Cancer Causes: aluminum and iron

Aluminum and iron are common to cancer

How cancer starts

Before any cancer cell can take hold, there is a normal cell with normal chromatin in the DNA and normal proteins making up the cell nucleus. Chromatin is a protein complex that both packages DNA and strengthens DNA to allow mitosis (cell division) and meiosis (dividing of the chromosomes). In other words, chromatin controls gene expression and DNA replication. In the cell nucleus, normal gene inactivation depends on the recruitment of various enzymes to control the DNA within the chromosome. Many different toxins and metals interfere with these required enzymes, leading to uncontrolled cell growth.

Cancer common

Two common denominators found in all cancer cells are aluminum deposits and iron deposits. In defining the cancer enemy, it is critical to know his method of operation. Once his operation is identified and we understand the cancer process, we can interfere with and block his evil plan. An over-simplified approach is to take away his supply line and send out the immune system special-forces to seek and destroy him. Of course, we need to follow this up with improved supply lines to our healthy cells and recovering systems to prevent any recurrence of cancer.

Aluminum makes up about 8% of the earth’s surface and is the third most common element, coming in just behind oxygen and silicon. Aluminum is so chemically reactive that it never occurs by itself but rather in combination with over 270 other elements. Aluminum has absolutely no known, positive function in human biology. Instead, aluminum causes biocompaction in cellular chromatin and because it interferes with normal genetic expression, it is directly related to cell and cancer pathology.

It is of note that aluminum has its most insidious effects on plants or mammals when they are in an acidic state making acidosis a precursor of cancerous growth.

A shot of aluminum

Also of note is that most vaccines contain aluminum salts as an adjuvant to “improve the immune system reaction” to vaccine mediums. Vaccines containing aluminum salts injected into our muscles are a huge cause of aluminum buildup in our cells which directly interferes with metabolic processes. Multiply to this equation, fluoride, and you have a cancer soup. Fluoride ions supplied in our everyday drinking water and dentifrices combine with aluminum to form cancer causing aluminum fluoride in the body.

But aluminum is only one partner in the cancer conspiracy. There are other players conniving for cellular demise; the ubiquitous iron being an important player. Iron is one of the greatest moles in our body’s security defenses. Iron is the most widely accepted minerals in our body because it so easily combines with oxygen that, in the absence of almost any other critical mineral, it is eagerly accepted as a co-factor in almost any enzymic function, including the chromatin process in cellular division.

Iron toxicity is a big factor in enzyme dysfunction leading to cancer.

The fact is that a majority of diagnosis of “iron deficiency” is really a combination of copper toxicity and bio-unavailable iron. Because our diets are so refined, demineralized, and then “fortified with iron”, iron replaces other missing vital minerals causing enzyme dysfunction. All enzymes in the body have a preferred mineral for each binding site that allows the enzyme to function efficiently. In the absence of the preferred mineral the enzyme will take on a “preferred” substitute mineral to allow the enzyme to still function. Iron easily replaces absent vital minerals like zinc, copper, manganese, and others in thousands of enzyme binding sites. This causes the enzymes to malfunction and leads to, among other problems, cancer.

The biggest single source of excess iron is refined wheat flour products.

Bottom line: Cancer is fed by aluminum and unusable iron. In our battle plan we have to be intelligent enough to understand what the enemy feeds upon and then “destroy the supply lines”. To arm our enemy with strategic supplies for weapons of aluminum and iron is foolish at best. Any and all sources of aluminum and unusable iron we consume need to be identified and obliterated or we are arming the enemy.

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Authored by cancer nutritionist Craig Stellpflug NDC, CNC
Dayspring Cancer Clinic Scottsdale, AZ
Copyright 2012 Craig Stellpflug© Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this article but only in its entirety

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