you are high it brings you down. In doing this astragalus aids adrenal function, digestion, metabolism, combats fatigue, and increases stamina. Astragalus increases the efficacy of chemotherapy and by itself has been shown to have an anti-tumor effect in mice and is now very effective in helping people living with AIDS.

05/04/12 Chlorophyll is what gives leaves and plants their green color. Chlorophyll helps repair and replenish red blood cells in the body. Dietary and supplemental chlorophyll both boost energy and increase the sense of wellbeing. Chlorophyll is superb for cleansing the liver of heavy metals and toxic chemicals. This green miracle increases heart function, improves the vascular system, cleanses the intestines, uterus, and lungs. It is a great body deodorizer and a natural breath freshener. Your body requires an adequate supply of chlorophyll along with some copper in the diet to assimilate iron.

05/03/12 Thyme for acne: Acne tends to strikes girl between the ages of 14 and 17. Boys tend to be blighted slightly later, between the ages of 16 and 19. In adults, acne hits around 5 per cent of women and 1 per cent of men over the age of 25. Recently researchers from Leeds prepared tinctures of thyme by steeping the herb in alcohol for a few weeks. This tincture beat benzoyl peroxide, the chemical in Clearasil and Oxy 5 and 10. Thyme even beat the prescription stuff! But keep in mind that even acne has a root cause. I find the two biggest causes are gluten and sodas.

05/02/12 Vitamins can be labeled as natural when they contain as little as 10% of the natural form. Your “natural” vitamin could contain 90% of synthetically produced chemicals! Avoid these synthetic forms: Vitamin A: Acetate and Palmitate – B1: Thiamine Mononitrate, Thiamine Hydrochloride – B2: Riboflavin- Pantothenic Acid: Calcium D-Pantothenate- B6: Pyridoxine Hydrochloride- B12: cyanocobalamin- PABA: Aminobenzoic Acid- Folic Acid: Pteroylglutamic Acid – Choline: Choline Chloride, Choline Bitartrate- Biotin: d-Biotin- D: Irradiated Ergosteral, Calciferol- E: dl-alpha tocopherol, dl-alpha tocopherol acetate or succinate.

05/01/12 Olive leaf extract: Not just for hypertension! Olive leaf extract has also been shown to have a therapeutic effect in Type I diabetes by significantly decreasing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines which destroy beta-islet cells. But here’s one more benefit! The active molecule in olive leaf, oleuropein, was found to enhance the activity of osteoblasts, which are primarily responsible for bone production. Oleuropein was also found to increase mineralization of bone cells as well. This means that olive leaf extract can help lower the risk of developing osteoporosis, help with diabetes AND lower blood pressure naturally.

04/30/12 It won’t cost you much to try some vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P) – the active form of vitamin B6. In people with gluten sensitivity, impaired liver function and people with autism, the conversion of food sources to the active form P5P can be critically low and cause skin disorders, depression, dizziness, headaches, heart attacks, strokes, nerve pain, burning feet, carpal tunnel syndrome, PMS, and edema among many other conditions. It doesn’t take a doctor’s visit to try this one peeps. If it works for you, halleluiah! If it doesn’t work… You are out about $6…

04/27/12 Vitamin A and beta carotene are very similar nutrients. Vitamin A is a vital nutrient that helps protect the epithelial cells of the body. Vitamin A comes preformed in meat, eggs, milk, cheese, while beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin A – AKA Provitamin A. The preformed vitamin A comes in a dietary form that the body easily converts to retinol in normal metabolic processes. The provitamin A – beta carotene – comes from fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, turnip greens, winter squash, collard greens, cilantro, and fresh thyme.

04/26/12 Three Root Tea works much better and faster than Big Pharma medications to elevate moods, calm anxiety, boost adrenal function, detoxify, help with insomnia, distress, as well as fight off illness, fatigue and aging. This miracle tea has ashwagandha, schisandra and rhodiola which are widely used in African and Chinese herbalism, acupuncture and Indian Ayurvedic treatments. All three of these herbs are adaptogenic, meaning; if you’re system is low they bring you up; if you’re too high they bring you down to normal. If you have any of the above problems I highly suggest trying alternatives like this before resorting to drugs.

04/25/12 The miraculous cayenne: Often called the most potent herb, cayenne is really one of the most powerful heart-healthy foods as it strengthens, stimulates, and tones the heart, balances circulation and blood pressure, and calms palpitations. Cayenne can destroy cancer cells in the prostate, lungs, and pancreas and even stop a heart attack within 30 seconds. Cayenne pepper increases metabolism immediately by influencing the structure of capillaries, veins, arteries and helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels.

04/24/12 Ginger, taken daily as a prophylactic was shown to be effective for relieving muscle pain after bouts of strenuous exercise. Ginger is also another one of natures’ antiviral herbs conttainng nearly a dozen antiviral compounds. Ginger is pain relieving, antiseptic and antioxidant. It is valuable for preventing and treating flu, colds, sore throats and inflammation of mucus membranes. Ginger reduces pain and fever and has a mild sedative effect that will encourage rest. And it is tasty! Drink a tea, or steep fresh ginger in hot water, take as a tincture and include it in your food. Ginger is also delicious in a fruit smoothie.

04/23/12 Ascorbic acid is necessary for the formation and maintenance of collagen. Simply put, it produces part of the substance that binds cells together, like cement binds bricks together. If someone is suffering from ascorbic acid deficiency, the cells of the capillaries lack normal structure and are fragile. Micro-hemorrhages take place, making little red dots in the skin. Other symptoms will be the dentine of the teeth and the osteoid tissue of the bone being improperly formed. The cell-binding property of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, also explains poor scar formation and slow healing of wounds in persons deficient in ascorbic acid.

04/20/12 Chromium picolinate helps promote balanced blood sugar and can help control appetite, manage food cravings and also has the ability to carry protein where your body needs it to help your body build muscle over storing fat. Chromium is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats and is a champion for cardiovascular health. A team of researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center studied over 150 people to see if they could improve their body composition by doing nothing other than taking chromium. After three months, the placebo group showed no changes but the chromium group lost up to 4.6 pounds of body fat and gained an average of 1.4 pounds of lean muscle.

04/19/12 The herb chocolate: Research shows that dark chocolate can improve heart health, lower blood pressure, reduce LDL cholesterol, and increase the flow of blood to the brain. It also boosts serotonin and endorphin levels, which are associated with improved mood and greater concentration. But experts have also found that people who chuck down the regular candy bar crap daily are more depressed. Hey, I have an idea! Let’s skip the junk candy bars and try some all natural chocolate without the soy or the high fructose corn syrup and etc.

04/18/12 Did you know that neurological decline comes with an iodine deficiency? Just how important is iodine? Consider this… about 50¢ worth is all that stands between an infant developing normally and a severe mental handicap. There are two types of iodine necessary for optimal nutrition and thyroid function: Iodine and iodide. The iodine supplements you normally find are made from kelp – a seaweed – lacking in iodide. Plus, the iodine supplements you’ll see on the retail shelves are about 100 times too weak to be effective in stimulating your thyroid. Try some Terry Natural Thyroid Care for one of the best iodine supplements out there.

04/17/12 Glutathione is the primary antioxidant produced in the body. It is also required to maintain the normal function of the immune system and known to play a critical role in the multiplication of lymphocytes, important immune cells. Unfortunately, for patients suffering from uncontrolled type II diabetes, glutathione synthesis within the body is often compromised. Recent research has shown that supplementation with cysteine and glycine, which are glutathione precursors, can both normalize and help glutathione production.

04/16/12 Amino acids are called the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are in every cell and body fluid except urine and bile. Proteins are used for the continual cell building, regeneration, and the energy production we need to sustain life. There 20 amino acids making up our body’s proteins with 8 of these being “essential”, which means we have to get them in our diet. Amino acids supplements can elevate mood, help depression, improve memory and mental alertness, increase endurance, lessen pain, fight cancer and many other things.

04/13/12 Zinc: You won’t get these great numbers from a drug or vaccine! People with normal levels of zinc in their blood are 50 percent less likely to develop pneumonia, and need fewer antibiotics when they do get sick. They even have a lower death rate, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Buy a zinc gluconate lozenge supplement. If it tastes like metal, you have enough. If it tastes really good, you need it. Up to 40 mg a day is deemed safe for zinc consumption. I take two @ 50 mg of zinc gluconate a week.

04/12/12 Barley grass for medicinal use dates back some 7,000 years! Barley grass has 7 times more vitamin C and 30 times more vitamin B1 than an orange. Couple this with 11 times more bio-available calcium than cow’s milk and 5 times more iron than 1 cup of spinach and you find that barley grass contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins for the human diet. As added benefits, you also get blood cleansing and pH restoring chlorophyll. The nutrients in barley grass are easily assimilated throughout the digestive tract, giving our body instant access to vital nutrients. As a nutritionist I recommend barley grass for arthritis, migraines, asthma, skin, liver, fatigue, and gastrointestinal disorders.

04/11/12 When taking magnesium, only take magnesium gluconate, chelate or even malate (notice the suffix of “ate”). They may contain less magnesium but are better absorbed than magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide has to react with HCL in the stomach to turn it into an absorbable salt. Problems start when people lack sufficient levels of stomach acid with the inordinate use of antacids, acid blockers, carbonates and other oxides in supplements. Magnesium oxide combines with water forming caustic magnesium hydroxide. This neutralizes stomach acid and inhibits magnesium absorption and can physically burn the intestinal wall. Because it is a bowel irritant, magnesium hydroxide is used as a laxative. NOT recommended.

