Thyroid Test: Basal temperature chart for the thyroid

Chart for tracking the morning body temperature readings to assess thyroid and adrenal function

Morning body temperature chart

Taking the Basal Body Temperature

It is BEST to use a “shake down” thermometer.  Digital thermometers may be used but are definitely not as accurate and thus throw the whole process off.  Drug stores carry ovulation/Basal Body digital thermometers which are possibly OK but sometimes show hugely inaccurate fluctuations.  I cannot stress enough the importance of a good thermometer as this will be the guiding light for appropriate treatment. You will not want to use an inaccurate thermometer as this will be your testing lab tool.

  • Shake down thermometer the night before and place on nightstand.
  • The very first thing upon awakening in the morning, place thermometer in armpit for 10 minutes or until it beeps if digital.
  • Temperature must be taken before getting out of bed, stirring about, etc.  If you forget this then skip that day and resume taking temperatures the next morning.
  • Record temperature on graph and shake down the thermometer again to repeat the following morning.
  • If temperatures are stable and do not vary more than 0.2 of a degree, still take temperature for an additional 5 to 7 days.
  • If the temperatures vary more than several tenths, then record for 10 to 14 days.
  • Women get the most accurate basal body temperature readings on the 2nd to 3rd day of onset of menses and following.
  • Very young children may have a rectal temperature taken but the scale should be adjusted up 2 degrees on the chart to account for the internal body temperature vs basal temperature.
  • It is best to take temperature after 12 hours of no food, exercise, or sexual excitement.

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