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Various lectures on health topics

Coronavirus talk!

Coronavirus talk! Let’s have a chat about comorbidities and how the immune system works to protect you after covid-19.


Hydrogen peroxide for MRSA, Impetigo, gum disease, gut issues and more!


Hibiscus Tea for hypertension

Cancer talk: Natural cancer treatments
Staying Healthy During Coronavirus


Gut Health!


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A friend of A & C Arnold. They said you maybe could assist in my treasure hunt for using gut health to help with Bipolar 1 for my husband…
Thank you from your time. I’ve studied natural wellness for 40+ years and I still enjoy getting surprised with new info.

I talk about bipolar roots as a “brain disorder” in my book Fixing the Brain Book 1–Restoring order to brain disorder. Otherwise, check into Primadophilus Reuteri as a probiotic and lithium orotate 120mg as a supplement. Blessings!

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