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What’s in a vaccine?
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How many vaccines do we get?

(2012) We now administer some 49 toxic doses of 14 different vaccines that a child receives by the age of 6. We have a 1 out of 68 occurrence of autism compared to France where they administer 15 vaccines and suffer 1 out of 600 children with autism. What has our inordinate affair with vaccines netted us?

In America we are number 42 in the world for infant deaths–coming in behind such countries as Croatia and Albania. If childhood vaccines are saving lives, then why are we falling behind third world countries for infant mortality?

Vaccine ingredients

Vaccines always contain mercury and aluminum (even the “mercury free” ones according to biochemist Boyd Haley) and can be especially troublesome to developing children. Watchdog Cate Nelson reports that drug manufacturers are allowed to call a vaccine “mercury-free” if it has only trace amounts of thimerosal.

Vaccines can vary, but below is a list of toxic ingredients, some or all of which, can be found in a vaccine, none of which is disclosed to an individual or parent before deciding to receive a vaccine:

Aborted fetal cells, Aluminum hydroxide and Aluminum phosphate (nerve death, renal killer, synergistic toxicity), Ammonium sulfate, Amphotericin B (deadly antifungal, synergistic toxicity), Animal tissues (pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf (bovine) serum, VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, sheep red blood cells), Benzethonium chloride (Cytotoxic, neurotoxic, excitotoxic, and endocrine toxicant), Beta-Propiolactone (major carcinogen, organ toxicant and comes with an MSDS), Fetal bovine serum, Formaldehyde (carcinogen – death), Formalin ( formaldehyde with methanol), Glutaraldehyde (wart remover! Carcinogen,to development, immune, reproductive, respiratory systems, skin or sense organ), Glycerol (cell damaging and pregnancy warning), Human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue), Hexadecyltrimethylammonium Bromide (teratogenic, endocrine disruptor, possible high cholesterol cause), Hydrocortisone (synthetic form of cortisol – stress hormone, teratogenic, endocrine and immune disruptor, oxidative stress, synergistically toxic onset of “metabolic syndrome”), Hydrolized gelatin (boiled in acid -neurotoxic, mutagenic, teratogenic and reproductive effects), Iron Ammonium Citrate (disrupts iron metabolism, impairs immune function, and increases oxidative damage), Lactalbumin Hydrolysate (induces allergy to milk, triggers formation of amyloid fibrils associated with neurodegenerative diseases, cancer growth, altered blood clotting time, altered enzymes, made through hydrolysis creating exitotoxic free glutamine), Monosodium glutamate (MSG – neurotoxic, mutagenic, teratogenic and reproductive effects), Neomycin and Neomycin sulfate (antibiotic carrying FDA warning – nerve and kidney toxic), Phenol red indicator (kidney killer – especially in elderly), Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), Octoxynol 9 or 10 (spermicide) Potassium diphosphate and Potassium monophosphate (bone and joint pain, osteomalacia arrhythmias, seizures), Polymyxin B (antibiotic with neurotoxicity and acute renal tubular necrosis, synergistic toxicity), Polysorbate 20 and Polysorbate 80 (increased cell permeability, synergistic toxicity, blood clots, stroke, heart attacks, tumor growth, immune compromise, feminizing, miscarriage – being studied as a birth control), Porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein (hydrolysis uses acid chemicals), Residual MRC5 proteins (normal lung tissue of a 14-week-old male fetus), Sodium borate (aka Borax – neurotoxic and not intended for internal use, symptoms can be immediate but generally appear days later, symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flushed skin, changes in respiration/temperature/pulse, hyperactivity, CNS depression, mental confusion, lethargy, seizures, shock, metabolic acidosis, vascular collapse, and death. At the cellular level it interferes with DNA, RNA, and enzymes and causes cell death), Sodium Deoxycholate (cytotoxic, tumor growth, weakens blood-brain-barrier, seizures, synergistic toxicity, causes burning, redness, and swelling), Sodium Taurodeoxycholate (tumor growth in the throat, pancreas, colon and other tissues, increases cell permeability and drug and toxin uptake, synergistic toxicity), Sorbitol (destroys cellular osmotic balance, government records prominently state under Drug Warnings that sorbitol is not to be injected), Sucrose (sugar lowers the immune function), Thimerosal (mercury – known carcinogen, cytotoxic, neurotoxic, synergistic toxicity), Tri(n)butylphosphate (detergent, carcinogen, causes low birth rates, kidney and bladder problems), Triton X-100 (detergent, traces of the toxicants ethylene oxide, dioxane, C9 phenols, or glycol ether),

