Vaccine debate: Is ethylmercury used in vaccines safe?

The big debate

Which is worse, methylmercury or ethylmercury? Methylmercury is the organic form of mercury found in fish and other aquatic species. Ethylmercury is the supposed “safe” form of mercury used in vaccines, diapers, Kotex and other goods. Big Pharma claims that the ethylmercury form used in pharmaceuticals breaks down quickly in the human body and is supposedly harmless to humans. The CDC mercury Faq-sheet claims “Low-level ethylmercury exposures from vaccines are very different from long-term methylmercury exposures, since the ethylmercury does not stay in the body.”1

Conversely, back in 1977, a Russian study found that adults exposed to significantly lower concentrations of ethylmercury than what American children receive from childhood vaccines suffered brain damage years later. Subsequently, Russia banned the commercial ethylmercury concoction, thimerosal, from children’s vaccines. Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries soon followed suit. Professor Boyd Haley of the University of Kentucky says; “You couldn’t even construct a study that shows thimerosal is safe. It’s just too darn toxic. If you inject thimerosal into an animal, its brain will sicken. If you apply it to living tissue, the cells die. If you put it in a petri dish, the culture dies. Knowing these things, it would be shocking if one could inject it into an infant without causing damage.”2

Brief history of thimerosal

Big Pharma giant Eli Lilly first developed and tested thimerosal back in the 1930s. They knew right away that its product caused damage – and even death – in both animals and humans. In 1930, Eli Lilly injected thimerosal in twenty-two patients with terminal meningitis and every one of them died prematurely within weeks. A document issued by Pittman-Moore in 1935, warned Lilly that its claims about thimerosal’s safety “did not check with ours.”3 Dogs used in a Pittman study where thimerosal-based vaccines were injected into them became sick leading the researchers to conclude that ethylmercury is “unsatisfactory as a serum intended for use on dogs.”

Ethylmercury is actually more toxic than methylmercury

The vaccine industry maintains that that ethylmercury poses little danger because it breaks down rapidly and is removed by the body.4 However, several studies including one published by the National Institutes of Health show how ethylmercury is actually more toxic to developing brains and even stays in the brain longer than methylmercury. 5 In the Archives of Toxicology published in 1985 is a comparative study that used similar doses of ethylmercury and methylmercury in rats to find that ethylmercury-treated rats had higher amounts of inorganic mercury in their kidneys and brains after 10 days.6 An NIH study in 2005 found that ethylmercury is more toxic to the brain than methylmercury and crosses the blood-brain barrier quicker to convert into inorganic mercury – which is more difficult to excrete and stays in the brain longer and at much higher levels.7 In the book, “Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic” by David Kirby is listed 436 scientific footnotes concerning the effects of mercury.

What does this mean for us?

Babies are more susceptible to harm from mercury than adults. At two months of age the infant brain is at a critical stage of development and has already received several mercury-laden vaccines. Our government along with Big Pharma has proven to more adept at PR damage control than protecting our children’s health. The CDC actually paid the IOM to conduct a study that whitewashes the risks of thimerosal while literally ordering researchers to “rule out” thimerosal’s link to autism.4 Even the CDC’s own epidemiologist, Tom Verstraeten, analyzed their massive database to conclude “I was actually stunned by what I saw.” He admitted at one time that thimerosal appeared to be responsible for a dramatic increase in autism along with a litany of other neurological disorders including speech delays, attention-deficit disorder and hyperactivity.


Some would say that science is best left to scientists. But where does that leave the everyday family when corrupt scientists along with puppet health agencies hide facts, manipulate studies, hold closed-door meetings and pass laws accordingly? We and our children are personally at risk for the consequences of this overt coverup, greed, failed science and rigged studies. I highly recommend that everyone does their own in-depth study of the facts and reach their own conclusions.

Trust the government? “In God We Trust” – not man.

Authored by Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug NDC, CNC, Dayspring Cancer Clinic Scottsdale, AZ
Copyright 2011 Craig Stellpflug© Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this article but only in its entirety

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