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Medical madness snippets

12/28/12 History fact of the IoM: The Institute of Medicine was created by Congress in 1970 and is supposed to impartial to government influence. On its website, the IoM claims "we do not receive direct federal funding for our work," yet an absurd 64.9% of the IoM's funds actually come from the federal government – making it a government puppet IMO. Even though the IoM’s website claims it does not receive federal funding for its work, an investigation by Senator Coburn's office reveals some of the real numbers: >>Read the report here<<

12/27/12 Ask your dentist which brand of X-ray machine he uses. Chances are that they might have bought the “bargain brand” that zaps you with higher and more dangerous levels than approved machines. There are unapproved X-ray machines that come direct from China, according to a new warning out of the U.K. Look out for the Tianjie Dental Falcon that costs one-twentieth of the dollars but delivers 10 times the normal dose of radiation. To top it off, the machine doesn't use a focused beam, so your entire skull and thyroid gets radiated. Your dentist saves money and with the cancer you get, the oncologist makes money too!

12/26/12 More statin drug lies exposed! Recent Big Pharma lies tried to suggest –howbeit erroneously- that statin drugs had a benefit in persons with knee osteoarthritis. But an even newer statin drug study conclusion found that statins actually increased knee pain with NO function or structural progression over the 4-year period. In fact, there was a worsening of physical function associated with statin drugs. Before this, the effects of statins on knee pain and function had not been examined. High cholesterol is only a symptom of inflammation in the first place. Statin drug use is based on lies from the beginning. Did you know that a mere 500mg a day of vitamin C beats statin drugs in University studies?

12/24/12 Take a BP med and up your chances by about half! The risk of a hip fracture in people aged 66 and over is increased by about 50% in the first 6 weeks after they begin taking medication for high blood pressure. In a recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it was found that there is an immediate increased risk of hip fracture on initiation of antihypertensive drug therapy. The likely mechanism is orthostatic hypotension – a blood pressure that is lower than the body is used to, which is also associated with dizziness and fainting that leads to falls and consequent hip fractures.

12/21/12 The infection by Clostridium difficile bacteria (C-diff) is linked to 14,000 deaths every year and most of them are seniors in hospitals and nursing homes. It turns out that hospital food is the worst food you could ever eat. And they want you to get better on this crap?? What is worse than that is the food in hospitals can be filthy with C-diff - so bad even that the germs actually thrive in the food. Researchers tested about 100 foods served at a university hospital in Houston and found the C-diff bacteria in a full half of the turkey meals, nearly half the chicken and egg dishes, one third of seafood and three out of five desserts.

12/20/12 Medical use of radiation is running amok. According to Eric Topol, MD, Editor-in-Chief of Medscape Genomic Medicine, “we're not doing the right things for patients… We have runaway uses of nuclear scans, CT scans, and PET scanning, and we don't even warn our patients; we don't give patients any data on the dangers.” There is no accountability system to catalog the patients' exposure and this is an even bigger problem with children diagnosed with a pediatric malignancy. All the information on cumulative amounts of medical exposure to radiation should be collected from birth and made a part of electronic medical records. Until then it is up to you question and limit all exposures to radiation. You are the one it affects, not the doc…

12/19/12 Over-the-counter acid reflux and heartburn drugs cause bone fractures! U.S. health officials are now warning both doctors and patients about the serious risks of these over-the-counter medications and how they are linked to increased bone fractures risk in middle-aged adults. If you have indigestion or acid reflux the problem is probably not too much acid but too little acid. OTC drugs only treat the symptoms and not the causes. The causes for this common digestion problem can usually be treated naturally, easily and quickly. Find the cause and fix it!

12/18/12 Someone’s bright 6-in-1 vaccine idea has caused at least 73 infant deaths since it came out. Of course, this has been hush-hushed by Glaxo-SmithKlein until a confidential document leaked out to expose these and other facts about the Infanrix Hexa vaccine that has left a swath of destruction and hearth-ache. According to Initiative Citoyenne, a confidential 1271 page document reveals that GSK received a total of 1,742 reports of adverse reactions in two recent years along with 503 serious adverse reactions and 36 deaths. Many of these hapless infants died within a few days of receiving the vaccine and some died within hours – at least these are a portion of the 10% of vaccine reactions that are ever actually reported. Still trust Big Pharma with your baby?