04/10/12 Don’t forget niacin! One of the major roles of the B complex vitamin’s niacin is to help regulate cellular respiration and to promote the proper utilization of all the major nutrients at the cellular level. At least forty different bio-chemical reactions have been identified as being controlled by two co-enzymes, both of which require niacin for proper functioning. There is no doubt that the vitamin niacin is among the most important bio-chemical factors in maintaining optimum health levels in the human body. Oh, and niacinimide is not true niacin so it doesn’t count.

04/09/12 Take your Folic Acid: A deficiency of folic acid will raise your risk of cancer, heart, blood vessel disease, depression, dementia, and having children with birth defects. We require this B vitamin to make and maintain new cells in skin, hair, nails and throughout the body. 400 micgrograms a day of folic acid is considered good medicine for all women of childbearing age. Found naturally in lentils (360 mcg per cup) and leafy greens like spinach (260 mcg per cup), folic acid prevents miscarriage and birth defects. It is also in just about anything green.

04/06/12 Go green! Spirulina green, that is. In a recent study, spirulina, the highly nutritious, microscopic blue-green algae, has been associated with many wonder-filled properties including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood lipid modulating properties. Even better, spirulina has demonstrated metal chelating and liver-protective properties when used in a daily green drink.

04/05/12 Chia pets: For fun and for food! Chia seeds come from the chia plant, also known as salvia hispanica. But throw that funky planter away and eat the seeds because chia seeds have the highest omega-3 content of any plant (almost 5 grams in 1 ounce.) One ounce of dried chia plants has 11 grams fiber, 4 gram protein and 179 milligram calcium. The plant also has more antioxidant levels than flaxseed. With that 11 grams of fiber per ounce your bowels will be happy. Happy bowels = happier you.

04/04/12 Maca, an herb for all time: The adaptogenic action of Maca jogs the pituitary gland in the body into producing the precursor hormones which ultimately end up raising and balancing estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels, as well as helping to balance the adrenal glands, the thyroid and the pancreas. With Maca this occurs naturally and not like the hand-grenade Big Pharma drugs which throw the entire body into a dangerous state of confusion. Buy it in pill, powder or tea.

04/03/12 Milk thistle actually belongs to the daisy family. It is named because of the milky white fluid that oozes from its leaves when crushed. The seeds of milk thistle are have been used in herbal remedies for over 2,000 years to treat liver and gallbladder disorders, such as hepatitis C, jaundice, cirrhosis, malaria, melancholy, mushroom poisoning and even Duhn-Duhn- Duhn- the plague. Milk thistle’s magic comes from a compound that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities know as silymarin. Silymarin actually detoxifies the liver and repairs it by promoting new liver cells while supporting circulatory and lymphatic health AND for no extra charge, milk thistle helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

04/02/12 Burdock is an herb that promotes lymphatic drainage and health. But the benefits don’t stop there according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, this member of the aster family has also been used for centuries to cleanse the bloodstream and help immune function. Native to Europe, burdock grows to about 4 foot high – but the root that has the medicinal qualities. It has a sweet, yet bitter taste and slightly slimy texture that actually cools and soothes. But drink it every day and this good guy turns bad by leading to urinary tract irritation. As with all roots and barks, boil them for 12 minutes to release all the benefits.

03/30/12 Debilitating menstrual cramps? A study out of Italy, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that a single mega-dose of vitamin D3 cholecalciferol was incredibly effective at relieving menstrual cramping and pain. Vitamin D3 works by hampering prostaglandins which are implicated in heavy menstrual cramps. The one-time dosage they used was much higher than I could recommend at 300,000 IUs but in light of this, keeping your D3 cholecalciferol (NOT calciferol) at optimal levels should help ease things.

03/29/12 Vitamin B-12 is essential for optimum liver function and is also necessary for brain and nervous system operation. This is one of the main vitamins in which many people are deficient. This is especially true in older adults and vegetarians. If you buy the supplement or take a B-shot, always use the methylcobalamin form which has methyl groups to make it active and NEVER use the cyanocobalamin form that has cyanide attached to it…

03/28/12 Meadowsweet and Willow Bark: When tested against aspirin, these herbs have similar pain-relieving results. But unlike aspirin, these herbs increase the secretion of the stomach mucus membrane. This helps avoid aspirin’s side effects like stomach pain, bleeding and ulcers. Aspirin was invented as a chemical because Big Pharma can’t patent headache herbs. Side effects of aspirin are nasty, herbs and spice are nice.

03/27/12 Good for what ails you: Ginger Root is an awesome digestive aid. Ginger acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant to sooth the gut. Ginger is also an effective weapon if you are fighting against high blood pressure. It can help sooth a baby’s colic. Buy it in tea form, capsules or boil the raw root and make your own! I sometimes keep a glass jar of boiled ginger water in the fridgy for occasional swigs or adding to bathwater for a pore-opening experience.

03/26/12 Vitamin C is critical for liver health. Humans do not produce vitamin C and rely on diet and supplementation for vitamin C. Studies show that large quantities of vitamin C flushes fats out of the liver and repairs liver damage. Vitamin C helps in the detoxification and removal of waste by-products and other toxic substances from the liver. Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is critical in the liver’s Phase I detoxification to neutralize free radicals and protect cells from oxidative damage. Avoid all corn-based vitamin C if you don’t want intestine-damaging GMOs. Take vitamin C to bowel tolerance and build slowly by adding a little more each week.

03/23/12 Chromium; not just for diabetes: Chromium is well known to help increase insulin sensitivity to improve insulin resistance in those with diabetes. The trace mineral chromium can help boost memory and improve cognitive performance according to a recent study. Here’s an interesting side-note: Insulin resistance has also been associated as a possible risk factor in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

03/22/12 Very cranberry solutions! Cranberry supplements and juice not only help eliminate kidney and urinary tract infections but this blessed juice also helps your arteries to be flexible and dilated for blood flow. Cranberries have proanthocyanidins (PACs) that are channel-clearing phytonutrients that clear the urinary tract and arteries by preventing the plaque debris from accumulating while they also unstick bacteria. PACs are the channel clearing agents but PACs do not kill bacteria or eliminate cholesterol. They simply don’t allow bacteria or plaque debris to collect in urinary tracts or arterial walls. Anthocyanins and PACs appear in fruits and vegetables colored red or purple.

03/21/12 Did you know that drinking fruit pectin in grape juice can reduce joint swelling and stiffness? Pectin is a jelly thickener that is a natural plant product that regulates fluids in the plant cells and now in your joints. Combine the pectin with grape juice which has big-time antioxidants called anthocyanins that reduces inflammation. Read you pectin label though to make sure it is additive free. Mix some juice with 2 tablespoons pectin 2 times a day and taper off as the pain, swelling and stiffness disappear.

03/20/12 A fish oil study written up in Neurology found those with lower blood levels of omega 3’s had lower brain volumes along with “older” brains in appearance than participants with higher omega-3 levels. The lower omega-3s also scored lower on visual memory, problem solving, multi-tasking, and abstract thinking tests. If you want a healthy brain you might think it wise to invest in some high-quality fish oil like Nordic Naturals. About 5,000 mg a day can help you recover from deficiency. It can help you blood pressure, cholesterol levels, joints and clotting factors ta-boot!

03/19/12 Cinnamon: Not just a spice! Cinnamaldehyde has been well researched for its effects on blood platelets which help the blood clot to stop bleeding. Platelets can also cause strokes if they clump together too much. The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon has been shown to help in the prevention of unwanted clumping. Other benefits of cinnamon are: anti-microbial actions, blood sugar balancing, improved colon health, boosts brain function. Full of calcium and fiber, cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices, is mentioned in the Bible and was used in ancient Egypt as medicine, beverage flavoring and an embalming agent.

03/16/12 K for koagulation (german) Vitamin K1, or phylloquinone, is found naturally in plants. Vitamin K2, AKA menaquinone, is made by the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin K3, or menadione is the synthetic version that you should avoid as it is toxic because it generates free radicals. Wouldn’t you know that the synthetic form is prescription and, of course, the toxic version given to infants by injection. Vitamin K is absolutely essential for strong bones and heart health. Evidence shows that most people do not get enough vitamin K in the highly processed foods they eat. For bone and vascular health, 150 micrograms per day of supplemental Vitamin K2 is suggested.

03/15/12 Folic Acid is part of the B-complex and interacts with other B vitamins. It is best known as being essential for the synthesis of genetic material and the metabolism of amino acids. Folic acid also helps maintain healthy blood as it is involved in the formation of red blood cells. Pregnant mothers with a shortage of folic acid at are severe risk of causing birth defects in the developing fetus. The best sources are foods like fruits, dark-green leafy vegetables, dried beans and peas. For best results buy a folate supplement and make sure it is just folate, and not the synthetic version of folic acid.

03/14/12 PABA is Para Amino Benzoic Acid. PABA helps your skin to pigment, preventing sunburn and sun damage. PABA is an antioxidant that fights free radicals to protect against oxidative damage to cell structures. Did you know that PABA also stimulates the growth of blood cells? PABA keeps glands and intestines tuned up to work best. Research shows that PABA can even reverse baldness and gray hair. Natural sources are bran, eggs, kidney, liver, molasses, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, and yogurt. BEWARE! What is in sunscreens is quite often the poisonous, synthetic goop that can even cause cancer.

03/13/12 What did they used to use to treat diseases? Galen is called the father of medicine 2,000 years ago. Back then they used Anise for stomach trouble, chamomile for anxiety, for depression they gave clove and for headaches there was peppermint. People came to the schools of medicine and were made to lie down and listen to soft music, meditate and dream. From early times, these doctors had the best ideas ever: eat wise, exercise daily, keep clean, get plenty of sleep and dream. I dare say that if we brought back to life Galen, Hippocrates, and other icons of ancient medicine they would be appalled at our modern disease management system.

