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– coverups, deadly cancers and more linked to the drug Actos Natural News articles by Craig Friday, June 08, 2012

(Natural News) Avandia, a defunct diabetes drug, has been blamed for tens of thousands of heart attacks and deaths. For their defense, Glaxo Smith Kline’s researchers claim that Avandia isn’t as bad for the heart when compared to the “other drug” (Actos) in studies. Isn’t “as bad”? But they are both bad news. It’s just that one is worse.

If you want to run your broken-down horse in a race and have it win, hedge your bets and run it against an even more broken-down horse. Big Pharma does this all the time! Researchers looked at some 810,000 patients in 16 diabetes studies, and found that Avandia increased risk of heart attack by 16 percent, congestive heart failure by 23 percent, and overall mortality by 14 percent. Actos is reportedly even worse than that, so, yes, Avianda wins that race. Of course, if they had run those two nags against lifestyle change there would have been no contest.

Human guinea pigs

Just five years into the study, data from a 10-year study show that patients who take Actos the longest and those with the highest cumulative dose have a higher risk of bladder cancer. Actos usage for more than one year was found to increase the risk of bladder cancer by 40 percent or more. Consequently, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against Takeda Pharmaceuticals for bladder cancer and tumors caused by the extended use of this deadly drug.

Now a federal whistleblower lawsuit filed by Dr. Helen Ge, a former Takeda Pharmaceuticals employee, ties Actos to suicide, schizophrenia, epilepsy and grand mal seizures. Dr. Ge prepared many of the required FDA safety reports about Actos and states that her Big Pharma managers continuously hounded her to brush-off reported Actos side effects and to change the reports to make Actos look better than it actually was.

Dr. Ge alleges that Takeda Pharmaceuticals repeatedly obstructed the Actos connection to heart problems and multiple types of cancer.

Even though Actos is more dangerous than Avianda, which was taken off the market because of deadly side effects, Takeda Pharmaceuticals covered up the deadly risks of Actos side effects to make huge profits off the drug even if it kills you… Patients are filing Actos lawsuits because they believe that they should have been warned of the significant risks heart trouble or cancer that comes with taking Actos.

Symptoms of bladder cancer from Actos

Actos patients need to know what the symptoms for bladder cancer to look for so they can be treated as soon as symptoms are detected. Symptoms of bladder cancer include blood in the urine, painful or frequent urination, or straining during urination, fatigue, incontinence, weight loss and bone pain or tenderness. If you are experiencing these symptoms you should see a naturopathic doctor immediately so bladder cancer or tumors can be ruled out or treatment started if necessary.

Diabetes can be treated naturally

Diabetes is called a disease but it is actually just a list of symptoms Big Pharma uses to find the “right poison” to throw at. Symptoms have causes and causes can be treated. Diabetes symptoms are best treated by radical lifestyle changes and often can be completely reversed. If you have diabetes and your doc hasn’t helped you with diet and lifestyle changes but just throws drugs at it, they are a bad doc. Fire them and run to your nearest naturopath and nutritionist for some real help.

For more information about filing an Actos class action lawsuit you can go to http://www.topclassactions.com where you can submit information to Actos lawyers who are actively investigating all claims regarding tumors, heart attacks, congestive heart failure and other problems from taking Actos.

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Read the live article here: https://www.naturalnews.com/036107_Avandia_diabetes_whistleblowers.html

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