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Cholesterol is produced in the liver and is used to repair and maintain cell membranes and manufacture steroid
hormones, vitamin D and bile acids. Fighting high cholesterol with chemicals is a very bad idea.
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08/14/14 Pancreatic cancer is like the grandaddy of cancers with a zero - 5 year survival for stage IV
with conventional cancer treatment. This makes your pancreas health pretty doggone important! One of the biggest
causes of pancreatic cancer is toxic heavy metals. Mainstream medicine ignores this pesky little detail though. For
instance: lead is a toxic heavy metal that leeches into our tap water from old pipes along with old-time lead paint
dust. High levels of lead will increase the odds of pancreatic cancer by a whooping 600%. The heavy metal
cadmium, (also found in drinking water and tobacco smoke), will more than triple the risk for pancreatic cancer. Then
there is mercury… In August of 2006 the American Chemical Society published fresh research that showed without
a doubt that methylmercury induces pancreatic cell apoptosis and dysfunction. Mercury toxicity especially affects the
pancreatic beta cells by collapsing sulfur bonds in the insulin itself while setting off a myriad of complex disturbances
in glucose metabolism bringing both diabetes and cancer.
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Food and Nutrition: 08/15/14 Messing with Joe… A good old cup of coffee is becoming harder to find and
you may not even know it! Coffee producers are cutting their goods with - well, stuff - to increase profits of course.
Droughts and crop diseases have knocked down coffee supplies and now surprise ingredients could very well be
hiding in your coffee because of this increasing coffee shortages. These “fillers” range from bark to dirt, GMO corn
and soybeans, glutenous barley and wheat, soybeans, rice, beans, acai seed, brown sugar and starch syrup. Once
these counterfeit items are roasted and ground along with the coffee it becomes nearly impossible to tell that they
are there. A recent study predicts that some 70% percent of the world's coffee supply could disappear by 2080. This
year alone, Brazil’s coffee production has dropped by over 10% this year alone. I don't have to worry because I grind
my own whole organic coffee beans when I make coffee.
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Medical Madness:

08/14/14  Yet one more study has just been published in JAMA Pediatrics showing how
acetaminophen taken during their pregnancy ups the risk of ADHD by up to 40%. And the more mommy takes the
more the risk increases. Acetaminophen actually crosses the placental barrier to interrupt fetal brain development by
interfering with maternal hormones and also causing neurotoxicity. This study was pretty generous towards Tylenol
and other acetaminophen products as a study published last year illustrated how women taking acetaminophen
during pregnancy increased the risk of their children having serious behavior problems at age 3 by a whopping 70%.
Manufacturers say “no way Jose” and blame the flu for causing brain development problems. The flu has been
around and acetaminophen hasn’t. Well, ADHD rates are skyrocketing in the last few decades and Tylenol sales are
flourishing as well. Tylenol is a miracle drug only in the sense that it is a miracle the FDA hasn’t banned it yet.
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08/15/14 Are taking your natural PABA this summer? PABA is
short for Para-AminoBenzioic Acid and is what the body uses to pigment for healthy skin and for defense against
sunburn. Because of our SAD (Standard American Diet) diets, most people, including children, are deficient in the
amino acid PABA. If you sunburn easily and slather on the toxic sunscreen goops, you may be low on PABA. Did
you know that PABA is also a natural skin cancer deterrent? PABA is an antioxidant that fights free radicals to
protect against oxidative damage to cell structures. Then why are there warnings about PABA in lotions? This is
because suntan lotions and other skin products use the toxic, carcinogenic chemical version of PABA. Other things
PABA is good for is stimulating the growth of blood cells, keeping glands and intestines working smoothly and for
reversing baldness and gray hair. Going to the beach? Load up with 2,000mg a day of PABA for one week before
intense outdoor sun and then cut back to 500mg a day after that. PABA will help build your sun tolerance and is not
an instant fool-proof sun shield so use your noggin and always come out of the sun before you toast your skin.
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08/15/14 Miniscule trivia: A virus is 100 times smaller than a single bacteria cell which is
10 times smaller than a human cell which is 10 times smaller than the diameter of human hair. 
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