03/12/12 Magnesium gluconate or chelate: The biggest dietary mineral deficiency in the US today is magnesium. Deficiency can start with little aches and pains and that rundown feeling. Soon it develops into leg cramps, foot pain, and/or muscle twitches. It then escalates into high blood pressure, anxiety, asthma, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, blood sugar imbalances, heart dysrhythmia, chest pains, kidney stones, CANCER and many other symptoms. 500 mg a day is good for an adult and 20mg/kg for a child. Magnesium is primarily expelled by the kidneys so if you have kidney impairment you’ll need to be careful about taking magnesium supplements.

03/09/12 Would you drink bentonite clay? I would! Bentonite clay has a very strong negative ionic charge. This negative ionic charge attracts things that have a positive charge, such as toxins, harmful bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and other pathogens. By divine design, bentonite clay does not attach to anything beneficial. The clumping action of clay and its binding to pathogens prevents them from passing through the intestines to the bloodstream. The clay and the toxins make their exit from the colon and the kidneys. Good stuff!

03/08/12 The synthetic form of vitamin A has toxic effects. The most marked toxic effect is thickening of the long bones, usually accompanied by headache, vomiting, liver enlargement, skin changes and hair loss. Cases of vitamin A toxicity from dietary sources are unheard of, but toxicity can be a serious problem with supplemental doses of synthetic vitamin A. A high risk of birth defects is associated with synthetic vitamin A taken before or during pregnancy.

03/07/12 Probiotics in capsules or liquid supplements are convenient but do not carry the same nutritional value as foods that contain probiotics and their micronutrients. The best known source of probiotics is good old yogurt for keeping a natural balance in your gut. Other great sources are raw milk, buttermilk culture, unpasteurized sauerkraut, kimchi (a popular Korean dish), miso soup, soft cheeses like Gouda, sourdough bread, Kefir, sour pickles, and tempeh (an Indonesian dish). Probiotics help ease symptoms of lactose intolerance, gas, diarrhea, and other digestive issues.

03/06/12 DGL is an extract of licorice which is a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial agent which helps reduce gut inflammation. Licorice extracts are known as “DGL” because they are “deglycyrrhizinated”. DGL is a natural inhibitor of Helicobacter pylori which eats protective mucosal lining of the stomach, causing ulcers and irritation. Not that I recommend aspirin or NSAIDs, but DGL helps protect against the damaging effects of aspirin ibuprofen and other NSAIDs. But don’t eat the candy crap version of licorice that made from wheat, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and food colors. Get the real deal from an herb shoppe.

03/05/12 Without enough iodine the digestive system becomes sluggish, nails grow more slowly, skin and hair become dry and dull, the eyebrows thin, tendon reflexes stiffen, sensitivity to cold increases, blood pressure goes up and the pulse slows. Mentally there can be a dulling of the personality, apathy, deterioration of attention and memory, and an increase in irritability due to fatigue. But most supplements have mere micrograms where you need up to 50 or more milligrams a day to recover lost health.

03/02/12 Yerba mate is made from the leaves of a tree from South America. The people there have long known of yerba mate’s medicinal applications. Researchers worldwide are now investigating and confirming this tea’s healing powers. According to a recent study at the University of Illinois, one of the best possible ways to prevent colon cancer could be by drinking a cup of yerba mate tea every day. Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in the United States. I’ve been to the Patagonia and this tea is pretty dang… well, should we say “herbal tasting”? (smoky, bitter and woody… Blech!)

03/01/12 MSM to the rescue! Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) AKA dimethyl sulfone is an organic form of sulfur found in fresh veggies and supplements. New research suggests that MSM is almost as significant as Vitamin C as the human body must maintain a minimum level of MSM for normal function. MSM deficiency is linked to a host of degenerative diseases, pain, joint trouble, fatigue, increased psychological and physical stress, and depression, as well as other conditions. Try some for a while and see if things improve in your health. Because I recently dislocated my shoulder, I take 2,000 mg a day to help with the repairs.

02/29/12 Avoid the synthetic retinyl palmitate, retinol and palmitic acid – AKA “vitamin A”. When you take this manmade counterfeit and then stand in the sun it causes a toxic release of free radicals in the body which can damage DNA and cause cancer. The Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances has published over 25 studies confirming retinyl palmitate’s nasty effects. A 2010 study by the National Toxicology Program found an increase in the development of skin tumors and lesions when retinyl palmitate is used in the presence of sunlight. Read your labels! And skip the toxic sunscreens.

02/28/12 What’s in your Kirkland Signature Fish Oil Omega-3 One Per Day? Now, I love to recommend fish oil as much as the next nutritionist, but you really have to read your labels peeps. While this Costco price bargain does have some great oils, it also has a synthetic coating of Methacrylic Acid Copolymer and Ethylcellulose listed on the label that can cause bowel problems. How about some genital deformity with the Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Phthalate? Boys of moms highly exposed to phthalates show stunted genitals. The higher the levels of phthalates in the mothers, the less masculine their boys were when examined by pediatricians. Triacetin in here is a topical pharmaceutical fungal crème. What’s that doing here? Top this off with poisonous Ammonium Hydroxide and Polyethylene Glycol and this is a good thing gone very bad!

02/27/12 Bilberries have been used medicinally to lower blood sugar, improve capillary health, treat eye disorders and improve vision, help improve circulation, ease menstrual cramps, treat diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and cataracts. Bilberry combined with Vitamin E can reduce the progression of cataracts. World War 2, pilots who ate bilberry jam reported better night vision. Antioxidants found in this berry slow down the aging process by combating free radicals. It is also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. You just can’t lose with bilberry!

02/24/12 Are you sad? Take probiotics! Taking probiotics, like Lactobacillus rhamnosus, can reduce markers of depression and anxiety and help normalize cortisol levels. Partly because probiotics have a modulating effect on GABA receptors in particular parts of the brain. According to one study, “alterations in central GABA receptor expression are implicated in the pathogenesis of anxiety and depression, which are highly co-morbid with functional bowel disorders.” Not a surprise to me because I know that about 80% of your brain chemicals are made right there in your gut.

02/23/12 Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) comes from an evergreen tree in Southeast Asia and is cultivated widely in Vietnam, China, Burma, and Laos for its bark and the oil processed from the bark. Once upon a time in ancient Rome, cinnamon was worth more than silver. Cinnamon has anti-diabetic effects and helps moderate blood glucose levels. Cinnamon also has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties as it contains cinnamaldehyde. Cinnamon can help slow tumor growth while inhibiting inflammatory markers connected to cellular proliferation. Take 3 or 4 capsules with each meal if you have blood sugar challenges and watch what happens!

02/22/12 Taking chlorella cleans up your blood detoxifies your body by binding to metals and clearing them out. Chlorella binds to heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, and also to chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and other baddies in the digestive tract.Chlorella contains almost 55 times the protein found in rice and has all the essential amino acids in a natural balance. Chlorella is the highest plant source of RNA and DNA supporting nutrients. If there was one thing only you could take to chelate metals I would pick chlorella.

02/21/12 Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is a class of enzymes that repair cells and reduces damage caused by the free radical called superoxide. SOD is a catalyst for the dismutation of superoxide into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. Not only is SOD an important antioxidant defense but it is also an anti-inflammatory that can neutralize free radicals that can lead to wrinkles and even precancerous cell changes. Researchers have been studying the potential of superoxide dismutase as an anti-aging treatment because SOD levels drop as we age while free radical levels increase.

02/20/12 According to World Health Organization estimates, 50% of the world’s population of children less than 5 years of age suffers from vitamin A deficiency. Additionally, approximately 500,000 worldwide cases of childhood blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency can be prevented by supplementing vitamin A. Recent analysis of the scientific literature shows that vitamin A supplementation in these depleted populations could save as many as 1,000,000 lives a year worldwide while decreasing child mortality by 24%. But let’s use the real thing and not the synthetic retinyl palmitate.

02/17/12 Ginger extract! Ginger is a seasoning known for awesome anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties, The extract of this common spice has been shown to have “significant growth-inhibitory and death-inductory effects in a spectrum of prostate cancer cells.” In other words, ginger is a natural cancer fighter that limits the new growth of cancer cells while at the same time killing them by inducing apoptosis or programmed cell death.

02/16/12 Tabebuia, AKA Pau d’arco, has a well-documented history of medicinal uses. Natives call the Tabebuia tree tajy, “to have strength and vigor.” Tea and other remedies from Tabebuia contain powerful phytochemicals including lapachol, a therapeutic, healing, naphthoquinone, for treatment of cancer, arthritis, candida and many other common ailments. What you may not know is that any bark and/or wood based tea must be boiled at least 8-10 minutes rather than steeped or brewed as tea. Boiling makes lapachol and other quinoids available to the body – steeping does not.

02/15/12 Boswellia has been around for thousands of years and is one of Chinese Medicines’ answers to pain and inflammation. Boswellia works like the current COX-2 inhibitor drugs – but without the side effects. Combining curcumin and boswellia was found superior to the arthritis drug Celebrex in a clinical study of osteoarthritis. The boswellia combo crunched pain for 64% of those taking it vs. only 29% of the Big Pharma group. Our champion works by fixing the inflammation and tissue damage where the sore loser works by masking symptoms AND causing “side effects”.

02/14/12 Did you know lavender oil works against MRSA? Long after we’ve gone through every antibiotic invented by man and created MRSA, lavender oil still triumphs over bad bacs. The errant staph, MRSA, can be fatal once this contact bacteria passes through the skin barriers and into the body. But lavender has proven successful in eliminating MRSA in numerous lab tests when other remedies fail. Being a natural product that can’t be licensed and capitalized upon by the AMA affiliates, so don’t expect to read about it in JAMA. “Spike Lavender”, Lavandula latifolia or L. latifolia, has the best potency and is the most recommended for medicinal applications.

