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People make poor health care decisions not because they necessarily agree                with the medical treatment, but rather because they don't recognize their choices to make an informed decision. ~ C

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Daily health posts for April 23, 2014:


Cancer and chronic diseases don’t just mysteriously appear. In fact, the whole genetic theory is just a
farce to shift the blame from diet and lifestyle sins to “not my fault”. The truth is that diet and lifestyle activate and
suppress genetic predispositions. Diseases run in family lines mainly because of high similarities in diet and
lifestyle. The lazy way out to blame genetics for health problems and take the drugs and surgeries to “manage the
symptoms”. The honest way out of bad health is to buck-up and exert some effort - sometimes a lot of effort. Good
health doesn’t come cheap either. It’s a trade-off between paying exorbitant health-care costs and spending more
money for a healthy diet. The easy-way out breeds sickness and misery - The honest-way out fosters health and
longevity. Life and living is all about the choices we make.
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Food and Nutrition: So, the big stink in the school lunch program is that since banning the awful chocolate
milk in some cafeterias, children drink 10% less milk and now waste 29% of the milk. Of course, the food police
think that the skim milk replacement for the horrible chocolate stuff is going to be great for health but it’s not. All that
aside, have your read the label on a carton of chocolate swill - er, milk? Here’s one: Lowfat Milk, Corn Sweeteners
(GMO), Cocoa (cheap and over-processed stuff), Cocoa Processed with Alkali (?), Starch (more GMO corn?),
Dextrose (derived from GMO corn, wheat or who-knows-what other plants), Salt (overprocessed white poison no
doubt), Caramel Color (made with ammonia - yes, ammonia), Carrageenan (a bowel irritant), Vanillin (an artificial
flavor - major yucky), Artificial Color (from coal tar?), Vitamin A Palmitate (synthetic vitamin A - toxic for adults in
small amounts), and Vitamin D3 Added (because homogenization destroys natural D).
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Medical Madness:

To bring a single Big Pharma drug to market can cost a around $350 million. But,
because 95% of drugs fail to produce positive effects, the overall cost is actually closer to $5 billion per new
medicine. Of course, they take the failed drugs and market the side effects - like Viagra started out as a heart med
but didn’t help the heart - but caused amazing erections (plus other knit-picky side effects, like death). Rogaine
started out as a blood pressure med that didn’t lower blood pressure but caused you to become hairy - as one of its
many side effects. You see, drugs cure nothing! They cause side effects because they are chemicals. Some of the
side effects are desirable but most of them are not desirable. That is where business marketing, politics and shell
games come into play.
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Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements:

We already know what scientists are just now discovering -
ginseng both treats and prevents influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Ginseng has been known to fight
viruses for thousands of years and is one of the most widely bought herbal supplement. Ginseng is best known to
restore and enhance personal well-being and mental cognitive function but it also treats fatigue while boosting
energy levels. Ginseng is scientifically proven to be effective with anticancer, anti-inflammatory and immune
modifying abilities with its seven ginsenosides that target different levels of immunological activity for true immune-
modulation that is the envy of every Big Pharma fakester out there. A 2002 study found that 60% of men who took
ginseng noticed an improvement in erectile dysfunction. Small wonder it is such a popular supplement!
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Daily HealthTrivia:

Aging the trivia: By the year 2015, all baby boomers will be 50 years old or older.
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As information doubles each year, knowledge 'halfs' and wisdom 'quarters' ~ Robert Theobald
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You should have seen it! All the doctors in downtown Scottsdale went on strike against
Obamacare today. Pharmacists were called in to read the picket signs…
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