Antibiotics and Immune System Compromise

How antibiotics destroy our immune systems and set us up for cancer

How the immune system works

Your immune system is always set to a seek-and-destroy mission status. Its job is to find and destroy foreign invaders, naturally occurring cell defects and mutant cells. The immune system has a vast capacity to remember bad guys and deploy ever-evolving tactics that work now and in the past to annihilate the enemy. Some of the fastest growing cells in the human body are immune cells.

Over 80% of the body’s immunity is built in the intestinal tract by the friendly bacteria balance that resides there.(1) The gut flora starts building in the womb but doesn’t really take off until after the infant is 8 days of age. Starting with the colostrum milk, the gut begins to populate with more and more friendly bacteria while the infant’s immune system starts an inventory of good and bad cells in the body. This inventory is a life-long process and the immune system never forgets an invader.

Antibiotics given to infants

The absolute worst thing to do to an infant is to give it an antibiotic. Antibiotics kill bacteria, both good and bad, indiscriminately. One round of antibiotics will permanently change the baby’s immune system, and because a majority of neurochemicals are also made in the gut, their basic neurology changes also. The antibiotics that have been touted as the savior of mankind from disease is costing us in cancer and degenerative, chronic diseases.

Short term gain = long term consequences.

Once the very first antibiotic is administered to the infant or child, the bacteria in the gut is wiped out and the immune system is permanently altered in its ability to manufacture appropriate immune cells. On top of this, fungus in the gut is now unopposed and begins to proliferate basically unchecked. Once the bacteria balance is disturbed and fungus sets up its strongholds then parasites move in to share the bounty of food and minerals needed for the body. This is the first step for chronic disease and cancer.

How antibiotics cause heavy metal toxicity

Remember also that over 80% of heavy metals are removed from the body via the friendly bacteria in the gut. Certain bad bacteria and fungus actually prefer to retain and move heavy metals into the body to transport these metals to different tissues and organs that they eventually invade. Fungus is a sick or dying tissue clean-up organism. It is there to feed on compromised tissues. Eventually a bad fungus will invade healthy tissues as it gains strength and you and your body both weaken.

The cancer double-whammy is the bad bacteria and fungus allowing metals to stay around while compromising your immune system at the same time.

Antibiotics cause fungal overgrowth

Once the bad bacteria balance occurs and the fungus sets up shop, the intestinal wall becomes leaky, allowing partially digested foods, bacterium and allergens to cross into the blood. Now the already weakened immune system has double-duty to perform trying to clean up the gut while tracking down these new threats to the body. To think this all started with a well-meaning but seriously wrong pediatrician and misinformed parents.

Antibiotics cause cancer

Cancer is a disease of inflammation (remember this however, cancer is really not a disease but rather a symptom of something gone bad wrong in the body). The gut compromise and leakage of particles into the blood causes inflammation all through the body. Chronically inflamed organs become targets of heavy metals, viruses, bacterium and fungus. Your body will naturally have stronger and weaker organs from genetic predispositions and injuries.

Other things that help cause cancer

But the damage doesn’t stop here. The highly processed foods we eat that cross the now compromised gut barrier, in particular–wheat and gluten grains, cause immediate insulin reactions. This causes pancreas
stress and trouble. Chronic stress and other challenges will further weaken the pancreas and make it even more susceptible to disease and cancer. To top things off, then high blood sugar causes general swelling in the body and central nervous system along with dangerous shortfalls of nutrient exchange in all cells.

Making informed decisions before any medical treatment, including antibiotics, is your responsibility alone.

You are the one who gleans the benefits or suffers the consequences. Not the doctor who makes you sign “informed consent” papers before treatment. He will go home uninterrupted to his family and you may not.


Authored by cancer nutritionist Craig Stellpflug NDC, CNC, Dayspring Cancer Clinic Scottsdale, AZ
Copyright 2012 Craig Stellpflug© Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this article but only in its entirety