02/13/12 Fish oil can help you lose fat! Taking fish oil is great for brain and joint function, but another benefit fish oil is a positive effect on thyroid function. Supplementing with fish oil helps optimize the function of thyroid hormones within liver cells to burn fat and thereby effecting blood fats. For you health geeks it is the enzyme activity of hepatic mitochondrial glycerophosphate dehydrogenase in thermogenesis which causes a higher level of thyroid T3 in the study group that consumed fish oil.

02/10/12 Probiotics = For Life! In the digestive tract, probiotics inhibit bad bacteria, make short-chain fatty acids, help balance pH, ferment fiber ingredients (good thing), create butyric acid (to strengthen the gastric mucosa), help the body absorb nutrients, keep the immune system running smoothly, normalize the rate of digestion, detoxify mercury, other heavy metals and other food toxins, and cut down on foul body emissions and odors. One cause of IBS is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), which is simply, high levels of harmful bacteria in the intestines.

02/09/12 Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is an essential fatty acid that contains gamma linolenic acid. It lowers cholesterol, improves arthritis, helps to alleviate pms and aids in the production of quality cervical fluid. EPO is converted to a hormone-like substance called prostaglandin E1 which has anti-inflammatory properties and also acts as a blood thinner and blood vessel dilator. The anti-inflammatory properties help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

02/08/12 MSM for joints and so much more: Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the human body and helps liver function while boosting metabolism. Sulfur is critical for making joint cartilage and keratin of the skin & hair. Sulfur is used for the body’s anti-oxidant systems and to produce glutathione, the primary antioxidant found in the human body. Sulfur is not stored in the body and any surplus is oxidized to sulfate and excreted in the urine or is stored as glutathione. A great source of sulfur is cruciferous vegetables, and more especially garlic and onions

02/07/12 Thiamine is in your vitamin pills and is widely found in many vegetables and some animals we eat. Thiamine is very soluble in water and is lost from food that is washed too thoroughly or cooked in excess water. If you want to capture the thiamine in rice it is important to heat the rice with just the amount of water that will be absorbed in cooking. If you use too much water for your rice, save it to use in soups or stews for this water will contain thiamine and other nutrients. Storage grains lose their thiamine the first year and most grains are already four years old when they hit the market.

02/06/12 L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream and serves as your gastrointestinal tract’s main fuel. This substance has been shown to help regulate normal GI inflammatory processes by affecting the tiny molecules that are often responsible for inflammatory responses to food. L-glutamine helps repair and maintain the health of the gut cells. Foods sources of l-glutamine include eggs, dairy proteins, wheat germ, and oats. Supplements are sometimes made from fermented wheat gluten and may affect people with gluten sensitivities.

02/02/12 Bee Pollen: Amazingly, one tiny grain of pollen contains every essential nutrient needed for plant reproduction and survival. It supplies dozens of vitamins and minerals, including A, B, D, E, folic acid, choline, K, zinc, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and the B-vitamin inositol. Pollen also contains amino acids, RNA and DNA building blocks, plant hormones, enzymes, and fatty acids. Good for bees and great for humans!

02/01/12 Panax ginseng has been used for centuries as an overall tonic. It’s an adaptogen that’s been proven in animal studies to normalize cortisol levels in the brain. It’s one of the best stress-busters out there. But ginseng is also a nitric oxide booster which increases blood flow. Plus, laboratory studies show it boosts sexual arousal.

01/31/12 B vitamins work to lower homocysteine levels. Homocysteine damages the arteries to allow cholesterol to stick in them, leading to blood clots. Vitamin B is a complex vitamin and should be taken as a “B-complex” along with a good multi-mineral as minerals are cofactors in vitamin B assimilation. In addition to this, taking extra niacin (which is also a B vitamin) proves to be a more effective treatment than statins for increasing good cholesterol.

01/30/12 I’ll take a sarsaparilla please. This spicy, nice smelling root not only gives old fashioned root beer its unique taste, but this herb makes a great medicinal tonic. People used to think that sarsaparilla had testosterone in it because of the boost it gives. This amazing root is loaded with phytochemicals called saponins which sooth gout, arthritis, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis and eczema by disabling bacterial endotoxins. Sarsaparilla should NOT be used excessively by people with kidney problems or diabetes.

01/27/12 ARNICA: Herbalists say it’s awesome for speeding up the healing of sprains and muscle strains. Preliminary research shows that it also helps bruises heal faster. Homoeopathic tinctures have been used successfully in the treatment of epilepsy, seasickness, tender feet in a foot-bath of hot water and applied to the scalp it will make the hair grow! I’m using it for my broken collar bone and injured shoulder.

01/26/12 I say go up on the C… way up! RDA means Ridiculously Deficient Amounts and an RDA of 95 mg vitamin C is insanely low. Mammals that produce their own vitamin C and weigh about 150 lbs (close to human weight) produce up to 14,000 mg per day! Under stress or sick they produce much more. Avoid the sodium C and calcium C and opt for ascorbic acid with rose hips. Build up to bowel tolerance. I also say that 5,000 a day would be a minimum to maintain an already healthy body. To recover your health takes even more.

01/25/12 Vitamin A that is found in plant sources is known as provitamin A, carotenoid, or carotenes. These are converted by the body into retinol, before they can be used. Once the carotenes enter the upper intestinal tract, they are converted to vitamin A by the actions of fat splitting enzymes and bile salts. This form of vitamin A is water soluble and cannot be stored by the body. Of all of the various carotenes, beta-carotene is the one that is most easily converted to vitamin A.

01/24/12 The body of an average adult contains about 20 to 50 mg of iodine, most of it in the thyroid gland. Iodine is absorbed in the gut and excess is excreted in the urine. The adult thyroid gland traps about 60 mcg of iodine per day to make thyroid hormones. In the event of insufficient iodine, the thyroid gland enlarges in size (a condition known as goiter) to trap more iodine. In the case of radioactive iodine from a nuclear event (like Fukushima) the body of the average American will need about 15mg of iodine a day to help prevent radioactive iodine from going to the thyroid gland.

01/23/12 Selenium! A new study finds that selenium can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 95 percent. The best source of selenium is Brazil nuts followed by fish, beef, chicken and eggs. The same study finds that trace elements of nickel can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by about a third. If you have mercury hanging around in your body or have amalgam fillings you want to take supplemental selenium.

01/20/12 Slippery Elm Bark is a healing agent used by Native Americans. Slippery Elm Bark has been used for centuries for its soothing properties on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. Its fiber content also helps regulate bacterial flora, lower bowel transit time and absorb toxins.

01/19/12 Persons customarily consuming diets low in calcium appear to have better absorption of calcium than those on high-calcium diets or even supplements. Unabsorbed calcium is excreted in the feces and excess calcium is excreted in the urine and in sweat. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium. A person deficient in vitamin D absorbs too little calcium, even if the intake of calcium is high.

01/18/12 Zinc has been shown to increase osteoblast activity, which is how the body manufactures bone. Zinc also inhibits the osteoclast process. Osteoclasts are responsible for bone reabsorption and catabolism. According to the latest research, taking supplemental zinc directly improves bone mass for osteoporosis prevention.

01/17/12 Vitamin A was discovered in 1913 when researchers found certain laboratory animals stopped growing when lard was the only fat in their diet. When butter was substituted for lard the animals thrived. Further animal experiments showed that egg yolk and cod-liver oil contained the same vital food factor named vitamin A. Vitamin A is found in foods that contain a yellow pigment called carotene which can be converted to vitamin A in the human body.

01/16/12 The synthetic form of vitamin E used in supplements is “dl-alpha tocopherol”. One reason to avoid the synthetic form is that vitamin E is a complex vitamin and all parts are vital for proper use by the body. Vitamin E in the isolated, esterified, alpha form causes the other vitamin E forms to be shorted in your body by using up the other forms of vitamin E in an attempt to balance the entire vitamin complex. The more alpha vitamin E you take, the more vitamin E you become deficient in.

01/13/12 ARNICA: Herbalists say it’s awesome for speeding up the healing of sprains and muscle strains. Preliminary research shows that it also helps bruises heal faster. Homoeopathic tinctures have been used successfully in the treatment of epilepsy, seasickness, tender feet in a foot-bath of hot water and applied to the scalp it will make the hair grow!

01/12/12 Zinc is an essential element in human nutrition and is present in many important enzymes critical for metabolism. The human body contains 2 to 3 g of zinc and requires around 15 mg of dietary zinc per day. In the Islamic Republic of Iran and Egypt, a condition has been described in which adolescent or near-adolescent boys are dwarfed and have poorly developed genitalia and delayed onset of puberty because of zinc deficiencies.

01/11/12 Most of the iron in the body is in the red blood cells or hemoglobin. Most of the rest is in myoglobin in muscles or as ferritin in the liver, spleen and bone marrow. The main function of iron is in the transfer of oxygen in the body. Hemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Myoglobin accepts the oxygen from the hemoglobin. Iron is an element that is neither used up nor destroyed in the properly functioning body. The body is very efficient and conservative in the use of iron. In normal circumstances, only about 1 mg of iron is lost from the body daily.

01/10/12 The average adult body contains about 1,250 grams of calcium. 99 percent of this calcium is in the bones and teeth, where it is combined with phosphorus. This makes calcium phosphate which is the hard stuff that gives the bones rigidity. The bones are actually a cleverly designed cellular matrix in which calcium is continuously taken up by the bones and given back to the body. The bones are a reservoir for calcium needed by the body.

01/09/12 Taurine is the building block of all other amino acids and is needed for the proper absorption of fats, proper utilization of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Taurine has a protective effect on the brain and its shortages in the brain can relate to seizure activities. Taurine is needed to maintain proper eye, muscle, central nervous system, heart function and is also a natural sleep aid.