Mercury is still found in all child vaccines according to professor Boyd Haley of the U of KY. Mercury plays a huge part in knocking out the neonatal reflexes and fungus and milk opioids help keep the victim in a state of autistic like symptoms

Vaccine facts
  • Vaccinated boys are 120% more likely to have asthma, 112% more likely to have autism than unvaccinated and 279% more likely to have ADHD than unvaccinated boys.
  • Immunologist Dr. Hugh Fundenberg and colleagues have discovered that people at 55 years of age who receive the flu vaccine each year for 5 years in a row increase their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease a whopping 1,000%!
Vaccinate your child and risk seizures times 2!
  • A new study of Precocious Puberty says: “Thimerosal Exposure & Increasing Trends of Premature Puberty in the Vaccine Safety Datalink”, which confirms a significant association in American children between an increasing rates of premature puberty and increasing exposure to mercury from Thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines.
  • Vaccines didn’t save us! Many modern health “authorities” credit vaccines for declines in disease and assure us that vaccines are safe and effective. But if you look at the decline in deaths from pertussis, diphtheria, polio, and measles, it is crystal clear that these diseases were almost wiped out BEFORE the introduction of their respective vaccines, chiefly as a result of improved health and hygiene.
  • Reuters – Childhood vaccines may trigger early onset of a severe form of infant epilepsy. The disorder, called Dravet syndrome, generally begins with seizures around six months of age. These children have poor language and motor skills and difficulty relating to others.
  • Mumps vaccine failed! Most children are immunized against mumps along with measles and rubella in the MMR shot that is administered at about fifteen-eighteen months of age. The only true immunity comes from mumps itself and not a shot! Recent infections are happening despite high coverage with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. 85% of patients who had received the two recommended MMR vaccine doses.
Conspiracy to commit murder

In 1985 Dr. Scheibner, a former principle research scientist for the government of Australia, and her husband electrochemical engineer Leif Karlsson invented the CotWatch breathing monitor for babies who are diagnosed “at risk” for SIDS. Over the next three years, the couple monitored hundreds of babies and studied the event reports that their CotWatch produced. “By 1988 we knew that vaccines are killing babies,” said Dr. Scheibner.

After vaccinations, T-helper lymphocytes have been shown to fall to levels seen in active AIDS patients, indicating a very real danger of immune system dysfunction following an injection of hostile chemicals directly into the blood.


But less than 10% of vaccine injuries are reported… As of January 8, 2010, VAERS had received 7814 adverse event reports following 2009 malevolent H1N1 vaccination. Of the 7814 reports, 477 (6%) were reports that were classified as “serious” health events (defined as life-threatening or resulting in death). Among the 477 reports of serious health events, there were 33 reports of death.

Vaccines: All risk, no benefits

It’s a clear case of “all risk and no benefit”: New FDA papers reveal 3,589 new cases of adverse events after Gardasil vaccinations, including 789 “serious” cases, 213 that led to permanent disability, and 25 diagnoses of the debilitating and paralyzing nervous system disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome.


Sick people make for a healthy hospital cash flow. Vaccinations make you generally sicker and often offer very temporary and poor “protection” at best.

Authored by Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug NDC, CNC, Dayspring Cancer Clinic Scottsdale, AZ
Copyright 2011 Craig Stellpflug© Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this article but only in its entirety

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