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Cholesterol is produced in the liver and is used to repair and maintain cell membranes and manufacture steroid
hormones, vitamin D and bile acids. Fighting high cholesterol with chemicals is a very bad idea.
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03/02/15 The chickenpox is a virus but the “pox” itself comes from the elimination of toxins through the
hair fat glands along with the accompanying chemical burn from this acidic purging. This causes the characteristic
blister and subsequent scab of the chickenpox. During a bout with the chickenpox virus, the liver becomes
overwhelmed and eliminates the excess metabolic waste by dumping it into the bloodstream. These toxic bile
poisons in the blood are expelled through the skin and mucous membranes. You know what makes a bad case of
chickenpox worse? Drugging the kiddo - which further burdens the liver and ultimately causes a vast majority of all
chickenpox complications. In fact, chickenpox fatalities are very rare as chicken pox is not a fatal disease while most
of the extremely rare fatalities are actually a result of inappropriate care and aggressive medical interventions
(according to the CDC’s own MMWR report). Healthy children who have not been medicated simply do not die of
chickenpox! Oh, and adult re-exposure to chickenpox helps prevent shingles. Did you also know that getting
childhood viruses helps stave of cancer later in life?
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Food and Nutrition: 03/03/15 The best reason for farming organically is for our health because organic foods
provide much more antioxidant power, natural polyphenol levels and nutritious flavonoid levels than conventionally
grown food. What’s more, if we want to keep our planet healthy for future generations we have to stop with the
pesticides and other strong chemicals used on our crops. Conventional farming is not about nutrition and doesn’t
improve the environment. The argument in favor of conventional methods is all about the money with the idea that
intensive farming that will produce loads more of food for less money. But conventional farming is very short-sighted
because of the physical harm and human diseases caused by farming chemicals. Add to this the blatant and
growing lack of nutrition in mass produced foods, and of course catastrophic damage to the environment. Did you
know that numerous studies show that organic farming can actually produce more crop output than regular methods?
Did you know that we have known this fact for decades? Seems a wee bit silly, huh?
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Medical Madness:

03/04/15 The front-line pain drug for arthritis pain is aspirin. But the one “side effect” of
aspirin and other NSAIDs and even osteoarthritis drugs that you never hear about is that they actually inhibit natural
cartilage repair in the body while accelerating the destruction of the remaining cartilage. This of course leads to
heavier doses of drugs and brings faster destruction of the original problem which brings even more and heavier
duty drugs which brings more destruction which… (get the picture?). Anyone else see the conundrum here? If you
have joint problems I highly suggest avoiding conventional treatment at the onset of problems and start with a radical
nutrition and lifestyle change. This is because a vast majority of chronic joint troubles are rooted in diet and lifestyle.
Either change now or start saving up for the ever-popular joint replacement - which still only treats the symptoms and
the cycle repeats in other joints. Want to accelerate cancer and other diseases? Keep swallowing the mainstream
medical lies.
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Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements:

02/26/15 Castor oil is an old folk remedy for constipation as well
as a wide variety of other conditions. Castor oil has a unique chemical composition that is a triglyceride of fatty
acids with nearly 90% of its fatty acid content consisting of ricinoleic acid. This unusual unsaturated fatty acid is what
is responsible for castor oil's remarkable healing abilities. Ricinoleic acid is highly effective in preventing the growth
of numerous viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds which makes it very useful for treating ringworm, boils, keratosis,
skin cancer, inflammation, abrasions, fungal-infections, acne and itching. The usual way to treat external conditions
is to wrap a cloth soaked with castor oil each night. If the area for treatment is small enough, a castor oil soaked
Band-Aid is used. A tablespoon or two taken by mouth treats constipation, dysentery and IBS. Castor oil is also
touted as a hair restoration remedy when you mix one part oil to ten parts of grain alcohol and rub it on. Nursing
mothers can apply a poultice of castor oil to their breasts to increase milk secretion and relieve inflammation or milk
stagnation in the mammary glands.
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02/27/15 Trivia with gall: Because of our SAD (Standard American Diet) and use of
chemical drugs, 1 out of 10 women and 1 out of 15 men in the US have gallstones and over 1 million people a year
are hospitalized for gallstone disease. Pretty much all preventable and naturally treatable…
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