01/06/12 Probiotics supply friendly bacteria to aid in digestion, immunity, and fight parasites and fungus. They are useful for digestive problems and help overcome and prevent food poisoning. PB 8 brand supplies 15 billion particles per capsule and 8 different friendly bacteria strains. (We used to get friendly bacteria from milk products until pasteurization was introduced.)

01/05/12 Did you know that a mere 100 mg a day of vitamin C given to an infant prevents SIDS? Not one baby in over 20 years, given “Klenner’s/Kalokerinos Ascorbate Therapy” in the recommended quantities is known to have died. Do you want to take your chances with popular media and the medical profession and risk your baby’s life waiting on scholarly eggheads? NOT recommended. Give the kiddo some vitamin C, but also keep in mind that almost if not every SIDS death happens in a vaccinated baby…

01/04/12 Iodine is acid forming and is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Iodine helps balance the development of the general glandular system. You want plenty of this in your system if/when exposed to radiation. Lack of this mineral brings goiters and weight maintenance problems. Great food sources: Sea Kelp, Lettuce, Asparagus, Carrot, Cabbage, Cranberry, Cucumber, Pineapple, Prune, Tomato, Radish, Watercress, Spinach

01/03/12 According to a study in the European Journal of Nutrition, people who were taking antioxidant supplements at the start of an 11-year study period had a 48 percent reduction in the risk of cancer mortality. Additionally, death from all causes was 42 percent lower among antioxidant takers. But taking a basic multiple vitamin and mineral supplement not enriched with antioxidants did not confer any protection against either cancer or all-cause mortality.

01/02/12 The lifesaving vitamin C: In 1753, James Lind showed how to prevent and cure clinical scurvy with citrus fruits, which contain vitamin C. Unfortunately, 100,000 British Navy sailors died of scurvy until all the old “experts” had expired and were replaced by new-thinkers. It even took the British merchant marine 118 years to figure this out. New ideas, even lifesaving ones are typically ignored by the experts in vogue even though proven correct. It usually takes two complete generations of authorities to die and go away to bring about some changes.

12/29/11 Oregano oil is one of nature’s best anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents. It is high in natural phenol and carvacol and when taken internally, helps fight intestinal overgrowths of parasites and fungi. Externally it is a great fighter of toenail fungus, ringworm, warts, moles, eczema, psoriasis, and poison ivy. You can buy it in capsule or liquid form but use it carefully! This is strong stuff.

12/28/11 Hemorrhoids and rutin: Iron toxicity is the most common varicose vein cause. Unusable iron becomes toxic and builds up when you consume “enriched” foods. Copper chelate is needed to balance iron and support capillary health and elasticity. Rutin, a natural flavenoid you can buy at the health food store, binds to iron deposits in the colon to help alleviate the nasty of nasties of varicose veins – hemorrhoids.

12/27/11 Choline is the precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Loss of cholinergic neurons is associated with impaired cognitive function, Dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’, brain atrophy and white-matter hyperintensity. In a very recent study of a population of non-demented individuals, higher choline intake brought better cognitive performance. Although choline is not a vitamin or mineral, it is an essential nutrient for your health. Get some naturally from organic eggs, broccoli, Brussels, salmon and peanut butter or buy some at the health food store.

12/26/11 Flaxseed oil provides Efa’s (Essential Fatty Acids) that are necessary for brain and nerve myelination which is the fatty insulation around nerve pathways that helps conduct nerve impulses. Flaxseed oil is also a great immune system builder, free radical scavenger, hair and nail builder, lowers blood pressure, fights bad cholesterol’s, and good for memory building. You can buy it in gel caps or liquid to drink and/or rub into the skin.

12/23/11 Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata) originally from Indonesia is now cultivated around the world. One constituent of clove is a phenolic compound called eugenol, which is an antibacterial agent that inhibits the growth of oral pathogens like Porphyromonas gingivalis and Prevotella intermedia and is a major fighter of Candida albicans. Eugenol in clove also has anti-inflammatory properties. Clove oil has been used for dental health in India for centuries with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects.

12/22/11 Taurine is a building block for all other amino acids and is needed for proper absorption of fats, along with proper utilization of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Taurine has a protective effect on the brain and shortages in the brain can relate to seizure activities. Taurine is needed to maintain proper eye, muscle, central nervous system, and heart function. Taurine can also be very useful as a natural sleep aid.

12/21/11 Potassium is alkaline and is the mineral basis for all of the muscle tissues to give muscles their pliancy. It has an important role in the formation of glycogen in the constructive processes of the body. The liver contains twice as much potassium as sodium and produces the bulk of glycogen in the body. Potassium is essential for every living cell of the body to function properly. Lack of this mineral brings liver degeneration, muscle cramps and severe stiffness. Practically all fresh fruits and vegetables contain lots of potassium.

12/20/11 Thyroid Support: Bromine, fluorine and chlorine are halogens just like iodine. These halogens are unwisely added to our food and in our water. Because of their atomic similarities, other halides can occupy the iodine pathways in the cells leaving thyroid hormones floating in the blood with no place to go. But blood tests cannot tell what is going on in the cell giving you a false thyroid reading. Supplemental iodine will begin knocking the others out of the way and allow the cells to work better.

12/19/11 Peppermint (Mentha piperita) was discovered in 1696, being a natural hybrid of two mint species. These It is in everything from herbal teas to chocolate. As a supplemental peppermint is not only a flavorant but is great for digestion – especially Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and also is a natural way to support healthy mouth and gums. As a botanical oil, it is a strong antibacterial and even fights E. coli., all the while protecting your body’s cells from free-radical damage.

12/16/11 Sulphur is found in all the tissues of the body. It is even in the hemoglobin of the blood. It has an antiseptic and cleansing effect on the digestive tract, it stimulates the bile secretions, purifies the blood, improves hair condition, and prevents the accumulation of toxic impurities. Practically all fruits and vegetables are good sources of sulphur. MSM is one really great supplement to try for joint troubles.

12/15/11 Vitamin E has many true benefits for our body and we need to take a vitamin E supplement that is well balanced and high in all constituents–alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols. Read your labels carefully to avoid any vitamin E made by a process called esterification, Most of esterified vitamin E is not labeled as “esterified”, but rather as “acetate” or “succinate”. Make double-sure that you are taking the mixed tocopherols though as the fractionalized dl-alpha form can be toxic taken alone. The alpha without the gamma causes dangerous shortfalls in the gamma form in your body.

12/14/11 Cinnamon not only helps regulate your blood insulin responses to sugar but cinnamon juices your immune system and is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial all at the same time! So, not only does it make for amazing diabetes fighting but it boosts the immune system while fighting the very pathogens that cause sickness. You can buy a great form of cinnamon in capsules at Walmart.

12/13/11 Silymarin: Researchers took mice specifically bred to develop Alzheimer’s via excessive amyloid beta production and gave them silymarin daily basis and it significantly prevented them from developing Altzheimer’s. Beta amyloid plaques are protein tangles of fibers that appear on the brains of individuals suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, impacting cognition, behavior and memory. Research indicates that silymarin, a compound derived from milk thistle, can help prevent the development of this disease.

12/12/11 An estimated 1 billion people worldwide, across all ethnic and age groups, have a vitamin D deficiency. This is mostly because people getting less sun exposure, lifestyle, and unfounded concerns about the sun and skin cancer. Emerging research supports the possible role of vitamin D in protecting against cancer, heart disease, fractures and falls, autoimmune diseases, influenza, type II diabetes, and depression. Many health care providers have increased their recommendations for vitamin D supplementation to at least 1,000 IU.

12/09/11 Vitamin A, as beta carotene, helps the eyes adjust to light changes, and plays an important role in bone growth, tooth development, human reproduction, cell division and gene expression. The skin, eyes and mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs depend on vitamin A for a protective barrier against pathogens. Beta-carotene, is actually an antioxidant that the body converts to vitamin A. Beta-carotene comes from fruits and vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, winter squash, dark green leafy vegetables and apricots.

12/08/11 Is it in your vitamins? The coenzyme form of vitamin B12, known as methylcobalamin, generates an increased supply of S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe), the body’s most important methyl donor. Some of the benefits of methyl B12 and the increased SAMe vs. the cyanocobalamin B12 form are protection from neurotoxicity along with neurotrophic growth for nerve cells. This one property of methyl B12 can help regenerate central and peripheral nervous tissues damaged in disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

12/07/11 Did you know what the amazing benefits are for beta carotene found in carrots? AKA vitamin A, beta carotene gives carrots their bright color while doing an amazing job of protecting your epithelial cell and mucus membranes which line the lungs and intestinal tracts. This is one of your front-line allergy defenses that also makes it difficult for bacteria to invade the body.

12/06/11 Eat more fiber. Why? Because it relieves constipation, keeps your bowels healthy, lowers your cholesterol, and helps control your blood sugar levels. Women 50 and younger should have 25 grams of fiber each day. Women age 51 and over need 21 grams a day. Men age 50 and younger need 38 grams and men age 51 and older should be getting 30 grams of fiber a day.

12/05/11 The synthetic version of Vitamin E is called the dl- form. The dl- form is a combination of the d-form (the naturally occurring form) and the synthetic l-form. But your body cannot use the l-form and excretes it. Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K in the synthetic form can build up in your fatty tissues and cause toxicity. One reason that the synthetic forms are more dangerous is because you get a high, concentrated, isolated dose of the vitamin rather than the amount that you would get from a food-based form along with all the components to utilize it.

12/02/11 You may already know that magnesium is found in bones and teeth and helps to maintain muscle contractions, but did you know that magnesium also activates enzymatic reactions related to metabolism and energy production? Magnesium helps you utilize your available calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus and without enough magnesium you can become deficient in these.

12/01/11 Fat dissolving vitamin B-6 is called Pyridoxine and is part of the B-complex that interacts with other B vitamins. It is required by your body for the production of antibodies and red blood cells. This unsung hero is also involved in carbohydrate, fat & protein metabolism, the metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids and interacts closely with Vitamin C. Take it with a B-complex and minerals for the best result.

