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Cholesterol is produced in the liver and is used to repair and maintain cell membranes and manufacture steroid
hormones, vitamin D and bile acids. Fighting high cholesterol with chemicals is a very bad idea.
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10/16/14 Wiggle your toes and tuck them in tight - and don’t let the bed bugs bite! This old bed-time
rhyme is still true today… Bugged by the beg bug bites? Chemical insecticides harm you while effectively killing bed
bugs ~ so that’s out. A study this week shows that “organic” essential oil based ones like geraniol, rosemary oil, mint
oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, eugenol, clove oil, or lemongrass oil smell great but don’t work very well unless they
are bolstered with sodium laurel sulfate - a hormone/endocrine disruptor ~ so they are out. So, what bites the bed
bug back that is totally natural and won’t harm humans? Diatomaceous Earth (DE) bites them back hard and fast.
Sprinkle it on the bedding, clothes and carpets; wash clothes and bedding with it; bath with it; heck, you can even eat
it! But when it comes in contact with a bug’s exoskeleton it spells doom for them in a hurry. The only caution here is
that breathing DE dust can irritate the lungs so shake it out, vacuum it out or wash it out after you use it. Good night,
sleep tight!
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Food and Nutrition: 10/15/14 “Let’s skip the GMO animal studies and go straight to GMO human studies”
says a GMO banana project. For $900 each, Iowa State University students will eat GMO bananas developed with
grant money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. How extensive is this study? This banana study will include
the equivalent of three bananas in three study periods per study victim - er volunteer… Of course, they will also have
their blood tested to see how their bodies are reacting. OK, that should prove a lot. The purpose of the GMO banana
is to make a banana that has large amounts of beta carotene for conversion to vitamin A in the body. But, did you
know that there is already a natural banana that is loaded with this extra vitamin A? Sounds like a patenting problem
to me. Follow the money peeps. Anyone recall the Porton Down experiment?
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Medical Madness:

10/17/14 Costly ebola misstep: The recent outbreak of Ebola virus has pretty much
everything in common with the 1976 outbreak - except we were smarter about it back then. Both outbreaks were
caused by Zaire ebolavirus 2 that began in rural forest communities. Severely ill victims made their way to provincial
hospitals with systemic illness. Unsuspecting personnel had contact with ebola patients' blood and body fluids and
the outbreaks amplified. The 1976 outbreak came to a head when 13 hospital staffers became sick, of which 11
died, and the hospital was closed. Out of genuine mistrust of Western medicine, infected people fled back to their
home villages and sought treatment from traditional healers. The government then quickly quarantined 275,000
people in the region and allowed no commercial planes or boats in or out. Citizens were told not to leave their
villages or allow strangers to enter. Ebola victims were isolated in huts outside their villages. Bottom line, the 1976
outbreak was contained. 36 years later we lost our freaking minds… If it comes to your community what will you do?
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Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements:

10/06/14 Atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema) is an
uncomfortable, chronic inflammatory disorder of the skin that also makes patients more vulnerable to bacterial
infection. Symptoms of this problem occur most commonly in children and usually worsen during winter. The latest
study found that this condition could be caused by the lack of sunshine on the skin which stimulates the production of
vitamin D in the body. The study performed in Boston shows that simply taking daily vitamin D supplements - which
are inexpensive, safe and widely available - proved to be quite helpful in fighting this form of eczema. Does your
child have eczema? Do your own study and give them some more sunshine and supplement with vitamin D. Make
sure to use the vitamin D3 form and also avoid the GMO soy oil brands.
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Daily HealthTrivia:

10/15/14 Pinkwashed trivia: The Dutch national health system looked at 25,000
mammograms taken on ladies over 69 years old and found that they were 2,000% more likely to have their lives
ruined by mammogram over-diagnosis/misdiagnosis than to be saved by mammograms.
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