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People make poor health care decisions not because they necessarily agree                with the medical treatment, but rather because they don't recognize their choices to make an informed decision. ~ C

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Weak bones are not from a lack of medications! Want healthy bones? Start by reading this article on bone health: 
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Daily health posts for April 18, 2014:


The only way to reverse sexual dysfunction in men is by focusing on lifestyle factors. Medication only
treats the symptoms and will never solve the cause of the problem - in fact, using medication generates a false-
expectation of performance that hinders natural performance, even after the cause of dysfunction is resolved. A
recent paper published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the inability for some men to perform sexually
can be due to a range of health problems, some debilitating and/or potentially fatal. In fact, the cause of manly
dysfunction is typically physical conditions rather than psychological ones. Erectile dysfunction is often a marker of
underlying cardiovascular disease that occurs long before heart conditions become apparent. Other major causes of
failure to launch are: being overweight or obese, excess alcohol intake, diabetes, high blood pressure, high
cholesterol levels, sleeping difficulties, obstructive sleep apnea, and age factors.
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Food and Nutrition: Read the ingredient label before you plop the Easter candy on the checkout belt. Watch
out for high fructose corn syrup as it is often the first and main ingredient. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is
some 10X sweeter than sugar, is only metabolized in the liver and causes one heck of a toxic burden on the body.
As if your liver didn’t have enough to do trying to rid you of chemicals and poisons that hit it daily… So, the liver tucks
the HFCS away in fat until it can get around to processing it someday. Another problem with HFCS is that it is made
with GMO corn that is engineered to destroy the guts of bugs that eat it - or the humans that eat it also - just a little
slower. Finally, some manufacturers use mercury (yes, mercury) to process the corn to make it give up the fructose.
Some of this mercury is “lost in process” and ends up - wait for it… - in your liver.
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Medical Madness:

Which is worse; chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer treatment? Well, truth be
told, chemotherapy is a chemical, that although will kill you, can be effectively detoxified out of the body - if you are
still strong enough after treatment. Radiation therapy is more permanent because it damages the DNA of a cell to
cause more cancer later. Radiation damage to the DNA cannot be effectively undone in the body. Radiation
exposure at even low-levels is solidly linked to causing cancer. Bottom line, scientists know - but oncologists don’t
say - that radiation therapy can destroy primary cancers but invariable cause second primary cancer later. Radiation
therapy for lung cancer brings a meager 2% five-year survival rate. Breast cancer has a 1.4% and pancreatic cancer
0.0% five-year survival. The house wins your money…
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Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements:

The supplement GABA is anti-excitatory in that it helps your
brainwaves flow in calm rhythms. GABA enhances normal sleep cycles, improves blood pressure and can also be
an effective pain killer for back pain and arthritis. GABA also stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete Human Growth
Hormone (HGH) leading to weight loss and an increase in muscle tissue. GABA helps make endorphins for that
sense of well-being after a good physical workout. GABA deficiencies cause: carbohydrate cravings, trembling,
twitching, hyperventilation, flushing, tachycardia, palpitations, sweating, cold or clammy hands, paresthesia, chest
pain or discomfort, restlessness, blurred vision, abnormal sense of smell, abnormal odors, lump in throat, butterflies
in stomach, unusual allergies, anxiety, hypertension, cystitis, gastrointestinal disorders, tinnitus, and PMS.
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Daily HealthTrivia:

Grading healthcare trivia: The 2011 HealthGrades reports the rate of hospital-related
medical harm estimation to be over 40,000 people - a day.
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As information doubles each year, knowledge 'halfs' and wisdom 'quarters' ~ Robert Theobald
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You should have seen it! All the doctors in downtown Scottsdale went on strike against
Obamacare today. Pharmacists were called in to read the picket signs…
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