11/30/11 Maca, AKA Lepidium meyenii , is the only cruciferous plant native to Peru. The history of maca goes back over 2,000 years with a track record for sexual enhancement and improvement of overall vitality. Results of studies show that maca lives up to its reputation under scientific scrutiny. Maca has never demonstrated any toxicity of any kind, and is safe for everyone. Taking it daily, maca can make a great contribution to health, overall vitality and well being.

11/29/11 Interesting reading: Dr John Beard in Scotland 1902 wrote The Unitarian Trophoblastic Theory of cancer. Dr Beard said way back then that pancreatic enzymes were the main natural defense against cancer. Of course, this is long before our whacko medical system industrialized cancer for profit. Unless our diet is pristine and our health is topping great, we should take some with every meal!

11/28/11 Minerals make up only about 4% of total body weight but are essential for metabolism. Minerals act as catalysts for biochemical reactions in your body. They are involved in responses of the nervous system and muscles, absorption and secretions of the body’s fluids, maintaining a delicate water balance in the body and supplying our bones and teeth with the stuff to give them hardness. Minerals are supposed to be supplied by a healthy diet because we cannot make them in our body.

11/23/11 Thiamine (B-1) is part of the B-complex and interacts with other B vitamins. B-1 is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism and is involved in energy production. It is also necessary for good muscle coordination and maintaining normal appetite, digestion & nerve activity. Take your B-complex with minerals so your body can utilize them instead of eliminating them through your urine.

11/22/11 Iron is absorbed from food and carried in the blood by a protein made in the liver called transferrin. Iron absorption is affected by both stored levels of iron and food sources as iron uptake improves when reserves decline. Approximately two-thirds of the iron we absorb ends up in the bone marrow, where it is used for the synthesis of a protein called hemoglobin. Another 10 percent is in the protein myoglobin, and the rest is stored in the liver, spleen, bone marrow and muscles. Good sources of iron include beans of all types, spinach, broccoli and molasses.

11/21/11 Niacin is part of the B-complex and interacts with other B vitamins and is involved in metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein as well as being involved in normal stomach fluid & bile secretions. It is a potent vasodilator and can cause intense flushing of the capillaries causing discomfort and a very temporary rash in appearance along with a burning/itching sensation. But don‘t worry! That’s not a bad thing.

11/18/11 Vitamin E in the L form (never DL) is an antioxidant and free radical fighter. It is very necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system and it prolongs the life of red blood cells. What you maey not have known is that vitamin E is also involved in the metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids and works synergistically with Selenium and Vitamin A. Never take inorganic iron with Vitamin E as it destroys vitamin E when taken together.

11/17/11 Riboflavin (B-2) is part of the B-complex and interacts with other B vitamins. B-2 helps maintain healthy skin and eyes and is important for converting fats, proteins and carbohydrates into energy. The name “riboflavin” comes from the word for the sugar “ribose” and “flavin” from the Latin word flavus, for “yellow”. Riboflavin is the vitamin which makes the orange color in B-vitamin supplements. This causes the fluorescent-yellow color in your urine when taking a high dose. No other vitamin imparts color to urine.

11/16/11 Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, contributes to the health of teeth & gums and is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system. It is required for production of collagen and is an antioxidant (free radical fighter). Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron, B-12, Folic Acid, B-6 and work hand in hand with vitamin E. I recommend 5,000 mg a day. Try your best to find the corn free stuff to help avoid GMO based vitamin C which is over 90% of all vitamin C out there.

11/15/11 The best source of vitamin D comes from the sun. Vitamin D pills are second best when using D-3 (cholecalciferol), preferably with an oil-containing meal. A least a portion of it should be from cod liver oil pills, so that some Vitamin A and other oils fractions are included. If you are taking a large daily dose of Vitamin D, divide the dose between 2 or 3 meals. Definitely avoid the Big Pharma version of calcitrol vitamin D.

11/14/11 Did you know that synthetic vitamins lack the necessary trace minerals and must use the body’s own mineral reserves which may lead to dangerous mineral deficiencies? Isolates and Big Pharma versions can harm you! Find the natural versions as much as possible. When you take the food-based natural forms they already contain all the minerals and other components your body needs to utilize them.

11/11/11 The history of vitamin B12 and the switch from methyl to cyano form is the result of using charcoal to filter extracts during the isolation of B12. Traces of cyanide present in charcoal rapidly convert all natural forms of B12, including methyl B12 into the “more stable” (but NOT better) cyano form. Because of this, the discovery of B12 coenzymes and their metabolic role was delayed for years. Reasonable solution: Only take the methylcobalamin form of B12.

11/10/11 An analysis of 11 studies published in the July 2010 BMJ found that women taking doses of calcium averaging 1,000 mg a day without vitamin D, had an increased risk for heart attacks. Another study, the Harvard Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, involving 48,000 men with no history of cancer found that high calcium intake from supplements was associated with an increased risk for highly invasive prostate cancer. You can get sufficient amounts of calcium eating lots of raw veggies.

11/09/11 Exposures to supplements (such as vitamins, herbs, protein powders, and botanicals) accounted for more than 29,000 calls to US poison control centers in 2009. Of these calls, more than 3,000 were reportedly treated in health care facilities. About 500 were described as moderate to severe outcomes, and there was even ONE death! Now compare this to the medical mayhem of about 783,936 deaths by pharmaceuticals each year. You just have to shut your mouth… there is no comparison.

11/08/11 Too much synthetic Vitamin A causes blurred vision in early stages of toxicity. Acute toxicity can cause headache, photophobia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, drowsiness, irritability, seizures, and skin desquamation. Chronic toxicity can cause erythema, eczema, pruritus, dry and cracked skin, cheilitis, conjunctivitis, palmar and plantar peeling, alopecia, and pain and tenderness in the bones of the extremities. So, what have we learned here peeps? Avoid the retinol and take Beta Carotene.

11/07/11 Toxic Ingredients to avoid in your supplements: Magnesium stearate (or stearic acid), which inhibits immune response – Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), often disguised as “natural flavors” – and Carnauba wax which is commonly used in car wax and shoe polish – Titanium dioxide, which is a known carcinogen.

11/04/11 Taking too much synthetic Vitamin D called Calciferol and you might just end up with muscle weakness, apathy, headache, anorexia, irritability, nausea, vomiting, and bone pain. Keep on taking too much and you could get constipation, anorexia, abdominal cramps, polydipsia, polyuria, backache, hyperlipidemia, and hypercalcemia. What are we learning here peeps? Avoid calciferol , get your vitamin D from the sun or and take the natural cholecalciferol.

11/03/11 Symptoms of omega 3 deficiency: depression, cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, fatigue, dry itchy skin, brittle hair and nails, inability to concentrate, joint pain, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, ADHD, migraine headaches, and multiple sclerosis. Solution: Take fish oil! I like 5,000 mg a day.

11/02/11 Many synthetic vitamins lack the transporters and co-factors associated with naturally-occurring vitamins because they have been “isolated.” Isolated vitamins cannot be used or recognized by the body in the same way as the natural version as they only mimic the way natural vitamins act in our bodies. Many vitamin and mineral supplements are manufactured synthetically with chemicals and do not come from natural sources. Natural vitamins are derived directly from plant material containing the vitamin, not produced in a test tube.

11/01/11 Vitamins can be labeled as natural when they contain as little as 10% of the natural form. Your “natural” vitamin could contain 90% of synthetically produced chemicals! Avoid these synthetic forms: Vitamin A: Acetate and Palmitate – B1: Thiamine Mononitrate, Thiamine Hydrochloride – B2: Riboflavin- Pantothenic Acid: Calcium D-Pantothenate- B6: Pyridoxine Hydrochloride- B12: cyanocobalamin- PABA: Aminobenzoic Acid- Folic Acid: Pteroylglutamic Acid – Choline: Choline Chloride, Choline Bitartrate- Biotin: d-Biotin- D: Irradiated Ergosteral, Calciferol- E: dl-alpha tocopherol, dl-alpha tocopherol acetate or succinate.

10/31/11 Your adrenals make DHEA plus the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Adrenal exhaustion comes from coping with chronic stress, poor nutrition, yo-yo diets, emotional turmoil, and even job-related stress. Adrenal exhaustion means that your adrenals are bone-tired from pumping out cortisol and they can’t make enough DHEA to support a healthy hormonal balance. What is the end of this? You feel worn out, tapped out, stressed out, overwhelmed and depressed. Try supplementing with 10 mg every morning.

10/28/11 Melatonin is not just a sleep hormone. Melatonin inhibits new tumor blood vessel creation from existing blood vessels. Tumors require an increasingly greater supply of blood vessels to feed themselves. Preventing new blood vessel growth limits their food intake and causes them to shrink or stop growing.

10/27/11 The IOM released dietary guidelines for calcium earlier this year, and the RDA for calcium from a combination of diet plus supplements was set at 1000 mg a day for adult women until age 50 years and 1200 mg a day for women older than 50 years of age. Many women get about 700 mg a day from dietary sources, therefore most women may require no more than an additional 500-600 mg a day from calcium supplements.

10/26/11 Volumes of scientific evidence provide evidence that the active polyphenol ECGC found in green tea has the power to increase the number of immune T-cells. T-cells play a role in the suppression of autoimmune diseases including ALS. Research published in the journal Immunology Letters demonstrates that green tea can help your immune system operate at peak efficiency.

10/25/11 Sandalwood oil is great for cleansing the skin and is a wonderful oil to add to massage and facial oils, bath oils, aftershaves, lotions and creams. The astringent action in sandalwood has a toning effect, and it can also be used for oily skin conditions. It helps prevent the skin from forming those ugly scars and even fights dry eczema.

