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05/25/15 Once you hear your doc say the “C” word, the body automatically goes into stress mode -
whether you actually have that particular cancer or not. Did you know that a critical part of any good cancer battle
plan is to r-e-l-a-x? Researchers recently studied cancer victims by asking them to practice relaxation methods.
Within weeks their bodies began to change genetically for the better. That’s right! Genes that fight cancer,
inflammation and even help prevent cancer began turning on - and the more relaxed they became, the higher the
cancer-fighting benefits. This brings to mind two points: First, mainstream cancer treatments are going about things
the wrong way by stressing the body further with tests, chemicals, radiation, doom, more tests and, of course, the
ultimate financial trainwreck experienced by the fleecing of life savings. The other point is; did stress bring on your
cancer in the first place? What I recommend for ALL people is to forget your worries for a while. What is the use of
struggling to gain the world if you lose your life in the process? Meditate, pray, read, eat right, do yoga, hug a kitten,
walk, travel, spend time hanging with people that matter to you - whatever you do, eliminate the stupid stress before
it eliminates you.
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Food and Nutrition: 05/26/15 The genetic engineering of corn to produce its own Bt toxin has brought about
serious concerns for human health - even though the US government gives it a huge thumbs-up and a wink. We
GMO’d our corn to fight earworms and bore worms and guess what? We still have an earworm and bore worm
problem! In fact, predictions made some 20 years were that GMO corn would only produce a new breed of super-
worms - which brings us to a recent study out of Clemson University that shows that GMO corn is having little impact
on crop pests. As another unfortunate result, pretty much all corn crops are now contaminated at some level with
genetic modification because of cross-pollination. Think your organic corn is safe to eat? If there is a GMO corn field
anywhere within 20 or miles or so, the winds carry the GMO plant pollen willy-nilly to settle on other crops. Bottom
line; GMOs were developed under the partial pretense of “feeding the nations”, but in reality, it is just one small part
of a sadistic money-grubbing ploy by Big Agriculture companies like Monsanto to control the sale of seeds. Food
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Medical Madness:

05/27/15 Warning: This is NOT what is taught in medical school! When vaccinations for
smallpox began, smallpox cases among the vaccinated were soon reported but denied. Authorities next claimed
that the disease in these cases was milder in form but the vaccinated still caught the disease and even died at
higher rates than others - so they next recorded that these hapless victims didn’t actually die of smallpox to hide the
whole embarrassment. The smallpox deaths of vaccinated patients were then recorded as ‘pustular eczema.’ A
quick look at statistics recorded by the Registrar General of London shows that smallpox deaths from 1850 to 1869
occurred at the rate of about 2% of the population and after compulsory vaccination the death rate sky-rocketed to
over 10% to level off at just over 8% in 1872. What really happened with newfound vaccination was the turn of events
in health care where physicians, for the first time in history, charged money to attend the healthy instead of being
limited merely to sick care.
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Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements:

05/28/15 Will the real Vitamin D numbers please stand up?
Vitamin D not only boosts bone health and treats cancer but it also helps prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases
and many other illnesses. There has been a lot of recent research highlighting the benefits of D supplements where
blood levels of Vitamin D greater than 50ng/mL is considered high and normal levels are considered to be between
20-50ng/mL. There is however, a lot of general misinformation about healthy levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin D
toxicity. According to the latest Mayo Clinic study, toxic levels of vitamin D are actually extremely rare. In fact,
patients in the latest study that were over 50ng/mL were not found to be at risk for hypercalcemia, or elevated serum
calcium. During this 10-year study with thousands of patients only one case was found to be true acute vitamin D
toxicity - dialing in at a D level of a whopping 364 ng/mL. (This individual had been popping 50,000iu of Vitamin D
daily for months while also downing daily calcium supplements). If you are just a little low on “the mighty D” I
recommend taking 4-5,000iu a day along with some quality fish oil. IMHO, for higher doses of D, the best thing is to
monitor your blood levels about once a month.
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Daily HealthTrivia:

05/22/15 Octogenarians now have a 50% chance of developing a severe loss of
cognitive function according to the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation. What’s worse than that is the
number of Alzheimer’s cases in the U.S. is expected to triple in the next 40 years. Did you know that people over 55
who receive annual flu shots for 5 years in a row increase their risk of developing Alzheimer’s by a whopping
1,000%? Do the math before rolling up your sleeve.
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