12/17/12 Vermont has officially declared a whooping cough epidemic and is, of course, urging everyone 19 and older to get a shot of toxic vaccine. This is in a state that boasts a 90% child vaccination rate. I guess it just doesn’t work, but they won’t listen to me. AND, most of these nasty infections are occurring in already-vaccinated children. In adults, the Tdap vaccine (which is a medical procedure WITH adverse reactions) only temporarily “protects” 7 out of 10 adults. Did you know that a recently vaccinated child or adult will infect others with this disease? The acellular whooping cough vaccine actually enhances the colonization of Bordetella parapertussis and contributes to the increase in whooping cough over the last decade.

12/14/12 The CDC is ramping up the push for toxic flu vaccines earlier than before, saying that this flu season “could be underway”. But they use the term “influenza-like illnesses” that may include everything from sniffles to coughing. Data from the CDC's Flu View site shows the week ending November 24 to have 2.2% of physician office visits with unverified flu symptoms. Of course, they are now skewing the flu-death numbers to include both pneumonia and influenza. Only two pediatric influenza deaths have been reported for this flu season to date. I wouldn’t rush out for a medical procedure that has more deadly risks than the disease has. You just may be one of the 30% of vaccine-takers to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine. I’ll take my chances without the shot-in-the-dark.

12/13/12 Get this: An irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) wonder product trounced the power of Big Pharma drugs in IBS! Researchers divided irritable bowel patients into two groups: One group received nothing at all, the other got a placebo. Oh, they were informed up front that it was just a placebo and nothing else. After three weeks, 59 percent of the placebo patients showed significant symptom relief, versus just 39 percent of nothing at all patients. The placebo patients also had almost double the rate of overall improvement over the nothing at all group, according to a study in PLoS ONE.

12/12/12 Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The latest findings for IBD/IBS is deficiencies in micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) that occur in patients with IBD, and especially in Crohn's Disease with fistulas, strictures, or surgical resections of the small bowel. There are several mechanisms for malnutrition in patients with IBD. IBD patients typically have reduced food intake anyhow, even when the disease is in remission. Deficiency of nutrients could be from lack of digestive capabilities, chronic diarrhea and chronic gastrointestinal tract bleeding, food allergies/sensitivities and bowel resections that short the body of B12 and other nutrient production. Medications for IBD, such as sulfasalazine, actually interferes with nutrient absorption. Here’s a novel idea, see a naturopath and find the cause – fix it – go on with your life.

12/11/12 One of the complications of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatments is hepatitis and liver fibrosis – and fibrosis does not always correlate with laboratory assessments of liver enzymes and function. This means you could be harming the liver and there are many reports of serious liver disease with the combined use of the drugs methotrexate and leflunomide. A recent report in Arthritis Research & Therapy says that leflunomide can be associated with a 12-fold increase in liver stiffness measurement (an indicator of liver fibroids) which "increases the risk of silent liver fibrosis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis receiving methotrexate." But this doesn’t clear methotrexate as it too can cause liver stiffness and fibroids. There has been very limited research regarding potential liver stiffness associated with other antirheumatic drugs.

12/10/12 Medical madness: For several years now, doctors of chiropractic have been under fire in Texas where the medical mucky-mucks want to take away certain rights to diagnose that will severely limit the scope of chiropractic practice. The Texas Medical Association sued the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners and its executive director seeking a declaration that portions of the Board's administrative rule defining the scope of chiropractic practice were invalid. The net effect of this is to call normal parts of chiropractic “practicing medicine” and require licensing by the Texas Medical Board that would ultimately exclude doctors of chiropractic. It’s all about the money. Always has been…

12/07/12 The NEJM reports that 93% of "early detection" for breast cancer has absolutely no benefit to the patient according to study co-author Dr. Gilbert Welch who discovered that there was virtually no reduction in late-stage breast cancer from all this "early" diagnosis. Welch and his team reported: “We found that there were only around 0.1 million fewer women with a diagnosis of late-stage breast cancer. This discrepancy means there was a lot of overdiagnosis: more than a million women who were told they had early stage cancer -- most of whom underwent surgery, chemotherapy or radiation -- for a ‘cancer’ that was never going to make them sick.”

12/06/12 According to new research in the Journal of Adolescent Health, today's teens are abusing prescription painkillers more than any other age group in history – a whopping 40% higher than any other groups. This fact is present across all racial and ethnic groups. Marijuana is number 1 and prescription painkillers a close 2nd of abused drugs by adolescents in the US. Prescription painkiller use by teens has jumped 10-fold since the 1960s. "I think many parents just don't realize how dangerous unsecured prescription drugs are to their children and their children's friends," said Richard Miech, Ph.D. of the University of Colorado. The study concluded that one cause of the epidemic is the increasing availability of prescription painkillers in medicine cabinets at home and more intervention is needed to make parents aware of the problem.

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