10/24/11 Cyanocobalamin is a cyanide form of B12 and cyanide is not good for your body. Methylcobalamin is a much better source of vitamin B12 than cyanocobalamin. Before the body can use cyanocobalamin, it must be converted by the liver to methylcobalamin. A lot of the B12 is lost in this conversion when taking cyanocobalamin. Methylcobalamin is more expensive, but the logical choice for your vitamin B12.

10/21/11 Sunshine makes you happy! A study of nearly 8,000 Americans between the ages of 15 and 39 found that those with the lowest blood levels of D (50 nanomoles per liter or less) had an 85 percent increased risk of depression than those with the highest (75 nanomoles per liter or more).

10/20/11 Patients with non-small cell lung cancers who had failed chemotherapy were given melatonin. They were then compared with other patients who weren’t given melatonin. A year later, 26 percent of the patients who had taken melatonin were still alive; whereas, none in the non-melatonin group remained alive.

10/19/11 The mighty omega-3: Great for inflammation reduction, preventing excessive blood clotting, maintaining cell membrane fluidity, lowering the amounts of circulating fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides, decrease thickening in the arteries, causing the arteries to dilate and relax, minimize arthrosclerosis, reduce the risk of obesity, body weight and metabolism, and helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

10/18/11 N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a changed form of the amino acidcysteine, an amino acid frequently found in food and manufactured by the body. Because NAC helps the body break down mucus, clinical research has been carried out suggesting that NAC can prevent recurrences in chronic bronchitis as well as relief from bronchial symptoms. NAC is used in ERs to treat patients with acetaminophen poisoning.

10/17/11 Low levels of B12 can literally cause your brain to shrink. Your brain was specifically designed to function on a diet of the fats and nutrients you can only get from meat and fish. But you won’t find B12 in leaves, roots, and tofu. You’ll find it in meats, fish and dairy. Megadoses of B vitamins can slow or even stop brain shrinkage and reverse the cognitive decline of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Make your B12 the methycobalamin form and skip the cyanocobalamin for the best results

10/14/11 A vitamin D deficiency was noted in 69% of the patients with inflammatory joint diseases or connective tissue diseases, 77% with soft tissue rheumatism, 62% with osteoarthritis, 75% with back pain, and 71% with osteoporosis. Did you get your vitamin D today?

10/13/11 Researchers put 271 seniors suffering from mild cognitive impairment onto either a placebo or a supplement regimen of 0.5mg of B12, 0.8mg of folic acid, and 20mg of B6. After two years, those who had the B vitamins did 70 percent better on memory tests than the placebos and had less brain shrinkage. Studies have consistently shown that low levels of B12 lead to brain problems and that B12 prevent and even reverse that damage.

10/12/11 Consider this; most B12 circulating in the blood is in the methylcobalamin form. Before cyanocobalamin B12 can enter the metabolic pool and be utilized by the body it has to be stripped of its cyano group. There is a time-consuming, multi-step process that has to be done before cyanobalamin B12 can be distributed throughout the body. Solution: Throw away your cyanocobalamin and buy only methycobalamin B12.

10/11/11 Studies show that vitamin K2 ingestion inhibits vascular calcification and reduces the risk of developing coronary heart disease. Vitamin K2 is a group of vitamin K compounds called menaquinones. Vitamin K2 is produced in the GI tract by naturally occurring bacteria and can also be found in cheese, eggs, butter and the soy product – natto.

10/10/11 Fructo Borate is a complex of boron coupled with plant carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables. It has been shown to reduce joint pain in 79% of clinical volunteers suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis. Fructo Bborate helps the body absorb and use Vitamin D3, which in turn helps build bone, cartilage and much more. Fructo Borate also boosts DHEA, a hormone that supports the adrenal glands and can boost energy levels. Ask for it at your fav health food shoppe.

10/07/11 N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) supplements have been shown to diminish the production of certain cells present in the lining of the colon including recurring colon polyps. Because of this, NAC may help decrease the risk of colon cancer. NAC contributes to the synthesis of the antioxidant glutathione and has proven to be effective in preventing kidney damage and is helpful in treating liver failure caused by drug toxicity, hepatitis, and more. Buy some at your fav health food store today!

10/06/11 Depression and the adrenals: Rhodiola rosea came to prominence in the US after the Swedish Herbal Institute conducted a comprehensive study to evaluate using rhodiola for depression. The results of this study strongly suggested the use of rhodiola rosea for treating mild depression and anxiety. The adrenals can have a lot to do with depression and rhodiola help tune your adrenal glands up or down as needed.

10/05/11 Green tea for diabetes: In Type 1 diabetics the pancreas produces little or no insulin (the hormone responsible for converting sugar, starches, and other foods into energy). Studies show green tea helps regulate glucose levels in the body. Green tea also lowers blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics while reducing complications such as cataracts and cardiovascular disease and promoting weight loss.

10/04/11 Vitamin D is an essential nutrient called a vitamin, but dietary vitamin D is actually a precursor hormone and the building block of the powerful steroid hormone, calcitriol. It’s important to note that we lose some of our ability to synthesize and absorb vitamin D as we age. As we grow older and our skin thins, the amount of the vitamin D precursor derived from cholesterol decreases too. Statin drugs can hurt your body’s vitamin D levels.

10/03/11 Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has a strong negative charge while pathogens in your body have a positive charge. As DE passes through the digestive tract it absorbs fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticides, drug residues, E-Coli, and heavy metals. These nasties are trapped inside the DE and carried out of the body. DE also works to kill parasites by lacerating the joints of the exoskeleton with its sharp edges.

9/30/11 RDA = Ridiculously Deficient Amounts: If your health is optimal (is it really?), this “RDA” amount is what the government thinks will keep you healthy. If your health is not optimal, then it may take 100s or 1000s times the RDA of certain nutrients to get back to square one. The minimum daily requirement for a nutrient is usually defined as the lowest amount that can be taken in order to not develop a “deficiency” or the associated disease or health condition. Remember, health is a spectrum and not just the absence of disease.

9/29/11 Cordyceps has also been shown to improve blood circulation, strengthen the cardiovascular system, regulate blood pressure, improve the quality of one`s sleep, lower blood sugar levels, improve mental alertness and fight infertility. Cordycepin (a compound found in Cordyceps) is able to inhibit the division and growth of cancer cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

9/28/11 Beat the Big Pharma vaccine study stats with zinc! In a recent study, people with normal levels of zinc in the blood were 50 percent less likely to develop pneumonia, and needed fewer antibiotics when they did get sick. They even had a lower death rate, according to the study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Flu vaccines haven’t done a thing to drop flu-death rates.

9/27/11 There are inherent advantages taking methyl B12 as a supplement -vs- cyano B12. The most important is that methyl B12 doesn’t have to engage the body’s resources to convert it into coenzyme form. Methylcobalamin is the most highly reduced form of vitamin B12 possible making it a very potent antioxidant. In a body undergoing oxidative stress from a disease process or from a diet deficient in antioxidants, methyl B12 production is impaired.

9/26/11 Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with many autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes mellitus, inflammatory bowel disease, mixed connective tissue disease, autoimmune thyroid disease, scleroderma and systemic lupus erythematosus. Vitamin D levels are lower in individuals with connective tissue diseases. Vitamin D supplementation has been shown to improve MS, RA, type 1 diabetes mellitus, IBD and SLE.

9/23/11 Lycopene, in a recent study, was shown to help reduce the risk of developing future liver cancer in laboratory mice suffering with non-alcoholic fatty liver by decreasing certain markers of inflammation and also due to its ability to be a potent antioxidant. Of course, if you keep eating a trash diet and drinking trash drinks, taking lycopene isn’t going to keep you healthy.

9/22/11 Did your oncologist ever mention melatonin? Patients with the type of brain cancer, glioblastoma, were given either radiation and melatonin, or radiation alone. Twenty-three percent of the patients who took melatonin were alive after a year, while none who had received only radiation remained alive. Melatonin does a whole lot more than just regulate sleep!

9/21/11 The amazing Chia Seed! The best source of omega-3s is chia seeds. Chia seeds have 6 times more calcium than milk, 3 times more iron than spinach, 2 times more potassium than bananas, 15 times more magnesium than broccoli, 2 times more fiber than bran flakes, 6 times more protein than kidney beans, 9 times more phosphorus than whole milk and more antioxidants than blueberries.

9/20/11 Acetyl-l-carnitine is an amino acid-like compound produced in the body primarily for fatty acid utilization and glucose metabolism. Now it has been shown to be brain-protective and helps protect the myelin sheath, the protective fatty coating that surrounds nerve axons and dendrites. A healthy myelin helps insure proper nerve conduction which is integral to proper brain performance. Primarily used for energy production in the body, it is found in vegetables, grains, lamb and beef.
You can also buy the supplement now at your fav health food store.

9/19/11 Melatonin for a cancer cure! Melatonin destroys cancer in many ways: It is toxic to cancer cells, induces apoptosis (cancer cell auto-destruction), directly kills cancer cells, slows tumor growth by inhibiting epidermal growth factor receptors on cancer cells, stimulates the immune system by increasing the macrophages, monocytes, natural killer cells, T-helper cells and eosinophils, all of which are involved in cancer cell destruction. Melatonin also reduces inflammation as an antioxidant.

9/16/11 Calcium in moderation: A large prospective study from Sweden published in the BMJ indicates that even when it comes to bone health, more is not better for calcium intake. Women who had the highest intake of calcium (above 1100 mg a day) actually had an increased risk for hip fracture.

9/15/11 Echinacea angustifolia was tested with volunteers experiencing generalized anxiety disorder. After one day, they experienced a significant reduction on the anxiety measurement scale and exceeded the drug anti-anxiety effects without interfering with activities of daily living. Although high levels of echinacea works as an immune stimulant a mere 20 mg at a time is all it takes for significant stress, tension and anxiety relief and can be dosed every 4 to 6 hours.
Take some echinacea before walking into a stressful event, such as a public speaking, public presentation, or air travel.

9/14/11 Bentonite clay can eliminate food allergies, food poisoning, colitis, viral infections, and parasites. It is effective in treating digestive conditions and aids in weight loss. Bentonite clay remineralizes cells and tissues, alkalizes the body and is effective in protecting our bodies against radiation. Drink it or take it in capsule form.

9/13/11 Curcumin has anti-inflammatory effects, and has even been shown to be as effective as cortisone and phenybutazone in treating patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It also supports gastrointestinal health as studies have shown that curcumin increases bile flow, and inhibits the development of cholesterol gall stones. Curcumin is also a potent antioxidant and is able to protect the liver from toxic substances and support liver function by reducing inflammation.

9/12/11 Of all vitamins, Vitamin B 12 has the largest and most complex chemical structure. It contains the metal ion cobalt and thus; the term cobalamin is used for the scientific name of B-12. Methylcobalamin is the primary form of the vitamin used by the body. The vitamin industry however, extracts B12 in the form of cyanocobalamin from cyanide for most vitamin supplements and not the methyl form. Curiously, the cyanide molecule is a known poison. Read your labels peeps!

9/8/11 Vitamin C can help curb the growth of cancer cells according to New Zealand scientists who claim breakthrough research that provides the first real evidence of a connection between the vitamin C and “the big C” (cancer). But you missed it if you didn’t read the Cancer Research journal in 2010. Other cancer scavengers are magnesium, selenium, bicarbonate, and zinc.

9/7/11 Sunlight exposure is the best way to get Vitamin D, as the body automatically regulates how much Vitamin D it makes from sunlight, and there is the added benefit of controlling cholesterol. Since vitamin D precursors require cholesterol for conversion into the hormone-like vitamin, without adequate sun exposure vitamin D precursors can turn into cholesterol instead of the vitamin.

9/6/11 Vitamin K maintains the white matter region of the brain, supports the myelin sheath, and increases the synapse speed. Animals with the lowest vitamin K levels display the highest degree of cognitive decline as they age, as compared with the highest vitamin K group. Fermented foods, egg yolks and certain cheeses provide high levels of K2. Supplement with a full range of vitamin K isomers (1000 – 2000 mcg per day) to avert atherosclerosis and cognitive function decline.

9/2/11 In 20 minutes a day of sun it is estimated that for each 5% of skin surface exposed, approximately 435 IU of Vitamin D can be manufactured. But it doesn’t stop with just catching a few rays. The process requires that the natural oil on the skin remain intact for awhile after exposure to the sun. For instance, life guards and farmers, who don’t go shower immediately after sweating in the sun, have the highest serum Vitamin D levels. Try to keep the natural oil on your skin for at least several hours after sun exposure.

9/1/11 All of your muscles need potassium including the heart. Potassium’s influence of both electrical nerve impulses and muscle strength apply especially to heart health. It’s estimated that people with high potassium blood levels have half the risk for heart attacks than those with normal levels of potassium.

8/31/11 The substances contained in dandelion stimulate the stomach as well as liver activity and bile production, causing a high diuresis to help you to eliminate the toxic products of metabolism. Dandelion can be successfully used in cases of hypoacid gastritis, dyspepsia, biliary dischinesis and for preventing the formation of renal calculi (kidney stones). Try some dandelion tea in the morning!

8/30/11 Folate fact: As a water soluble B vitamin, whatever folate isn’t needed is passed through the urine. This means that folate is not stored very well in the body. Also, folate is unstable when heated so the more you cook your veggies the less folate you will ingest. Believe it or not, the Big Pharma folic acid can actually deplete your folate levels so switch over to folate for the best supplement adjunct.

8/29/11 Cat’s Claw can be used for digestive problems such as gastric or duodenal ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and leaky bowel syndrome. Cat’s Claw has demonstrated a capacity for flushing out pathogens and irritants from the gastro-intestinal tract.

8/26/11 Fish oils to the rescue! A not-so-recent study found that people with low blood levels of omega-3s were more likely to report symptoms of depression, express a more negative outlook, act more impulsively and be less agreeable than those with high blood levels of the essential fatty acids.

8/25/11 Vitamin K works with fat-soluble nutrients to protect the brain from arterial calcification that leads to stroke and/or cognitive decline. Vitamin K works to prevent calcium deposits in arterial walls and rather helps the body use calcium for bone health. Research provides proof that eating a healthy diet with adequate vitamin K over a lifetime can help prevent arterial hardening, atherosclerosis and cognitive decline.

8/24/11 What’s in your vitamin B? Cyanocobalamin is a cheap, synthetic chemical made in the laboratory. Low-end vitamin manufacturers use it to claim that their products “contain vitamin B-12.” They won’t tell you that this form of B-12 is bound to a toxic cyanide molecule that must then be removed from your body by your liver. Cyanocobalamin actually depletes your body of methyl groups (bad thing). Throw away your Cyanocobalamin and find some methylcobalamin today.

8/23/11 Cinnamon spice is a biblical herb and has centuries of recorded healing powers. It provides antioxidants and aids against arthritis, urinary tract infections, sinus congestion, tooth decay and gum disease. The powdered bark of the Cinnamomum tree is also effective against diabetes and improves blood sugar regulation by increasing glucose metabolism while having insulin-like effects in the body. A bioflavonoid called proanthocyanidin and is found in cinnamon. Proanthocyanidin changes the insulin-signaling activity of fat cells.

8/22/11 Potassium is important for electrical conductivity within our nervous system and proper muscle function and formation. Mostly stored in our cells, potassium is the third most prevalent mineral in our bodies. Potassium even exceeds sodium and uses sodium to balance our body hydration. Potassium helps us to maintain a healthy alkaline pH balance which is critical for overall health

8/19/11 Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, which induces sleep and tranquility in the brain. Serotonin deficiencies, which are related to tryptophan deficiencies, may be one of the causes for insomnia. Supplementing with tryptophan is safe and cost-effective. Take your tryptophan with a B-complex for optimal absorption.

8/18/11 Don’t be fooled again: Folate is what you need, NOT folic acid. The amount of folate you need is measured in micrograms. That is what you need daily to help metabolize proteins and produce DNA correctly to protecting us from disease. Big Pharma pushes folic acid which only imitates folate poorly and may still leave you folate deficient. Folate benefits include red blood cell production, protection against many forms of cancer, pulmonary diseases, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease.

8/17/11 The best form of vitamin D is from 20 minutes of full body sun a day! Your body stores it up to 6 months. Diet sources of vitamin D are fatty fish and fish liver oils, mushrooms, eggs and raw milk. Several forms of vitamin D exist. The two major forms are vitamin D2 or ergocalciferol, and vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol, vitamin D without a subscript refers to either D2 or D3 or both. These are known collectively as calciferol.

8/16/11 Dandelion root has many qualities: cholagogus, choleretic, alkalizing, laxative, diuretic, venotonic and astringent. Because it carries a high amount of vegetal fibers and bitter qualities, dandelion prevents the unwanted assimilations of glucose and facilitates the elimination via the feces. They are full of potassium which is also partly responsible for the diuretic action. Dandelion contains many curative substances which are very important for treating metabolism disorders.

8/15/11 Potassium helps dissolve excess calcium, preventing kidney stone formations and calcified tissues. Extreme potassium deficiency causes death… It takes a whole lot to overdo it with too much potassium as excess potassium is eliminated by the kidneys. Those who use cesium to treat cancer are advised to have someone monitor their potassium levels. Cesium depletes potassium.

8/12/11 Vitamin D facts: When synthesized in the kidneys, calcitriol becomes a hormone that regulates the concentration of calcium and phosphate in the bloodstream and promotes healthy growth of bone. Vitamin D prevents rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults and helps to protect adults from osteoporosis. Vitamin D also affects neuromuscular function, inflammation, and influences the action of many genes that regulate the proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis of cells.

8/11/11 Folate benefits include red blood cell production, protection against many forms of cancer, pulmonary diseases, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. B9 or folate deficiency can exacerbate all these health issues. Research links health problems to folate depletion from daily folic acid supplement use. Read your labels peeps!

8/10/11 The results of a recent study found that patients suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease were deficient in circulating levels of melatonin. Researchers found that providing supplemental melatonin dramatically lowered the degree of oxidative stress on neural mitochondria and was protective against related free radical damage.

8/09/11 Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fiber that are available in plant foods, such as onions, leeks, and bananas. Prebiotics are the fuel for the probiotic bacteria’s growth. You have two options: Eat them naturally in whole fruits and vegetables, or take a prebiotic supplement. Foods that contain fiber which acts as prebiotics include: Artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes, Leeks, Onions, Garlic, Oats and Soybeans

8/08/11 Biblical herb does more and more: Now researchers from Tel Aviv University found that extracts from cinnamon bark inhibit the toxic amyloid polypeptide oligomers and fibrils that have been found in Alzheimer`s brain plaque formations. Researchers also found that cinnamon extract would break up the classic amyloid protein clusters in test tube experiments.

8/05/11 Glutathione (GSH) is the primary antioxidant that is naturally produced in the body. It is synthesized from the amino acids cysteine, glutamine and glycine. Unfortunately, glutathione production decreases as we age, and deficiencies of which have been associated with disease processes such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. A great supplement of N-acetyl cysteine can help fill in the gap.

8/04/11 Researchers found that silibinin, an extract of milk thistle, may decrease tumor size, the number of tumors and tumor multiplicity in subjects with lung cancer. It appears from the study that the primary mechanism of action the milk thistle extract addressed was inhibition of nitric oxide production, as sustained nitric oxide generation positively correlates with lung cancer development and progression.

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